Klots Family Papers Supplement, 1898-1933, MS 3019


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1898 - 1983

MS 3019


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MS 3019

 Provenance: The Klots Family Papers were donated to the Maryland Historical Society Library in 1979 with a supplement in 2002 by Isabel Klots.  This collection is the second in a series of collections relating to the Klots family.  The first collection (MS 2404) was donated by Isabel Klots in 1979 in memory of her husband, Trafford P. Klots, one of the creators of this collection.  Isabel Klots donated the second collection (MS 3019) in 2002.  Photo Collection B-50 was received from Isabel Klots as part of the MS 2404 gift but assimilated into collection MS 3019 to facilitate access.

Size: 4 linear feet (8 document boxes)

Access: Access to this collection is unrestricted.

Copyright: The Klots Family Papers Supplement is the physical property of the Maryland Historical Society Library.  Literary rights, including copyright, in the unpublished writings contained in this collection have been dedicated to the public. 

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MS 3019

Table of Contents


Biographical Sketch                                                                     

Scope and Content Note                                                          

Series Description


            Series I: Trafford Klots                                           


            Series II: Alfred and Agnes Klots                                


            Series III: Photographic Materials                                


Container List                                                                                          


Biographical Sketch

Trafford Partridge Klots (1913 – 1976) was the son of Alfred and Agnes Klots of Baltimore, Maryland.  Both father and son were internationally known artists.  Alfred Partridge Klots was born in Paris to American parents.  He spent his childhood both in Europe and in Illinois.  Agnes Boone Klots was from a prominent Baltimore family.  Alfred and Agnes were married December 2, 1904.  They moved to Alfred’s chateau in Rochefort-en-terre, Morbihan, France, where a daughter was born.  Trafford was born a few years later in Rome, Italy. 

Trafford’s education consisted largely of painting.  He had several teachers of art to maintain originality.  Trafford, through his extensive travels, was able to study the great masters.  Trafford and his wife, Isabel, spent their time between Rochefort-en-terre, France, Maryland, and Florida where they mingled with high society. They had no children.  Trafford died in 1976 of heart complications.  His wife, Isabel, survives him.


Scope and Content Note

The papers in the Klots family papers span almost 100 years, from 1898 to 1983.  The materials consist of exhibition catalogs, newspaper clippings, photographs, and some correspondence, and have been arranged within the framework of three series by individual and material type (discussed in more detail in the series description).  There are materials concerning Alfred P. Klots, Agnes B. Klots, and Trafford Klots.

The collection mainly focuses on Trafford P. Klots and his career spanning from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  These are the dates during which Trafford was most active as an artist.  Most of the materials are exhibition catalogs.  However, Trafford kept a large number of news clippings related to his exhibitions and social appearances. Trafford had an active social life, as indicated by the area newspapers.  Trafford’s personal records in this collection are limited. There are some notes regarding specific commissions and shows. There are numerous examples in the form of photographs and negatives of his work and the settings in which they were displayed. 

Other significant dates within the collection are 1915 – 1918.  During this time, Agnes Boone Klots was heavily involved in World War I.  She spent time in France as a nurse to the wounded.  Later, she offered the family chateau to the American government for use as a hospital.  There are several letters documenting her role in the War, as well as an extensive scrapbook of war-related newspaper clippings. 

There are several more general materials relating to Alfred and Agnes Klots.  There is a written account of Alfred’s mother, Mrs. Brown, by Sophronia J. Funk of Illinois.  From 1904, there are invitations to the Boone-Klots wedding, as well as newspapers that record the event.  In addition, there are a few examples of Alfred’s works.  These are both photographic and periodical materials.

The Klots Family Papers Supplement gives a perspective of society and the role of art in it.  Both Alfred and Trafford painted portraits of members of high society.  Trafford is especially well represented in this collection.  The numerous examples of his work document the portrait style popular at the time. 

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Series Description

The Klots Family Papers Supplement consists of three major series: 1) Trafford Klots’ personal papers; 2) Alfred and Agnes Klots’ personal papers; 3)  Photographic Materials.  The papers in this collection range from 1898 – 1983. 

Each series is arranged by author and filed by subject.  All undated material comes after the dated material.  Series III is originally from Photo Collection B-50, Acc# 74529, given by Isabel Klots May 1979.

Series I: Trafford Klots; 1933 – 1983 (Box 1)

This series includes assorted biographical information, a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and exhibition catalogs, loose newspaper clippings and exhibition catalogs, notes on commissions, and various photographic materials.  The bulk of this series ranges from 1958 – 1975.

Series II:  Alfred and Agnes Klots; 1898 – 1918 (Boxes 2, 3)

This series includes assorted biographical information, general correspondence, the society visiting list of 1904, information on the Boone-Klots marriage, newspaper clippings and photographic materials of Alfred’s work, an unidentified portrait of a child, and Agnes’ personal papers.


            Subseries 1: Agnes Klots’ Papers; 1915 – 1918 (Box 3)

            This subseries contains a scrapbook of war related newspaper clippings and correspondence between Agnes and the military.


Series III: Photographic Materials; ND (Boxes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) 

This series contains various photographic materials, including negatives, color transparencies, color prints, black and white prints, brochures, exhibition catalogs, mounted photographs, postcards of the family estate, color slides, and photographs of the Klots family and friends.


Container List


NOTE:  Boxes 4 to 8 originally from Photo Collection B-50, Acc# 74529; May 1979


BOX 1                                

Assorted Biography – Trafford Klots                               

Trafford Klots’ Scrapbook                                  

Newspaper Clippings – Trafford Klots’ career and society                                  

Notes on Commissions                                 

Exhibition Catalogs                                  

Photographic materials – Trafford Klots’ works



Assorted Biography

General Correspondence – Alfred, Agnes, and friends

Newspaper Clippings – Boone-Klots Nuptials

Wedding Invatations

Newspaper Clippings – Alfred Klots’ career

Photographic Materials – Alfred Klots’ works

Unidentified Portrait of Child


BOX 3                                                                   

Agnes Klots’ Scrapbook – wartime newspaper clippings

War related correspondence

Loose newspaper clippings


BOX 4                                                                   

86 8x10 B&W negatives of artwork

54 4x5 & 5x7 color transparencies of works of Trafford Klots

15 4x5 B&W negatives of views & landscapes of Trafford Klots (1  4x5 of Klots with painting)

2 8x10, 14 5x8 color transparencies of portraits by Trafford Klots

2 2x2 color transparencies of paintings

2 4x3 color transparencies of portraits of women

2 color negatives of artwork

1 8x10 B&W negative of Klots with art

Niagara Falls brochure

B&W photo of 2 unidentified men looking at photo album

1 B&W photo of “Niagara Square”

2 2½x2½ color transparencies of artwork

1 color negative strip of artwork

2 4x5 B&W negatives of letter by Trafford Klots, 1976

10 2¼x2¼ color transparencies of artwork


BOX 5                                             

1 Polaroid of portrait

33 B&W portraits of people in settings

90 B&W portraits of men

37 B&W portraits of children

40 color photos of various sizes or paintings

45 B&W portraits of women

9 additional B&W portraits of women

4 8x10 B&W negatives of portraits


BOX 6                                 

82 B&W photos of art

Exhibit catalogs

1 album of works of Alfred Klots



10 mounted B&W photos

Holy Card, in remembrance of Elisabeth Klots, deceased May 25, 1929 at Rochefort-en terre, France.

Postcards of Rochefort-en-terre (3 views, interior & exterior) B&W

Postcards of Rochefort-en-terre (exterior in color. Campagnie des Artes Photomecanique, Paris)

Postcards of Bonny Hall Plantation, Yemassee, So. Carolina (reproduction of Klots painting in B&W)

Palm Beach Social Pictorial Vol. XIX, No. 7, Jan. 31, 1972 (2 copies)

Palm Beach Social Pictorial Vol. XVII, No. 12, Mar. 8, 1970 (2 copies)

22 greeting cards featuring color photographs of works by Trafford Klots



1 album of Klots family photos

1 B&W of Trafford Klots painting, 1 of T. Klots receiving medal

1 mounted B&W of football team

Color photos of Klots & his paintings

Klots with painting-B&W negative

Color transparency of Klots at Rochefort-en-terre

1 tiny B&W negative of painting

2 color photos of art exhibit

Klots family photos (2 batches)

B&W photos mounted on black paper

B&W photo of art studio

Mounted B&W photo of Alfred Klots

3 girls at tea party

Several folders of miscellaneous B&W photos         

1 color slide