McHenry Family Papers, 1774-1876, MS. 647

McHenry Family Papers, 1774-1876

Maryland Historical Society


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McHenry Family Papers, 1774-1876
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS. 647

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Cynthia H. Requardt

August, 1977


Scope and Content

James McHenry Papers


Incoming letters, 1774-1816, n.d., (ca. 300 items) of James McHenry, with some copies of McHenry's replies. The letters cover the period McHenry was in the U.S. Congress, the secretary of war, and his interest in politics after his retirement in 1800. Correspondents include his wife Margaret Peggy (Caldwell) McHenry, son John, brother John, William Allison, John Caldwell, Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer, William Smallwood, John Eager Howard, John Bleakley, Felix de St. Hilaire, Edward Livingston, David Stodder, William Pinkney, George Salmon, John McKee, Etienne Raphel, Library Company of Baltimore, James Carroll, and Henry Dearborn. Also includes Domestic Bagatelles written by James McHenry in 1805; a copy of Observations sur le Commerce entre la France et les Estats Unis, ca. 1790; and a short essay by McHenry on religion and morality, n.d.




Margaret (Caldwell) McHenry Papers


Incoming correspondence, 1783-1822, n.d., (ca. 50 items). Largely letters from her husband, James McHenry, especailly before their marriage in 1784. Other letters are from her daughter Anna (McHenry) Boyd wihle at Sulphur Springs in 1808. Also a notebook of religious thoughts and a religious poem by Margaret. Margaret's letters to her husband, 1783-1798, (ca. 140 items) are filed with James' correspondence.




John McHenry Papers


Largely correspondence, 1813-22, between John, son of James McHenry, and his cousin, John McHenry of Allegany County, Maryland. These letters discuss business and faming, especially raising sheep, and family news. A few other letters to John are from his sister, Anna (McHenry) Boyd, discussing activities in Baltimore, Maryland, with one 1819 letter addressing Baltimore banks. Letters written by John are found in his parents' incoming correspondence.




Mary (Galloway) Maxcy Letters


Letters, 1806-21, (ca. 11 items) from or about Mary's cousin Juliana (Howard) McHenry, John McHenry's wife.




James Howard McHenry Family Papers


Seven incoming letters, 1862-76, of James Howard McHenry, son of John and Juliana (Howard) McHenry. His letters are from the War Department concerning the imprisonment of his uncle, Charles Howard, at Fort Warren in Massachusetts. Other letters were written by his children with one letter to his wife, Sarah (Cary) McHenry. The bulk of this family's papers can be found in the McHenry Papers, MS. 544.




Anna (McHenry) Boyd Papers


Incoming letters, 1808-36, (ca. 20 items) from her mother, her children, and her sister-in-law, Sophia (Ramsay) McHenry [Mrs. Daniel William McHenry].


Container List

Box 1

James McHenry correspondence, 1773-1793




Box 2

James McHenry correspondence, 1794-1798




Box 3

James McHenry correspondence, 1799-1808




Box 4

James McHenry correspondence, 1809-1816; n.d.




Domestic Bagatelles








essay on religion and morality




Margaret (Caldwell) McHenry correspondence, 1783-1802




Box 5

Margaret (Caldwell) McHenry correspondence, 1808-1836; n.d.




Anna (McHenry) Boyd correspondence, 1808-1836; n.d.




John McHenry (1791-1822) correspondence, 1809-1822; n.d.




John McHenry papers, 1785, 1804




Mary (Galloway) Maxcy letters, 1806-1821




Daniel McHenry papers, 1813-1814




John McHenry (Allegany Co.) papers, 1824, 1842




James Henry Boyd letter, 1837




Cornelius Howard will, 1839




James Howard McHenry family papers, 1862-1876; n.d.




newspaper clippings




genealogical material




notes on the collection




unidentified material


Missing - James McHenry's Views on Present State of Religion and Morality, n.d. reported [UNK] [UNK] November 1929





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