Maryland Family History Research Papers 1976, MS. 2269

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Maryland Family History Research Papers, 1976
Maryland Historical Society


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Maryland Family History Research Papers, 1976
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Maryland Family History Research Papers, 1976

MS. 2269

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Contents

The following family history papers have been filed with the Maryland Historical Society. Mr. Richard Cox, librarian at the Society, will make them available to any researcher with the following limits: 1. that he/she cite no proper names from the papers; 2. that he/she take no direct quotes from the papers; and 3. that any exceptions to 1. and 2. be cleared with the paper's author.

All papers were prepared by students as part of their requirements for a course entitled “Perspectives on the Family” taught by Linda Shopes during the Fall Semester, 1976 in the American Studies Department at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Each paper describes the history of the student's own maternal and paternal families from about 1900 to the present. Papers generally go into some detail about the student's grandparents', parents', and own generations with brief mention of earlier ancestors.

“My Life Before Me” by Bonnie G. Booth

Describes family life in Anne Arundel County, Maryland from about 1900 to the present; especially good in describing the gradual merging of rural and urban lifestyles as the twentieth century progressed.

“Where Did I Come From? A Family History” by Jeffrey Hoffman

Family life in Carroll County, Maryland from about 1900 to the present; good details about the economics of rural life; also describes the establishment in 1947 and the continued running of a family-owned business, Hoffman's Ice Crean, in Westminster, Maryland.

“From Then Until Now” by Deborah Pecukonis

Describes paternal grandparents' early life in Poland, their immigration to Baltimore about 1900, and the economics of their subsequent lifestyle in the United States; maternal history gives details about white working-class life in Baltimore from about 1900 to the present.

“The Diggs-Voit Family: A History of Economic and Geographic Mobility” by Barbara Jo Diggs

Some details about German and Swedish immigrant family life in Baltimore, 1890-1915; also some information about the work of John Voit, the author's maternal grandfather, who made stained-glass windows in Baltimore.

“My Family History” by Margarita Morales

Describes the author's, her mother's and her siblings' immigration from Nicaragua to the United States in 1959; the changes from an upper class life style in Nicaragua to a lower middle class life style in the United States are noted; also rather dramatic changes in male-female relations from South to North America.

“The Schmidts, the Stoffels, and the Glovers” by Karen Glover

The family life style of German-Americans in Baltimore from

about 1900 to the present, including the importance of several generations of family membership in Christ Lutheran Church, Baltimore.

“Biography of the Nicholson-Brant Family” by Kathie S. Nicholson

Family life in rural Cumberland, Maryland from about 1900 to the present; emphasis on changing employment and education patterns over three generations, including the move by the author's own immediate family to Baltimore for greater opportunity.

“A History of Three Generations” by Sharon Bailey

Paternal family history describes rural life in early 20th century North Carolina and the move to Baltimore County about 1930 for work on the Prettyboy Dam; maternal family history describes the family lifestyle of rural Baltimore County through the 20th century.

“My Ancestry: The McCauley-Parlaman Clan” by Sheryl McCauley

Describes the lifestyle of rural Western Maryland (also West Virginia and Pennsylvania) during the 20th century; good data on the role of women.

“The Sawicki-Sienkielewski Family” by Sandra Sawicki

Family life of Polish immigrants, their children, and their grandchildren in East Baltimore from about 1910 to the present; includes information on the family business, Sawicki's Cafe, a tavern in East Baltimore purchased by the family in 1925.