Maryland Convention of 1776 Journal of Accounts, 1776, MS 1776

Maryland Convention of 1776:Journal of Accounts, 1776

Maryland Historical Society


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Maryland Convention of 1776:Journal of Accounts, 1776
Maryland Historical Society

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Maryland Convention of 1776:Journal of Accounts, 1776

MS 1776

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


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Account journal listing delegates, length of service, and payment made.







Richard Barnes




Ignatius Fenwick




George Plater




Jeremiah Jordan




Robert T. Hooe




John Dent




Thomas Semmes




John Parnham




Benjamin Mackall




Charles Grahame




William Fitzhugh




John Mackall




Walter Bowie




Luke Marbury




Osborn Sprigg




Thomas Sim Lee




Rezin Hammond




Brice B. Worthington




Charles Carroll, Barrister




Samuel Chase




William Paca




Charles Carroll of Carrolton




Thomas Sprigg Wootton




Jonathan Wilson




William Bayley




Elisha Williams




Adam Fisher




Upton Sheredine




Christopher Edelen




David Schriver




Samuel Beall




Samuel Hughs




John Stull




Henry Sneveley




Charles Ridgely




Thomas Cockey Deye




John Stevenson




Peter Shepherd




John Smith




Jeremiah T. Chase




Jacob Bond




Henry Wilson




John Love




John Archer




Joseph Gilpin




Patrick Ewing




David Smith




Benjamin Brevard




Thomas Ringgold




William Ringgold




Joseph Earle




Thomas Smyth




Turbutt Wright




James Kent




William Bruff




Solomon Wright




Matthew Tilghman




Pollard Edmondson




John Gibson




James Lloyd Chamberlaine




Robert Goldsborough




James Murray




John Ennalls




Joseph Ennalls




Nathanial Potter




William Richardson




Richard Mason




Henry Dickinson




Gustavus Scott




George Scott




William Horsey




Henry Lowes




Peter Chaille




Smith Bishop




Samuel Handy




John P. Robins




Benjamin Hall




John Hall




Thomas Johnson




Josiah Mitchell




John Johnson (clerk)




Gabriel Duvall (clerk)




Nicholas Harwood (assistant clerk)




Robert Reynolds (janitorial duties)




Allen Quynn (messenger)