Names H - K Finding Aid, Portrait Vertical File

Special Collections Department, H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society

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 *Indicates cross-reference 

 MF numbers are catalog numbers that can searched in the catalog for more information



Hagner, Peter. 1 print.

Hajimihalis, Jimmy, Greektown Grocer. 1 print. Z24.1185. Photograph by Richard Childress. Located in Medium Photographs.

*Hale, Sarah Joseph. See: MF 179. P55 Vol.11 Page 1068.

Hall, Billy. Not dated. 1 print.

*Hall, Caroline. (Mrs. Thomas White Hall). See: Tintype Collection.

Hall, Clayton C.. 1 print.

*Hall, J. See: Prints Collection.

Hall, Dr. James. (1802-1889). Colonization Society. 1 print. 1 negative.

Hall, James of Philadelphia - Grandfather of Helen Schad. 2 prints.

Hall, Mrs. James (Elizabeth). 1 print.

Hall Family - Dr. James. Elkridge, MD. 2 prints.

*Halleck, Fritz - Greene. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Vol.11 Page 1153.

*Halleck, Maj. Gen. Henry Wagner. See: Prints Coll. under Union Generals.

*Halloween, Benjamin. See: MF 179. H19. Frontpiece.

*Halstead, Dr. William S. See: Johns Hopkins Hospital. Operation, 1904.

*Halstead, Dr. Wm. H. See: Dr. Howard A. Kelly. "The Four Doctors" by John Singer Sargent.

Hambleton, John Adams. 2 prints. 8 negatives.

Hambleton, Samuel Jr. (1812-1886). Acc. no. 65411.1 print.

*Hambleton, Thomas Edward. See: PP80

Hamberger, Issac I. 1 print.

Hamilton, Alexander. H.B. Hall , Engraver. 1 print. 1 negative.

Hamilton, William Pinkney(?). 1 print.

*Hamma, Almira. See: MF 179. H224 B. Frontpiece.

Hammond, Mrs. Nathan. 1 print.

Hammond, R.P. 1 print.

Hampton, Conf. Gen. Wade. 3 prints.

Hamtramck, John Francis. Col. 1st VA Volunteers 1846-1848. 1 print. 1 negative. See also: Daguerreotype Coll.

*Hancock, John F. See: Medium Photos.

Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. John Francis. 1951-1952. 2negatives.-# 21,22.

Hancock, John. Engraving by L.B. Forrest. 2 prints. 1 negative.

Hancock, Maj. Gen. Winfield S. 2 prints.

*Handy, Margaret. See: Hammond, Henry.

*Handy, May. See: Potter, James Brown.

Hanover, Robert M. 1 print.

Hanshew, Mrs. Catherine (Stover). Mother of Julia Abbott. 1 print.

*Hanson Family. See: PP 17.

*Hanson, John. See: Hogan, Larry.

Hanson, John (woodcut). From E 303. F54. 1898. 1 negative.

Hanson, Gen. R.W. Confederate. 1 print.

*Hanway Family (various members). See: Photography - Box I-5.

Harach, Sylvester. 1924. 1 print.

Harbaugh, Morgan. 1 print.

Harbaugh, S.G. 1 print.

Harburg, William A. and others. 1 print.

Hardee, General, C.S.A. 1 print.

Hardie, Rev. Robert. 1863.1 print.

*Harford, Frances. See: Wyndham, Mrs. William F.

*Harford, Miss. By George Romney. See: Large Photos.

Harley, Henry. 1 print.

Harned, Joseph Edward. 1870. 1 print.

Harper, Miss Emily. 1 print.

Harper, John Collinson. 2 prints.

Harper, Mrs. John C. (Nee: Rowena Hambleton Auld).1 print.

*Harper, Rowena Auld. See: Harrison, Mrs. Walter F.

*Harris, Chapin A.A.M. (M.D.). See Prints Collection.

Harris, Hon. Ira. 1 print.

Harris, Laura Jane (Mrs. James Blake). #44.17.1. 1 negative.

*Harris, Mrs. Nicholson(?). See: Cased Photographs Collection. #65007.

*Harriman, Mr. See: B and O Inspection Trip, 1926.

Harrison, Annie and Bessie. Children of George L. Harrison. 1 print.

*Harrison, Mrs. Anne Wilson. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Harrison, Elizabeth Galt (Mrs. Hall Harrison). 1 print.

*Harrison, Gabriel. See: MF 179. P74. P55 Vol 11, Page 926.

Harrison, George (1861-1954). 1923.; 74842. 1 print.

*Harrison, Mrs. Hall. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Harrison, Lucy Harwood. 1 print.

*Harrison, Mary and Margaret. See Cased Photographs Collection.

*Harrison, R.S. Steuart. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Harrison, Rebecca. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Harrison, Sallie Dorsey (Pue). 4 prints.

Harrison, Mrs. Thomas. 1 print.

*Harrison, Thos. D. See: Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.

*Harrison, Tom. See: Thompson, Gough Wedding Party.

*Harrison, William Henry. See: Hard Cider Quickstep.

*Harrison, Mrs. Walter F. (Nee Rowena Auld). See Tintype Coll.

*Hart, Lydia Hinsdale. See: MF 179. P538. B6; Page 6

Hart, Dr. William Sebastian. 1 print.

Hartman, Mr. and Mrs. Helmy. 1 print.

Hartraft, Col. 1 print.

*Hartzell, John C. See: Tintype Coll.

*Harvey, F. Barton Family. See PP50.

*Harvey, F. Barton. See: PP50.

Harvey, Miss Helen. 1 print.

*Harvey, Rose Hopkins. See: PP50.

*Harvey, Susan. See: Gist, Mrs. Joshua.

Harwood, Harry. 6 prints.

Harwood, James Graham. 3 prints.

Harwood, James Kemp. 3 prints.

*Harwood, Mrs. James K. See: Glenn, Etta.

*Harwood, Mrs. J.U. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Harwood, Louise V. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Haswell, Percy. 1 print.

*Hayes, Thomas G. See: Mayors, Baltimore.

Hazlehurst, Margie. 1 print.

*Hayhurst, Mattie and Walter. See: Photography - Box I-5.

*Haynes, Clifton. See: GPVF. Ships-City of Norfolk.

*Hayward, I.H. See: Prints Collection.

Haxall, John Triplet. 1 print.

Hearst, Randolph A. 1 print.

Hecht, Amelia Rosewald. 1837-1886. 2 prints.

*Hecht, Dorothy. See: Hecht, Mrs. Leonard A.

Hecht, Mr. and Mrs. Eli. 1 print.

Hecht, Eli. 1 print.

*Hecht, Grace A. See: Hecht, Joseph.

Hecht, Jacob. 1828-1891. 2 prints.

Hecht, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. 1 print.

*Hecht, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. See: Mr. and Mrs. Friedenwald.

*Hecht, Mrs. Leonard. See: Ritchie Folder.

Hecht, Leonard and Nathan. 3 prints.

Hecht, Mrs. Leonard A. and Dorothy A. 2 prints.

*Hecht, Nathan. See: Hecht, Leonard A.

Hecklinger, Guya and Gladys. in costume for Bal des Arts (Paint and Powder Club). Unknown couples attending Bal des Arts. Guy Hecklinger. not dated. Bal des Arts invitation, 1917. 5 prints, 1 piece of ephemera. Acc#2016-050-LIB

Helfenstein, Rt. Rev. Edward. Bishop of MD. 2 prints.

Helishberger, Mamie and Lillian. 63903. 1 print.

Hempel, Dr. William. 1 print.

*Hemsley, William. See: Prints Collection.

Henderson, Fannie-[1886]. Acc. No. 001217. 1 print.

Henderson, George Family. /ca 1860/ 2 negatives.

Henderson, Upton B. -1865. Acc. No. 001217.1 print.

Henderson, Upton B. /ca 1864-67/ Acc. No. 001217. 1 print.

*Hendrik, Mr. Calvin. See: Keyser, R.B. Inspection of Outfall Service.

*Henry, Daniel M. Jr. See: MF 179. H52. H2; Page 107.

*Henry, Col. Francis. See: MF 179. H52 H2; Page 91.

*Henry, Mrs. John C. See: MF 179. H52 H2; Page 84.

*Henry, John Campbell. See: MF 179. H52 H2; Page 84.

*Henry, Dr. J. Winfield. See: MF 179. H52 H2; Page 89.

*Henry, Rider. See: MF179. B52 H52 H2; Page 95.

*Henshaw, Rt. Rev. John Prentess Lenly. See: Prints Collection.

Hensley, Emily, ca. 1862, 64750. 1 print.

Hepbron, James Merritt. 1 photo by Aubrey Bodine.

Heppenheimer, George, ca. 1865. 1 print.

*Herbert, JamesR. 1833-1844. See: Civil War Marker- Herbert, J.R. for gravestone.

Herman, Adelaide. See: Large Photos.

Herman, Leon. 1 print.

Herring, Arthur Pendelton. 1 print.

*Herring, Benjamin W. See: Large Photos.

Herrman, Augustine.; Engraving from Herrman's Map of Virginia and Maryland 1673 by William Hawthorne.; 3 prints and 1 negative.

*Hesselius, Charlotte; See: MF 179.; A22M; page 92. See also Prints Collection

Hetz, J. Nicholas. (1903-; ) and Wife Irene Grace - 1929.; 1 print

Hewitt, Horatio D.; 1 print

*Hewitt, John H.; MF 179. P74. P55; page 448

*Heyburn Family, various members.; See: Photography - Box I - 5

*Heyor, Mr.; See: Wilkens, Mr.

Hicks, Thomas Holliday, Governor. Copy Negative: Z24.1838; See also Prints Collection. 5 prints and 1 negative.

Higgins, W. L.; 1 print

*Hill, James J.; See: MF 179. W692 H; page 116

Hill, Hariett Louisa Wescott (Mrs. Thomas); 1 print

Hill, Capt. Malcom Wescott

Hill, General A. P.; 3 prints

Hill, Norman Alan.; 2 prints

Hill, Mrs. Norman A.; 1 print

Hill, Thomas; 2 prints

*Hill, Mrs. Thomas.; See Cased Photographs Collection

Hill, Thomas Gardner (and Wife).; 1 print

Hill, Walter Palmer.; 1 print

*Hill, Rev. William.; See Daguerreotype; Collection

Hillyer, Frank.; 1 print

Hillyer, Virgil C.; 1 print

Hines, Marion.; 1 print

*Hirst, Henry Beck.; See: MF 179. P74. P55; page 695

Hiss, Jesse Lee (1788-1871).; 1 negative.

Hiss, Mrs. Pamela Waters.; 1 print

*Hitchcock, Thomas.; See: MF 179. S62. S; page 344

Hite, Mrs. Drayton Meade.; 1 print

*Hobson, Richmond; P.; See Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Douglass H.

Hochschild, Max; 1855 - 1957.; 1 print

Hochschild, Max.; 12 prints

*Hochschild, Max.; See Kohn Brothers; 1922

*Hodges, James.; See Prints Coll.

Hoek, William A. (1812-1866).; 63650, negative.of ambrotype in MdHi. Coll. 1 neg

*Hoen Family.; See: PP 17

*Hoffman, Charles Fenno.; See: MF 179. P74. P55; Vol.11; page 1174

*Hoffman, W.H.; See Prints Coll.

Hogan, Larry.; 1 print

Holland, Eugenia Calvert.; 1 print; 1 negative. (not of print.)

*Holland, John C.; See Prints Coll.

Holland, Thomas Welton - 1962.; 1 print

*Hollingsworth, Lydia.; See Glass Negatives

Hollins, G. N. (Commodore George N., C.S.N.); 1 print

*Hollins, Maria.; See Miler, Mrs. John; M.

Holloway, Charles T.; 1 print

Holloway, Charles Thomas (1827-1898). Ca 1850s. (In uniform of the Pioneer Hook & Ladder Co., Baltimore, Organizer and first President, 1851. Ambrotype, 11 ’x 14½’. Donated by Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway, October 20, 1924. Located in Photograph Vertical File Glass Items, Box 1 – PP Room, Shelf 3-B

Holloway, Mrs. Reuben Ross.; 4 prints and 2 negs

*Hollyday, Henry.; See Jackson. Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling

*Hollyday, Mrs. James III.; See Daguerreotype Coll.

*Hollyday, Lamar.; See Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling

Hollyday, Mrs. Louisa Lamar.; 2 prints

*Holt, Hamilton.; See: MF 179. M31 A; page 105

*Holt, Gov. Homer A.; See MF 179. R938; S; page 1

Hood, Gen. John Mifflin.; 15 prints

Hood, Maj. Gen.; CSA.; 2 prints

*Hooker, General.; See Prints Coll. under Union Generals

Hooper, Alcaeus, Mayor of Baltimore.; See Mayors, Baltimore.; 2 prints

Hooper, James Family; 1850.; 1 print

Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore.; 1 print

Hoover, John L.; 1 print

Hoover, Herbert.; 1 print

Hoover, Pres. and Gov. Ritchie.; 1 print

*Hopkins, Commodore.; See Prints Coll.

*Hopkins, D. Luke.; See Bus. and Ind. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co.-- Grp. Port. and Grp. Port. Md. Port Auth.

*Hopkins, Hannah Janney.; See: MF 179. H78.; Page 28

Hoopkins, Johns.; See also: MF 179. H78.; Frontpiece. 72642, gift no. 55. See also: Med. Photos.; 2 prints, 2 negs

*Hopkins, Johns.; See also: PP 52

*Hopkins, Joseph S.; See: MF 179.; H78.; Page 46

Hopkins, Samuel, President. of; MdHS 1970 -;; . Portraits; 1 print

Horowitz, Adele.; 1 print

*Horstmeier, Col. John C.; see Oversize File under Jackson, Gov. Elihu

Horton, George W. Fire Official during Baltimore Fire 1904.; 1 negative.

Hotine, William S. 1 print.

Houck, Bettie Trisler (1857-1938). [ca. 1860]. 1 print.

Houck, Dr. Jacob W. (1882-1888).; [ca.1885]. 1 print.

Houck, Mrs. Jacob W. (1832-1911). [ca. 1885] 1 print.

Houston, Sam. (1793-1893). Engr. by W.J. Edwards. 1 print.

Howard, Gen. Benjamin and Family. 1 print.

Howard, Gen. Benjamin C. 2 prints.

*Howard, Gen. Benjamin and Family. See Group Portraits.

*Howard, Mrs. B.C. See: Prints Collection.

Howard, Mrs. Benjamin Chew. (Jane Grant Gilmor). [ca 1833]. 1 print. 2 negatives.

*Howard, Charles, Edward, Mary, Alice,McHenry. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Howard, Mrs. Charles.2 prints. 1 negative.

Howard, Mrs. Charles Morris. (Nee Harriet M. Wade).1 print.

*Howard, D.R. See: Jackson, Gen. Stonewall Equestrian Statue Unveiling.

Howard, Elizabeth G. (1841-1862) 1 negative.(Miniature).

Howard, Elizabeth Phoebe Key. (Martha Washington Tea Party-1875). 1 print.

Howard Family. (PPVF). 21 prints.

Howard, Mrs. Lydia E.H. Morris. (acc. no. 56637). 1 print. 1 negative.

Howard, Lt. Col. H. 2nd Maryland Volunteers. 1 print.

Howard, McHenry. 4 prints. 1 negative.

*Howard, R. Palmer. See: MF 179. 0 83 C; Page 69.

Howard Family. 2 negatives. See also Cased Photographs Collection.

Howard, Gen. Oliver Otis. (1830-1909). Photo by M. Brady. Library of Congress. 1 print.

Howard, William G. 1 print.

Howe, Amasa. (1817-1868).1 print.

*Howe, Lord. See: Lossing, Benson; "Life of Washington".

Howe, The Hon. Sir William. 1 print.

Howser, Louise-1905. 1 print.

*Hubbard, Henry G. See: Oversize Prints.

Hugg, John. 1 print.

Hugg, Maggin. 1 print.

*Hughes, Archbishop. See: MF 179. S49. B1; Page 483.

Hughes, Christopher. (1786-1849). Lithograph by Madou. 1 print.

*Hughes, Mrs. Harry. Wife of gov. of MD. See: Sullivan, Larry.

Huhne, Mary. 1 print.

*Humbolt, Baron. See: MF 179. P3575. V. 11; Page 34.

Humphreys, Thomas. Member of Legislature, 1878. 1 print.

Hunt, Frank. 1 print.

*Hunt, Jesse. See: PP52.

*Hunt, Sarah, B. See: Thompson - Gough Wedding Party.

Hunter, Meredith. 1 print.

Hunter, Robert M.T. (1809-1887) 1 print by M. Brady.

Huntio(?), R.M.T.; C.S.A. 1 print.

Hunter, Wilbur. See also: D'Alesandro, Thomas. 1 print.

Hupfeldt, Henry. 1 print.

Hurst, Edward. 1 print.

*Hutchings, Mary and daughter. See: Thomas, Dr. Lawrence and Family.

Hutton, Celeste Winas. 1 print.

Hutton Family. 35 prints.

*Hyde, Arnold. See: MF 179. P89. H Page 20.

Hyer, Tom. See also Prize Fights. (Hyer vs. Sullivan - 1849). 1 print.



*Inglehart, Dr. James D. See: Oversize File.

*Inglis, James. D.D. See: Prints Collection.

*Ingram, Susan V.C. See: MF 179. P74. P55; v.II; Page 1468.

*Inskip, J.S. See: Prints Collection.

Israel, The Rev. Fielder. Carte De Visite. 1 print.

Ives, Lt.; USA. 1 print.



Jachman, Staff Sgt. Isadore S. Medal of Honor Winner in WW II. 1 negative.

Jackson, Andrew. Model in Plaster of Sculpture. 1 negative.

*Jackson, Andrew. See MF 179. P3575 v.II; Page 324. See also: Prints Coll.

Jackson, E.E. Gov. and Staff. 1 print.

*Jackson, Gov. Elihu. See: Oversize File.

Jackson, Leonora. From MS. 1780. 16 prints.

Jackson, Temperance Wilkinson.(1857-1944). 1 print.

Jackson, "Stonewall" Thomas Jonathan. 6 prints.

*Jackson, Gen. Thomas "Stonewall". See Prints Collection.

*Jackson, Mrs. William H. MF 179. P14P; Page 25.

*Jacob, Harriet. See: Miller, Mrs. George.

Jacobs, Dr. Henry Barton. 1 print.

Jacobs, Mrs. Henry Barton. (Mary Elizabeth Garrett Jacobs). 1 print.

Jacobs, Mrs. Henry Barton. (Mary Elizabeth Garrett). 1 print.

*Jadot, Rev. Jean. See: Baltimore -Churches-Cathedral of Mary Our Queen - 1974.

James Family. acc. no. 65449. 6 prints.

*James, Diana - 1764. See: Lawson, Mr. and Mrs.

James, Lavinia. 1 print.

James, Macgill. 1 print. See also: World War 1914-1918. American Troops.

*Janes, Henry. See: MF 179. P89 H Page 20.

Janvier, Meredith. 1 print.

*Jarrett, (Asbury) ? See: War of 1812. Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Park-1880.

*Jastrow, Joseph. See: MF 179. S98L.; Page 114.

*Jastrow, Prof. And Mrs. Joseph. See: MF 179. S98. L; Page 242.

*Jastrow, Dr. Marcus. See: MF 179. S98. L Page 114.

*Jastrow, Morris. See: MF 179. S98; Page 114.

*Jay, Alice Mary, daughter of M/M John Jay. MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11 Box B-4.

*Jay, Mr. John. MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11 Box B-4. Jay Papers Photos.

Jay, Mrs. John. 1 print. 1 negative. by D. Huntington.

*Jay, Mrs. John (Mary). MS1828. See: Graphics Shelf #11 Box B-4. Jay Papers Photos.

*Jeffers, Mr. Edmon. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Jefferson, Joseph. See: MF 179. B72W; Page 94.

*Jefferson, Thomas. See: MF 179. L37S; Page 14.

*Jefferson, Thomas. Pencil sketch by B.H. Latrobe. See: Latrobe, Benj. In Main File.

*Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas. See: Prints Collection.

Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas. "In the Critical Period of Amer. Hist." By John Fiske. 1 negative.

Jenkins, Michael. 1 print.

Jenkins, Mrs. Michael. 1 print.

*Jenkins, T. Robert. See: Prints Collection.

Jenkins, Theodore, M.D. (1809-1866). 1 print.

*Jenkins, Thomas C. See: Oversize File.

*Jenkins, William. See: Prints Collection. See also: PP 52.

Jennings, Hugh. 1 negative.

*Jennings, Samuel. See War of 1812; Defenders of the Battle of Balto. Druid Hill Pk. 1880.

*Jennings, Samuel H. M.D. See: Prints Collection.

*Jessop, Charles. See: PP26.

*Jessop, George. See: PP26.

*Jessop, Priscilla Ann. Negative: z7.1771; z8.1599.

Jeter, Jeremiah B. 1 print. 1 negative.

Johns, Edith. 2 prints.

*Johns, Edith. See: Cotton, Mrs. Bruce.

*Johnson, Andrew. MF 179. M94M; Page 154.

Johnson, A.S.2 prints.

Johnson, Brig. Gen. Bradley Tyler. 1 print, 1 carte de visite

*Johnson, Dr. Christopher. Portrait at Hopkins Univ. See: Glass Negatives.

Johnson, Ernestine. 1 print.

*Johnson, Fannie Russell. See: Mrs. John McPherson.

Johnson, Governor Thomas. 1 print, 2 negatives; Johnson, Thomas Jennings. 1 negative.

*Johnson, Greenleaf. See: Prints Collection.

Johnson, John R. 1 print.

Johnson, Gen. Joseph E. 1 print.

Johnson, Lady Bird. 1 print.

Johnson, Lyndon B. 1 print.

Johnson, Mary (Mrs. William) [ca. 1860-1865]. 2 prints.

*Johnson, Mrs. See: PP81.

Johnson, Reverdy. (1796-1876). Engraved by Alfred Jones. 1 print.

*Johnson, Reverdy. See: PP 52.

Johnson, Reverdy. 1 negative. by J.J. Cade. Small Prints Coll.

Johnson, Reverdy. 7 prints. See also Prints Collection.

*Johnson, Col. Richard M. See: Frontpiece MF 179. J73J.

Johnson, Ross. 1 print.

Johnson, Mrs. Ross. 1 print.

*Johnson, S.H. See: Prints Collection.

Johnson, Dr. Samuel. 1 print.

Johnson, Serena-[ca. 1865]. 2 prints.

Johnson, William.(Capt. Of the Kate Hooper)-[ca. 1860-1865]. 1 print.

*Johnson, William. See: Oversize File.

*Johnson, W.A. See: MF 179. 083C; Page 69.

Johnston, Dr. Christopher. (1856-1914). 65213. 1 print.

Johnston, Dr. Christopher. 1 print.

*Johnston, Joshua. See: James McCormick Family.

Johnston, Gen. Albert Sidney, CSA. 1 print.

Johnston, Harriet Lane. 2 negatives.

*Johnston, Harriet Lane. See: Prints Collection.

Johnston, Joseph E. 2 prints.

Johnston, Gen. Joseph Eggleston, CSA. 1 print.

Johnston, Richard Malcolm. 2 prints.

*Jones, Captain. See: Brune Family at Wye on Eastern Shore. Grp. Photo.

*Jones Family (Andrew Jackson Jones). See: Aubrey and Elsie Smith Coll.

Jones, Capt. E.A. 1 print.

Jones, Brig. Gen. Edward F. 1 print.

*Jones, Edward. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

*Jones, Francis. See: Daguereotype Collection.

*Jones Family (Grishington Spicer Jones Sr. and Jr. See: Aubrey and Elsie Smith Coll.

Jones, Mrs. Isaac, D. (Nee Mary Martin). 1 print.

*Jones, Jacob. See: Prints Collection.

*Jones, Miss Mary. See: Cased Photographs Collection.

Jones, Mollie.[ca.1860]. 1 print. 1 negative.

Jones, Oliver B. Jr. 2 prints.

*Jones, Capt. Paul. See: Revolutionary War. Capturing the Serapis, Shooting a Br. Sailor.

*Jones, R. Emmett. See: Prints Collection.

Jones, Pleasants Richard. 1 print.

Jones, Sallie. 1 print.

Jones, Spencer C. 1 print.

Jones, Mr. Tom and Family of Walnut Grove. 2 prints. 1 negative.

*Jordan, Sister Fannie.; See MF 179.; S49.; B1; page 487

Joseph, Bertha Coblens; (? - 1963) - [ca. 1945].; Acc. no. : 001304; 1 print

Josephine ___ [unidentified surname]. 1925. Inscribed: "To Mary Bushing Niles with all good wishes for a happy New Year, Josephine." 1 print. Acc# 2017-039-LIB.

Josephs, Miss Mary; (Mrs. Lawrence Hall Fowler).; 1 print

Jouett, Admiral James E.; 1 print

*Joyce, Mary; See Russell, Mrs; John; W.; Cross Reference

Jump, Hon. Charles; M.; Member of; Legislature; 1878.



Kane, Aloysius; EL; 2 prints

Kane, George Proctor (1820-1878) by Bendann.; Carte Visite and Tintype.; See also Prints Collection.; 2 prints and 2 negs

Kane, Mrs. James K.; 1 print

Kane, John C. and; James C.; Co.D; U.S.A.; 2 prints

Kane, John K.; 1 print

Keene, John Henry; 1print

Keene, Marcel; 1 print

Kane, Marshall.; See also Kane, George; 2 prints

Keeler, Rev. Ezra; See MF 179. K28D

*Keene, Sam Y.; See: PP 73

Keiddel, Louis, Mr. and Mrs.; 2 prints

*Kelly, Dr. Howard.; See MF 179.; K29D; Frontpiece

Kelly, James Franklin, ca. 1875, 2 prints, 1 negative. (Gift of Denwood N. Kelly, December 5, 1990, acc# 003205)

Kelly, J. Keaney and Mrs. - [ca. 1965]; 1 print

*Kelso, T. N.K.; See Prints Coll.; Cross Reference

Kemp, Mr. Asberry and Sister.; 1 negative.

Kemp, Rt. Rev. James, D.D. - Bishop of Maryland. Portraits; See Prints Coll.; 1 print

Kemp, Sallie.; 1 print

Kempton, Mr.; 1 print

*Kendrick, Mayor.; See Ritchie, Gov. Albert C.

Kenly, Maj. Gen. John R.; 1 print and 2 negs

Kennard, Phillip; 1 print

Kennedy, Anthony; (1811-1892); 1 print

*Kennedy, Elizabeth Gray.; See MF 179.; K35B; page 18; Cross Reference

*Kennedy, John; AL; See Prints Coll.; Cross Reference

Kennedy, John F.; 1 print

*Kennedy, John Fitzgerald.; See: Shector, Louis ; See: Roads-Interstate 95 - 1963 Opening Ceremony

Kennedy, John P. (1795-1870); Plaster Bust of John P. Kennedy by Leonce Rabillon is in MdHS Coll.

Kennedy, John P.; [niece of, Hattie]; 1 print

*Kennedy, John Pendleton.; See MF 179.; K35B; Frontpiece. Also page 18; See MF 179. P74.; P55; page 462; See Prints Coll.; See Oversize File

*Kennedy, Robert.; See Shecter, Louis

Kennedy, Thomas W.; 1 print

*Kennedy, William.; See: PP 52

*Kensett, Thomas; See: PP 52

Kent, Charles; Director of Peabody Conservatory in the 1960s; 1 print

Kent, Frederick Rudolphus; 1 print

Kerfoot, John B.; See MF 179. K38H; Frontpiece; Cross Reference

Key, Francis Scott; cabinet photos; 52.15.10; 4 prints

Key, Francis Scott; engraving; 3 prints

Key, Mrs. Francis Scott; 1 print and 1 negative.

*Key, Henry Harwood; See Daguerreotype Coll.; Cross Reference

Key, John Ross and Ann; P. Ross; 2 prints

*Key, John Ross (1832-1920); See Historic Houses - Key House in Georgetown, D.C.

Key, Louise Emily.; 1 print

*Key, Phillip Barton. Print Coll.

Key Shield, Centennial Commission 1914.; Society of War of 1812. Portraits. Sculpture. 2 prints

*Keyser, Irving; (bust of); see Med. Photos

*Keyser, Mr.; See: B and O Inspection Trip

Keyser, Mrs H. Irvine.; nee Mary Washington.; 3 prints

Keyser, William and Others; 2 prints

Kidder, Mrs. Henry L.; 1 print

Kidder, Minnie Howard.; 1 print

Kiehs, W. H.; 1 print

Kimberly, Helen and Dtuner Elizabeth; 1 print

Kimmel (?), Anthony, Maj. Gen'l; 1 print

Kimmel, Hon. William; 1 print

King, James T.; 1 print

King, Miss Katherine; 1 print

Kinsolving, Arthur B. , Rev.; 2 prints

*Kinsolving Dinner.; see: Medium Group Portraits

Kinsolving, Dr. Arthur and Family.; 2 prints

King, Samuel; 1 print

*Kirk, Samuel.; See Glass Negatives

Kirk, Dr. Willliam, Rector of St. Michael and All Angels

*Kirk, Rev. Harris E.; See P.L. Club Meeting

*Kirkland, Alexander; See also: PP 52

Kirkland, Alexander.; PP 52; 1 negative.

Kirkwood, F. C. (he was a Md. Naturalist); Photos of himself and others; Portraits; 7 prints and 5 negs

Kirwin, Harry, bust of; 1 print

Kitts, John; Last Revolutionary Soldier; 1 print

Klages, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Chas.; Portraits; Wedding photo by Vincent Studios, acc. no. 71362; 1 print

Kleefisch, John; H.; 1 print

Kliwanski, Lester; M. age 4 mos., 21 days

*Knabe, William.; See: PP 52

Knight, Charles; 1 print

Knight, Jonathan; 2 prints

*Knott, A. Leo.; See Prints; Coll., Knott, Hon. A. Leo; MF 179. K72B; Frontpiece

Knox, Dr. J.H.Mason.; See Benjamin Griswold and Friends, Group; See P.L. Club Meeting. 1 print

*Koehl, Charles.; See Patapsco Female Institute

Kohn Brothers; 1922; 1 print

Kohn, Martin B.; 7 prints

Kohn, Walter; 1 print

Kolef, Lt. I. H.; 1 print

*Konig, George.; See Oversize File

Kraber, Daniel; 1 print

Krebs, Jacob E.; 1 print

Krug, G. and Son.; Posed with employees in front of bldg. on Saratoga St. c. 1900; 1 print

Kuchteizky, Otto L., Sr.

*Kummer, Sarah Agnes; See: PP 81