Johnson Family Papers, 1725-1955, MS 2500

Finding Aid to the Johnson Family Papers, MS 2500


H. Furlong Baldwin Library, Maryland Historical Society



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The Johnson Family Papers


Johnson family of Rockland

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MS 2500

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70  linear feet; 115  boxes and 49 ledger books


The Johnson Family Papers span the years 1726-1955, covering five generations of the family centered around the Rockland estate, near where Falls Road and the Jones Falls expressway now meet. Some of the main subjects in this collection include the Falls Road Turnpike Company, Fells Point properties, and the daily operations of Rockland mill and farm from the 18th to the 20th centuries.



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Donated by William F. Johnson, Robert W. Johnson, William M. Johnson, and Barker family in 1970

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The collection was processed in 1982-2011 by members of the library staff. The processing and finding aid were completed by Eben Dennis in 2011.




Biographical Note


The Johnson Family Papers span the years 1726-1955, covering five generations of the family centered around the Rockland estate in southeast corner of Green Spring Valley where Falls Road and the Jones Falls expressway meet, near the present day area of Pikesville, Maryland.  The Rockland village was founded by Dr. Thomas Johnson (1764-1831) after he built a mill on the Jones Falls between 1800 and 1810. According to tradition, the property was named after its rocky topography. The village surrounding the mill consisted of houses for mill workers, a blacksmith shop, wheelwright shop, tavern, and a saw mill. The success of the mill and farm led to Dr. Thomas Johnson taking charge of the construction of the eighth and ninth miles of the Falls Turnpike Road to facilitate easy access to the markets in Baltimore Town. A tollgate was also erected to provide additional revenue.

Until 1836, the Johnson family had resided at Turkey Cock Hall, on property purchased from Samuel Merryman in 1736 by Dr. Thomas Johnson’s maternal grandfather, Edward Risteau (fl. 1730s), and left to his daughter Ann and her husband Thomas Johnson (1710-1791), Dr. Thomas Johnson’s parents.

Though Turkey Cock Hall may have been referred to as “Rockland”, the manor house today known by that name was constructed in 1836 by William Fell Johnson (1796-1862), Dr. Thomas Johnson’s son. Dr. Thomas Johnson and his wife Joanna Giles continued to live at Turkey Cock Hall with their daughter Ann G. Johnson Tagart and her husband William Tagart.

Dr. Thomas Johnson (1764-1831) married Joanna Giles in 1794. After receiving his medical degree, he served on the Committee of Health of Baltimore in 1794. In the first decade of the 1800s he spent one term in the Maryland Senate. He was responsible for building the 8th and 9th miles of the Falls Turnpike Road in 1810, for the purposes of collecting tolls and improving the route access of Rockland Mill and farm to Baltimore Town. In 1827 he was appointed warden of the Baltimore City Jail. By the time of his death he left his heirs a prosperous mill and farm, rents in Baltimore, houses in the village that brought in rent, and stock in the Falls Turnpike Road Company. Dr. Thomas Johnson and Joanna Giles had two children, William Fell Johnson (1798-1862) and Ann Giles Johnson Tagart.

Not a lot is known about the next two men, but both fathered children that married into the Johnson family, and their papers became part of the collection. The first, Robert North Carnan (1756-1836), also of the Green Spring Valley, first married Katherine Risteau who died in 1803. One of their 6 children was Frances Wilkenson Carnan (1800-1832), who later married William Fell Johnson. Robert North Carnan was instrumental in founding Garrison Forest Academy. Abraham Barker (fl. 1779-1827) was the father of Ann Mifflin Barker who was William Fell Johnson’s second wife.

William Fell Johnson (1798-1862) inherited half of the Rockland property along with his sister Ann Tagart. He was known as a business man and a man of public affairs. He sold off the flour mill and related machinery to use the mill for other purposes. He sold the mill to Richard W. Hook in 1855 and the mill would continue to change hands and purposes for many years.  He and four others including Richard Caton were elected managers of the Falls Turnpike Road Company. In 1822 and 1823 William Fell Johnson represented Baltimore County in the General Assembly. The construction of the Rockland manor house cost William Fell Johnson $8,600, and was completed in 1836. The architect who executed the house and contracted its construction was David Carlisle, though there is some thought that Robert Mills may have been responsible for the original drawings. 

William Fell Johnson married Frances Wilkinson Carnan who died after 7 years leaving one son, Dr. Thomas Francis Johnson (1829-1881). Later he remarried, wedding Anne Mifflin Barker Johnson (?-1899) with whom he had 5 children, Sarah Catherine (Kate) 1844-1914; William Fell Johnson II (1846-1916); Marshall Barker Johnson (1848-1880); Ann Tagart Johnson (1851-1852); and Robert W. Johnson (1854-1930). When he passed away in 1862 he left his to his daughter Ann. His will also instructed the Maryland State Colonization Society to buy a slave named Cealia so that she and her child could be sent to Liberia or freed.

Upon Ann Johnson’s death she left the estate to William Fell II, and gave $13,000 and 12 acres to both Kate and Robert. William Fell Johnson II was one of the founding members of the Garrison Forest Farmer’s Club as well as a member and secretary of the Agricultural Society of Baltimore County. He preferred the cultivation of wheat and straw as opposed to raising livestock at Rockland, yet wintered horses in his stables as it was a profitable endeavor. Upon his death he divided his estate by leaving the mansion to his son William Fell Johnson III (1884-1968), and the rest of the property west of Falls Road to his brother Dr. Robert W. Johnson (1854-1930). William Fell Johnson II spent 30 years as registrar of St. Thomas church where much of the family is buried.



Scope and Content


The Johnson Family Papers consist of 115 boxes and 49 ledger books, spanning the years 1726-1955. The family’s papers are arranged into three series: Individual Papers, Subject Files, and Ledger Books, reflecting as much of the original order as possible. The Individual Papers are grouped chronologically, beginning with Dr. Thomas Johnson and moving forward in time along the family tree from the 18th to the 20th century. The second series, the Subject Files, is 40 boxes of “combined material”, 27 regular boxes and 13 oversize, or material that is not from just one individual. For this reason correspondence or subject files of one individual could be in both series. The last series is a collection of 49 ledger books from 1726-1955.

The first 6 boxes contain the papers of Dr. Thomas Johnson. These boxes contain medical account books from 1788-1831, ledgers, correspondence, bills and receipts, ground rent books and land papers from 1792-1897, artifacts, blacksmith account books from 1811-1813, and Falls Turnpike Road ledgers including worker time books from 1809 and 1820. The subjects covered in these boxes include: his election to Maryland State Senate, medicine,  ground rents and properties, the estates of John Woodard (1795-1805 and Anne Johnson, blacksmithing, the sawmill , Falls Turnpike Road , Fells Point property, and the Rockland estate.

 Boxes 7-8 consist of Robert North Carnan’s will, land papers, blacksmith daybooks, account books, correspondence and bills. Besides blacksmithing, these boxes contain information on the founding of Garrison Forest Academy and Hooks Town Church.

Box 9 contains correspondence, sketchbooks, diaries, and other material of Abraham Barker, Ann Mifflin Barker’s father.

A great deal of material, spanning boxes 10-22, is that of William Fell Johnson. These boxes document work he did at Rockland, his time in Maryland’s Senate, Falls Turnpike Road, and his membership in the Literary Debating Society. The bulk of this material is correspondence and bills, though there are also drafts of legislation, blacksmith account books, farm account books, political speeches, and some interesting plans of the grounds and buildings at Rockland. The Rockland plans include contracts for construction from 1830-1850, descriptions of structures, and plan for an apple orchard. There are detailed lists of produce sold from the farm between 1847-1853, as well as the “ Rockland Vegetable Book” from 1831.

Boxes 23 and 24 contain letters, diaries, journals, and legal papers of Priscilla Barker, wife of Abraham and mother of Anne Mifflin Barker Johnson, spanning from the early 1820s to 1845.

Anne Mifflin Barker Johnson’s material spans 70 years (1820s-1890s) and fills boxes 25-40. These boxes contain correspondence from the 1840s-1890s, school notebooks, letter books, receipts, bills, banking material, and fire insurance policies. Of particular interest are “A Guide to Good Housekeeping”, 1835;  menus and record of table settings, 1835; records of food served; “Recipes for cleaning Crape”; “Account of Children’s diseases; and household diaries, reflecting the life of a nineteenth century woman. 

The two boxes of Dr. Thomas Francis Johnson (1829-1881), boxes 41 and 42 contain much material relating to the Civil War. Included in these boxes are correspondence, journals, and daily chronologies of the Civil War from 1861 and 1862. Of particular interest in his journal from 1865 in which he laments the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Also included in these boxes is a list of “stereoscopic views near Ithaca, New York”.

Boxes 43-45 contain material of Henry Barker (1811-1858), the only brother of Anne Mifflin Barker Johnson. These boxes consist of correspondence, letter books, accounts, and journals which have information about both the Bare Hills Sabbath School and the Baltimore County Public Schools.

Box 46 contains correspondence, diaries, and memorial albums of Catherine Sanderson (?-1860) pertaining Rockland estate and the Bare Hills Sunday School.

Kate Johnson (1844-1914) has three boxes of material (47-49) which contains correspondence, receipts, bills, schoolwork and even a scrap of a wedding dress. Some of the more unique correspondence discusses the Lincoln assassination and other events from the Civil War.

Boxes 50 -57 contain correspondence, diaries, bills, receipts, farm account books, banking material, and construction documents of William Fell Johnson II (1846-1916). Lots of the material relates to the Falls Turnpike Road Company, Rockland, and the First Brooklyn Cooperative Building Association.

Robert W. Johnson’s (1854-1930) papers, in boxes 58-62, contains correspondence from 1860-1915, real estate papers, newspaper clippings, school papers, and circulars from St. Thomas’ School from 1868-1870.

Boxes 63 and 64 contain papers of Marshall Barker Johnson (1848-1880).  Most of these papers are letters spanning the 1850s to the 1880s, but the boxes also contain his will from 1880, and a military exemption certificate from 1867.

Boxes 65-69 contain correspondence and financial material belonging to Ann Julia Johnson Johnston (1880-1970) daughter of Robert W. Johnson and Julia Watts Hall Brock (1858-1949).

Boxes 70-74 are papers of William Fell Johnson III (1884-1968). The  bank books, bills, and correspondence span 1920-1950. They reflect his time working on his law degree from University of Maryland and then maintaining his practice in Baltimore,  and looking after his property in Rockland and Fells Point. William Fell III was also  active member of the board of St Paul’s school for boys for almost 50 years as well as member of old St Paul’s parish. He was also an avid hunter with Green Spring Valley Hunt Club.

The last member of the family is Major Gordon Johnston (fl. 1910) in box 75. The most notable item in this box is a letter from President Teddy Roosevelt, among other letters, bills, clippings, and military records.

The mixed material spans boxes 76-115. This wide assortment of material includes ledgers, broadsides, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and more pertaining to many members of the family. It was not interfiled with the individual papers to preserve as much of the original order as possible. The detailed container list highlights the notable contents of each box.

The 3rd series consist of 49 ledger books spanning the 1720s to the 1950s. These ledgers are lease and rent  books, account books, daybooks, or scrapbooks arranged chronologically. The lease books date back to property owned by Edward and William Fell, and pertain to properties throughout what is now Fells Point. There are also ledger books of the Falls Road Turnpike Company from 1806-1869.


Container List


Dr. Thomas Johnson (1764-1831)

(Boxes 1-6)


Box-1; 1794-1831

Correspondence, receipts, and bills.


Box-2; 1806-1810

Ground rent documentation, land papers, and construction documents.


Box-3; 1782-1802

Pocket account book, memo books, rent book, estate of Ann Johnson, leather wallet


Box-4; 1797-1826

Memorandum books, blacksmith account books, sawmill account book, Rockland Mill accounts


Box-5; 1788-1832

Account books, bills, worker time books (including workers on Falls Turnpike Road),

medical books.


Box-6; 1792-1827

Rent roll books, ground rents


Robert North Carnan (1756-1836)

(Boxes 7-8)


Box-7; 1780-1830

Will, land receipts, account ledger, blacksmith daybook, Garrison Forest Academy material


Box-8; 1803-1825

Correspondence, receipts, ledgers, accounting info, bills, Hooks Town Church, Garrison Forest Academy


Abraham Barker (fl. 1800-1810)


Box-9; 1804-1820

Correspondence, certificates, estate papers, sketchbooks, diaries


William Fell Johnson (1798-1862)

(Boxes 10-22)


Box-10; 1822-1835

Journal of the Senate of the State of Maryland; December 1822

Journal of the Senate of the State of Maryland; December 1835

Journal of the House of Delegates; December 1822

Votes and Proceedings of the Senate; December 1823


Box-11; 1836-1862

Bills, estate papers, checks, pocket memo book, accounts with G.H. Reese and Brothers


Box-12; 1830-1836

Incoming correspondence


Box-13; 1810, 1818-1860

Incoming and outgoing correspondence


Box-14; 1816-1837

Receipted bills


Box-15; 1809-1818

Early schoolwork


Box-16; 1809-1865

Farm account ledgers, Blacksmith’s daybook, “Rockland Farm to Shop”, Rockland Mills sales and accounts, Rockland tenant’s accounts, Rockland’s vegetable book, workmen’s time and wage records


Box-17; 1823-1829

Incoming correspondence


Box-18; 1849-1854

Receipts and bills


Box-19; 1836-1848

Receipts and bills


Box-20; 1837-1862

Incoming correspondence


Box-21; 1824-1861

Literary Debating Society, political speeches, draft legislation, plan and description of structures at Rockland, apple orchard plan, Rockland Print Works, family estate administration, produce sold


Box-22; 1834

23RD Congress, HR 481- United States Bank, Congressional reports, 1834


Priscilla Barker (fl. 1820-1840)

(Boxes 23-24)


Box-23; 1820s-1840s

Correspondence, certificates, bills, estate papers, legal papers, diaries


Box-24; 1839-1845



Anne Mifflin Barker Johnson (1820-1899)      

(Boxes 25-40)


Box-25; 1832-1879



Box-26; 1832-1879



Box-27; 1860s-1890s

Bills, poetry, school notes, cookbook, list of grandchildren’s diseases


Box-28; 1840s-1879

Personal expenses, estate papers, supplies and household item lists


Box-29; 1864-1868

Receipts and bills


Box-30; 1869-1874      

Receipts and bills              


Box-31; 1820s-1830s

School notebooks


Box-32; 1835-1864

Correspondence, “A Guide to Housekeeping”, menus and food descriptions, receipts, description of death of William Fell Johnson


Box-33; 1864-1895



Box-34; 1865-1896



Box-35; 1828- 1864

Correspondence, letter books


Box-36; 1830-1863

Receipts and bills



Box-37; 1830-1863



Box-38; 1866-1899

Account books, fire insurance policies, property before marriage


Box-39; 1833-1890

Receipts, bills, account books


Box-40; 1862-1902

Checks, banking material


Dr. Thomas Francis Johnson (1829-1881)

(Boxes 41-42)


Box-41; 1841-1881

Receipts and bills, insurance policies, certificates of membership, contracts,

An outline of the history of the Civil War, list of stereoscopic views near Ithaca New York


Box-42; 1849-1880

Correspondence, journals, diary


Henry Barker (fl. 1830s-1860s)

(Boxes 43-45)


Box-43; 1830s-1850s

Receipts and bills


Box-44; 1840s-1850s

Correspondence, bills, passport, Bare Hills Sabbath School files, Baltimore County Public Schools Commissioner files


Box-45; 1830s-1860s

Letter book, account book, journal


Catherine Sanderson (fl. 1830s-1860s)


Box-46; 1835-1866

Correspondence, diaries, memorial albums, Rockland and Bare Hills Sunday School Daybook, estate papers


Kate Johnson (1844-?)

(Boxes 47-49)


Box-47; 1850-1869




Box-48; 1870-1906



Box-49; 1849-1899

Correspondence, receipts and bills, checks, school reports and essays, calling cards, wedding material (including dress fragment)


William Fell Johnson II (1846-1916)

(Boxes 50-57)


Box-50; 1890-1899

Letters received


Box-51; 1860s, 1902-1916

Correspondence, diary from 1862, schoolwork, visitors pass to Hartford Female Seminary from 1865


Box-52; 1857-1905

Receipts and bills


Box-53; 1881-1916

Receipts and bills, Rockland Farm Accounts, bank accounts


Box-54; 1883-1915

Insurance policies, tax receipts, land and legal papers, First Brooklyn Cooperative Building Association


Box-55; 1885-1911

Bank accounts


Box-56; 1858-1906



Box-57; 1888-1905

Correspondence, Falls Turnpike Road documents


Robert W. Johnson (1854-1930)

(Boxes 58-62)


Box-58; 1860-1915



Box-59; 1865-1929

Correspondence, valentines, receipts and bills, real estate papers, legal papers, clippings


Box-60; 1863-1876

Schoolwork, essays, schedules, notes


Box-61; 1870s-1920s

Correspondence, school papers, bills, legal papers


Box-62; 1880s-1920s

(Robert W Johnson’s Family)

Julia Watts Hall Brock, correspondence; Ann Julia, correspondence; Ella Brock, correspondence; William Fell III, correspondence, military records, bills; Robert Jr., State road construction and coordination


Marshall Barker Johnson (1848-1880)

(Boxes 63-64)


Box-63; 1857-1880

Correspondence, schoolwork, school report cards, receipts and bills, will, military exemption certificate, medical prescriptions


Box-64; 1855-1880




Ann Julia Johnson Johnston (1880-1970)

(Boxes 65-69)


Box-65; 1903-1917



Box-66; 1917-1918

Checkbooks and financial material


Box-67; 1916-1918

Diaries and bills


Box-68; 1916-1919



Box-69; 1905-1918

Correspondence and financial material


William Fell Johnson III (1884-1968)

(Boxes 70-74)


Box-70; 1920s

St. Paul School for Boys


Box-71; 1946-1955



Box-72; 1950-1960



Box-73; 1900-1950

Bank books, correspondence


Box-74; 1947-1949

Power line Case material- Falls Road and Greenspring Valley Association, Zoning and Public Utilities Bill


Major Gordon Johnston (fl. 1900-1920)


Box-75; 1904-1920

Correspondence, bills, clippings, military records, Letter from Teddy Roosevelt


Mixed Boxes

(Boxes 76-102)


Box-76; 1840s-1870s

Dr. Thomas Francis Johnson-correspondence, schoolwork, passport, travel diaries, bills, land holdings paperwork

Marshall Barker Johnson-diary and correspondence 1860s-1880s


Box-77; 1854-1902

William Fell Johnson II; 1861-1902- bills, correspondence, schoolwork

Kate Johnson; 1854-1892- correspondence, school, bills

William Green; 1880-1885- correspondence, bills


Box-78; 1764-1831

Dr. Thomas Johnson; 1764-1831- correspondence, notes, bills, Falls Turnpike Receipts

Robert Wilkinson; 1795-1797- correspondence and ledger book


Box-79; 1790s-1850s

Estate Papers of: Thomas Johnson, Cecelia Johnson, Rinaldo Johnson, Edward Fell, William Fell


Box-80; 1790s-1820s

Newspaper clippings 1790s-1920s, Genealogical records, poetry, ephemera- events, invitations, programs, etc; Fells Point Bicentennial Jubilee

Broadside –Constitution for…A Society in the State of Maryland auxiliary to “The American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United States”

Obsolete currency from the Bank of Baltimore. One dollar and One Hundred Dollar Notes from 1862.

Pamphlet- Carpenter’s Society of Baltimore-Constitution, 1791


Box-81; 1827-1852

Johnson and Taggert tax lists, estate papers, receipts, bills, promissory notes



Box-82; 1820s-1860s

William Fell and Dr. Thomas Johnson- Fells Point Land Papers and Falls Turnpike Construction

Johnson vs Giles documents

Johnson, Moore , and Johnson documents



Empty envelopes


Box-84; 1820s-1830s

Sarah Barker- correspondence, 3 books of poetry

Robert Barker- correspondence, ledger book


Box-85; 1890s-1910s

Unlabeled photographs, glass slides, negatives, photo postcards of family life and World War 1 *approx 150- Johnston family(?) Gordon Johnston


Box-86; 1820s-1830s

“Votes and proceedings of the General Assembly of the State of Maryland”- December, 1823

“Journal Proceedings of the House of Delegates of the State of Maryland”, 1835

Bills from 1822-23

“Documents Accompanying the Executive Communication” Dec 1822; concerning Erie Canal

Executive Documents and Documents issued by the president of the United States 1822-23


Box-87; 1804-1860s

Kate Johnson-correspondence 1850s-60s

Election results and papers no date, unendorsed contract for construction of Margaret Meadows, receipts and bills,

Robert Carnan- ledger book 1804-1806

Dr. Thomas Johnson- ledgers

William Fell Johnson- correspondence and broadsides 1820s


Box-88; 1808-1903


Print- Gerard College of Orphans

Pamphlet- “A Statement of Affairs of the Shelter for Aged and Infirm Colored Persons”, 1903

William Fell Jr.- investment ephemera and advertisements, Trinity College material

Dr. Thomas F Johnson- ephemera

Plan of the City of Baltimore including Canton Company’s Ground

Open Letters- “To members of the Methodist Episcopal Church” 1833; “To Friends of the Bible in Maryland”, 1851

Commencement Programs- University of Maryland School of Medicine 1852, College of St. James 1848

Louisiana State Lottery- 1880 (Thomas F. Johnson)


Box-89; 1785-1850

Material from: St. James College, Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Delaware College, Maryland State Colonization Society

Prayer books, books, and pamphlets owned by Dr. Thomas Johnson, William Fell Johnson, and Anne Marie Barker Johnson including:

“Trial of Madame Restell for Producing Abortion…”1847

“An Annual Review of the Trade and Commerce of St Louis” 1845

“Baltimore County Agricultural Society”

“A Memorial and Remonstrance” by James Madison 1785

“Elements of Vocal Music”

“An Inaugural Dissertation on the Putrid Ulcerous Sore Throat” by Thomas Johnson printed in Philadelphia 1793


Box-90; 1808-1879

William F. Giles- correspondence, appointment to District Court signed by Franklin Pierce, land papers, legal papers, election to Council of Maryland Historical Society

William Fell Johnson- correspondence, letters from Richard Caton, Charles Carroll of Doughoregan, bills, correspondence, mill plans, oration


Box-91; 1832-1893

Estate of William Fell Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Priscilla Barker, Anne Johnson

Wills of Robert Wilkinson, Mary Farrum, Jerudas Macy

Guardian’s account of Nannie and Fannie Johnson, administrator’s release Sallie E Tilghman, Tagart Property material, Trustee Report Johnson-Bonaparte


Box-92; 1699-1744, 1908-1964

William Johnson documents

William Fell Johnson III- legal documents, clippings, alterations to Rockland Estate, various court cases


Box-93; 1810-1889

Miscellaneous Correspondence (re-filed)

Dr. Thomas F Johnson- bills

Meliora Cook Johnson- correspondence

William Fell Johnson- land papers

William Fell Johnson II- correspondence 1850s-1889

Rockland Farm material


Box-94; 1712-1886

Garrison Forest Agricultural Association

Frances Tilghman Johnson (Fannie)-correspondence

Baltimore City and County Land deeds and papers


Box-95; 1780s-1920s

Marshall and Thomas Johnson- lease and deeds, Rockland Estate material, Turkey Cock Hall, Deposition of Mary Cook February 22, 1787.


Box-96; 1850s-1930s?

Floyd J. Kintner correspondence, bills, legal papers, blueprints and drawings

Dr. Thomas Francis Johnson- deeds

Johnson and Tagart hair….

Johnson and Tagart East Baltimore Ground Rents ca. 1850s


Box-97; 1820-1915

CC Jameson and Johnson Bank, Fells Point Land papers- leases, deeds, ground rent, and notes


Box-98; 1896-1950

William F Johnson-Ground rents, notes, mortgage papers

Street plats, Armstrong Dannreuther estate papers, proposed House bill 655, poems, Falls Road zoning application


Box-99; 1811-1860s

Catherine Sanderson- correspondence, commonplace book 1822

Priscilla Barker- correspondence

Henry Barker- travel book from European Tripp in 1835

Frances W Carnan- 3 commonplace books 1811-1813


Box-100; 1790-1890

Bills and correspondence from Thomas Johnson, ES Allnutt, Stewart Brown, Richard Caton, Edward Fell, Elizabeth Johnson Fox, Daniel Freeland, John W. Garrett, Jacob Giles, William Fells Giles, Charles Hare, Anthony Johnson, Ann Tagart Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Ella Brock Johnson, Frances WC Johnson, Fanny C Johnson Armstrong, John W Johnson, Katherine Johnson, Nannie T. Johnson, Rinaldo Johnson


Box-101; 1830-1857

Bills , receipts, and/or correspondence from

Robert W. Johnson Jr. , Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanderson, Emily St. Aubin, Ann Giles Tagart, Samuel H. Tagart, William Tagart, Dr. Thomas Johnson

Rockland ground rent, hair, leaves, newspaper clippings and obituaries, genealogical material, Baltimore Yorktown Turnpike road


Box-102; 1752-1830

Misc. receipts, library circulation record, poems, canceled checks, land papers, sketch of Harper’s Ferry from 1809




Oversize Boxes

(Boxes 103-115)


Box-103 (oversize)

Thomas Johnson- Turkey Cock Hall plans and ledger

Indentures concerning land at Fells Point 1824-1861

Architectural drawings of Barn 1848

William Fell Johnson architectural plans


Broadside “To Dealers in Fish”


Box-104 (oversize)

Empty wallets, purses, and folders, paper weight, seal maker, other museum items


Box-105 (oversize)

Garrison Forest Daybook


Box-106 (oversize); 1809-1831

William Fell Johnson- Rockland Farm Accounts-ledger book


Box-107 (oversize); 1822-1906

William Fell Johnson; 1822-1863- journal, Commission to Baltimore County Militia, Commission to Maryland Militia 7th regiment, Fire Insurance Policies

William Fell Johnson II; 1905-1906- Rockland Farm Account book

Ann Mifflin Barker Johnson; 1851-1863- ledger book with accounts and sale of Rockland Factory


Box-108 (oversize); 1796

Dr. Thomas Johnson medical account book


Box-109 (oversize); 1696-1895


 Baltimore and the Draft, Sales and Suretyship, Incidents in the Life of Jacob Barker, Letters of the Late Lord Lyttleton


 “The Bible and the Sword, or The Appointment of the General Fast Vindicated- 1812

“Supplement to the American and Commercial Daily Advertiser: An Exposition of the Causes and Character of the Late War with Great Britain” pub. Baltimore, 1815.

 “Letter from M. Champagny, The French Minister for Exterior Relations, to General Armstrong, the Minister of the United States at Paris” April 2, 1808


Congressional Documents and Messages from 1833,1836,1837

Niles’ Weekly Registers from 1816

“Sampson Against the Philistines, or the Reformation of Lawsuits and Justice made cheap, speedy, and Brought to Every Man’s Door….” 1805

Pamphlets from Maryland Legislature from 1816 and  1830s

Farmer’s Almanac 1816

“Report of the New Map of Maryland”, 1836

“The Plough”, 1854

“Talbot County Fair Association”, 1892

“The Maryland Society of Colonial Dames of America”, 1895

“Communication from Charles Howard, Esq. to the Governor of Maryland enclosing a report of the Board of Managers for Removing the People of Colour”, 1833


Correspondence- William Fell Johnson from Charles Carroll of Doughoregan, June, 1846

Certificate of Eli O’Carroll surveyed for Charles Carroll the Settler in 1696

Charles Carrol of Carrolton- deed to Angel’s Fortune, Baltimore County, 1793


Box-110 (oversize); 1790-1791

Dr. Thomas Johnson’s medical ledger book


Box-111 (oversize); 1787-1806

Dr. Thomas Johnson ledger – which includes notes about slaves sold, runaway slaves, and slave release dates on inside of front cover

Robert North Carnan- nail shop ledger


Box-112 (oversize); 1805-1823

Dr. Thomas Johnson- farm and mill ledger book


Box-113; 1820s-30s

Newspaper clippings


Boxes 114 and 115

Miscellaneous items- straight razor, rocks and minerals, cigar box, medicine weights, piece of a loom, etc








(49 ledgers)


1   1726-1798; Lease Book

            Lease book with rents and deeds. Edward Fell, William Fell, Thomas Johnson, etc. This ledger contains landmark specific deeds to tracts of land throughout Fells Point and other areas. Also contains a typed copy of William Fell’s will.


2   1796-1798; Account book

            Dr. Thomas Johnson


3   1805-1867; Account book


4   1806-1846; Falls Road Turnpike Company


5   1827-1882; Falls Road Turnpike Company, 5% stock journal


6   1828-1857; Falls Road Turnpike Company, 5% stock journal


7   1830-1835; Rent book

            Rent books for streets including (but not limited to) Durham, Ann, Wolfe St., Chapel St., Washington St., Castle St., Chester St., Duncan, Canton Ave., Eastern Ave, Bank St., Gough, Pratt, Lombard, Baltimore, Fairmount Ave., Fayette, McElderry, Aliceanna, Broadway, Jefferson, etc.


8   1830s; Lease book


9   1835-1869; Falls Road Turnpike Company, Record of Proceedings of the Managers


10   1835-1844; Cash book


11   1840-1874; Lease book


12   1842; Bible, handwritten copies passages


13   1845-1911; Rent book


14   1856-1874; Rent book, William Fell Johnson and others


15   1866-1871; Cash book


16   1867-1875; Rent book, William Fell Johnson and others


17   1867; Lease book with room dimensions


18   1867; Lease book with room dimensions


19   1868-1869; Account book


20   1870-1910; Cash book and scrapbook containing clippings of music and theatre throughout Baltimore and other Eastern cities


21   1872-1899; Rent book


22   1875-1881; Rent book


23   1875-1896; Rent book


24   1875-1891; Rent book


25   1878-1884; Account book


26   1880-1885; Cash book, Dr. Thomas F. Johnson and others


27   1890-1893; Account book


28   1892-1899; Rent book, William Fell Johnson II and others


29   1897-1898; Daybook of Ann Mifflin Barker Johnson


30   1898-1906; Rent book and clippings about the death of Ann Johnson. Also includes a short Fells Point history.


31   1903-1905; Account book


32   1908-1910; Account book


33   1911-1919; Cash book


34   1913-1915; Rent book


35   1913-1915; Cash book


36   1913-1915; Cash book


37   1915; Rent book


38   1915-1918; Cash book


39   1915-1920; Account book


40   1915-1932; Rent book


41   1917-1919; Account book


42   1920-1935; Rent book


43   1921-1927; Cash book


44   1927-1936; Cash book


45   1933-1943; Rent book


46   1934-1939; Cash book


47   1937-1946; Cash book


48   1944-1955; Rent book


49   1946-1952; Cash book