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Inventory Lists 


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This page contains inventory lists for the following sections of the Peale/BCLM Photograph Collection: Photographic Prints inventory lists 
              Accessioned Collections
               Glass Negatives inventory Lists 
               Film Negatives inventory lists 

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Constructed in 1814 as the Peale Museum at 225 North Holliday Street, Baltimore, the building served other uses after 1831 until it reopened in 1931 as the Municipal Museum of the City of Baltimore. In 1985, the name was changed to the Peale Museum of the Baltimore City Life Museums (also known as Baltimore City Life Museum or BCLM) to reflect its inclusion in a group of several associated historic sites and museums. 

The Baltimore City Life Museums collected and exhibited objects pertaining to the history of the city of Baltimore and its people. In addition, at its Peale site, it maintained a Museum Reference Center with particularly strong holdings of historical prints and photographs. 

In 1997, the Baltimore City Life Museums closed due to lack of funding. The collections were transferred to the Maryland Historical Society in 1998. 

Collection Origin

Transferred from the Peale/Baltimore City Life Museum to the Maryland Historical Society in 1998.

Scope and Contents

The Peale/BCLM maintained a significant collection of historical material on Baltimore. The most extensive of the collections, totaling about 100,000 images, dates from circa 1848 through the 1980s. The collection includes daguerreotypes, paper prints, glass plate negatives, and film negatives. The collection is particularly strong in documentation of architecture, Baltimore Harbor, and the first half of the 20th century.

The collection includes approximately 12,000 images by A. Aubrey Bodine (fl. 1927-1970), documenting all aspects of life in Baltimore, Maryland and the Chesapeake region; approximaely 3,850 images spanning from ca. 1905-1970 by John Dubas, with special emphasis on ships, the working class immigrant neighborhoods of east Baltimore, and the changing Baltimore scene of the 1950s-1970s; the Paul Henderson Photograph Collection, over 6,000 photographs of the African American community of Baltimore ca. 1930-1960; hundreds of photographs by the Hughes Company, ca. 1910-1940, depicting Baltimore scenes, streets, and buildings. 

Also included are reproductions of paintings, prints, drawings, etc. There are two parts to this photographic collection: glass plate negatives and photographic prints. 


The collection has been kept in the original order/numbering system it was in when received from BCLM. The key to the numbering system is as follows: B = Bodine; MC = Museum photograph; CC = City photograph. All other item IDs indicate an item other than a photograph is represented. 

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Inventory Lists

The inventory lists are an ongoing project. Due to the number of items in the collection, the inventory lists will be uploaded as they become available. We apologize for splitting up the inventory lists; finding aids have limited space so it cannot be avoided. 


Contents: Legal size, 11x14 inch, 16x20 inch, and 20x24 inch photographic prints. 

Download the complete Peale/BCLM Photographic Prints inventory list (PDF) or browse the collection on our website using the link above. Note that the PDF contains 223 pages. 


Contents: Collections accessioned (numbered) by the Peale/BCLM, typically containing both prints and negatives donated by one person or organization.  


Contents: 6x8 inch, other sizes, 5x7 inch, and 8x10 inch glass negatives.

Download the 6x8, Odd Size, 8x10, and 5x7 inch complete inventory list (PDF) or browse the collection on our website using the link above. Note that 4x5 glass negatives are not yet included in this inventory. 


Contents: 8x10 inch film negatives 

Download the complete 8x10 inch Film Negatives inventory list (PDF) or browse the collection on our website using the link above. Note that boxes 1-7 of this section are copy negatives of items in the Peale/BCLM collection and are not described. 

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