Lucie Leigh Bowie Collection, 1795-1959, MS 1755

Lucie Leigh Bowie Collection, 1795-1959

Maryland Historical Society


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Lucie Leigh Bowie Collection, 1795-1959
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Lucie Leigh Bowie Collection, 1795-1959

MS 1755

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Container List

Box 1

Lucy Leigh Bowie, Incoming Correspondence, 1908-1959; No Date




Lucy Leigh Bowie, Outgoing Correspondence, 1913-1957;




Lucy Leigh Bowie, Research Notes, ca. 1950s




Lucy Leigh Bowie, Bibliography of Article The Lads of the Family, No Date




Lucy Leigh Bowie, Photographs, No Date




Lucy Leigh Bowie, Poetry and Clippings




Minnie W. Bowie, Incoming Correspondence, 1936-1947




John Leeds Bowie, Correspondence, 1907




R. C. Hollyday to Richard J. Bowie, Hollyday Geneology, 1858




Capt. Walter Bowie, Diary [TS Copies], 1863-1864




Allen Bowie, Fragments, 1797




Inventory of Allen Bowie Davis Collection [Household Goods], 1925




Box 2

Mamie S. Gordon, Incoming Correspondence, 1854-1868; No Date




Mamie S. Gordon, Outgoing Correspondence, 1861




Eliza C. Gordon, Incoming Correspondence, 1840-1867




Lucy Leigh Gardiner, Incoming Correspondence, 1847-1867




Lottie Gardiner, Incoming Correspondence, 1870-1898




Dr. John Leigh, Incoming Correspondence, 1795-1796; No Date




Dr. John Leigh, Outgoing Correspondence, 1806-ca. 1831




George S. Leigh, Incoming Correspondence, ca. 1823




Sopia Kerr Leigh, Incoming Correspondence, 1843




Charlotte Leigh, Incoming Correspondence, 1831




Hollingsworth Family--MS Copies of Correspondence 1645-1795, No Date




Somerville Sollers, Transcripts of Correspondence 1861-1864, No Date




J.J. Enmegahbowh, Outgoing Correspondence, 1877-1890




Poetry, Lists, and Accounts, ca. 1870-1900