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MS 758

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Scope and Content

The collection consists of the papers of the George H. Steuart (1790-1867) family. James E. Steuart was the donor. The family members whose papers are in the collection are underlined in the following genealogy.

The papers largely pertain to a trust estate established by George H. Steaurt in 1861. It was maintained by his sons William J., Thomas E., George H., and James H., and James's son James E. Steuart. The trust estate consisted of ground rents, the income from which supported George, Sr.'s 10 children.

The trust estate papers (box 15-23) are legal documents and land deeds concerning the formation of the trust and financial papers (bills, receipts, and account books) concerning the collection of rents, the maintenance of the properties, and the support of the trust beneficiaries.

Information on the trust is also found in the correspondence among the Steuart children and their descendants. This correspondence has been divided by recipient and is found in boxes 6-10, 24, 28, 29, 32, and 33.

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) was the surviving child of George H. Steuart, and the bulk of the trust administration was handled by him. Much of the correspondence after 1867 is between George and the [UNK] trust beneficiaries. A small amount of his papers relate to his career in the U.S. Army (1859-61) and in the Confederate army. After the war his prime concern was managing the trust. In the 1880s there are papers relating to his growing tobacco.

James E. Steuart (1872-1954) succeeded his uncle George H. Steuart and was the last trust administrator. His papers are largely financial records (daybooks, cash books, ledgers, and account books) with a minute accounting of his finances. The trust was broken up after the death of his sister.

A few topics not related to the trust are covered. There is a long letter (1860) by George H. Steuart (1790-1867) deploring Negro suffrage and

the condition of the country. This is in Box 3. Steuart was an ardent Southern sympathizer and at the outbreak of the war moved to the South for the duration. He corresponded with a friend, Sally J. Newman, in Hilton, Va. during the war, and her frequent letters are in boxes 3 and 4. Several slaves owned by Thomas E. Steuart fought in the Civil War, and their military papers are in Box 7.

Two of the Steuart children Isaac E. and Charles D. were in and out of mental institutions, and there is much mention of their condition in the letters of George (1828-1903) and in the trust estate papers. There are 2 volumes of lectures by Samuel Stanhope Smith given in 1806 at Princeton University and copied by George H. Steuart.



Container List 


Box 1

Thomas and Isaac Edmondson papers, 1799-1818




Mary Edmondson Estate papers




Thomas Edmondson (1808-56) memo books, 1824, n.d.




Thomas Edmondson (1808-56) bills and receipts 1832-46




Thomas Edmondson (1808-56) estate papers




A. Jane [Edmondson] Steuart incoming letters 1851, 1854, n.d.




A. Jane [Edmondson] Steuart account book 1847-50




A. Jane [Edmondson] Steuart bills and receipts 1850-54, n.d.




Box 2

A. Jane [Edmondson] Steuart Commonplace book, 1823




A. Jane [Edmondson] Steuart memo books, 1823, 1826




William Steuart (1755-1838) incoming letters 1813-35




William Steuart (1755-1838) bills and receipts 1807-38




Dr. James Steuart (1755-1846) bills and receipts 1831-41




Richard S. Steuart papers




James A. Steuart letters




Charles C. Steuart letters 1845-53




Charles C. Steuart letters 1852-1891




Charles C. Steuart bills and receipts 1866-70




Box 3

George H. Steuart (1790-1867) incoming letters 1814-66




Box 4

George H. Steuart (1790-1867) incoming letters, 1867, n.d.




George H. Steuart (1790-1867) bills and receipts 1816-67, n.d.




Box 5

George H. Steuart (1790-1867) legal papers




George H. Steuart (1790-1867) memoranda




George H. Steuart (1790-1867) estate papers




George H. Steuart (1790-1867) almanac, 1831




Samuel Stanhope Smith lectures, 1806

(2 vols)




Box 6

Ann Rebecca Steuart incoming letters 1851-65, n.d.




Ann Rebecca Steuart bills and receipts 1853-66




Ann Rebecca Steuart account book 1861-62




Henrietta E. Steuart (1846-67) papers, 1857-65




Margaret S. Steuart (1843-60) diary




Margaret S. Steuart account book, 1854




Isaac E. Steuart incoming letters 1856-69, n.d.




Isaac E. Steuart bills and receipts 1852-70




Isaac E. Steuart account book, 1867




Box 7

Thomas E. Steuart incoming letters, 1850-64, n.d.




Thomas E. Steuart bills and receipts 1843-65, n.d.




Thomas E. Steuart legal papers




Thomas E. Steuart estate papers




William J. Steuart incoming letters 1852-63, n.d.




William J. Steuart bills and receipts, 1851-60




William J. Steuart legal papers




William J. Steuart papers re: Edgar estate




William J. Steuart legal notes




William J. Steuart estate papers




Box 8

Charles P. Steuart incoming letters 1852-77, n.d.




Charles P. Steuart bills and recepits, 1857-75, n.d.




Charles P. Steuart account books, 1868, 1884-90




Charles P. Steuart memoranda




Box 9

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) incoming letters 1849-69




Box 10

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) incoming letters 1870-94, n.d.




Box 11

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) military papers



United States Army (1850-1860)




Confederate States Army (1860-65)




Maryland National Guard (1868)





Box 12

George H. Steuart (182801903) bills and receipts, 1851-89, n.d.




Box 13

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) memo books 1849-57, 1870-89

13 vols.




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) grocery pass book, n.d.




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) bank book, 1858-61




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) K 1st Cavalry Fund account book, 1857-60, n.d.




Box 14

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) diaries, 1885-89,

4 vols.




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) memoranda




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) insurance policies




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) legal papers




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) memorabilia




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) photographs




Box 15

George H. Steuart (1828-1903) will




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) estate papers




George H. Steuart (1828-1903) estate account books




Steuart Trust Estate legal papers




Box 16

Steuart Trust Estate legal papers




Box 17

Steuart Trust Estate correspondence 1864-1891, n.d.




Steuart Trust Estate financial papers




Box 18

Steuart Trust Estate financial papers




Box 19

Steuart Trust Estate ground rent account book, 1861-69




Box 20

Steuart Trust Estate ground rent account books




Box 21

Steuart Trust Estate ground rent account books, 1869-87




Box 22

Steuart Trust Estate ground rent account books




Steuart Trust Estate bank books, 1861-68, 1876




Steuart Trust Estate farm account books 1882-89




Box 23

Steuart Trust Estate cancelled checks




Box 24

Maria [Kenzie?] Steuart papers 1863-91




Minnie Steuart incoming letters, 1876-80




Daisy Steuart incoming letters, 1877-82




James H. Steuart incoming letters 1853-90, n.d.




James H. Steuart bills and receipts 1852-89, n.d.




James H. Steuart medical school papers, 1855-57




James H. Steuart legal papers




James H. Steuart estate papers




E. Lavinia [Duvall] Steuart incoming letters, 1869-94, n.d.




Box 25

James H. Steuart diary, 1866




James H. Steuart ground rent account books,

3 vols.




James H. Steuart Estate cash books, 1892-1919,

2 vols.




James H. Steuart Estate ledger, 1901-1915




James H. Steuart Estate property book




Box 26

E. Lavinia [Duvall] Steuart diaries 1892-1920,

10 vols.




E. Lavinia [Duvall] Steuart account books 1880-1917,

9 vols.




Antoinette J. Duvall album, 1859-62.




Box 27

Henrietta Steuart (b. 1873) diary 1890




Henrietta Steuart (b. 1873) account book, 1894




Henrietta Steuart (b. 1873) notebooks,

2 vols.




Henrietta Steuart (b. 1873) cancelled checks 1898-1901




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) diaries 1888-1903,

17 vols.




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) notebooks,

4 vols.




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) account books 1895-1905,

2 vols




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) birthday book




Box 28

Henrietta Steuart (b. 1873) incoming letters, 1887-98




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) incoming letters, 1887-1902




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) compositions 1882-88




Mary Elizabeth Steuart (b. 1871) school grade book, 1885-86




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) incoming letters 1887-93




Box 29

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) incoming letters, 1894-1951, n.d.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) bills and receipts, 1894-1902




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) legal papers




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) will




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) Sunday School teacher's record




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) Society of the War of 1812 papers




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) South River Club papers




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) Steuart Foundation papers




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) memorabilia




Box 30

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) diaries 1889-1917,

15 vols.




Box 31

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) diaries 1921-49,

9 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) legal notebooks,

3 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) memo books




Box 32

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) letterbooks, 1896-1905,

3 vols.




Box 33

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) letterbooks, 1905-11




Box 34

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) cashbooks, 1898-1938,

9 vols.




Box 35

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) cash books, 1939-48,

2 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) account books 1923-29,

4 vols.




Box 36

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) account books, 1929-45,

4 vols.




Box 37

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) account books, 1947-51,

3 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) ledger, 1902-5




Box 38

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) ledger 1918-29,

1 vol.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) daybooks 1924-37,

5 vols.




Box 39

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) daybooks, 1940-54,

4 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) bank books,

2 vols.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) house inventory,

1 vol.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) poultry account,

1 vol.




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) Baltimore French Relief Committee ledgers 1939-50,

2 vols.




Box 40

James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) farm account books,

5 vols




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) check books, 1908-1911




James Edmondson Steuart (1872-1954) Military Order Foreign Wars account book 1897-99




Box 41

E.L., H., J.E. Steuart ground rent accounts, 1908-23




Box 42

E.L., H., J.E. Steuart ground rent accounts, 1916-34




Alice E. Gorter Estate account books,

5 vols.




Florence A. Shiff Estate cash book, 1927-29




Box 43

Mrs. John B. Montell ground rent accounts, 1910-51




Ann Digges account book, 1785-87




Subscriptions to the Baltimore and Drum Point Railroad, 1871




Theodore G. Lurman journal, 1871




Robert Garrett expense book, 1887




Friendly Inn minute book, 1885-94




Thomas J. Morris expense book, 1869-1910




Unidentified inventory








Recipe book




Box 44

Notes on John Adams' discussion of U.S. constitution papers of




John S. Gittings, Commissioner of Stamps, 1848




Chesapeake Bank material




Mayo-Waters legal papers




Steuart family tombstone design




Genealogical material




Household inventories




Box 45

John H. Steuart papers, 1851-52




[?]Steuart bills and receipts




Unidentified Steuart letters, 1866




Unidentified letters




Unidentified bills and receipts




Unidentified material












printed material





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