McAll Mission Papers, 1883-1946, MS. 542

McAll Mission Papers, 1883-1946

Maryland Historical Society


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McAll Mission Papers, 1883-1946
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

McAll Mission Papers

MS. 542

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Descriptive Summary

Box 1

Baltimore Auxiliary of the American McAll Association Records



Manager's notebook, 1883




Annual reports, 1922-31




Mailing list, 1930




[Extension Committee] talk, 1931




Papers re: Dora L. Murdoch, 1933




Papers re: M. Louisa Steuart, 1938




History, 1939




History, n.d.




Auxiliary extension committee report, n.d.




Miscellany, n.d.




Correspondence, [1931]-1938





American McAll Association Records



Presidents' conference report, 1932




Field reports, St. Nazaire, 1932-37




Field reports, 1933-37




List of centers, 1934




Field reports, Bon Messanger, 1936-38




Printed material, 1938, n.d.




Questionnaires, n.d.





Faivre Letters



Letters, 1917-21; n.d.

















Box 2

Faivre letters transcripts




McAll Mission Serials



A. The American McAll Record, 1907, 1926-30, 1931-33




B. American McAll Association, Annual Report, 1915, 1925, 1927, 1929-31



Junior Bulletin, 1929




McAll News, 1946





C. McAll Mission in France, Annual Report, 1912-13



Record, 1924-25





D. La Mission Populaire Evangelique, Report, 1927-28, 1929-30



Echoes and Nouvelles, 1929-32, 1938






France: The Reconstruction, 1919





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