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ca. 1850s-1943


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201 W. Monument St.
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Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, September 1999 


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David Maulden Perine (1796-1882) served as Registrar of Wills in Baltimore city and county, and was owner of the Homeland estate north of Baltimore, which property was in his family from 1799. He married Mary Glenn, daughter of Judge Elias Glenn; their city residence was on North Liberty St. Two sons of the couple were the lawyer William Buchanan Perine (1823-1863) and a merchant and stockbroker, Elias Glenn Perine (1829-1922).

E. Glenn Perine lived at the Homeland estate and at a city residence at 512 Cathedral St. Educated at the school of John Prentis, he worked as a wholesale grocer starting in 1846, then as a stock broker with the firm of John S. Gittings starting in 1853, and finally as an independent stockbroker after 1856 until his retirement in 1865. E. Glenn married Eliza Ridgely Beall Washington Perine (d. 1919), a descendant of George Washington. A Maryland Historical Society member, E. Glenn was a vestryman and treasurer of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Redeemer from 1857-1920; his father had donated land from the Homeland estate upon which the church is located. In 1920, E. Glenn Perine donated to the city a site for the Govans branch (#22) of the Enoch Pratt Library.

E. Glenn and Eliza Perine had at least seven children, including Washington Perine (1870-1944), who lived at 607 Cathedral St. Washington Perine, a genealogist who did not marry, was an active member of the Maryland Historical Society and the Genealogical Society; the present collection was his donation to the Society.

Collection Origin

Bequest of Washington Perine, 1944 (49606); gift of the estate of Washington Perine, 1944 (49629); gift of the heirs of Washington Perine, 1944 (49698).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 2 boxes containing 279 modern photoprints made at the Maryland Historical Society during the 1980s from glass negatives created during years ca. 1860s-1943. Many images are reproductions of artworks, documents, and publications dating from the late 18th century to the 1940s, with a few copied items from the 17th century. There are relatively fewer original photographs, images made in the 1860s through the 1940s. Most of the glass negatives have duplicate/copy negatives. There are an additional 370 film negatives (both original photographs and copies of documents, artworks, and publications) for which we have neither prints nor duplicate/copy negatives.

Copied documents relate to the genealogy of the Glen(n), Perine, Barroll, Washington, Bushrod, Ludwell, Buchanan, and Aylett families. The documents include diaries, plats, programs, newspaper items, and records of organizations such as St. Paul's Church, The University of Maryland, and Friends' Monthly Meeting. There are also copies of family portraits for which originals were paintings, drawings, or prints. A large quantity (ca. 230) of the unprinted negatives are copies of pages of the publication Maryland Scenes, which includes landscape photographs of Maryland Counties: Baltimore, Allegheny, St. Mary's, Harford, Carroll, Charles, Garrett and Talbot.

Subjects of original photographs are Perine family members and associates ca. 1860s through the early 1900s, including photographs of Capt. George A. Custer and Lt. James B. Washington, C.S.A. in the 1860s; Perine family homes and other historic houses documented during years 1915-1924, including Harwood and Claymont Houses (W. Va.), Homeland and the William B. Perine house at Charles and Eager Sts.; scenes of Baltimore City in the early 1900s; Friends' Meeting houses in Baltimore and vicinity; the George Carey School (1883-1884) and the Wm. Marston School (1886).

Note: Related materials are found in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society: MS. 645, the Perine Family Papers, 1783-1941.


The photoprints are arranged according to PP catalog numbers. The negatives are arranged according to negative catalog numbers, the scheme for which incorporates that size and material of the negative. Nitrate negatives are stored in the nitrate storage area; duplicate/copy negatives are stored in the Photographic Services department of the Maryland Historical Society.


Container List   

2 Boxes

Box 1: 8 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1

PP41.1 - View N on Hanover St. from Lombard, 1906. Neg Z7.1328.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1102.PP41.

PP41.2 - Hanover St. and Hopkins Pl., 1906. Neg Z7.1329.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1103.PP41.

PP41.3 - View E on Lexington St. from Charles, 1906. Neg Z7.1330.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1104.PP41.

PP41.4 - Portrait, unidentified family. Neg Z7.1331.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1105.PP41.

PP41.5 - Looking W along Baltimore St. from Calvert, March 1906, Dr. S. Perine. Neg Z7.1332.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1106.PP41.

PP41.6 - Looking E along Baltimore St. from Calvert, March, 1906, Dr. S. Perine. Neg Z7.1333.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1107.PP41.

PP41.7 - View E on Baltimore St. from Charles, 1906. Neg Z7.1334.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1108.PP41.

PP41.8 - Pine trees, grounds of Homeland, Baltimore. Neg Z8.1353.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1109.PP41.

PP41.9 - West end of Homeland, Baltimore. Neg Z8.1354.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1110.PP41.

PP41.10 - Stone cabin, The Fairfax Acres, Fairfax Co., Virginia. Neg Z8.1355.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1111.PP41.

PP41.11 - Gunston Hall, Fairfax Co., Virginia built 1752. Neg Z8.1356.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1112.PP41.

PP41.12 - Episcopalian parsonage, Charles St., ca.1855 (print). Neg Z8.1357.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1113.PP41.

PP41.13 - Friends Meetinghouse, Little Falls, built 1763. Neg Z8.1358.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1114.PP41.

PP41.14 - Graveyard, Friends' Meetinghouse, Gunpowder, near Cockeysville, built 1739. Neg Z8.1359.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1115.PP41.

PP41.15 - Friends' Meetinghouse, Little Falls, interior. Neg Z8.1360.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1116.PP41.

PP41.16 - Friends' Meetinghouse, Little Falls, interior. Neg Z8.1361.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1117.PP41.

PP41.17 - Unidentified woods and stream. Neg Z8.1362.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1118.PP41.

PP41.18 - John Brown's Fort (engine house), Harper's Ferry (?). Neg Z8.1363.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1119.PP41.

PP41.19 - Monument, site of engine house, Harper's Ferry. Neg Z8.1364.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1120.PP41.

PP41.20 - Friends' Meetinghouse, Gunpowder, built 1739. Neg Z8.1365.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1121.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 2

PP41.21 - Tombstones, Charles Adams Buchanan and son. Neg Z8.1366.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1122.PP41.

PP41.22 - Open automobile, Oct. 1908. Neg Z8.1367.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1123.PP41.

PP41.23 - Open automobile, Oct. 1908. Neg Z8.1368.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1124.PP41.

PP41.24 - Pierce-Arrow automobile, Nov. 1912. Neg Z8.1369.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1125.PP41.

PP41.25 - Pierce-Arrow automobile, Nov. 1912. Neg Z8.1370.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1126.PP41.

PP41.26 - Landscape possibly grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1371.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1127.PP41.

PP41.27 - Grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1372.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1128.PP41.

PP41.28 - Grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1373.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1129.PP41.

PP41.29 - Grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1374.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1130.PP41.

PP41.30 - D.W. Perine's house. Neg Z8.1375.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1131.PP41.

PP41.31 - Holly Hall in Elkton, Cecil Co. Neg Z8.1376.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1132.PP41.

PP41.32 - Unidentified stone house in grove. Neg Z8.1377.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1133.PP41.

PP41.33 - Unidentified man and Pierce-Arrow, 1912. Neg Z8.1378.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1134.PP41.

PP41.34 - D.W. Perine house. Neg Z8.1379.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1135.PP41.

PP41.35 - Unidentified matron. Neg Z8.1380.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1140.PP41.

PP41.36 - Grounds of Homeland. Neg Z8.1381.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1136.PP41.

PP41.37 - Photo: unidentified 18th-century man. Neg Z8.1382.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1137.PP41.

PP41.38 - Photo: unidentified 18th-century man; possibly D.W. Perine. Neg Z8.1383.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1138.PP41.

PP41.39 - Eleanor Luerman (?), 1909 (bride). Neg Z8.1384.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1139.PP41.

PP41.40 - George Washington (painting). Neg Z8.1385.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1141.PP41.

PP41.41 - Auto and ox-cart, Nov. 10, 1914. Neg Z8.1386.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1142.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 3

PP41.42 - Woodlawn, near Mount Vernon, Fairfax Co., Virginia Neg Z8.1387.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1143.PP41.

PP41.43 - Oxen and cart, Leonardstown, Md., Nov. 10, 1914. Neg Z8.1388.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1144.PP41.

PP41.44 - Charles Carroll House, Annapolis, Md., Dec. 5, 1916. Neg Z8.1389.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1145.PP41.

PP41.45 - Pohick Church, Fairfax Co., Virginia - built 1769. Neg Z8.1390.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1146.PP41.

PP41.46 - Gunston Hall, Fairfax Co., Virginia, built 175?. Neg Z8.1391.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1147.PP41.

PP41.47 - Closed automobile. Neg Z8.1392.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1148.PP41.

PP41.48 - Wax bust of Washington. Neg Z8.1393.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1149.PP41.

PP41.49 - Packard auto. Neg Z8.1394.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1150.PP41.

PP41.49.1 - Unidentified silhouette. Neg Z8.1394.1.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1151.PP41.

PP41.50 - 1866 baby carriage - 1908. Neg Z8.1395.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1152.PP41. See also: vertical file, Baby Carriages, 1866.

PP41.51 - Ox-cart and attendant. Neg Z8.1396.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1153.PP41.

PP41.52 - 1915 Packard auto and chauffeur. Neg Z8.1397.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1154.PP41.

PP41.53 - House, Homeland. Neg Z8.1398.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1155.PP41.

PP41.54 - William Perine in office. Neg Z8.1399.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1156.PP41.

PP41.55 - Church of the Redeemer records, 1856. Neg Z8.1400.PP41.

PP41.56 - Plat of land D.M. Perine gave Church of the Redeemer, 1883. Neg Z8.1401.PP41.

PP41.57 - Plat of land D.M. Perine gave Church of the Redeemer, 1883. Neg Z8.1402.PP41.

PP41.58 - Subscription list, Church of Redeemer building fund, 1864-1865. Neg Z8.1403.PP41.

PP41.59 - Subscription list, Church of Redeemer building fund, 1864-1865. Neg Z8.1404.PP41.

PP41.60 - Open car (unidentified). Neg Z8.1405.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1157.PP41.

PP41.61 - Whitehall house - Anne Arundel Co., ca.1769. Neg Z8.1406.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1158.PP41.

PP41.62 - Charles Carroll House - Annapolis Neg Z8.1407.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1159.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 4

PP41.63 - Pierce-Arrow auto. Neg Z8.1408.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1160.PP41.

PP41.64 - David M. and Anne Perine memorial tablet, Church of Redeemer. Neg Z8.1409.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1161.PP41.

PP41.65 - Same as Z8.1403.PP41. Neg Z8.1410.PP41

PP41.66 - Same as Z8.1403.PP41. Neg Z8.1411.PP41.

PP41.67 - E.G. Perine, Oct. 1908. Neg Z8.1412.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1162.PP41.

PP41.68 - James (?) family portrait (Perines). Neg Z8.1413.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1163.PP41.

PP41.69 - Man, child and baby-carriage (man - E.G. Perine). Neg Z8.1414.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1164.PP41.

PP41.70 - Map of Homeland, Baltimore, 1884. Neg Z8.1415.PP41.

PP41.71 - Barroll family Coat-of-arms. Neg Z8.1416.PP41.

PP41.72 - Perine coat-of-arms. Neg Z8.1417.PP41.

PP41.73 - J.M. Buchanan (1803-1876) as U.S. Minister to Denmark, 1858 (painting). Neg Z8.1418.PP41.

PP41.74 - Mrs. E.M. Perine (photo). Neg Z8.1419.PP41.

PP41.75 - Unidentified man (photo). Neg Z8.1420.PP41.

PP41.76 - David M. Perine 3rd (painting). Neg Z8.1421.PP41.

PP41.77 - Mrs. E.G. Perine (?), child, and baby-carriage. Neg Z8.1422.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1165.PP41.

PP41.78 - Jack (horse and wagon) photo. Neg Z8.1423.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1166.PP41.

PP41.79 - Church of the Redeemer, Charles St., 1855 (drawing). Neg Z8.1424.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1167.PP41.

PP41.80 - Friends' Meetinghouse, Little Falls of Gunpowder (print). Neg Z8.1425.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1168.PP41.

PP41.81 - Minutes of 1863 vestry meeting, Church of the Redeemer. Neg Z8.1426.PP41.

PP41.82 - Minutes of 1863 vestry meeting, Church of the Redeemer. Neg Z8.1427.PP41.

PP41.83 - Unidentified lady - miniature. Neg Z8.1428.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 5

PP41.84 - Unidentified man (painting miniature). Neg Z8.1429.PP41.

PP41.85 - Unidentified auto, Nov. 1908. Neg Z8.1430.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1169.PP41.

PP41.86 - Unidentified auto, Nov. 1908 - W. Perine's auto. Neg Z8.1431.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1170.PP41.

PP41.87 - Testimony of Lewis Washinton, 1860 U.S. Senate inquiry into John Brown's raid. Neg Z9.1989.PP41.

PP41.88 - Wax relief of Chief Justice John Marshall (photo, Feb. 1915). Neg Z9.1990.PP41.

PP41.89 - Washington Perine (painting: March 21, 1915). Neg Z9.1991.PP41.

PP41.90 - Elizabeth Washington Perine, March, 1915 (painting). Neg Z9.1992.PP41.

PP41.91 - Capt. George A. Custer, U.S.A. and Lt. James B. Washington C.S.A., near Richmond, 1862. Neg Z9.1993.PP41.

PP41.92 - George Corbin Washington (painting; photo'd March, 1915). Neg Z9.1994.PP41.

PP41.93 - Pages of 1823 diary of Ann (Carson) Glen of Glen Burnie. Neg Z9.1995.PP41.

PP41.94 - Pages of 1823 diary of Ann (Carson) Glen of Glen Burnie (photographed Nov. 6, 1918). Neg Z9.1996.PP41.

PP41.95 - Pages of 1823 diary of Ann (Carson) Glen of Glen Burnie (photographed Nov. 6, 1918). Neg Z9.1997.PP41.

PP41.96 - Same as Z9.1989.PP411. Neg Z9.1998.PP41.

PP41.97 - Same as Z9.1989.PP411. Neg Z9.1999.PP41.

PP41.98 - Same as Z9.1989.PP411. Neg Z9.2000.PP41.

PP41.99 - Same as Z9.1990.PP411. Neg Z9.2001.PP41.

PP41.100 - Program of exercises, July 27, 1839, U of Md. (printed). Neg Z9.2002.PP41.

PP41.101 - Testimony of J.H. Allstadt, 1860 inquiry into John Brown's Raid, U.S. Senate. Neg Z9.2003.PP41.

PP41.102 - Wild-Boar Hunt (engraving after Vernet), photo'd 1918. Neg Z9.2004.PP41.

PP41.103 - Mrs. H. Buchannan obituary, Baltimore Gazette, 1832. Neg Z9.2005.PP41.

PP41.104 - Map of western Europe (photo'd 1917). Neg Z9.2006.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 6

PP41.105 - List of new students, U. of Md., n.d. Neg Z9.2007.PP41.

PP41.106 - List: Order of Declamation, U. of Md., July 27, 1837. Neg Z9.2008.PP41.

PP41.107 - Meeting book, Friends' Congregation, Gunpowder, 1739. Neg Z9.2009.PP41.

PP41.108 - Meeting book, Friends' Congregation, Gunpowder, 1739. Neg Z9.2010.PP41.

PP41.109 - 1823 Diary of Ann (Carson) Glenn of Glendennin. Neg Z9.2011.PP41.

PP41.110 - White-headed eagle (from Wilson's Ornithology, 1871) . Neg Z9.2012.PP41.

PP41.111 - Ideal Tour map of New England, 1917. Neg Z9.2013.PP41.

PP41.112 - Washington Platt's U.S. Army commission, May, 1917. Neg Z9.2014.PP41.

PP41.113 - Ruffled grouse (Wilson's Ornithology, 1871) . Neg Z9.2015.PP41.

PP41.114 - Marriage certificates, Baltimore Friends' Meeting. Neg Z9.2016.PP41.

PP41.115 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, 1767. Neg Z9.2017.PP41.

PP41.116 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, 1767. Neg Z9.2018.PP41.

PP41.117 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, 1767. Neg Z9.2019.PP41.

PP41.118 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, marriage records, 1784. Neg Z9.2020.PP41.

PP41.119 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, marriage records, 1784. Neg Z9.2021.PP41.

PP41.120 - Minutes of Baltimore Friends' Monthly meeting, marriage records, 1784. Neg Z9.2022.PP41.

PP41.121 - Unidentified matron. Neg Z9.2023.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1861.PP41.

PP41.122 - Unidentified matron. Neg Z9.2024.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1862.PP41.

PP41.123 - Members of 1885 walking trip in N.H. White Mts. Neg Z9.2025.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1863.PP41.

PP41.124 - Mary Glenn Perine (1822-1896) and Marth Jenkins Perine (1822-1899). Neg Z9.2026.PP41.

PP41.125 - Susan Buchanan Perine (1820-1899); Ann Carson Perine (1819-1919). Neg Z9.2027.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 7

PP41.126 - Rebecca Young Perine (1825-1879). Neg Z9.2028.PP41.

PP41.127 - Thomas Harwood Perine (1830-1861). Neg Z9.2029.PP41.

PP41.128 - William Buchanan Perine (1823-1863). Neg Z9.2030.PP41.

PP41.129 - Unidentified Perine (1854-1922). Neg Z9.2031.PP41.

PP41.130 - Two unidentified ladies. Neg Z9.2032.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1872.PP41.

PP41.131 - Students, George Carey's School, ca.1884 (stereo). Neg Z9.2033.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1873.PP41.

PP41.132 - Unidentified lady. Neg Z9.2034.PP41.

PP41.133 - Unidentified lady. Neg Z9.2035.PP41.

PP41.134 - Unidentified man in derby hat. Neg Z9.2036.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1874.PP41.

PP41.135 - Unidentified old lady in wheel chair; possibly Ann Perine. Neg Z9.2037.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1875.PP41.

PP41.136 - Group portrait (identified) of George Carey School, 1883. Neg Z9.2038.PP41.

PP41.137 - Group portrait (identified) of George Carey School, 1883. Neg Z9.2039.PP41.

PP41.138 - Group portrait (identified) - School of Wm. Marston, 1886. Neg Z9.2040.PP41.

PP41.139 - "Lion Hunt" (engraving after Verner). Neg Z9.2041.PP41.

PP41.140 - "Trial of Charles I" (engraving at Homeland). Neg Z9.2042.PP41.

PP41.141 - "Oscar Willwig" (1836-1921) by himself in 1918. Neg Z9.2043.PP41.

PP41.142 - p. 223, Encyclopedia Britannica (Society of Friends). Neg Z9.2044.PP41.

PP41.143 - Letter of W.A. Washington to Thomas Beall, 1805. Neg Z9.2045.PP41.

PP41.144 - Map of Homeland, 1884. Neg Z9.2046.PP41.

PP41.145 - (Back of) 1818 Adjutant commission. Neg Z9.2047.PP41.

PP41.146 - D.W. Perine's sword as 1818 Adjutant. Neg Z9.2048.PP41.

Box 1, Folder 8

PP41.147 - D.W. Perine's Masonic initiation certificate, 1817. Neg Z9.2049.PP41.

PP41.148 - Unidentified 19th-century lady on plaque. Neg Z9.2050.PP41.

PP41.149 - W.B. Perine house, Charles and Eager Sts. Neg Z9.2051.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1876.PP41.

PP41.150 - T. Sully's bill for D.M. Perine portrait. Neg Z9.2052.PP41.

PP41.151 - Documents concerning Pew 122, St. Paul's Church (1817-1825). Neg Z9.2053.PP41.

PP41.152 - Documents concerning Pew 122, St. Paul's Church (1817-1825). Neg Z9.2054.PP41.

PP41.153 - D.W. Perine adjutant's commission, 1818. Neg Z9.2055.PP41.

PP41.154 - P. 2271, Encyclopedia Britannica (Society of Friends), 1918. Neg Z9.2056.PP41.

PP41.155 - Encyclopedia Britannica (Society of Friends), 1918, p. 228. Neg Z9.2057.PP41.

PP41.156 - James Barroll Washington (1815-1899). Neg Z9.2058.PP41.

PP41.157 - Corbin Washington (painting). Neg Z9.2059.PP41.

PP41.158 - Group portrait, unidentified family, probably Perine. Neg Z9.2060.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1877.PP41.

PP41.159 - Unidentified, possibly Corbin Washington. Neg Z9.2061.PP41.

PP41.160 - Perine house, Homeland. Neg Z9.2062.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1878.PP41.

PP41.161 - Chinaware. Neg Z9.2063.PP41.

PP41.162 - Same as Z9.2062.PP413. Neg Z9.2064.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1879.PP41.

PP41.163 - Maulden Perine (1771-1797). Neg Z9.2065.PP41.

PP41.164 - Centennial birthday cake, Ann Carson Perine (1819-1919). Neg Z9.2066.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1880.PP41.

PP41.165 - Hannah Bushrod (painting). Neg Z9.2067.PP41.

PP41.166 - Record of Perine family births (manuscript). Neg Z9.2068.PP41.

PP41.167 - Mansion at Homeland (1839-1843), south elevation. Neg Z9.2069.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1881.PP41.

Box 2: 6 Folders

Box 2, Folder 1

PP41.168 - Ann C. Perine (?). Neg Z9.2070.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1882.PP41.

PP41.169 - Unidentified lady. Neg Z9.2071.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1883.PP41.

PP41.170 - Perine family at Homeland (ca.1860). Neg Z9.2072.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1884.PP41.

PP41.171 - South elevation, Homeland (drawing). Neg Z9.2073.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1885.PP41.

PP41.172 - Unidentified 18th-century portrait - male. Neg Z9.2074.PP41.

PP41.173 - Washington (?) (painting). Neg Z9.2075.PP41.

PP41.174 - Buchanon (?), 1891. Neg Z9.2076.PP41.

PP41.175 - Charles Ridgeley of Hampton (painting). Neg Z9.2077.PP41.

PP41.176 - Electric model train set. Neg Z9.2078.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1886.PP41.

PP41.177 - Lakes, waterfalls and wheel-house at Homeland, 1924. Neg Z9.2079.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1887.PP41.

PP41.178 - Looking S from front of Homeland, 1924. Neg Z9.2080.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1888.PP41.

PP41.179 - View NW from rear of Homeland, 1924. Neg Z9.2081.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1889.PP41.

PP41.180 - Looking up Homeland driveway from Charles St., 1927. Neg Z9.2082.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1890.PP41.

PP41.181 - John Prentice (1799-1861) Baltimore educator. Neg Z9.2083.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1891.PP41.

PP41.182 - 1929 letter from D. of Somerset, in re Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2084.PP41.

PP41.183 - 1929 letter form D. of Somerset, in re Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2085.PP41.

PP41.184 - 1929 letter from G.K. Green, in re Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2086.PP41.

PP41.185 - 1929 letter from G.K. Green, in re Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2087.PP41.

PP41.186 - 1929 letter from G.K. Green, in re Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2088.PP41.

PP41.187 - 1759 commission of Elihu Tudor (document). Neg Z9.2089.PP41.

PP41.188 - Graveyard at Homeland, July 14, 1920. Neg Z9.2090.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1892.PP41.

Box 2, Folder 2

PP41.189 - Richardson Stewart (1748-1812) (painting). Neg Z9.2091.PP41.

PP41.190 - Page of George Corbin Washington's account book, ca.1831. Neg Z9.2092.PP41.

PP41.191 - Note of hand, James C. Gaither to G.C. Washington, 1815. Neg Z9.2093.PP41.

PP41.192 - 1815 bank book, G.C. Washington. Neg Z9.2094.PP41.

PP41.193 - 1860 U.S. Senate investigation of John Brown: Lewis Washington. Neg Z9.2095.PP41.

PP41.194 - 1860 U.S. Senate investigation of John Brown: Lewis Washington. Neg Z9.2096.PP41.

PP41.195 - 3rd, 4th and 5th lakes at Homeland, 1924. Neg Z9.2097.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1893.PP41.

PP41.196 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd lakes at Homeland, 1924. Neg Z9.2098.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1894.PP41.

PP41.197 - Buchanan Lot in Green Mount Cemetery, 1922. Neg Z9.2099.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1895.PP41.

PP41.198 - Perine Lot at Green Mount Cemetery, 1922. Neg Z9.2100.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1896.PP41.

PP41.199 - Papers relating to George Corbin Washington. Neg Z9.2101.PP41.

PP41.200 - George L. Platt (engraving). Neg Z9.2102.PP41.

PP41.201 - D.W. Perine commission as Registrar of Wills, 1815. Neg Z9.2103.PP41.

PP41.202 - Wax relief of George Washington. Neg Z9.2104.PP41.

PP41.203 - Unidentified lady. Neg Z9.2105.PP41.

PP41.204 - Augustine Washinton cert. of duty payment, 1800. Neg Z9.2106.PP41.

PP41.205 - George Corbin Washington daguerreotype. Neg Z9.2107.PP41.

PP41.206 - Wm. Augustine Washington letter. Neg Z9.2108.PP41.

PP41.207 - 1785 John Augustine Washington letter. Neg Z9.2109.PP41.

PP41.208 - J.A. Washington's will, 1785. Neg Z9.2110.PP41.

PP41.209 - Red Drawing Room, Althorp, Northamps (Earl Spencer). Neg Z9.2111.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1897.PP41.

Box 2, Folder 3

PP41.210 - Wm. Buchanan obit., Dec. 20, 1?24, Balt. Fed. Gazette. Neg Z9.2112.PP41.

PP41.211 - List of U. of Maryland graduates, undated. Neg Z9.2113.PP41.

PP41.212 - 1805 letter Col. Washington to James Beall, Esq. Neg Z9.2114.PP41.

PP41.213 - Jane (Champfer) Washington painting. Neg Z9.2115.PP41.

PP41.214 - Lucy (Payner) Washington painting. Neg Z9.2116.PP41.

PP41.215 - Claymont, near Charlestown, W. Virginia, 1917. Neg Z9.2117.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1898.PP41.

PP41.216 - Alexander Brown and his 4 sons (painting; T.C. Conner). Neg Z9.2118.PP41.

PP41.217 - Barkentine Priscilla (Oscar Hallwig painting). Neg Z9.2119.PP41.

PP41.218 - Wild ducks (from Wilson's Ornithology). Neg Z9.2120.PP41.

PP41.219 - Map of North and South Atlantic basins, 1917. Neg Z9.2121.PP41.

PP41.220 - Washington and Lee U., 1918. Neg Z9.2122.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1899.PP41.

PP41.221 - D.W. Perine receipt from Green Mount Cemetery, 1847. Neg Z9.2123.PP41.

PP41.222 - 1825 D.W. Perine commission as Commissioner of Wills. Neg Z9.2124.PP41.

PP41.223 - Eliza Ridgeley Beall Washington and Mary Ann Washington. Neg Z9.2125.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1900.PP41.

PP41.224 - Baltimore street map as of 1786 (drawing). Neg Z9.2126.PP41.

PP41.225 - Kirk Brown, genealogist: 1813 Carolina St., Baltimore (portrait). Neg Z9.2127.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1901.PP41.

PP41.226 - 1794 marriage records, Baltimore Friends' Monthly Meeting. Neg Z9.2128.PP41.

PP41.227 - Harwood, near Charlestown, W. Va., 1917. Neg Z9.2128.1.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1902.PP41.

PP41.228 - Harwood, near Charlestown, W. Va., 1917. Neg Z9.2129.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1903.PP41.

PP41.229 - Samuel Washinton (painting). Neg Z9.2130.PP41.

PP41.230 - George Steftor Washington. Neg Z9.2131.PP41.

Box 2, Folder 4

PP41.231 - 1929 letter from Duke of Somerset; Windsor Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2132.PP41.

PP41.232 - 1929 letter from Duke of Somerset; Windsor Chapel Fund. Neg Z9.2133.PP41.

PP41.233 - W. Perine membership card, Protectors of the Order of the Garter. Neg Z9.2134.PP41.

PP41.234 - W. Perine membership card, Protectors of the Order of the Garter. Neg Z9.2135.PP41.

PP41.235 - George Perine silver. Neg Z9.2136.PP41.

PP41.236 - Edward Lloyd IV of Wye House (painting). Neg Z9.2137.PP41.

PP41.237 - Lucian Platt commission as 2nd lt., 1918. Neg Z9.2138.PP41.

PP41.238 - Plats of Baltimore City. Neg Z9.2139.PP41.

PP41.239 - Unidentified silverware. Neg Z9.2140.PP41.

PP41.240 - Unidentified lady. Neg Z9.2141.PP41.

PP41.241 - Lewis Maulden Washington (painting). Neg Z9.2142.PP41.

PP41.242 - Looking W from Polish Mt., (Allegheny Co.), 1915. Neg Z9.2143.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1904.PP41.

PP41.243 - Looking W from Polish Mt., (Allegheny Co.), 1915. Neg Z9.2144.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1905.PP41.

PP41.244 - Looking S from Sideling's Hill (Washington Co.), 1915. Neg Z9.2145.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1906.PP41.

PP41.245 - Looking S from Sideling's Hill (Washington Co.), 1915. Neg Z9.2146.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1907.PP41.

PP41.246 - Wye House, Talbot Co. (Howard Post photo), 1916. Neg Z9.2147.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1908.PP41.

PP41.247 - Wye House graveyard (Howard Post photo), 1916. Neg Z9.2148.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1909.PP41.

PP41.248 - Lewis Washington lot, Charlestown, W. Va. graveyard, 1915. Neg Z8.1432.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1171.PP41.

PP41.249 - Washington Monument lottery ticket, 1813. Neg Z8.1433.PP41.

PP41.250 - Lt. Ben Palmer, C.S.A. (Co. E., Mosby's Bangers). Neg Z8.1434.PP41.

PP41.251 - Chester River bridge lottery ticket, (1320?). Neg Z8.1435.PP41.

Box 2, Folder 5

PP41.252 - Interior, Church of the Redeemer, Baltimore. Neg Z8.1436.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1172.PP41.

PP41.253 - Bel Air (house), Jefferson Co., Va. 1915. Neg Z8.1437.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1181.PP41.

PP41.254 - Bel Air (house), Jefferson Co., Va. 1915. Neg Z8.1438.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1174.PP41.

PP41.255 - J.B. Washington, C.S.A. and G.A. Custer, U.S.A., 1864. Neg Z8.1439.PP41.

PP41.256 - John Glenn (1795-1853). Neg Z8.1440.PP41.

PP41.257 - Diagram, Homeland (house), 1839-1843, 2nd floor. Neg Z8.1441.PP41.

PP41.258 - Gravestones, Wm. and Hepzibah Buchanan at Homeland. Neg Z8.1442.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1175.PP41.

PP41.259 - Homeland graveyard, 1917. Neg Z8.1443.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1176.PP41.

PP41.260 - Homeland, lst house (drawing). Neg Z8.1444.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1177.PP41.

PP41.261 - Encyclopedia Britannica page, Society of Friends. Neg Z8.1445.PP41.

PP41.262 - Encyclopedia Britannica page, Society of Friends. Neg Z8.1446.PP41.

PP41.263 - Encyclopedia Britannica page, Society of Friends. Neg Z8.1447.PP41.

PP41.264 - "D.U. Dorsey" (? - plate). Neg Z8.1448.PP41.

PP41.265 - Glen Burnie silver, 1917. Neg Z8.1449.PP41.

PP41.266 - Glen Burnie clock, 1917. Neg Z8.1450.PP41.

PP41.267 - Church of the Redeemer, Baltimore. Neg Z8.1451.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1178.PP41.

PP41.268 - Diagram, Homeland (house), 1839-1843, lst floor. Neg Z8.1452.PP41.

PP41.269 - South elevation, Homeland (1839-1843). Neg Z8.1453.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1179.PP41.

PP41.270 - Col. Wm. Washington's receipts, 1793. Neg Z8.1454.PP41.

PP41.271 - West elevation Homeland (1839-1842). Neg Z8.1455.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1180.PP41.

PP41.272 - Unidentified man, 1918. Neg Z9.2153.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1185.PP41.

Box 2, Folder 6

PP41.273 - Unidentified man, 1918. Neg Z9.2154.PP41; dup/copy neg Z5.1186.PP41.

PP41.274 - Communists celebrating, parade in Baltimore, March 6, 1930. Neg Z7.1335.PP41; dup/copy neg Z4.141.PP41.

PP41.275 - Unidentified Indian. Neg Z7.1336.PP41; dup/copy neg Z4.142.PP41.

PP41.276 - Homeland (house) vista, Baltimore. Neg Z9.2149.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1912.PP41.

PP41.277 - Horse and 2-wheeled cart outside Homeland. Neg Z9.2150.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1931.PP41.

PP41.278 - School for Boys, Mulberry St., Baltimore. Neg Z9.2151.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1910.PP41.

PP41.279 - Engine 22 and unidentified railroad. Neg Z9.2152.PP41; dup/copy neg Z6.1911.PP41.

Negatives for which prints do not exist

ZN14 Negatives (Nitrate)
Illus. to C.T. Duvall's Maryland Scene: Calvert statue. Neg ZN14.1027.PP41.

Illus. to C.T. Duvall's Maryland Scene: Trinity P.E. Church, St. Mary's City, p.12. Neg ZN14.1028.PP41.

"Freedom of Conscience" statue, St. Mary's City, p.17 ZN14.1029.PP41.

Point Lookout, St. Mary's Co., p.11 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1030.PP41.

Maryland Scene, Whitehall, near Annapolis, p.13. Neg ZN14.1031.PP41.

Maryland Scene, Cornwally's Cross Manor near St. Mary's City, p.14. Neg ZN14.1032.PP41.

Bridge on Antitetas Creek (Maryland Scene), p.15. Neg ZN14.1033.PP41.

McDowell Hall, St. John's College, Annapolis, p.23 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1034.PP14

St. Mary's River, p.20 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1035.PP41.

St. Anne's P.E. Church, Annapolis, p.24 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1036.PP41.

Covered bridge, Little Gunpowder Falls, p.16 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1037.PP41.

Calvert Monument, St. Mary's City, p.10 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1038.PP41.

Plinhimmon, Oxford, Talbot Co., p.50 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1039.PP41.

Illus., Washington tribute, Oxford, p.49 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1040.PP41.

Illus., Annapolis waterfront, p.23 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1041.PP41.

Illus., Liberty tree, Annapolis, p.25 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1042.PP41.

Illus., J.E. Howard statue, Baltimore, p.45 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1043.PP41.

Illus., Cresop house, Oldtown, Allegheny Co., p.34 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1044.PP41.

Illus., Cresop Memorial, Cumberland, p.33 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1045.PP41.

Illus., Washington's Headquarters, Cumberland, p.36 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1046.PP41.

Illus., Charles Carroll House, Baltimore, p.32 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1047.PP41.

Illus., Reynolds' tavern Annapolis, p.27 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1048.PP41.

Illus., Chapel, Doughoregan Manor, p.29 (Maryland Scene). Neg ZN14.1049.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Carroll Mansion, Annapolis, p.31. Neg ZN14.1050.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Sam Smith statue, Baltimore, p.47. Neg ZN14.1051.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rumsey Monument, Shepherdstown, W. Va., p.53. Neg ZN14.1052.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., tablet on Rumsey Monument, p.56. Neg ZN14.1053.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Graveyard, Ascension Church, Westminster, p.43. Neg ZN14.1054.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Monument, North Pt. Battlefield, p.65. Neg ZN14.1055.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Sassafras River, from Georgetown, p.63. Neg ZN14.1056.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Hillside near Westminster, p.41. Neg ZN14.1057.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Farm, Carroll Co., p.42. Neg ZN14.1058.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Friendville, Garrett Co., p.72. Neg ZN14.1059.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Bridge, National Turnpike, Frederick, p.81. Neg ZN14.1060.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Castleman Bridge, Garrett Co., p.82. Neg ZN14.1061.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Tollhouse near Frostburg, Allegany Co., p.84. Neg ZN14.1062.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Table, Ft. Howard, p.68. Neg ZN14.1063.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., South Mountain House, Washington Co., p.83. Neg ZN14.1064.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rev. Joshua Thomas grove, Deal's Island, p.57. Neg ZN14.1065.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Georgetown, from river, p.61. Neg ZN14.1066.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., C&O Canal Lock, Great Falls, p.85. Neg ZN14.1067.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rear courtyard, Peale Museum, p.79. Neg ZN14.1068.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Muddy Creek State Reserve, Garret Co., p.93. Neg ZN14.1069.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Boulder, Youghigheny River, p.96. Neg ZN14.1070.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Betsy Patterson tomb, Green Mount Cemetery, p. 76. Neg ZN14.1071.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Muddy Creek State Reserve, Garrett Co., p.95. Neg ZN14.1072.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., C&O Canal lock near Oldtown, Allegany Co., p.88. Neg ZN14.1073.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Peale's Museum, Baltimore, p.78. Neg ZN14.1074.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Table Rock, Garrett Co., p.97. Neg ZN14.1075.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Thomas Viaduct, Relay, Baltimore Co., p.91. Neg ZN14.1076.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., C&O Canal tunnel, Allegany Co., p.87. Neg ZN14.1077.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., C&O Canal tunnel, Allegany Co., p.87. Neg ZN14.1078.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rodger Taney birthplace, Calvert Co., p.106. Neg ZN14.1079.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Barbara Fritchie's grave, p.109. Neg ZN14.1080.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., R. Taney house, Frederick, p.107. Neg ZN14.1081.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Middletown, Md., p.101. Neg ZN14.1082.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Taney Statue at Annapolis, p.105. Neg ZN14.1083.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Taney Statue at Annapolis, p.105. Neg ZN14.1084.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Great Falls, Potomac River, p.121. Neg ZN14.1085.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Lookout point, Sugarloaf Mt., p.120. Neg ZN14.1086.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Taney's birthplace, Calvert Co., p.106. Neg ZN14.1087.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Guest book, Poe's grave, Baltimore, p.139. Neg ZN14.1088.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Battery, Fort McHenry, p.130. Neg ZN14.1089.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Hilton Street Bridge, Gwynn's Falls, p.159. Neg ZN14.1090.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Hilton Street Bridge, Gwynn's Falls, p.159. Neg ZN14.1091.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Hilton Street Bridge, Gwynn's Falls, p.159. Neg ZN14.1092.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Boat Lake, Druid Hill Park, p.156. Neg ZN14.1093.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Stricker tomb, Westminster Churchyard, Baltimore, p.133. Neg ZN14.1094.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Westminster Church, Baltimore, p.134. Neg ZN14.1095.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Westminster Church, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.1096.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore waterfront, ca.1943, p.127. Neg ZN14.1097.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Interior of Ft. McHenry, p.131. Neg ZN14.1098.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Star-Spangled Banner Flagpole, p.129. Neg ZN14.1099.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Shot Tower, Baltimore, p.128. Neg ZN14.1100.PP41.

Same as ZN14.1097.PP411. Neg ZN14.1101.PP41.

Same as ZN14.1097.PP411. Neg ZN14.1102.PP41.

Same as ZN14.1097.PP411. Neg ZN14.1103.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Westminster Churchyard, Baltimore, p.135. Neg ZN14.1104.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Poe Monument, Westminster Churchyard, p.137. Neg ZN14.1105.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Westminster Churchyard, rear, p.136. Neg ZN14.1106.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Johns Hopkins' birthplace, Millersville, p.143. Neg ZN14.1107.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, p.142. Neg ZN14.1108.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Johns Hopkins Monument, Baltimore, p.142. Neg ZN14.1109.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Poe tombstone, Baltimore, p.140. Neg ZN14.1110.PP41.

Same as ZN14.1105.PP411. Neg ZN14.1111.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, p.147. Neg ZN14.1112.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Valley Rd., Green Spring Valley, p.179. Neg ZN14.1113.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., War Memorial auditorium, Baltimore, p.150. Neg ZN14.1114.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., War Memorial auditorium, Baltimore, p.151. Neg ZN14.1115.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Green Spring Valley house (bottom), p.178. Neg ZN14.1116.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Herring Run, Baltimore, p.164. Neg ZN14.1117.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Green Spring Valley house (center), p.178. Neg ZN14.1118.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Green Spring Valley house (top), p.178. Neg ZN14.1119.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Spillway, Loch Raven Dam, p.181. Neg ZN14.1120.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Spillway, Loch Raven Dam, p.181. Neg ZN14.1121.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., gateway, Ft. McHenry, p.193. Neg ZN14.1122.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Tudor Hall, Leonardstown, p.203. Neg ZN14.1123.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., House, Port Tobacco, p.197. Neg ZN14.1124.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Conowingo Dam, p.189. Neg ZN14.1125.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rocks of Deer Creek, Harford Co., p.188. Neg ZN14.1126.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rocks of Deer Creek, Harford Co., p.188. Neg ZN14.1127.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rocks of Deer Creek, Harford Co., p.188. Neg ZN14.1128.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gorge, Loch Raven Reservoir, p.184. Neg ZN14.1129.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gorge, Loch Raven Reservoir, p.184. Neg ZN14.1130.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gorge, Loch Raven Reservoir, p.184. Neg ZN14.1131.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gorge, Loch Raven Reservoir, p.184. Neg ZN14.1132.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gorge, Loch Raven Reservoir, p.184. Neg ZN14.1133.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Potomac River from Ft. Washington, p.194. Neg ZN14.1134.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Ft. McHenry interior, p.195. Neg ZN14.1135.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., ox-team, Leonardstown, p.201. Neg ZN14.1136.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Lake Conowingo, p.191. Neg ZN14.1137.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Blockhouse, Ft. Washington, p.196. Neg ZN14.1138.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Port Tobacco Creek, p.199. Neg ZN14.1139.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Pilings, Ocean City, p.224. Neg ZN14.1140.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Dorchester Co., p.214. Neg ZN14.1141.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Dorchester Co., p.215. Neg ZN14.1142.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Dorchester Co., p.215. Neg ZN14.1143.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Dorchester Co., p.215. Neg ZN14.1144.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Wye Oak, p.211. Neg ZN14.1145.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Steamers in Patuxent, p.207. Neg ZN14.1146.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., same as ZN14.1145.PP41. Neg ZN14.1147.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Drum Paint Light Patuxent River, p.205. Neg ZN14.1148.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Key Highway, from Ft. McHenry, p.229. Neg ZN14.1149.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Light St., Baltimore, p.231. Neg ZN14.1150.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Federal Hill, Baltimore, p.232. Neg ZN14.1151.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Beachfront, Ocean City, p.223. Neg ZN14.1152.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Harbor, St. Michael's, p.227. Neg ZN14.1153.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Children on riverbank, p.225. Neg ZN14.1154.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Tobacco field, Calvert Co., p.241. Neg ZN14.1155.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Collington, p.250. Neg ZN14.1156.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Marshall Hall, Charles Co., p.245. Neg ZN14.1157.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Public Landing, Chincoteague Bay, p.278. Neg ZN14.1158.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., St. Luke's P.E. Church, Church Hill, p.262. Neg ZN14.1159.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Courthouse, Princess Anne, p.273. Neg ZN14.1160.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Wave, Ocean City, p.278. Neg ZN14.1161.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Towson State College, p.289. Neg ZN14.1162.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Concord Pt. Lighthouse, p.288. Neg ZN14.1163.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder Falls, Baltimore Co. Neg ZN14.1164.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder River bridge, p.293. Neg ZN14.1165.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder River, p.293. Neg ZN14.1166.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Ingleside, Snow Hill, p.276. Neg ZN41.1167.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder Fall, p.293. Neg ZN14.1168.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Annemessex River, Somerset Co., p.275. Neg ZN14.1169.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder River, Sparks, p.293. Neg ZN14.1170.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder River, Bradshaw, p.298. Neg ZN14.1171.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Gunpowder River, Chase, p.298. Neg ZN14.1172.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., St. James P.E. Church, My Lady's Manor, p.292. Neg ZN14.1172.1.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Trinity Church, Long Green Valley, p.292. Neg ZN14.1173.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Covered bridge, Gunpowder River, Monkton, p.297. Neg ZN14.1174.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Bridge, Gunpowder River, Weisburg, p.297. Neg ZN14.1175.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Wylie's Mill, Norrisville, p.283. Neg ZN14.1176.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Wylie's Mill, Norrisville, p.283. Neg ZN14.1177.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Deer Creek bridge near Belair, p.283. Neg ZN14.1178.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Little Gunpowder Falls, p.282. Neg ZN14.1179.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified Street, Belair, p.282. Neg ZN14.1180.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Courthouse, Belair, p.281. Neg ZN14.1181.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Jarrettsville-Baldwin highway, p.280. Neg ZN14.1182.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Bynum's Run covered bridge, p.285. Neg ZN14.1183.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Winter's Run, Harford Co., p.286. Neg ZN14.1184.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Abingdon Church, Harford Co., p.287. Neg ZN14.1185.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Tavern, Bush, Harford Co., p.287. Neg ZN14.1186.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Harbor, Havre de Grace, Harford, p.288. Neg ZN14.1187.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rumsey mansion, Joppa, p.287. Neg ZN14.1188.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., same as ZN14.11871. Neg ZN14.1189.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified man. Neg ZN14.1190.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified waterfront scene. Neg ZN14.1191.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified mansion. Neg ZN14.1192.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified waterfront. Neg ZN14.1193.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified road. Neg ZN14.1194.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified fishing boat. Neg ZN14.1195.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Silver Spring, Druid Hill Park. Neg ZN14.1196.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified highway, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1197.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified landscape, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1198.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified landscape, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1199.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified tollhouse, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1200.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified mill, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1201.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified firetower, Allegany Co. Neg ZN14.1202.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Peabody Institute, Baltimore, p.303. Neg ZN14.1203.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Preston Gardens, Baltimore, p.302. Neg ZN14.1204.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., #6 Engine-house, Baltimore, p.312. Neg ZN14.1205.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Mt. Clare Station, Baltimore, p.313. Neg ZN14.1206.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Big Pipe Creek, Carroll Co., p.322. Neg ZN14.1207.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Theological Seminary, Westminster. Neg ZN14.1208.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Pine Grove Presbyterian Church, Mt. Airy, p.323. Neg ZN14.1209.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, p.304. Neg ZN14.1210.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified house. Neg ZN14.1211.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Enoch Pratt Library, Baltimore, p.305. Neg ZN14.1212.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Clifton Park (house), Baltimore. Neg ZN14.1213.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., St. Paul St. bridge, Baltimore. Neg ZN14.1214.PP41.

Maryland Scenes. illus., U. of Md. Med. School, Baltimore, p.308. Neg ZN14.1215.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Shriver homestead, Union Mills, p.232. Neg ZN14.1216.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Shriver homestead, Union Mills, p.323. Neg ZN14.1217.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., unidentified hamlet. Neg ZN14.1218.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Union Soldiers Monument, Baltimore, p.317. Neg ZN14.1219.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore City Hall, p.301. Neg ZN14.1220.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore City Hall, p301. Neg ZN14.1221.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore Courthouse, p.301. Neg ZN14.1222.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Homewood (house), Baltimore, p.302. Neg ZN14.1223.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Mt. Clare (house), Baltimore, p.315. Neg ZN14.1224.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., P.E. Cathedral, p.310. Neg ZN14.1225.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, p.306. Neg ZN14.1226.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Baltimore Stadium, p.306. Neg ZN14.1227.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Winchester House, Westminster, p.320. Neg ZN14.1228.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified bridge. Neg ZN14.1229.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Rose Hill (house), Frederick. Neg ZN14.1230.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Boathouse, Mt. Lake Pk., p.357. Neg ZN14.1231.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Pleasant Valley, p.345. Neg ZN14.1232.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Connocheague Creek bridge, Hagerstown, p.353. Neg ZN14.1233.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified landscape. Neg ZN14.1234.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Fishing Creek Reservoir, Frederick, p.371. Neg ZN14.1235.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified Civil War monuments. Neg ZN14.1236.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Lion Spring, Rte 40, p.352. Neg ZN14.1237.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Oakale (house), Howard Co., p.330. Neg ZN14.1238.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Frederick County Courthouse, p.335. Neg ZN14.1239.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Allegany Co. Courthouse, Cumberland, p.351. Neg ZN14.1240.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Turner's Gap, S. Mountain, p.340. Neg ZN14.1241.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Emmanuel P.E. Church, Cumberland, p.352. Neg ZN14.1242.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified bridge. Neg ZN14.1243.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified cliff. Neg ZN14.1244.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Catoctin Creek, p.339. Neg ZN14.1245.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified. Neg ZN14.1246.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., C&O Canal Aqueduct, Seneca Ck., p.331. Neg ZN14.1247.PP41.

Maryland Scenes., illus., Deep Creek Lake. Neg ZN14.1248.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Deep Creek Lake. Neg ZN14.1249.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Howard Co., Courthouse, p.326. Neg ZN14.1250.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., F.S. Key Statue, Frederick, p.336. Neg ZN14.1251.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Clarkville Inn, p.353. Neg ZN14.1252.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Washington, Mon. S. Mountain, p.534. Neg ZN14.1253.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Coal mine, Lonaconing, p.355. Neg ZN14.1254.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified Lake. Neg ZN14.1255.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Concocheague Creek Williamsport, p.348. Neg ZN14.1256.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Ft. Frederick, Big Pool, p.350. Neg ZN14.1257.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Ft. Frederick, Big Pool, p.350. Neg ZN14.1258.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Ft. Frederick, Big Pool, p.350. Neg ZN14.1259.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., G.A. Townsend house, Gapland, p.344. Neg ZN14.1260.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Devil's Backbone, Washington Co., p.346. Neg ZN14.1261.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Methodist Tabernack, Oakland, p.357. Neg ZN14.1262.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Beaver Creek, p.344. Neg ZN14.1263.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Unidentified cemetery. Neg ZN14.1264.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Quaker Cemetery, Ellicott City, p.330. Neg ZN14.1265.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., same as ZN14.1244.PP41. Neg ZN14.1266.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Patapsco River, Ellicott City, p.328. Neg ZN14.1267.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Patapsco State Park, Ilchester, p.327. Neg ZN14.1268.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Old Senate Chamber, Annapolis. Neg ZN14.1269.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Old Senate Chamber, Annapolis. Neg ZN14.1270.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Annapolis waterfront. Neg ZN14.1271.PP41.

Maryland Scenes, illus., Annapolis waterfront. Neg ZN14.1272.PP41.

Old Senate Chamber, Annapolis (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1273.PP41.

Tanney birthplace, Calvert Co. (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1274.PP41.

Calvert County Courthouse (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1275.PP41.

Tobacco field, Calvert Co. (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1276.PP41.

Waterside scene, Calvert Co. (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1277.PP41.

Lighthouse, Calvert Co. (Duvall book). Neg ZN14.1278.PP41.

Unidentified waterman, Calvert Co. (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1279.PP41.

Unidentified house, Calvert Co. (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1280.PP41.

Unidentified ferry, Calvert Co. (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1281.PP41.

Unidentified sailing vessel (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1282.PP41.

Unidentified sailing vessel (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1283.PP41.

Unidentified girl lying on grass. Neg ZN14.1284.PP41.

Unidentified girl lying on grass. Neg ZN14.1285.PP41.

Unidentified house, Frederick Co. (Duvall book) . Neg ZN14.1286.PP41.

Barbara Fritchie house, Frederick (Duvall book) p.110. Neg ZN14.1287.PP41.

Mill, Linganore Creek (Duvall book: p.339) . Neg ZN14.1288.PP41.

Baker Carillon, Frederick (Duvall book: p-336) . Neg ZN14.1289.PP41.

Baker Carillon, Frederick (Duvall book: p.336) . Neg ZN14.1290.PP41.

Unidentified child. Neg ZN14.1291.PP41.

Unidentified bench. Neg ZN14.1292.PP41.

Group of unidentified people, Frederick Co. Neg ZN14.1293.PP41..

Unidentified stone staircase. Neg ZN14.1294.PP41.

Tree. Neg ZN14.1295.PP41.

Unidentified child and goat. Neg ZN14.1296.PP41.

Unidentified college buildings. Neg ZN14.1297.PP41.

Unidentified mountain terraces. Neg ZN14.1298.PP41.

Fishing Creek Res., p.338. Neg ZN14.1299.PP41.

Unidentified scenic overlook. Neg ZN14.1300.PP41.

Unidentified railroad tunnel. Neg ZN14.1301.PP41.

Unidentified lady in woods. Neg ZN14.1302.PP41.

Unidentified farm, probably Frederick Co. Neg ZN14.1303.PP41.

Man on cliff. Neg ZN14.1304.PP41.

Unidentified family at scenic overlook. Neg ZN14.1305.PP41.

Unidentified institution building. Neg ZN14.1306.PP41.

Unidentified park. Neg ZN14.1307.PP41.

Arch (unidentified). Neg ZN14.1308.PP41.

Unidentified mountain terrace. Neg ZN14.1309.PP41.

Unidentified little girl and chicken. Neg ZN14.1310.PP41.

Unidentified family. Neg ZN14.1311.PP41.

Unidentified church. Neg ZN14.1312.PP41.

Field, Caroline Co. Neg ZN14.1313.PP41.

Ascension church yard, Westminster, p.43. Neg ZN14.1314.PP41.

Unidentified church. Neg ZN14.1315.PP41.

Unidentified landscape. Neg ZN14.1316.PP41.

Unidentified landscape. Neg ZN14.1317.PP41.

Western Maryland College, Westminster. Neg ZN14.1318.PP41.

Unidentified landscape. Neg ZN14.1319.PP41.

Same as ZN14.13183. Neg ZN14.1320.PP41.

Unidentified courthouse (?). Neg ZN14.1321.PP41.

Unidentified courthouse. Neg ZN14.1322.PP41.

Brookland wood (house). Neg ZN14.1323.PP41.

Farm, Taylorsville (p.325). Neg ZN14.1324.PP41.

Farm, Taylorsville (p.325). Neg ZN14.1325.PP41.

Farm, Taylorsville (p.325). Neg ZN14.1326.PP41.

Brooklandwood. Neg ZN14.1327.PP41.

Unidentified bathing pier (lake). Neg ZN14.1328.PP41.

Unidentified mill. Neg ZN14.1329.PP41.

Trees. Neg ZN14.1330.PP41.

Trees. Neg ZN14.1331.PP41.

Unidentified church. Neg ZN14.1332.PP41.

Unidentified church. Neg ZN14.1333.PP41.

Z15 Negatives
Dunbarton description. Neg Z15.11.PP41.

Dunbarton, Georgetown, D.C., 1943. Neg Z15.12.PP41.

Z16 Negatives
Corbin genealogy (typescript) p.1. Neg Z16.49.PP41.

Corbin genealogy (typescript) p.2. Neg Z16.50.PP41.

Glen House, Schenectady, NY (newsphoto - exterior). Neg Z16.51.PP41.

Glen House, Schenectady, NY (newsphoto - interior). Neg Z16.52.PP41.

Washington family genealogy (typescript). Neg Z16.53.PP41.

Perine family (ident.) at Homeland, ca.1880. Neg Z16.54.PP41.

Horse General in light harness, ca.1903-1904. Neg Z16.55.PP41.

Unidentified mid-19th century couple, seated. Neg Z16.56.PP41.

1930 re-interment, Washington graveyard, Wakefield, Va. Neg Z16.57.PP41.

W.B. Perine house, Eager and Charles Sts., Baltimore. Neg Z16.58.PP41.

Washington family vault, Wakefield, Va., 1930. Neg Z16.59.PP41.

School for Boys, Mulberry St., Baltimore. Neg Z16.60.PP41.

1856 deed to 160 acres, 1812 War bounty land. Neg Z16.61.PP41.

Army Engineers plan of Wakefield, 1930. Neg Z16.62.PP41.

Plan, Washington family graveyard, Wakefield. Neg Z16.63.PP41.

Aylett genealogy, (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.64.PP41.

Aylett genealogy, (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.65.PP41.

Buchanan genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.66.PP41.

Buchanan genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.67.PP41.

Perine genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.68.PP41.

Perine genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.69.PP41.

Perine genealogy (typescript), p.3. Neg Z16.70.PP41.

Plan of Homeland, Baltimore Co., ca. 1760. Neg Z16.71.PP41.

Glen family silverware, 1923. Neg Z16.72.PP41.

Ludwell genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.73.PP41.

Ludwell genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.74.PP41.

D. Perine - M. Thervel marriage license, 1666. Neg Z16.75.PP41.

Perine House, Staten Is., NY, 1942. Neg Z16.76.PP41.

Perine House, Staten Is., NY, description, 1942. Neg Z16.77.PP41.

G. Washington's watermarked stationery. Neg Z16.78.PP41.

Bushrod genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.79.PP41.

Bushrod genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.80.PP41.

Washington genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.81.PP41.

Washington genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.82.PP41.

Washington genealogy (typescript), p.3. Neg Z16.83.PP41.

Barroll genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.84.PP41.

Barroll genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.85.PP41.

Perine genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.86.PP41.

Perine genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.87.PP41.

Glen(n) genealogy (typescript), p.1. Neg Z16.88.PP41.

Glen(n) genealogy (typescript), p.2. Neg Z16.89.PP41.

1929 English letter re: Garter Chapel Fund. Neg Z16.90.PP41. See also: AN15-3-5.B6 for Perine material.

Cemetery (Washington family) map Wakefield, Va. Neg Z16.91.PP41.

ZN16 Negatives (Nitrate)
David M. Perine (1796-1882) by Sully. Neg ZN16.236.PP41.

D.M. Perine Lowestoft dinner-service. Neg ZN16.237.PP41.

Dining-room, 607 Cathedral St., 1929. Neg ZN16.238.PP41.

Front hall, 607 Cathedral St., Baltimore, 1923. Neg ZN16.239.PP41.

Parlors, 670 Cathedral St., 1923. Neg ZN16.240.PP41.

Applewood chains, Homeland, 1923. Neg ZN16.241.PP41.

S wall, front parlor, 607 Cathedral St., 1923. Neg ZN16.242.PP41.

N wall, front parlor, 607 Cathedral St., 1923. Neg ZN16.243.PP41.

China cabinet, 607 Cathedral St. Ball, 1923. Neg ZN16.244.PP41. © 2004 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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