Larry C. Rodda Collection 1930-1977, MS. 2839

Maryland Historical Society
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Larry C. Rodda Collection, 1930-1977
Maryland Historical Society

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Larry C. Rodda Collection, 1930-1977
Maryland Historical Society

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The Larry C. Rodda Collection

MS. 2839

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Container List

Folder 1

Correspondence, 1934-1977

Public and private letters, incoming and outgoing, dealing with a range of topics, ie., army camp life during WWII, Public Works of Art Project, Artist Union of Baltimore activities, letters to the newspaper editor, etc.

Folder 2

American Artists Congress, 1936-1939

Correspondence, announcements, press releases. 1938 letter to Senator Radcliffe voicing concern over Nazi brutality; reply from Radcliffe.

Folder 3

Artist Committee of The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1947-1953

By-laws, minutes of meetings, letter informing Rodda of his election to serve as member.

Folder 4

Artists Union of Baltimore, 1936-1953

Organization correspondence, bulletins and announcements, press releases, membership lists, letters to the editor, etc. Letter describing the duties of artists for the war effort.

Folder 5

Artists Union of Baltimore, 1929-1940

Announcements, brief overview of organizational history, written notes to introduce speakers. Letter to Art Front Magazine refuting criticism of Rodda's work that appeared in a review.

Folder 6

Artists Union of Baltimore, 1938-1943

Revised 1938 Constitution

Folder 7

National Society of Art Directors, 1950

List of local and national branch officers.

Folder 8

Federal Arts Project, c. 1930's

Plans for Expansion Program for Public Use of Art

Folder 9

Lectures, 1935-40's

Hand-written notes for lectures delivered by Rodda. Topics include the philosophy of art, art criticism and a short history of the Artists Union of Baltimore.

Folder 10

Lectures (undated)

Notes for lectures delivered by Rodda. Reflections on art

and politics in Nazi Germany, history of the Artists Union of Baltimore, etc.

Folder 11

Art Voice Magazine, 1935

Printed organ of the Artist Association of Baltimore. Articles, announcements, advertisements, etc.

Folder 12

Maryland Institute of Art, 1931-1977

Exhibit catalogue, summer school course offerings, and newsletters.

Folder 13

Baltimore Museum of Art, 1938-1947

Pamphlets, newsletters, a prospectus of an exhibition, etc.

Folder 14

Society of Baltimore Independent Artists, 1930-1931

Exhibition catalogues.

Folder 15

Right Angle Magazine, 1947

Fine arts magazine published by the Fine Arts Department of The American University, Washington, DC.

Folder 16

Space Magazine, 1930

Contemporary fine arts magazine.

Folder 17

Various Printed Material, various dates

Peale Museum, painting exhibition catalogue, 1951; Junior League exhibition material, private gallery brochures, etc.

Folder 18

Newspaper Clippings, 1930's-1950's

Articles, letters to the editor, announcements from The Baltimore Sun on arts-related topics.


Newspaper and magazine clippings.


List of Newspaper Clippings

The Morning Sun

1-28-1946 Maryland Art Uninspiring Says Judge At Annual Show

2- 6-1946 Art In Maryland Letter to The Editor: Lewis M. Klein

The Sun

3-13-1938 Art-Municipal Museum Shows Work Of Union

11-27-1940 400 Art Fair Exhibits Viewed With Aid Of Girl Receptionists

1-12-1946 London's Ugly Ducklings Of Art

1-30-1946 Museum Head Tells Of Prize Refusal

2-5-1946 Art Head Says Nonjury Show Would Need Space Of Armory

The Evening Sun

4-30-1935 The Art Museum Loan

1-28-1946 Maryland Artists

1-29-1946 Battle Of Arts In Round 2

1-31-1946 Afternoon At The Peabody Library

The Forum: Art In Baltimore Letter to The Editor: Josephine Anne Miller

2- 1-1946 Battle Rejoined

Maryland's Art Progress: 20 Years Forward And Back

The Forum: Says Artists Got Raw Deal Letter to The Editor: T. Scott Offutt, Jr.

2- 2-1946 Brune Has Suggestion For Nonjury Art Show

2- 4-1946 The Forum: Defends Art Committee Letter to The Editor: Mary R. DiCrespino

You Can't Paint That Way Letter to The Editor: Mrs. Robert M. Pettit

2- 5-1946 The Forum: Artistic Necrophiliacs Letter to The Editor: John C. Georgi