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Johnston and Donaldson Papers, 1767-1891, MS. 1564 | Maryland Historical Society

Johnston and Donaldson Papers, 1767-1891, MS. 1564

Johnston and Donaldson Papers, 1767-1891

Maryland Historical Society


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Johnston and Donaldson Papers, 1767-1891
Maryland Historical Society

Contact Information:
Manuscripts Department
Maryland Historical Society Library
201 West Monument Street
Baltimore MD 21201-4674
Fax: 410.385.2105


Descriptive Summary

Johnston and Donaldson Papers, 1767-1891

MS. 1564

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Content

Legal documents, land grants, court cases, etc. genealogy, as follows:




[UNK] of Samuel Johnston (1727-1810) written by him c. 1767.





Petition of S. Johnston to St. of Pa to be allowed to go to Phila. to take oath of citzenship and to be permitted to go to Eng. to secure money left to him.





Contemp. copy of Land Grants to T. Davis. (Bear Bottom, Linthicum's Revenge)





Legal procedures to obtain land willed by Caleb Dorsey, [UNK]) Chews Vineyard, 1772 with eventual settlement by heirs in 1779.





T. Donaldson, notary public, collection of overdue promissory note.





Certificate of lot in St. Paul's graveyard to Hezekiah Claggett.




c. 1800

Letter to A. C. Hanson (1749-1806) Judge of Gen Court re:newspaper





Letter from J. Johnston, Att. re Stringer deed of 1792





Deed of sale of Slave, Julia from T. Kell to Thos. Donaldson.





Deed from Joseph Cole to Geo. Fislage of land in A. A. County.





Letter re Smithsonian Instit. from T.Donaldson to Geo. Willard.





Deed: Francis K. Murray to Robert Murray





Thos. [UNK] Diploma to practice Law.





Thos. [UNK] permit to travel.





Letters from G. W. Brown, prisoner of war to Thos Donaldson.





Permit to practice law in St. of Md. ([UNK])





Resolution: Balto. Life Ins. Co. on the death of John J. Donaldson. Pres. 1831-1866.





Plat of Donaldson Property in Balto. City made my A. Hoen Co.





Printed announcement of closing of Balto. Life Ins. Co.and provision of payment of assets signed by Stockholders.





Record of deed of land through various owners from 1775, Moale to Ridley to Mary Caton, Countess [UNK] to (1851) uchess of Leeds to James Wood, 1880.





two letters Watts to Donaldson on business matters.





Broadside: Resolution in House of Congress against the death penalty of 6 [UNK] Militiamen by order of General Jackson - resolution stating that this was against the Constitutional Rights of the men. Filed with Broadsides.M.H.S.





Last Will and Teatament of Caleb Goodwin (1782-1855) Balto. Co. landowner; also legal papers pertaining thereto: Inventory of household goods, live stock, slaves, etc.; appointment of Wm. H. G. Dorsey as Executor; legal permit of executor to sell property and finally andaccount of sales. Contemp. copy.