Latrobe Papers, 1828-1947, MS. 526

Latrobe Papers, 1828-1947
Maryland Historical Society

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Latrobe Papers, 1828-1947
Maryland Historical Society

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MS. 526

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Benjamin Henry Latrobe Papers

History of Washington navy yard, 1800-89


Extracts of B.H. Latrobe letters re: president's house, 1806-1812


Printed materials and letters re: B.H. Latrobe work, 1935-47


List of Latrobe papers, 1947



John H.B. Latrobe papers



Masonic address, 1828




Passport, 1857




Notebook with notes on the novel Mrs. George Fortescue, 1864




Robert E. Lee letter, 1867 [missing as of August, 1993]




Ode, 1880




Maryland in Liberia with letters to Latrobe about his pamphlet tipped in, 1885




Copy of The Robber's Castle (typed manuscript), 1887




Manuscript novel, n.d.




Copy of West Point Memoranda [missing as of May, 1977]





Osmun Latrobe



Diary of a Confederate major under General James Longstreet 1862-65

(2 vols.)




Typescript and carbon copy of the diary




Papers re: provenance of the diary




Osmun Latrobe letters, 1863-65





R[ichard] Steuart Latrobe papers



Correspondence, 1863-64

(3 letters)




Army pass, 1865




Copy of farewell address of General Thomas Mumford, Commander of the 3rd Cavalry Division, C.S.A. [missing as of August, 1993]








1 Volume of plays as of May, 1977






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