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[James] Morrison Harris Papers, 1778-1928
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[James] Morrison Harris Papers, 1778-1928
Maryland Historical Society

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MS. 2739

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Biographical Sketch of [James] Morrison Harris

[James] Morrison Harris was born 20 November 1817 in Baltimore City to Colonel David Harris, a merchant, and Sarah (Montgomery) Harris. Educated at various private institutions in Baltimore, he entered Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1833 but left in 1835 because of an eye infection that threatened blindness. A student of the Classics, he first took clerical positions in Baltimore and Norfolk after leaving school. It was through his employment as a bank clerk that he made the acquaintance of David Stewart, a Baltimore lawyer, who persuaded him to study law in the attorney's office. Mr. Harris was admitted to the Baltimore Bar on 4 May 1843 and the High Court of Chancery in Annapolis, Maryland, on 8 July of the same year. Then, in 1844, he toured Europe in order to arrest his ailing health.

His first case was the McCurry trial of March, 1845, in which he appeared as counsel for Henry McCurry [M'Curry] who was accused and convicted of the murder of Paul Roux. Later, he served as counsel along with Joseph H. Bradley for Surgeon-General William A. Hammond in the U.S. government's case against the physician in 1864.

Mr. Harris entered the political arena in 1854 when he accepted the American Party's nomination to the third congressional district of Maryland. It was from there that he was elected into the United States House of Representatives for the Thirty-fourth, Thirty-fifth, and Thirty-sixth Congresses (4 March 1855 - 3 March 1861). Harris's election to the second was contested by William P. Preston and to the third by William Pinkney Whyte, however, in both instances he retained his seat. In 1860, he rejected the suggestion of renomination. After the war Mr. Harris voted for some years with the Democratic Party and in 1867 was nominated as a delegate to the proposed Constitutional Convention, an honor which he declined because of pending business engagements. In 1875, he ran for governor of Maryland, but lost the election through fraudulent acts of others that reversed the votes in Baltimore City. Mr. Harris vied for a congressional seat the last time in 1876.

During his time in Congress, he served on the Naval and District of Columbia Committees. Harris was directly responsible for obtaining a pay raise for naval personnel over the president's veto, monies for the improvement of the Patapsco River for navigation, and funds for the purchase of ground on which to erect the United States courthouse in Baltimore. Furthermore, he tried to prevent the secession of the South during the Civil War and after the war sought to heal the breach as soon as possible.

Mr. Harris's excellent oratory abilities made him a popular speaker and he was oft invited to give speeches at gatherings of

societies, commencements and dedications. In addition, he wrote many fine articles on his experiences and subjects of interest. Harris's most notable articles and speeches are those concerning his trip to Europe.

He was a member of various organizations and societies and founded with Charles Bradenbaugh the Mercantile Library Association of Baltimore and their yearly lecture series in 1839. In addition, Harris was a founding member of the Maryland Historical Society in 1844 and the Young Mens' Christian Association. Other affiliations included the Masonic Temple, the Odd Fellows and the First Presbyterian Church of which he was a senior trustee.

On 20 October 1851 he married Sidney Calhoun Hall, the daughter of Colonel Benedict William Hall of “Eutaw.” His only child and son, William Hall Harris, was born in 1852. Mr. Harris died at his country estate, “Ivy Hill,” on 16 July 1898 and was interred in the Westminster Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland.


Scope and Content

[James] Morrison Harris' papers span 1778-1928. The first series contains the commonplace books of Mr. Harris. These volumes include two books of verse and quotations, two European travel diaries, a volume of flowers that he collected and pressed from various sites in Europe (to which his granddaughter Mary Patterson Harris added in 1886 and 1898), and a copy of a published volume by Lord Byron carried by Harris (and others before him) on his European trip in 1844.

The second series contains poems, speeches in manuscript form, essays in manuscript form, published speeches and essays, and drafts. These speeches were delivered by Harris at a number of occasions and events and sometimes reflected Harris' opinion on the topic of the speech. For example, in “Educated Labor,” Harris expounds that the three essentials of national greatness are: religion, education and labor. In addition, an essay of note entitled, “Portrait Gallery of Baltimore Beauty,” extols the beauty of Baltimore women. A majority of the other essays deal with his European travel. The published items have Harris' handwritten notes in the margins.

Located in the third series are documents relating to Harris' career. In 1879, he sought a judgeship on the United States District Court which he lost. Then, in 1881-82 and later in 1889-90, he tried unsuccessfully to become the collector of customs for Baltimore City. Recommendations for his bids, however, were many and included several Garfield and Arthur Clubs, businessmen, servicemen, Baltimore notables, and everyday voters. Other materials in this section concern the improvement of the Patapsco River, the naval legislative bills to raise the salaries of naval personnel, and notes and minutes of the meeting of the United States senators and representatives of the border states in 1860 and 1861. The border states meeting was held in Washington, D.C. at Willard's Concert Hall on “F” Street on 28 December 1860. Harris not only took minutes at this meeting but at subsequent meetings held on 3 and 4 January 1861. His notebook on the Democratic Party covers accusations made against that group from 1847-88. Further, the questionnaire for the U.S. Congress' Joint Committee on Printing and the questionnaire for the History of the Bench and Bar of Maryland contain background information on Harris.

The fourth series contains Harris' miscellaneous papers. In 1845, Brantz Mayer and he drew up a prospectus, complete with cost analysis and a list of subscribers to shares, for establishing an evening newspaper in Baltimore. Their newspaper, however, never materialized. Later, in 1849, John Neal of Portland, Maine, and Harris corresponded about a clairvoyant experiment. A man in Baltimore was given a lock of hair and from that hair he described the lady from which it had been cut, her surroundings, people with her, and what she and her companions

were doing at that moment in Portland, Maine. This section concludes with a poem dedicated to Harris.

Wills of Esther Morrison Harris and Sarah Harris are in the fifth series. In addition, there is an 1842 request for J. Morrison Harris to become Sarah's trustee. Col. David Harris' creditors sought to attach his wife's, Sally's [Sarah], legacy of $3000.00 from her sister, Esther Morrison, in order to pay debts owed by him. Sarah wanted to avert this situation by having her son appointed as her trustee.

Two items pertaining to W[illiam] Hall Harris [Sr.] appear in the collection. The first is his 1891 application for membership in the Maryland Society, Sons of the American Revolution and the second is his questionnaire for the History of the Bench and Bar of Maryland.

Genealogical information on the Harris and Montgomery families occurs in the seventh series. The obituary of Col. Harris (written by Judge Upton S. Heath, a former major in the colonel's company), obituary notices of J. Morrison Harris, a list of ancestors, and genealogical charts and notes all appear in this section.

The remaining miscellaneous papers and notes contain a return for the wounded and killed of the Maryland Line in 1780 and a list of the Old Defenders, former members of Col. Harris' company. In addition, there are miscellaneous newspaper clippings concerning the McCurry murder case, events attended by Harris, commentaries on his lectures, and his involvement in political events; a manuscript death notice for S[evern] T[eakle] Wallis submitted to the Baltimore American, [1894]; a small volume entitled, Daily Texts with Versus of Hymns: Adapted for General Use; and a report on Spesutia Hundred and St. George's Parish located in Baltimore County [now Harford County] in the seventeenth century. The remaining items are miscellaneous notes.

Correspondence spans the years 1778-1928. The early letters concern Harris' European trip and the subsequent articles he wrote about that experience. Rev. John M. Harris wrote often to J. Morrison Harris in the 1840s and 1850s about John's purchase of a farm and the buying out of his sister Esther's portion of the property. Improvement of the Patapsco River correspondence is dated 1853-56 with a copy of a letter dated 1854 from then secretary of war, Jefferson Davis. In 1859, there are letters concerning the sale of the First Presbyterian Church of Baltimore. A majority of the 1860 correspondence concerns the Naval Appropriations Bill and the Naval Pay Bill because of Harris' seat on the House of Representatives' naval committee and his work to obtain pay raises for naval personnel which he did over presidential veto. Other letters written in 1860 are requests of Harris for recommendations to various offices. In 1860-61, Harris received correspondence from several congressmen.

Apparently, he had queried a large number of his colleagues about the level of Union sentiment in their respective states and the question of secession. Letters of the late 1860s are mainly thank you's to Harris for speaking engagements. Harris' two major correspondents for 1879 were A[lexander] B[urton] Hagner, an associate justice of the Supreme Court for the District of Columbia, and John Sherman of the United States Treasury Department. President James Garfield wrote Harris three letters in 1880 and Chester A. Arthur wrote him one. Another Arthur letter was written in 1881. In addition, the 1881 correspondence contains a note from U[lysses] S. Grant to Lucy M. Porter. There is also a John Greenleaf Whittier autograph dated 1891. Finally, all correspondence beginning with the year 1898 was written to W[illiam] Hall Harris, [Sr.]


Melinda Kay Friend

8 March 1990


Container List Ms. 2739


Commonplace Books of J. Morrison Harris with additions by Mary Patterson Harris

Notebook of Thoughts and Verse, 1837-41

Book of Quotations, 1842

European Travel Diaries, 1844

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 1844

Book of Pressed Flowers from Europe, 1844, 1886, 1898



“Destruction of Jerusalem,” 1840

Miscellaneous poems, 1848-90

Speeches - manuscripts

“Essay on the Navy,” 1841 May 17

“International Copy Right” [sic], 1842 April 13

“The Position and Duties of Young Men,” 1843

“Draft of speech on Sir Walter Ralegh” [sic], 1846

“Sir Walter Ralegh” [sic], 1846 May 19

“Educated Labor,” 1853 January 21

[“Popular Education”], 1854 October 25

[“Religion”], 1866 June 21

“The Testimony of Modern Science to the Inspiration of Moses,” 186[7] July 30

“Educated Labor,” 1868 September 23

“On Agriculture,” 1873 September 17

Dr. [Thomas] Guard - Remarks at Mt. Vernon Church upon his Death and Character, [ca. 1885]

Address before the Grand Lodge [Masonic] of Maryland on Its Centennial, 1886 November 16

Draft of Address before the Maryland Historical Society, 1894

Address before the Maryland Historical Society, 1894 March 12

Address before the Maryland Institute, n.d.

Draft of “Educated Labor,” n.d.

[“The Legal Profession”], n.d.

“St. Paul of Tarsus,” n.d.


Essays - manuscripts

“Great Britain,” 1841 November

“Great Britain” - newspaper clippings removed from

“British India,” 1843 February 23

“A Day Among the Alps,” [ca. 1844]

“Rome - The Forum, the Palace and the Church,” 1845

“Sketches of Italy - Venice - The Foscari Family,” 1845

“Sketches of Italy - Florence - The Studio of Powers,” 1845

Manuscript notes of the “Paper Upon California,” 1849 March

Draft of “[Brantz] Mayer on Mexico,” 1852 July

“Rhyming Hits at the Times,” 1867

A Chapter on Bells, n.d.

“Portrait Gallery of Baltimore Beauty,” n.d.

“The Power and Work of the Sun,” n.d.

“Predestination,” n.d.

Draft of “Rhyming Hits at the Times,” n.d.

Speeches and Essays - published

Bound volume of published essays, 1844-86

“Rome,” 1846 January

[“Plan for Organization of the National American Party,”] 1859 December 1

“State of the Union,” 1861 January 29

“The Egyptian Prince and Hebrew Lawgiver,” 1867

“Synopsis of a Speech delivered by the Hon. J. Morrison Harris,” 1876 October 3

Career of J[ames] Morrison Harris

Recommendations of J. Morrison Harris as Judge of the United States District Court, 1879


Recommendations for J. Morrison Harris as Judge of the United States District Court, 1879

Recommendations for J. Morrison Harris as Collector of Customs for Baltimore City, 1881-82, 1889-90

Documents concerning Improvement of the Patapsco River, 1854, 1856

Notes concerning naval legislative bills, ca. 1858-60

Notes concerning the meeting of the United States senators and representatives of the border states, 1860, 1861


Notebook on the Democratic Party, 1847-88

Facts on the political career of J[ames] Morrison Harris, 1925, n.d.

Questionnaire for the History of the Bench and Bar of Maryland for James Morrison Harris, ca. 1901

Miscellaneous Papers of J[ames] Morrison Harris

Papers of J. Morrison Harris and Brantz Mayer concerning the establishment of an evening newspaper, 1845

Personal loans and receipt, 1846-47, 1879

Certificate of Odd Fellows membership, 1847

Notes on clairvoyant experiments, 1849

“Our Union Flag” - a poem dedicated to J[ames] Morrison Harris, [ca. 1861]

Legal Papers

Request for J[ames] Morrison Harris to be Sally Harris' trustee, 1842

Will of Esther Morrison Harris, 1847

Will of Sarah Harris, 1847

Will of Esther Morrison Harris, 1849

Will of Sarah Harris, 1849

W[illiam] Hall Harris [Sr.] Papers

Application for membership in the Maryland Society, Sons of the American Revolution, 1891

Questionnaire for the History of the Bench and Bar of Maryland, ca. 1901

Genealogical Information

Obituary of Colonel David A. Harris, [1844]

Obituary notices for J[ames] Morrison Harris, 1898

List of ancestors for Colonial Dames Badge - Mary Patterson Harris, n.d.

Harris and Montgomery families genealogical charts and notes, n.d.

Miscellaneous Papers

Return of killed, wounded, prisoners and missing of the Maryland Line in the action, 16 August 1780

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, v.y.

List of Old Defenders - former members of Col. Harris' Company, [18]75

Notice of Death of S[evern] T[eackle] Wallis for the Baltimore American, [1894]

Daily Texts with Versus of Hymns: Adapted for General Use, n.d.

Report on Spesutia Hundred, 1658 and St. George's Parish, 1693 n.d.

Miscellaneous notes

Correspondence, 1778-1858


Correspondence, 1859-89


Correspondence, 1891-1928, n.d.


Adams, Malachi, fl. 1881

Agricultural Society of Montgomery County, 1868

Allegany [County Agricultural] Society, 1873

Allegany Co,--Clubs, 1873

Archer, W[illiam] L., fl. 1845

Arthur, C[hester] A[llen], 1830-1886

Arthur, T[imothy] S[hay], fl. 1845

Atkinson, Robert, fl. 1898

Bache, A. D., fl. 1860

Backus, John, fl. 1860

Badger, Oscar C., fl. 1872

Baltimore County - Clubs, 1881

Baltimore, Md.-- Women, n.d.

Barca, Calderon de la, fl. 1853

Bartol, Ja[me]s L., fl. 1879

Bateman, Warren M., fl. 1881

Belgium - Description and Travel, 1844

Bennett, R. H., fl. 1858

Benton, Thomas H., fl. 1853

Bishop, James, fl. 1860

Black Republicans - Baltimore, Md., 1861, 1881

Blair, W. W., fl. 1860

Bonaparte, Charles J., fl. 1898

Border States Conference, 1861

Brewerton, Hen[ry], fl. 1853

Brown, H. J. (Dr.), fl. 1881

Buchanan, Frank[li]n, fl. 1860

Carey, John E., fl. 1892

Cass, Lewis, fl. 1853

Cattel, W. C., fl. 1867

Central-Colored Republican Garfield & Arthur Club, 1881

Chandler, W[illia]m E., fl. 1893

Chestertown, Md. - County Mass Meeting, 1860

Chestertown, Md., 1860

Civil War - poetry, ca. 1861

Civil War - politics, 1860-64

Clairvoyant experiments, 1849

Clarke, Ja[me]s C., fl. 1864

Clay Monumental Association, 1860

Clubs - Allegany Co., 1873

Clubs - Baltimore Co., 1881

Clubs - Frederick Co., 1868

Clubs - Montgomery Co., 1868, 1881

Clubs - Towson, Md., 1860

Comer, George, fl. 1898

Commonplace Books, 1837-42

Cowen, John K., fl. 1879,1887

Creager, J. P. (Dr.), fl. 1861

Crittenden Amendment, 1861

Crittenden Resolutions, 1861

“Cumberland” - ship, 1860

Cumberland Valley, Pa. - “Happy Retreat”, n.d.

Davidson, Hunter, fl. 1860

Davis, C. W., fl. 1860

Davis, Garrett, fl. 1855

Davis, Jeffer[son], 1808-1889

Davis, Robert, fl. 1845

Democratic Party, 1847-88

Devens, Charles (Attorney General), fl. 1879

Diary - Travel, 1844

Dobbin, Geo[rge] W. (Judge), fl. 1879

Doty, Lucien W., fl. 1867

E. Gerrell and Company, fl. 1845

Education, 1854

Elections & election campaigns - U. S., 1888

“Elk Lawn” - Jefferson County, Va., 1844, 1847

Ellicott, And[rew], fl. 1860

Emmons, Geo[rge] S., fl. 1860

European Travel Diaries, 1844

European Travel, 1844

First Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, 1859

Fisher, J. E., fl. 1881

Flags - Union, (poetry) ca. 1861

Folger, C[harles] J[ames], fl. 1884

Foote, Andrew H., fl. 1860

Foster, C., fl. 1879

France - Description and Travel, 1844

Fraternal organizations, 1880s

Frederick County Agricultural Society, 1868

Frederick Co. --Clubs, 1868

Fuller, Henry M., fl. 1860

Gardening - European, 1844, 1886, 1898

Garfield & Arthur Club of Phoenix, Baltimore Co., 1881

Garfield & Arthur Club of Towsontown, 1881

Garfield & Arthur Club, Central-Colored Republican, 1881

Garfield & Arthur Club, No. 2 of Montgomery Co., 1881

Garfield & Arthur Club, No. 3 of the 9th Colored District of Baltimore, 1881

Garfield, J[ames] A[bram], 1831-1881

Garrett, James M., fl. 1881

Germany - Description and Travel, 1844

Giles, Judge_____, fl. 1879

Gillen, E. B., fl. 1897

Gilman, D[avid] C[ort], fl. 1886

Gilman, John A., fl. 1859

Gilman, John S., fl. 1879

Grand Lodge of Maryland [Masonic], 1886

Grant, U[lysses] S[impson], 1881

Guard, [Thomas] (Dr.), ca. 1885

Hagner, A[lexander] B[urton], 1826-1915

Hammond, William A. (Dr.), 1829-1894

“Happy Retreat” - Cumberland Valley, Pa., n.d.

Harris Family - Genealogy

Harris, David Caldwell, 1810-1858

Harris, David (Col.), 1770-1844

Harris, Esther Morrison, 1806-1879

Harris, George Washington, 1812-1883

Harris, J[ames] Morrison, 1817-1898

Harris, John Montgomery, 1808-1881

Harris, John T., fl. 1861

Harris, Mary Patterson, 1878-

Harris, Sarah (Montgomery), 1779-1849

Harris, William Davidson, 1800-1875

Harris, William Hall [Sr.], 1852-1938

Hayden, W. M., fl. 1898

Heany, Ezra S., fl. 1867

Heath, Upton S., fl. 1844

Henry, Patrick, fl. 1860

Higgins, Authorey, fl. 1889

Hinks, Sam[ue]l, fl. 1856

Hodge, Hugh Lenox (Rev.), fl. 1928

Hogg, Alex[ande]r, fl. 1869

Hughes, C[harles], fl. 1848

Hughes, Geo[rge] W., fl. 1861

Ingraham, D[a]n[ie]l, fl. 1860

Italy - Description and Travel, 1844

Jefferson County, Va. - “Elk Lawn”, 1844, 1847

Jenkins, Thorton S., fl. 1860

Jordan, John, fl. 1852

Kaufman, J. Henry, fl. 1869

Kennedy, A., fl. 1880

Kennedy, J. D., fl. 1898

Kennedy, J[ohn] P[endleton], fl. 1845

Kennedy, Surgeon [Daniel?], 1880

Keyser, W[illia]m. fl. 1879

Know Nothings, 1854, 1859

Lafayette College - Easton, Pa., 1867

Latrobe, Jo[h]n H. B., fl. 1872

Laurel Lycenum, 1853

Lee, Isabel G., fl. 1889

Lee, S. S., fl. 1860

Leslie, Robert, fl. 1856

Letcher, John, fl. 1861

Loat, John, fl. 1868

Logan, John A., fl. 1884

Magruder, G., fl. 1860

Maryland Historical Society, 1846, 1894

Maryland Institute, 1853

Maryland Line, 1780

[Maryland] State Convention, 1860

Masons (Fraternal organization), 1886

Matthews, Stanley, fl. 1879

Mayer, Brantz, 1809-1879

Mayer, C[ornelia], fl. 1879

Maynard, Horace, fl. 1859, 1861, 1880

McCauley, [Admiral], fl. 1872

McComas, L. E., fl. 1884

McCurry Murder Trial - Baltimore, Md. 1845

McMichael, Morton, fl. 1852-53

McSherry, James, Jr., fl. 1868

Mercantile [Library Association], 1843

Mercer, R. S., fl. 1861

Millson, John S., fl. 1861

Monaghan, James, fl. 1861

Montgomery Co.--Clubs, 1868, 1881

Montgomery Co., Sixth Election District of, 1881

Montgomery Family - Genealogy

Morris, W. H., fl. 1898

Moss, J. A., fl. 1879

Mt. Vernon Church, Baltimore, Md., ca. 1885

Myers, G. A., fl. 1846

National American Party, 1859

Naturalization Law, 1845

Naval Appropriations Bill, 1860

Naval Pay Bill, 1860

Naval Spirit Ration, 1860

Neal, John, fl. 1849

Negroes--political clubs, 1881

Nelson, Tho[ma]s A. B., fl. 1860

Old Defenders, [18]75

“Our Union Flag” - poem, ca. 1861

Patapsco River,, 1853-54, 1856

Patterson, J. Wilson, fl. 1898

Pennsylvania--Land, n.d.

“Perry” - ship, 1860

Phillips, Fred[erick] J., fl. 1884

Pindell, R., fl. 1840

Political parties, mid 19th century

Politics, National, 1860

Porter, Lucy M., fl. 1881

Postal service--appointment of employees, 1881

Powell, L. M., fl. 1860

“Preble” - ship, 1860

Prentice, Geo[rge] D., fl. 1860

Preston, W[illia]m P., fl. 1859

Ramsey, Alex[ander] (Secretary of War), fl. 1879

Republican National Convention, 1860-1888

Republicans, Black - Baltimore, Md., 1861, 1881

Ringgold, Cadwalader, fl. 1860

Ritchie, Albert, fl. 1898

Rivers - Improvement, 1853-54, 1856

Rodgers, George, fl. 1898

Scott, Walter Q., fl. 1867

Secession - Missouri, 1861

Secession, 1861

Sherman, John, fl. 1879

Ships - “Cumberland”, 1860

Ships - “Perry”, 1860

Ships - “Preble”, 1860

Sixth Election District of Montgomery Co., 1881

Skillman, David B., fl. 1925

Slavery, 1860

Smith, A. A., fl. 1867

Smith, T. S. C., fl. 1868

Southern Pacific Railroad, 1860

Speed, J. J., fl. 1846

Spesutia Hundred (1658), n.d.

St. George's Parish (1693), n.d.

Steiner, Bernard C., fl. 1898

Stewart, Dan, fl. 1852

Stewart, John, fl. 1852

Stokes, N. B., fl. 1861

Stuart, Alex[ander] H. H., fl. 1853

Summers, Geo[rge], fl. 1861

Swaim, General _____, 1884

Switzerland - Description and Travel, 1844

Third Brigade of Maryland Militia, 1812

Third Congressional Colored Republican Club, 1881

Thomas, John H., fl., 1879

Thomas, Philip F., fl. 1861

Thompson, R[ichard] W. (Secretary of the Navy), 1859, 1879

Tompkins, Mrs. John A., fl. 1891

Towson, Md--Clubs, 1869

Travel Diaries, 1844

Travel - European, 1844

Trice, Cicero, fl. 1860

Trimble, I[saac] R[idgway] (Dr.), fl. 1898

Trippe, Ro[ber]t, fl. 1859

United States Navy - Pay, 1860

Vaner, Z. B., fl. 1861

Veal, Jo[h]n T., fl. 1881

Virginia--Land, 1844, 1847

Walker, W. S., fl. 1868

Wallis, S[evern] T[eakle], 1816-1894

Washburne, E. B., fl. 1879

Weaver, Jacob J., Jr., fl. 1898, 1901

Webster, Edwin H., fl. 1880

Wheeler, Lewis H. fl., 1869

Whig Party, 1848

Whiskey Rebellion, 1794

Whitridge, John C., fl. 1884

Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892

Williams, Joseph Wilson, fl. 1881

Windom, W[illia]m, fl. 1881

Winthrop, Rob[er]t C., fl. 1850

Women - Baltimore, Md., n.d.

Wood, W[illia]m Maxwell, fl. 1860

Young Mens' Christian Association - Towson, Md., 1869