MS 2800.1, Eubie Blake Sheet Music Collection

The sheet music collection is arranged alphabetically. Click on a letter below to browse, or download the complete pdf here

(Accompaniement Sketches - Avis Hesitation Waltz)

(Baby Be Smart - Bye Lo)

(Cabin Door - Cycles)

(Daddy Won't You Please Come Home - Dynamite)

(Ease on Down - Eye to Eye)

(Fair Harvard - Further it is From Tipperary)

(Gal From Baton Rouge - Gypsy Rose Lee)

(Had No Clue - Hymn No. 2)

(I Ain't Got It - I'm Getting Nowhere Fast [lyrics])

   (I'm Getting Nowhere Fast [song] - I've Saved All My Love For You)

(Jack O' Lantern One Step - Just You Watch My Step)

(K.C. Polka [The] - Kuu Loke Ula Ula)

(La Bella Cubanera - Lonesome Heart [A])

   (Lonesome Man - Lullabye [A])

M (Ma - Melodie #1[song])

   (Melodie #1 [piano solo] - Mirandy [lyrics])

   (Mirandy[song] - My Yokohama Girl)

(Nagasaki - Numbers [The])

(Odd Cases Of Voicing - Overture To 'Swing It')

(Pack A Little Love In Your Heart - Put Verse)

(Race Horse Blues - Russian One Step-Trot [A])

(Sac-cha-rine - Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley)

   (Since Maggie Dooley Learned The Hooley Hooley - Stage Door)

   (Stage Door - Symphony Of Harlem)

(T.V. Song - No. 1 - Tickle The Ivories[piano solo])

   (Tickle the Ivories[rag] - Two Special Choruses)

(Ubangi - Utterly Lovely and a Modern Blues)

(Valse - Voodoo Man)

(Wade In De Water - When Day Is Done)

   (When the Day Is Done - Wunderbar)

(Yaddie Kaddie Kiddie Kaddie Koo- You've Got To Love Me An Aweful Lot)

(Za Zu Zay - Zulu War Song)