Municipal Art Society Records 1905-1949, MS. 2840

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Municipal Art Society Records, 1905-1949
Maryland Historical Society

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Municipal Art Society Records, 1905-1949
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Municipal Art Society Records, 1905-1949

MS 2840

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Jessica M. Pigza

May 1994




This collection contains the papers of both the Municipal Art Society and the Friends of Art, an organization that merged with the Municipal Art Society in 1932. Both organizations were concerned with the encouragement of the arts in the city of Baltimore, whether through city planning or encouraging local artists.

The Friends of Art was founded in 1919, and the group was officially incorporated in 1921. The first president was Dr. Hugh Hampton Young. In 1921 Mrs. John W. Garrett was elected honorary president, and Dr. William Thayer president. In addition, Miss Adaline Piper acted as corresponding secretary, Anne G. Turnbull as treasurer, and Robert E. Lee Taylor as one of the vice-presidents. Their original headquarters were on an upper floor of the Baltimore Museum of Art, then located at Mount Vernon Place. However, by 1926 the Friends of Art had purchased their own house at 8 E. Pleasant Street. This organization was supportive of the Baltimore Museum of Art, donating works of art to the new museum. Besides their cooperation with the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Friends of Art wished to stimulate an interest in art in the city of Baltimore, to encourage an appreciation for modern art, and to arrange for the exhibition, loan, or donation of all kinds of art in the city. They sponsored lectures, hosted touring entertainers, and arranged one-man shows of area artists.

The Municipal Art Society was founded in January 1899 by a number of prominent Baltimore citizens who had an interest in art, park development, and city planning. The first president of the Municipal Art Society was Daniel C. Gilman, and the first board of directors included Josias Pennington and John W. Garrett. The Municipal Art Society had no headquarters. Therefore, lectures were held at Hollins Market Hall, Cross St. Market Hall, Broadway Institute, as well as McCoy Hall of Johns Hopkins University. The board of directors often gathered for meetings at members' homes such as Theodore Marburg's at 14 W. Mount Vernon Place. Interested in the development of a park system for the city, the Municipal Art Society called upon Frederick Law Olmsted as a consultant on certain occasions. This organization also invested its effort and money in the placement of works of art in public places such as schools, government buildings, and parks.

In 1932, the Friends of Art merged with the Municipal Art Society. After much discussion concerning what to name the new organization, “Municipal Art Society” was chosen, with the address of their headquarters being “Friends of Art House.” This new Municipal Art Society worked successfully for a number of years, holding regular exhibits of both local artists' work

and traveling exhibitions. Lectures were organized, as well as various special events. With World War II came a drop in members' attention to the Municipal Art Society. After the war, attempts were made to rejuvenate the Municipal Art Society, including the lowering of annual dues, to attract new members. Board members tried to redefine the goals and usefulness of the organization, but did not succeed. By 1947, works of art owned by the Municipal Art Society had been offered to the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Friends of Art House was being sold.


Scope and Content

The Municipal Art Society Records are a collection of notes, correspondence, printed ephemera, and record books that fill 18 boxes. This collection contains the records of both the Municipal Art Society and the Friends of Art, which merged with the Municipal Art Society in 1932. MS. 2840 spans the years 1905-1949, although the bulk of the papers falls between the years 1932-1942.

MS. 2840 contains the minute books, correspondence, notes, and legal papers of the Friends of Art, from the founding meeting of 1919 to their merger with the Municipal Art Society. This organization was entirely separate from the Municipal Art Society prior to 1932. Therefore, their papers are filed as their own series, except in a limited number of cases. Series III (Friends of Art House), for example, contains all material concerning this house from its purchase by the Friends of Art, through the merger of the two organizations, to its sale in the late 1940's. Details are provided in Series Description.

The records of the premerger years of the Municipal Art Society (1899-1931) are limited. A record book covers the years 1908-1919 and contains letterpress copies of correspondence, minutes of meetings, project reports, and membership lists. This book provides the most information on the premerger Municipal Art Society.

The arrangement of the material after the 1932 merger focuses on different aspects of the organization's activities. Papers which relate to certain subjects have been put into chronological order and placed in series such as Membership, Exhibits, and Treasurer.


Series Description

MS.2840 is divided into twelve series. Except when noted, Friends of Art papers have been separated from those of the Municipal Art Society, and organized as their own series. Arrangement is generally chronological, with undated items first.

Series I: Friends of Art (F. of A.), 1919-1942,

3 1/2 boxes

Papers cover the various activities of the Friends of Art, from its organization in 1919 up to its merger with the Municipal Art Society. The bulk of this series falls within the years 1919-1931. Documents are arranged in folders by subject. Included are receipts, correspondence, notes, minutes, and legal papers. Papers concerning the purchase and maintenance of the Friends of Art House are found in series III. Items of note are the original certificate of incorporation and the minutes of the founding meetings.

Series II: Municipal Art Society PreMerger, 1905-1919,

1/2 box

This series consists of two volumes compiled by members of the Municipal Art Society in the years before merging with the Friends of Art. A scrapbook contains newspaper clippings which refer to the proposed Howard Street Extension. A letterpress book is a record of correspondence and minutes of meetings of the Municipal Art Society. Major figures include Josias Pennington, Frederick Law Olmsted, Hans Schuler, Theodore Marburg, Robert Garrett, R. Brent Keyser, and S. Davies Warfield. Topics covered in the correspondence and meetings surround civic improvements, public sculpture, and park development.

Series III: Friends of Art House, 1923-1946,

3 boxes

Different subjects concerning the headquarters of the Friends of Art, and later the Municipal Art Society, are covered in this series, which is arranged by subject. Details on the purchase of this house at 8 East Pleasant Street and improvements made over the years, as well as a full inventory of the contents of the house are included. This series contains all papers concerning the house, both from the Friends of Art (premerger) and Municipal Art Society (postmerger).

Series IV: Merger, 1931-1932,

1/2 box

This series contains notes, minutes, correspondence and legal papers concerning the 1932 merger of the Friends of Art and the Municipal Art Society. Included are papers from Friends of Art meetings discussing the proposed merger, as well as official documents approving the step.

Series V: Governance, 1927-1949,

1/2 box

This series contains papers concerning the various aspects of the organization and running of Municipal Art Society. Correspondence of executive officers, publicity information, and details of meetings are included.

Series VI: Treasurer, 1932-1947,

1 box

Correspondence, notes, and receipts of the Municipal Art Society treasurer William Casey are filed in this series. The bulk of this series falls within the years 1932-1940. Check stubs of the Maryland Trust Company and deposit receipts of the Colonial Trust Company are included.

Series VII: Membership, 1932-1948,

1 box

Membership lists, notes, and correspondence concerning the Municipal Art Society's membership are found in this series. The bulk of the series falls within the years 1932-1940.

Series VIII: Exhibits, 1932-1943,

2 1/2 boxes

These papers concern all exhibits organized by the Municipal Art Society, including an annual competitive exhibition held first at the F. of A. House and later at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Informational brochures and programs on other artists and other galleries' exhibits besides those of the Municipal Art Society are included.

Series IX: Lectures, 1930-1948,

1 1/2 boxes

Contained in this series are ephemera and correspondence concerning lectures sponsored by the Municipal Art Society, as well as art classes taught by Richard Dicus at the F. of A. House. Papers concerning French lectures and the 1939 lecture by Thomas Mann are filed separately, but all other papers are in chronological order. Various printed folders advertising touring lecturers and their topics, and printed invitations to Municipal Art Society lectures are filed here. Copies of actual lectures are not included.

Series X: Special Events, 1932-1942,

1 1/2 boxes

This series contains papers concerning special events and entertainments organized by the Municipal Art Society. Found here are notes, minutes, correspondence, promotional pamphlets of touring entertainers, and printed invitations to events. Grouped according to subject, these events include a lawn fete held at the estate of Robert Garrett, and numerous teas, luncheons, and card parties. Papers concerning lectures and exhibits are filed as separate series.

Series XI: Baltimore Works of Art, 1903-1948,

6 folders

Correspondence, printed matter, and notes concerning specific paintings and sculptures around the city of Baltimore comprise this series. Papers of both the Friends of Art and the Municipal Art Society are filed here under the names of works of art that the organizations commissioned or in which they had an interest. Of particular note is an illustrated booklet of speeches given at the 1904 unveiling of Fremiet's “Howard” at Mt. Vernon.

Series XII: Miscellaneous Files, 1928-1949,

2 boxes

This series is comprised of papers grouped according to various subjects which were important to the Municipal Art Society. Each subject has only a limited amount of material (three or fewer folders each), and the bulk of the material falls between the years 1932-1942. Subjects of note are lists of Baltimore artists, civic concerns of the Municipal Art Society, and the work of Frederick Law Olmsted.

Container List

Series I: Friends of Art (F. of A.)


Alice Worthington Ball Memorial Fund, 1930

American Federation of Arts, 1924-1930

Annual Reports, n.d., 1923-1926

Annual Reports, 1927-1931

Annual Reports-Financial, 1925-1932

Budgets, 1926-1932

Bylaws, n.d., 1930

Bylaws-Correspondence, n.d., 1929-1930

Certificate of Incorporation, 1921

Colonial Trust, n.d., 1926, 1928

Committees, n.d., 1926-1929

Committees, 1930-1932

Correspondence, 1923-1927

Directors and Advisory Board-lists, n.d., 1925-1931

Exhibit committee meetings, n.d., 1930-1931

Exhibits, n.d., 1926

Exhibits, 1930-1931


Exhibits-Competitive, n.d., 1931

Exhibits-Homewood, n.d., 1928

Exhibits-Homewood, 1929-1932, 1934

Exhibits-Homewood (photographs), n.d. [1928], 1928

Exhibits (photographs), n.d. [1937-1938], 1937

Finance Committee Correspondence, 1926-1931

Financial Reports-Monthly, 1926, 1930-1932

Gifts to the, n.d., 1926, 1929-1932

Histories of, n.d. [1930], 1930, 1932-1933, 1935, 1938

Insurance, 1929-1930

Insurance, 1931-1932

Lectures, 1921-1932

Lectures-French, n.d., 1928-1931

Meetings-Correspondence, n.d., 1925-1926

Meetings-Correspondence, 1927


Meetings-Correspondence, 1928

Meetings-Correspondence, n.d. [1929], 1929

Meetings-Correspondence, 1930

Meetings-Correspondence, 1931

Membership, n.d., 1923, 1925-1926, 1928-1931

Minute Book, 1919-1922

Minute Book, 1923-1932

Objects Owned by, n.d., 1925-1926, 1929-1930

Presidents' Correspondence, 1926, 1929-1930

Proxies, 1926-1932

Special Entertainments-History of, 1929


Special Entertainments-Listings, n.d., 1921-1931

Special Events-Sunday Teas, n.d. [1926-1932], 1926-1929

Tariffs on Foreign Art, 1929

Taxes-Admissions, n.d., 1926-1927, 1929

Taxes-Baltimore City, 1926-1931

Treasurer Notes, n.d., 1925, 1927-1931

Wilson L. Smith Memorial-Design Competition, n.d. [1931], 1931, 1942

Series II: Municipal Art Society-PreMerger

Howard Street Extension Scrapbook, 1905

Record Book, 1908-1919

Series III: Friends of Art House


Bond Issue, n.d.

Bond Issue, 1925

Bond Issue, 1926-1929

Bond Issue, January-July 1930

Bond Issue, October 1930-June 1931

Budgets, 1927, 1933, 1940

Committee/House Notes, n.d.

Committee/House Notes, 1926-1928

Committee/House Notes, 1929-1934

Committee/House Notes, 1937-1942

Delivery Receipts, n.d., 1930, 1932-1934, 1938-1940

Exhibition Cases, 1929-1933, 1936, 1940

Gallery Lighting Plans, 1926, 1931-1932, 1940

Garden, n.d., 1926-1933, 1938-1939

Ground Rent Receipts, n.d., 1925-1929, 1931-1932

Heating System, n.d., 1929, 1931, 1937, 1940


Improvements, n.d., 1925-1926

Improvements, 1927-1928

Improvements, 1929

Improvements, 1930

Improvements, 1931

Improvements, 1932-1934

Improvements, 1937-1938

Improvements, 1939-1942

Inventory, n.d.

Inventory-Basement and 1st Floor, 1932

Inventory-2nd and 3rd Floors, 1932, 1934

Inventory, 1942

Library, n.d., 1925-1926


Library, 1927-1928

Library, 1929-1932, 1935-1938, 1940

Maturities, 1926-1932

Mortgage, 1925, 1927-1929

Mortgage, 1930-1933

Objects Loaned By, n.d., 1927, 1932, 1941-1942

Objects Loaned To, n.d., 1925-1926

Objects Loaned To, 1927-1933, 1935-1940

Objects Loaned to (by Lula Hilleary Epler), n.d., 1881, 1886, 1898, 1935, 1941

Objects Loaned to (by Marion Miller), n.d., 1937-1938

Objects Loaned to (by Ella Roberts), 1930, 1932

Parking, 1939

Photography of, 1926

Purchase of, n.d., 1923-1925, 1932-1933

Sale of, n.d. [1947]

Seasonal Closings, n.d., 1926, 1934-1942, 1946

Statement of Purchase, Improvements, and Furnishings, n.d. [1926], 1926, 1931

Use by Others, n.d., 1925-1932, 1935, 1937, 1939-1940, 1942

Series IV: Merger


Merger, n.d. [1931], January-June 1931

Merger, October-December 1931

Merger, n.d. [1932], January 1932

Merger, February 1932-1933

Merger-Documents, n.d. [1932], 1932

Merger-Friends of Art Meetings, n.d. [1931-1932], 1931-1932

Series V: Governance

Annual Meetings, n.d., 1927, 1932, 1935-1942, 1949

Bylaws, n.d.

Committees, n.d., 1933, 1935-1938, 1940

Executive Officers' Meetings, n.d., 1932-1938

Executive Officers' Meetings, 1939-1942, 1946-1947

Insurance, 1932-1935, 1937-1938

Publicity, n.d. [1935-1939]

Publicity, 1935-1939

Publicity, n.d. [1940-1942], 1940-1942

Taxes-Admissions, 1941-1942

Series VI: Treasurer


Treasurer, n.d., 1932

Treasurer, n.d. [1933], 1933

Treasurer, 1934

Treasurer, 1935

Treasurer, 1936

Treasurer, 1937

Treasurer, 1938

Treasurer, n.d. [1939], 1939

Treasurer, 1940

Treasurer, 1941-1942, 1947

Series VII: Membership


Membership, n.d.

Membership, 1932-1934

Membership, 1935-1936

Membership, 1937

Membership, n.d. [1938], 1938

Membership, n.d. [1939], January 1939

Membership, February-December 1939

Membership, n.d. [1940], 1940

Membership, n.d. [1941], 1941

Membership, n.d. [1942], 1942, 1946, 1948

Series VIII: Exhibits


Exhibits, n.d.

Exhibits, February-September 1932

Exhibits, October-December 1932

Exhibits, January 1933

Exhibits, February 1933

Exhibits, March 1933

Exhibits, April-May 1933

Exhibits, n.d. [1933-1934], October 1933-January 1934

Exhibits, November 1934-March 1935

Exhibits, n.d. [1935-1936], November 1935-March 1936

Exhibits, September 1936-May 1937


Exhibits, n.d. [1937-1938], September-December 1937

Exhibits, n.d. [1938-1939], January-February 1938

Exhibits, March-September 1938

Exhibits, October-November, 1938

Exhibits, December 1938-January 1939

Exhibits, February-June 1939

Exhibits, n.d. [1939-1940], September-December 1930

Exhibits, January-February 1940

Exhibits, March 1940

Exhibits, April-May 1940

Exhibits, August-December 1940

Exhibits, n.d. [1941-1942]


Exhibits, January-June 1941

Exhibits, August 1941-May 1942

Exhibits, June 1942-1943

Exhibits-Committee Meetings, 1932-1933

Exhibits-Committee Meetings, 1934-1941

Exhibits-Competitive, n.d. [1932], 1932

Exhibits-Competitive, n.d. [1933], 1933

Exhibits-Competitive, 1934, 1936, 1938-1942

Series IX: Lectures

Lectures, n.d., 1930-1932

Lectures, 1933-1934

Lectures, 1935-1936

Lectures, n.d. [1937-1939], 1937-1939


Lectures, 1940-1942, 1946-1948

Lectures-French, n.d., 1932

Lectures-French, n.d. [1933-1934], 1933-1934

Lectures-French, 1935, 1937, 1939

Lectures-Thomas Mann, n.d. [1939], 1939

Lectures-Thomas Mann (lists), n.d. [1939], 1939

Lectures-Thomas Mann (patrons), n.d. [1939]

Lectures-Thomas Mann (patrons), March 1939

Lectures-Thomas Mann (patrons), April-May 1939

Series X: Special Events


Card Parties, n.d. [1937-1942]

Card Parties, 1937-1941

Card Parties, 1942

Carol Lynn Ballet, n.d. [1937], 1937-1938

Committee Members, 1936-1937, 1940

Committee Minutes, 1932-1937

Hutzler's Contest, n.d., 1937-1938

Lawn Fete, n.d. [1936]

Lawn Fete, 1936

Lawn Fete (patron lists), n.d. [1936]

Listings, n.d., 1932-1934, 1937-1938, 1940-1941

Luncheons, n.d., 1932, 1934

Luncheons, 1937, 1939-1942

Martha Graham (Dancer), 1939

Miscellaneous, n.d., 1934-1935, 1937-1938, 1940

Mt. Vernon Flower Mart, n.d., 1937-1942


National Art Week, n.d., 1937, 1940

Sew, Knit, and Lunch Club Charity, n.d. [1940-1941], 1940-1942

Stewart and Co. Contest, n.d., 1936-1938

Stewart and Co. Contest (photographs), 1935-1938

Street Fete, n.d., 1926, 1934

Street Fete, 1936, 1941

Sunday Teas, n.d., 1932, 1935-1936

Sunday Teas, 1937-1940

Sunday Teas (registration), 1936-1937

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers, n.d. [1935-1938], 1936-1938

Vagabond Theatre, n.d. [1941], 1941

Valentine Supper, n.d. [1936], 1936

Series XI: Baltimore Works of Art

“Boy and Turtle” fountain by Henri Crenier, 1924, 1940-1941

“Howard” by Emmanuel Fremiet, 1904

“Interior Scene” by Alice Upton, 1940-1941, 1947

“Lee-Jackson Memorial” by Laura Gardin Fraser, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1939-1940, 1947-1948

“Sidney Lanier Memorial” by Hans Schuler, n.d., 1941

“Washington Surrendering His Commission” by Edwin H. Blashfield, 1903

Series XII: Miscellaneous Files


American Federation of Arts, n.d., 1932-1936

American Federation of Arts, 1938-1942

Art Sales, n.d., 1940

Art Sales-Christmas, 1935

Art Sales-Christmas, n.d., 1936-1941

Artists, Lists of Baltimore, 1929, 1931-1934

Baltimore Museum of Art, n.d., 1928-1930, 1934, 1937-1941, 1946

Baltimore-Washington Parkway, 1940-1941

Civic Concerns, 1932, 1936-1942, 1946-1947, 1949


Inventory of Art Owned by MAS, 1938

Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence, n.d., 1933-1934, 1937-1940, 1942

Olmsted, Frederick Law-East and West Viaduct, 1929, 1932

Olmsted, Frederick Law-Leakin Park, 1939

Stewart, Miss Edith Hoyt, 1937

Turnbull, Miss Anne Graeme, n.d. [1934-1935], 1933-1936

Turnbull, Miss Anne Graeme, n.d. [1937-1938], 1937-1938

Turnbull, Miss Anne Graeme, n.d. [1939-1946], 1939-1942

Walters Art Gallery, n.d. [1931], 1931-1933

Who's Who-Other Baltimore Organizations, n.d.

Who's Who-Other Baltimore Organizations, 1929-1930, 1932-1933, 1935, 1938, 1941


Exhibits Organized by the Friends of Art, 1921-1931

(List not complete)



Mr. Koppelmann

Mrs. Marie Conrad Lehr


Baltimore Prints

Collected Etchings of Blanchard Randall and Michael Baer

Collected Porcelain of General Riggs

Collected Miniatures of John W. Garrett

Rare Portraits and Silver



Leon Bakst



Gari Melchers retrospective



Paintings and Bronzes of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Garrett


Honore Daumier Forain

Elizabeth Sawtelle Collection of old fans

Olaf Olsen Phillips Memorial Gallery loan

Alice Judson Garden Sculpture at Homewood

Miguel Covarrubias H.S. Waring

Brainerd Thresher Paul Emil Pajot



Decoration of period rooms in the old Carroll mansion



J.M.W. Turner Handicraft Club of Baltimore

Van de Velde St. Memin

J.F. Lewis Florence Green Huey

Lily Cushing F. Louise Thompson

Hunt Old Glass

Continuous Picture Selection Exhibition


Shelby Shacklford James and William Tassie

Leon Engers Furniture of Mrs. William Roberts

Georges Hilbert Ruth Hamilton Whitman

Horace Day Models and Photos of Roland Park

Heinz (von Clausmann) Washington Watercolor Club

Louis Rosenthal Florence Beall Thornton

Modern Paintings from the Marie Sterner Gallery

Continuous Picture Selection Exhibition

Philadelphia Society of Etchers


Exhibits Organized by the Municipal Art Society, 1932-1942

(List not complete)



Objects d'Art

William Harvey

Belle Boas

Exhibit of stage designs


Ruth Starr Rose Eloise H. Wilson

Stow Wegenwroth Mrs. Helen Mills Weisenburg

Sam Swerdloff Helen Stockton Parker

Aaron Kameny Charles Bockler

Edmund Duffy Frederic Farley

May F. Gelletly Maria Hamel Finkelstein

Edward Rosenfeld William H. Whitridge

Sarah Ireland

College Art Association of New York


Elizabeth Gordon Doris Rosenthal

Miss Charlot Rosner Dr. McComas

Baltimore Doctors

Charles Whitaker

Arts and Crafts of Schoolchildren

Winners of Past Competitive Exhibitions


Florence Austrian

Chao Ming Chen Porcelain


Pen Women Sarah Baker

Teachers' Union Larry C. Rodda

Sarah B. Steuart Emma H. Ingersoll

Violet Oakley Florence Cannon

Arts and Crafts of Public and Private Schoolchildren of Baltimore City


Helen Journeay Selma Oppenheimer

Edith Raymond Maria Hamel Finkelstein

Lillian Giffen Wanda Milbourne

Catherine Cox

Print Club of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Society of Graphic Artists and Etchers


Howard James Work of Federal Art Project

Louisiana Artists Pearl Van Sciver

Don Swann, Sr. Artists' Self-Portraits

Hugh Breckinridge Ethel Mundy

National Art Week Elizabeth and Edwin Tunis

Simone deLouriero


Juanita Vitousek ACA Gallery's 1938 Show

George Grosz Florence Austrian

Children's Contest Alvin Schwartz

Bertis Baker Prints of G.H. Pouder's Collection

Rowlandson prints Members' Newly-Acquired Works

Exhibition of Drawings Pupils of Richard Dicus

Sidney Levyne National Art Week Sculpture Show

Sarah Baker Charlotte Kimball

Mildred Miller Richard Bromfield


Benjamin Kurtz WPA prints from Washington, D.C.

Robert Franklin Gates Harford County Artists' Work

Eliot O'Hara Baltimore Painters from the Past

Mr. Morgereth Pictures that Artists Collect

Guy Pene duBois Boston Society of Arts and Crafts

Herman Dahl Drawings by Baltimore Artists

Mrs. Paul Friedlander Local WPA-Federal Aid Project Show

Charlotte Alston

Member-Owned Works by Local Artists


Karl Metzler Mary Reina diCrispino

Gertrude Jacob, M.D. Margaret Maccoun Mylander

Elizabeth Shannon Julia Keidel Fuller

Kathe Kollwitz Occupational Therapy Exhibition

J.H. Scarff

Modern French Paintings

Trend of Contemporary Painting

Latin American Art and Handicrafts

Paintings by Maryland Artists from the MAS Collection


Alice Riddle Kindler

Mildred Miller

Baltimore Artists in the Service

National Association of Women Artists




Lecture on Prints by Mr. Rice, of The Congressional Library.

American Soulpture by Mr. Frank Purdy, President of the School of American Sculpture.

Lecture on the Clavelux, in Mrs. Bouton's Garden

Miniatures by Mr. Alwyn Williams, Pres. Royal Miniature Society of Great Britain.

“Cruise of the Kawa” by Mr. Chappell

Illustrated Lecture by Leon Kroll on American Art.

“Melchers and His Life Work” by Pr. Christian Brinton

“Genius of American Art” by Royal Cortissoz

Series of French Lectures by Mme. Caor del Vaille

Lectuer by Seymour de [UNK], distinguished Art Critic

Joseph Pennell

Anne Vaugh Hyatt

John E. D. Trask

George Bellows

Paul Dougherty

Frank Crowninshield

Mr. C. Powell Minnegerode, Director of the Cocoran Art. Gallery

Mrs. John W. Garrett

Mrs. C. Lewis Hind, of London

Stuart Walker

Mr. Eben Comis of Washington, D. C. - Illustrated Portrait Painting.

Dr. Louis K. Anspacher, on “What's Wrong with the Theatre"

Leon Dabo, on American Art and Artists.

Rosita Forbes, “From the Blue Nile to the Red Sea."

Miss Helen Seymour, on “The Decorative Value of Oriental Fabrics"

Mr. Forbes Watson, Editor of the Arts Magazine, and Art Critic of the New York World.

Mr. Joseph Jastrow, on “The Art Impulse and its Expression"

Mr. Roland Holt, on the “Great Little Theatres"

Mr. Benjamin T. Kurtz, on “American Sculpture."

Meyric R. Rogers, Director of the Museum of Art, on “What it Means to Be [UNK] Friends of Art.

Three French Lectures by Mme. Marie de [UNK], and Mme. Caro Delvaille.

Mr. Forbes Watson, illustrated talk on El Greco, Goya, and Velasquez.

Mr. Walter Prichard Eaton, of the New York Theatre Guild, on Going To The Theatre in [UNK]

Mr. Harry Barnard, on [UNK], showing his collection

Mrs. George Draper, on New York.

Mme. Rimsky-Korsakoff, on her uncle Peter Tschaikowsky.

Mr. Forbes Watson on “Qezanne"- Illustrated.

Mr. McCowan, on “A Naturalist in the Canadian Rockies" with colored slides.

Homer St. Gaudens at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

M. Claude Anet, in the Evergreen Theatre.

Series of Five French Lectures by Mme. [UNK] Mare and Mme. Caro Pelvaille.

Anita Politzer, a talk on the Russian Stage and Russian Art.

Mr. Halsey, illustrated talk on “Thomas Jefferson and His Home, Monticello."

Series of Three Lectures by Dr. George Boas.

Leon Dabo

William Aumonier, London Sculpture and Pres. of the London Masters' Carvers Ass.

Mrs. George Peckham Miller, on “Gilbert Stuart"- Illustrated.

Mr. Maurice Colbourne, of the Theatre Guild on “George Bernard Shaw and the Modern Theatre.

Dr. Gilbert Chinard, on “Thomas Jefferson and French Art."

Mr. Ross Crane, on Interior Decoration.

Mr. Dorsey P. Tyson, a talk demonstrating the Making and Printing of An Etching.

Miss Helen Seymour, on The Poetry of Japanese Flower Arrangement.


Lectures of the Municipal Art Society, 1931-1941

(List not complete)


David M. Robinson “New Art Treasures from Recent Excavations at Olynthus"


Harland Bartholomew “City Planning"

Lewis Mumford “The Brown Decades"


Eugene Steinhof “Stage Decoration"

Harold Stark “Gardens of Old Charleston"

Samuel Yellin “Wrought Iron Work"

Charles Connick “Stained Glass"

Richard Bach “Contemporary Design"

George Rowley “Chinese Landscape Painting"

Lizette Woodward Reese?

Paul Wilstach “Tidewater Maryland"


Simone Brangier Boas “Modern Sculpture"

Edward M.M. Warburg “Modern Art"

Frank J. Mather, Jr. “The Walters Collection"


Mr. Thomas Whittemore “Mosaics of St. Sophia at Istanbul"

Everett Meeks “Romantic Revival in the Mid Nineteenth Century"

Beaumont Newhall “French Romantic Painters of the Nineteenth Century"

Monsieur leCorbusier “Modern Architecture"

William Emmart “The Baltimore City Plan"

Lewis Mumford “The Coming City"

Helmut von Erffa “French Painting in the Seventeenth Century"


E.K. Rand “Horace and the Sabine Farm"

Dorothy Miner “Manuscripts in the Walters Collection"

G.H. Edgell “Italian Painting"


Beaumont Newhall “The Camera and the Artist"

Dr. Doro Levi “Arkades and the Dawn of Greek Art"

George Heard Hamilton “Prints as Propaganda"


Gordon Washburn “Men and Beasts in Bronze"

Winslow Ames “Modern Sculpture"


Raymond Creekmore “China"

Richard Krautheimer “Cities in Italy"


Thomas Mann “The Coming Victory of Democracy"

James W. Foster “When Baltimore Came of Age"

Leslie Cheek?

Dr. Christian Brinton “Goya: Painter of Humanity"

Dr. Hans Tietze “Masterpieces of European Painting in the United States"


J.D. Steele “Baltimore's City Plan Commission"

C. Adolph Glassgold “WPA: Index of American Design"

Walker Hancock “New Interests and Aims in Sculpture"


Richard C. Medford “The Municipal Museum and American Art"

Otto Benesch “Rembrandt as a Draftsman"

French Lectures of the Municipal Art Society

(List not complete)


Georges Duplaix “La vie de Boheme a Paris depuis la guerre"

“Cezanne: Peintre de la Provence"

“Quelques Poets Francais: d'hier et d'aujourd'hui"

“Marcel Proust: sa vie, son oeuvre"


Marie de Mare “Le Roman Inconnu de John Paul Jones"

“Artistes et Litterature au Cafe"

“le Modernisme en art et en Litterature"


Mme. Caro-Delvaille “Les Chateaux of the Loire"