Lowe-Seth Papers, 1708-1909, MS. 1567

Lowe-Seth Papers, 1708-1909

Maryland Historical Society


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Lowe-Seth Papers, 1708-1909
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Lowe-Seth Papers, 1708-1909

MS. 1567

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content


Aug. 13, 1718

Survey and laying-out of land for John Lowe of Talbot County




Aug. 26, 1708

Thomas Smithson -- receipt from John Lowe




Aug, 1718

Survey and map of lands made for John Lowe by William Turbutt




Nov. 4, 1766

Indenture - James Lowe and Charles Cauiter





William Lewis (Talbot Co.) Maximer apportitmen of his brother John Lowe as Attorney to collect money owed him on any claims





Receipt: Charles Cavalier of Queen Anne's County from James Lowe of Talbot County




June 2, 1791

Land Survey and map of area of land belonging to Thos. Lambdin and [] Lowe





Inventory of Goods and Chattles of James Lowe of Talbot County





William Scruds agreement to pay John Lowe [UNK] 300. Also Lambdin debts





Receipts signed by James Lowe, Thomas Lambdin, John Tucker, William Bryan and Wrightson family




June 16, 1806

Land deed: John Remp of Talbot County and John Lowe of Talbot County




Jan. 3, 1820

Agreement between George Byas (Negro) and William Lowe




Jan. 16, 1822

Agreement: Thomas Wells, Solomon Merrick, William Lowe, James Seth, William W.





Indentures and Receipts concerning members of the Lowe family




1837, 1839, 1850 1857

Legal papers and deeds pertaining to Lowe and Seth families




July 30, 1838

Indenture of Barnard Cummings and Nancy Cummings unto Larrimore Cummings




Dec. 24, 1838

William H. Dawson and wife with James M. Seth, Indenture




Nov. 27, 1838

Deed between Benjamin Harris and wife acknowledged by James Seth




Dec. 14, 1839

Thomas K. Well and Ann R. Well with Returah Lowe, Indenture




Aug. 2, 1839

Promissory Note: James M. Seth, Sarah Seth, and Alexander H. Seth to State of Maryland




Aug. 5, 1839

Indenture: James M. Seth, Louisa F. Seth of Talbot County




Apr. 25, 1842

William F. Rolle and James M. Seth: Indenture




Jan. 10, 1843

Promissory note: James M. Seth to John F.L. [UNK]





James and Louisa Seth DEED sold to Sarah Seth




July 23, 1844

Land Grant: Seth family, Talbot County -- James M. Seth to Sarah Seth




May 18, 1844

Indenture between William L. Lowery and Eliza Lowery and James M. Seth




Dec. 2, 1845

Indenture between Tech Tilghman and James Seth, Thomas Sherwood, John Valiant, John Harper, Nicholas Olson




July 25, 1845

Indenture between member of Dawson family -- witnessed by James M. Seth, Alexander H. Seth




Sept. 1, 1846

Wilfred Bateman, Clerk RE: Petition of J. Frank Turner, Trustee of Mary F. Lowe and children




Dec. 23, 1846

Sarah Seth and Robt. L. Seth: Indenture




June 8, 1846

Samuel Hambleton, Jr. and John H. Lowe: Indenture




Sept. 5, 1848

Indenture: Tench Tilghman and wife and James M. Seth




Feb. 23, 1849

Indenture: Robert L. Seth, James M. Seth




Sept. 4, 1850

Indenture: Larrimore Cummings, Margaret Cummings




March 20, 1855

Indenture: Joseph Caulle and Mary Elizabeth Caule and John H. Lowe




Jan. 13, 1859

Deed: Arthur J. Loveday and Anna Marie Loveday unto James M. Seth




June 30, 1863

Deed of James Seth with Alexander Matthew and wife




Dec. 3, 1862

Promissory Note: James M. Seth, Louis F. Pascault, Wm. L. Wrightson unto Samuel T. Hopkins




June 9, 1863

Release of Mortgage: James M. Seth and John H. Lowe from bound mortgage to Joseph Caulk




July?, 1870

Will of John H. Lowe of Talbot County (son was John H. Lowe - father was James M. Seth)




Feb. 16, 1872

Deed: Samuel Hornig and wife to John H. Lowe




Dec. 18, 1873

Returah Lowe to John H. Lowe, Mortgage




May 31, 1875

Mortgage: Returah Lowe to John H. Lowe




Oct. 12, 1876

Promissory Note: Henry A. Cole, Frederick Rice, J. Henry Knell Jr., and Sebastian Brason to Mary F. Lowe




Jan. 1, 1877

List of Mortgages held by John H. Lowe




Sept. 24, 1877

Deed: John W. ˙Kemp to Francis A. Miller and Mary G., his wife -- in presence of Alex. H. Seth




June 8, 1880

Articles of Agreement: Joseph Cooper and Ruth Lowe unto William R. Lambdin




Oct. 4, 1880

Charles E. Shanahan, Trustee for Mary T. Lowe: Mortgage





Deed: Isaac Powell, Trustee -- for sale of land to John H. Lowe, Talbot County





Deed: Mary Lowe to Capt. James Duncan




July 25, 1882

Deed: Charles H. Gibson to Mary Lowe




Dec. 22, 1882

Deed: Louisa S. Ensey and Lot Ensay to John H. Lowe





Deed: Mary F. Lowe to John Lowe, Lulu Ensey and Blanche Lowe, lands as described





Deed: John H. Lowe, Executor of Estate of James M. Seth -- sale of defaulted mortgaged land to Mary F. Lowe





Deed: Mary Blanche Lowe (20 years old) of John H. Lowe. Plantation called Mary's Delight for stated sum Land described in deed Talbot County.




1890, 1894

Interest due Mary F. Lowe from trust funds of James Seth.




Deed: James H. Lowe ATT Mary F. Lowe




Dec. 28, 1892

George Minnick and Merianne Meuicle with John H. Lowe: Mortgage





John H. Lowe vs. Convention of Prot. Episcopal Church in Diocese of Easton




Aug. 25, 1894

Attorney's Deed: John H. Lowe





John H. Lowe's account of the sale of the Minnicle Property -- Holly Point in Hunt Co. -- arguments of value and mortgages and later correspondence from Mumich Family to buy it back




March 8, 1894

Ensey family -- appointment of John H. Lowe as attorney




Aug. 8, 1898

Ensey letters: R.F. Ensey, George F. Ensey




Aug. 20, 1896

Mary Lowe: Testimony




Aug., Oct. and Nov. 1898

Ensey Papers: Legal deeds and Trust





Mortgage Notes signed by John H. Lowe





List of Goods -- Lowe family