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Finding aid created by Jennifer Namsiriwan
April 2008

Collection summary
Title The Lloyd Family Photograph Collection
Creator Edward Lloyd IV and his Descendents
Call number PP242
Inclusive dates 1860 – 1930
Bulk dates 1880 – 1917
Extent 2 boxes, 1 medium photograph
Abstract This collection consists of the papers of Edward Lloyd IV (1744-1796) of Talbot Co. MD, his descendents, and related families such as the Key, Howard and Schiller families. Among these materials are the papers of Edward Lloyd I (c. 1650-c. 1695), (Edward Lloyd IV (1744-1796), Edward Lloyd V (1779-1834), Edward Lloyd VI (1798-1861), Edward Lloyd VII (1825-1907), Edward Lloyd VIII (1857-1948), Charles Howard Lloyd (1857-1929), and Elizabeth Lloyd Schiller (1897-1993). The collection includes correspondence, plats, maps, photographs, blueprints, journals, accounts, financial records, legal papers, newspaper clippings, and records regarding the family estate in Talbot County, “Wye House.”
Administrative summary
Repository H. Furlong Baldwin Library Maryland Historical Society 201 W. Monument St. Baltimore, MD 21218 www.mdhs.org special_collections@mdhs.org
Access restrictions Access to this collection is unrestricted.
Use restrictions Permission to quote must be received in writing from the Special Collections Librarian.
Provenance Gift of Mrs. Morgan Schiller in 1967.
Processing notes Processed by Jennifer Namsiriwan 2008. Previous processing history unknown.
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The Lloyd family settled in Maryland in the 17th century when Edward Lloyd I (c. 1650-c. 1695) came to America and built the first Wye House on the Wye River. He married Alice Crouch and they had a son in 1646 named Philemon I (1646-1685). In 1668 Edward Lloyd I returned to London and left his Maryland assets to Philemon I, who married Henrietta Maria Bennett. Their eldest son was Edward Lloyd II (1670-1718) who inherited the Lloyd fortune and married Sarah Covington. Their third son was Edward Lloyd III (1711-1770), who married Ann Rousby.

The eldest son of Edward Lloyd III and Ann Rousby was Edward Lloyd IV (1744-1796). He managed the Lloyd fortune and was active in Maryland politics. From 1771 to 1776 he served in the lower house of the General Assembly. He held a seat on the Assembly’s Executive Council from 1777-1779 and served as a State Senator for the Eastern Shore from 1781-1791. He also served as a delegate to the Congress of the United States in 1783 and 1784. He was one of Talbot County’s representatives at the Constitutional Convention of 1788. During his lifetime Wye House was burned in 1781, and he had it rebuilt during the following years. In 1767 he married Elizabeth Tayloe (1750-1825) of “Mount Airey,” Virginia and they had seven children.

Edward Lloyd V (1779-1834) was the only son of Edward Lloyd IV and Elizabeth Tayloe. At the time of his death he was the wealthiest of the Lloyds of Wye. He was deeply involved in politics and many of his efforts were directed toward reducing suffrage restrictions and reforming the judicial system. He served as a Democratic-Republican delegate to the General Assembly, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, as Senator and was later elected as Governor of Maryland. In addition to his political activities Edward Lloyd V was also active in agriculture. He was the largest wheat grower in Maryland, assisted in the formation of the Farmers’ Bank of Maryland and served on the Board of Directors of its Easton branch. In 1797 he married Sally Scott Murray (1775-1854), the daughter of Dr. James Murray of Annapolis. They had a loving marriage, as is evident from the letters that Sally Scott Murray wrote about Edward Lloyd V upon his death. They had seven children and they were also the guardians of James M. Nicholson. Upon her death Sally freed several of her slaves.

Their eldest son was Edward Lloyd VI (1798-1861) who married Alicia McBlair (1806-1838). They had four children, the eldest of whom was Edward Lloyd VII (1825-1907). He married Mary Howard Lloyd (1831-1923), and one of their sons was Charles Howard Lloyd (1859-1929). He inherited Wye House from his father and he worked as a farmer on that estate. He was a director of the Peninsula Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad. He married Mary Donnell Chesley Lloyd (1865-1943) in 1888 and their letters to one another indicated that they had a loving marriage. They traveled extensively throughout Europe, where Mary was able to learn French and German. They had three children, with whom Charles kept in close contact despite his frequent travel away from home.

Joanna Howard Lloyd Hughes (1895-1972) was one of the daughters of Charles Howard Lloyd and Mary Donnell Chesley Lloyd. She was educated well as a child and spent much time visiting with her relatives. For a short while, she lived in Munich, Germany. She married Thomas Hughes. One of her daughters was Mrs. Richard Carmichael Tilghman. Several of her grandchildren were Mrs. Emory Taplin, Miss Helen Goldsborough Tilghman, Richard J. Tilghman Jr. and John Addison Tilghman.

Elizabeth Howard Lloyd Schiller (1897-1993) was a daughter of Charles Howard Lloyd and Mary Donnell Chesley Lloyd. Like her sister Joanna, Elizabeth was educated well as a child and spent much time visiting with her relatives. She married Morgan Burdett Schiller in 1925 and in 1948 they moved to the Wye House. Two of their daughters were Mrs. Margaret Hoffmeir and Blair Schiller. Elizabeth was devoted to the Wye House as a living element of her family’s heritage and American history; therefore, she carefully planned for the future of the property. She was a Red Cross volunteer in the Pittsburgh area, a member of the Mount Vernon Club in Baltimore, and a member of Chapter I of the Colonial Dames of America. She was also active in the Junior Board of Memorial Hospital, the United Fund, All Faith Episcopal Chapel, the Harbor Club and the Talbot County Garden Club.

Collection Origin

Gift of Mrs. Morgan Schiller in 1967.

Scope and Contents

The collection is housed in 2 boxes and one medium sized photo folder. It spans the years 1860-1930, with the bulk of the images made from 1880-1917. There are approximately 99 images which are predominantly photoprints, with a few photocopies of photos. Many of the photographs are captioned and include dates. The collection is strongest in images made in the late 19th century and early 20th century of individuals either in the Lloyd family or closely connected with them. There are also images of the Wye House, its graveyard and gardens, which were passed down throughout the generations of the Lloyd family. The collection forms an excellent record the Lloyd family and their property at the turn of the 19th century.

Note: A related collection is the Edward Lloyd V Collection, 1796-1817, MS2001.1 in the Manuscripts Department of the Maryland Historical Society. Other related collections are MS 2001, MS 2600, and MS 2821.


All of the photographs were removed from the manuscript collection numbered MS 2001.1. They are arranged in 29 folders according to PP catalog number; a PP catalog number and folder contains from 1 to 10 images. The basic arrangement for the collection is chronological with the undated photographs at the beginning. The overall collection dates apply to all containers.

Container List

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This is a folder level list.

2 boxes and 1 medium photo folder

Box 1

PP242.1 – Group of Undated Photographs, the Alps, Switzerland. Possibly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard Lloyd. Undated. 2 items.

PP242.2 – Portraits—Edward Lloyd IV and Family by C.W. Peale. Undated. 8 items.

PP242.3 – Portraits—Edward Lloyd V by J.B. Bordley (at the Frick). Undated. 3 items.

PP242.4 – Portraits-Joanna Leigh Lloyd by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Undated. 2 items.

PP242.5 – Portraits—Richard Bennett Lloyd by C.W. Peale [Winterthur]. Undated. 4 items.

PP242.6 – Portraits—Murray Sisters. Undated. 2 items.

PP242.7 – Portraits—Ann Arnold Ross Key. Undated. 2 items.

PP242.8 – Portraits and Miniatures—John Tayloe III. Undated. 2 items.

PP242.9 –Unknown Woman and Allie Lloyd. Circa 1860. 3 items.

PP242.10 – Charles Howard Lloyd and Horse “Hilo.” Circa 1880. 3 items.

PP242.11 – Edward S. and Elizabeth Lloyd Winder. Circa 1880. 2 items.

PP242.12 – Edward S. Winder. Undated. 1 item.

PP242.13 – Mary Chesley Donnell (?). Undated. 5 items.

PP242.14 – Charles Howard Lloyd. Circa 1888. 9 items.

PP242.15 – Charles Howard Lloyd. Circa 1890-1920. 7 items.

PP242.16 – Francis T. Redwood. 1903. 1 item.

PP242.17 – Charles Howard Lloyd and Family—Blue Ridge Summit. 1 of 2. 1898-Circa 1905. 9 items.

PP242.18 – Charles Howard Lloyd and Family—Blue Ridge Summit. 2 of 2. 1898-Circa 1905. 7 items.

PP242.19 – Photocopies of Photos: Wye House Graveyard. Circa 1908. 4 items.

PP242.20 – Photocopies of Photos: Wye House and Gardens. Circa 1908. 5 items.

PP242.21 – Photographic Numbering System Including Type and Locations. Undated. 10 items.

Box 2

PP242.22 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.23 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.24 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.25 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.26 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.27 – Photographs of Totaled Automobiles. 1917 January 26. 1 item.

PP242.28 – Equestrian Photograph of Elizabeth Lloyd Schiller and Stepson Blair Schiller. Circa 1930. 1 item.

Medium Photo Folder

PP242.29 – Photograph—Woman in Wedding Dress. Undated. 1 item.