J. Thomas Scharf Collection, 1730s-1892, MS 1999

J. Thomas Scharf Collection, 1730s-1892
Maryland Historical Society

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J. Thomas Scharf Collection, 1730s-1892
Maryland Historical Society

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MS 1999

Maryland Historical Society

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Scope and Content

John Thomas Scharf (1843-98) was a Confederate soldier, lawyer, historian, and antiquarian. The nucleus of this collection is the documents he colledted and notes he compiled in writing numerous local histories of Maryland, Baltimore City and County, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Westchester County, New York, and Delaware. He also wrote a history of the Confederate States' Navy. A biographical sketch of Scharf is in Appendix II.


A smaller portion of the collection is that of Thompson Westcott (1820-88) lawyer, journalist, and historian of Philadelphia. Westcott and Scharf collaborated on a history of Philadelphia, and on Westcott's death Scharf purchased some of Westcott's papers, largely his correspondence, notes, and the Philadelphia documents Westcott collected. A biographical sketch of Westcott is in Appendix III.

The manuscripts of the J. Thomas Scharf Collection can be divided into four categories: the personal papers of J. Thomas Scharf; the personal papers of Thompson Westcott; Maryland and Pennsylvania state documents and Confederate naval documents; and other original manuscripts.

Scharf's personal papers consist of incoming letters (1866-92), his research notes, and drafts of his various histories of Maryland. An especially large part of his personal papers is biographical research on Marylanders. There are 5 boxes of copied newspaper obituaries and 4 boxes of completed biographical questionnaires Scharf solicited from over 400 individuals.

The largest part of the Scharf Collection is the Maryland state documents Scharf collected. Many were acquired during his tenure as Commissioner of the Land Office of Maryland from 1884 until 1892. These state documents, an estimated 80% of the total collection, were separated from the collection in July 1975 and sent to the Maryland Hall of Records to be indexed and microfilmed. The work is still in progress as of May 1978.

The Pennsylvania state documents are still at the Society. These documents wererpresumably collected by Thompson Westcott, and acquired by Scharf through a purchase of Westcott's papers. This group of documents is almost entirely comprised of Philadelphia court records (ca. 2,000 items). Especially prominent are petitions for tavern licenses with some returns of overseers and jurors.

Another type of official document in the Scharf collection pertains to the Confederate States Navy. Scharf collected about 1,500 such documents presumably while writing his history of the Confederate States Navy. These documents (1863-1864) are largely financial and originated in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Thompson Westcott's personal papers are a small number of incoming letters (1841-88). These pertain largely to his research on the history of Philadelphia.

The fourth category of manuscripts in the Scharf Collection is original manuscripts other than Maryland or Pennsylvania state documents. These are largely non-official papers, but there are a few state documents. It is assumed these items were also collected by Scharf or Westcott. The items do not have any unifying subject, and they have been listed as separate items.


Scharf's personal papers consist of his incoming letters, biographical files, research notes, and drafts of his writings.

The incoming letters (1866-92, ca. 600 items) relate to Scharf's historical interests and go up to the period when he gave his papers to the Johns Hopkins University. The letters touch on Scharf's writings as well as his methods of collecting source material. The letters of 1874 RE: Chronicles of Baltimore; 1875 RE: History of New York; 1881 RE: History of Baltimore City and County; 1882 RE: History of Western Maryland; 1886-88 RE: History of the Confederate States Navy; and 1889 RE: "Biographical Dictionary of Maryland."

A large part of Scharf's letters deal with Baltimore's Sesqui-Centennial celebration in October 1880. Scharf was the Committee's secretary, and he collected all the letters about the celebrations and preparations whether addressed to himself, to the Committee president, Mayor F.C. Latrobe, or to the Committee Chairman Francis P. Stevens.

Scharf's letters also contain 11 letters (1873, 1885-89) from Jefferson and Varina Davis about Scharf's contemplated biography of Davis. These letters plus one more are published in The Journal of Mississippi History 10 (April 1948): 118-31.

Other topics covered in Scharf's letters are: Democratic politics in Maryland in the letters of Montgomery Blair (1877) and Arthur [UNK] Gorman (1880's); the erection of a monument to Baron deKalb in Annapolis (1886); and bill collection work Scharf did for Dun, Barlow & Co. of New York (1870's). Scharf's incoming letters are in Boxes 1-5.

Scharf's biographical files consist of two types. First there are completed questionnnaires for his anticipated Biographical Dictionary of Maryland. Scharf sent hundreds of questionnaires to Maryland men and women, and over 400 completed

ones are part of his papers. These questionnaires were often completed by the individual himself and give quite detailed information. A list of the men and two women and a description of the questionnaire appear in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 15 (August 1974): 140-146 and in Appendix IV. The questionnaires are in Boxes 6-9.

A second type of biographical data is Scharf's holograph copies of newspaper obituaries. These were apparently copied to be used for necrologies in his various Maryland histories. The obituaries have been organized alphabetically and include individuals from the 18th and 19th centuries. These are in Boxes 10-14. There are also a few biographical sketches written by Scharf. These are organized alphabetically and are in Box 15.

Scharf's holograph drafts of his histories and his notes are sometimes difficult to distinguish. An attempt has been made to divide the two types. Many of the drafts are not identified, but there are writings on Western Maryland, the Civil War, "The Baltimore Post Office," the Confederate Navy, and the Chronicles of Baltimore in Box 16. Box 17 has drafts of the Chronicles of Baltimore and the History of Baltimore City and County. Box 18 has drafts of the History of Baltimore City and County and reminiscences. Box 19 has writings on fire and military companies. Boxes 20-21 have Scharf's notes.


Westcott's personal papers are largely incoming letters (1841-88, n.d.). These deal with his research on Philadelphia. In January 1867, he began a weekly newspaper column on Philadelphia history which appeared in the Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch. His letters are mainly from people asking for further information as a result of these columns or those supplying additional data. The letters do not appear to be Westcott's complete correspondence for this period. There are also a few letters about Westcott's

research on John Fitch and on a history of the Civil War.

Westcott's other papers are a few legal documents, some newspaper clippings, a map of Philadelphia, and an auction broadside. A bank book dated 1840 appears to belong to him. The cut signatures among Westcott's papers probably were cut from the Philadelphia court documents. Westcott's personal papers are found in Box 26.



These Colonial and early national period state documents were removed from the Scharf Collection in July 1975. They are at the Maryland Hall of Records and can be consulted there. When the Hall of Records has completed its project these documents will have been indexed and microfilmed.


This collection includes about 2,000 documents of various Philadelphia courts. Most of the documents are petitions to the Mayor's court for licenses to run public houses or taverns. Interspersed with the petitions are tavern bonds. Both types date from 1732, 1760's, 1778, 1790's, 1800-30. These documents have not been sorted by year. They are in Boxes 27-29.

The court documents also contain some returns for overseers of the poor and for jurors, as well as non-tavern petitions, land deeds, and documents for inquests. These date from the 18th and early 19th centuries but have not been sorted by year. They are in Box 30.

A third category of court documents are letters of three Philadelphia business firms. The letters appear to have been used in lawsuits concerning debts. The three

firms were: Baynton, Wharton, & Morgan (1760s); Little & Lardner (1772); and Willing, Morris & Swanwick (1745-57, 1789, 1795). The dates refer to the dates of the documents. These items are in Box 31.


Scharf collected about 1,500 records of the Confederate States Navy. These appear to be the records of the assistant paymaster in Shreveport, Louisiana, Edward McKean. The records cover the years 1863 and 1864 and are largely vouchers for expenses authorized by McKean. The expenditures were for travel expenses of naval personnel, repairs to ships, purchases of provisions and supplies, and payments to pilots, mechanics, and slaves working on CSN ships. The vouchers are organized by quarter, the bulk of them covering the second quarter of 1863 through the third quarter of 1864.

In addition to the vouchers there are a few miscellaneous financial records for the same period: provisions received by Edward McKean (1863-64); transfer role of officiers attached to the naval station and vessels at Shreveport, Louisiana (1863-64); steward's monthly reports of provisions on board C.S. Ram. Missouri (March, May, June, July, September); steward's monthly reports of provisions on board the C.S. Steamer "Webb" (November 1863 - September 1864); and general pay and receipt rolls (1863-64).

There are also 30 letters (1863-64) that deal largely with CSN business in and around Shreveport.


In addition to the Maryland and Philadelphia government documents, the Scharf Collection includes a number (ca. 100) of state documents and other original manuscripts presumably collected by Scharf or Westcott. These items do not appear to have a unifying topic so they have been sorted by the state or country in which they originated and then by date. The states represented are: Georgia, Kentucky,

Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Canada, England, and Mexico. These items are in Boxes 31 and 32 and a listing of each item is in the Container List.


Cynthia H. Requardt

May 1978




J.T. Scharf and Thompson Westcott collected the contents of this collection during the late 19th century. Scharf purchased Westcott's papers in 1888. In 1891 Scharf donated his collection to the Johns Hopkins University in order to encourage the study of Southern history.

(See Johns Hopkins University Circulars 89 (June 1891): 110-13 in Appendix I.)

Since Hopkins did not develop a collection on Southern history, the Scharf materials were placed on depositaat the Maryland Historical Society in January 1948. It does not appear that all the materials listed in the Johns Hopkins University Circular were transferred to the Maryland Historical Society. Most notably missing are the manuscript materials on New York and Missouri.

It was estimated in 1972 that the Scharf Collection manuscript items in the Maryland Historical Society numbered about 50,000 and that roughly 80% of these were Maryland state documents. During 1973 and 1974 the state documents were photocopied for the Hall of Records. In the summer of 1975 the state documents were transferred to the Hall of Records to be indexed and microfilmed.

The manuscript items of the Scharf Collection remaining in the Society in May 1978 are Scharf's correspondence, research notes, drafts of writings and Thompson Westcott's correspondence and notes. There are also some Philadelphia court records and a small number of miscellaneous original manuscripts.



ontainer List



J. Thomas Scharf Bills & Receipts 1864-1869


J. Thomas Scharf Invitations


J. Thomas Scharf Incoming Letters 1866-1880



J. Thomas Scharf Incoming Letters (RE: Baltimore Sesquicentennial) 1880



J. Thomas Scharf Incoming Letters, 1881-1884



J. Thomas Scharf Incoming Letters, 1885-1887



J. Thomas Scharf Incoming Letters, 1888-1892, n.d.



"Biographical Dictionary of Maryland" questionnaires, A-F



"Biographical Dictionary of Maryland" questionnaires, G-May



"Biographical Dictionary of Maryland" questionnaires, Me-S



"Biographical Dictionary of Maryland" questionnaires, T-Z



Necrology, A-B



Necrology, C-F



Necrology, G-J



Necrology, K-S



Necrology, S-Z



Biographical Sketches B-Z



[J.T. Scharf] Writings RE: Western Maryland


RE: Civil War


RE: "The Baltimore Post Office"


RE: The Confederate Navy ["Chronicles of Baltimore?"]



[J.T. Scharf] Writings ["Chronicles of Baltimore?"]


[J.T. Scharf] Writings ["History of Baltimore City and County?"]



[J.T. Scharf] Writings ["History of Baltimore City and County?"]





[J.T. Scharf] Writings RE: Fire Companies


RE: Military Companies



[Philadelphia Court Documents]

Case of [?] Baynton, Wharton & Morgan (1760s)


Case of Little & Lardner (1772)


Case of Willing, Morris & Swanwick 1745-57, 1789, 1795


Pennsylvania Items

Emlen-Cresson Family Documents [1740s-1760s]


Allen & Turner Receipt, 1748


Thomas Booth to Pennsylvania Hospital, Receipt, 1762


Wm. Peters to John Luken, Surveyor, Receipt, 1764


Robert Knox to David Rittenhouse Treasurer, 1779


W. Williams to Joseph Johnson, Receipt, 1780


Thomas Robinson Deposition, 1783


John Ashburner Receipts, 1784


John Story to Johnston Thompson, Receipt, 1786


George Logan, Voucher, 1787


Jacob Rush, Bill, 1787


"Plea of the Israelites for Financial Aid in Constructing House of Worship," 1788


Thomas Jefferson to George Hammond, 1793 (copy)


John Cadwallader to John Donaldson, 1793


Nathaniel Falconer Description of "Les Jemeaux," 1794


Joseph Lewis Promissory Note, 1801


William H. Tod to Thomas McKean Thompson, Receipt, 1802


John Tod Note, 1811


Nicholas Biddle to Seth Wheaton, 1824


Peter Robeson Insurance Policy, 1826


"Philadelphia Souvenir"


Manuscript Newspapers

"The Censor," 1838-1839


"Washington's Review," 1839


"The Ishmaelite," n.d.


"The Satirist," n.d.




"Little Genius," n.d.


M.C. Rogers to James R. Snowden, 1845


Military Pass, 1862


Tyrone & Lockhaven Railroad Company Stock Certificate, n.d.



Washington, D.C. Items


A.D. Barker to B.H. Latrobe, 1859


J.K. Barnes to P.H. Watson, 1863


C.F. Slaten to F. Emory, 1881


Georgia Items


C.A.L. Lamar to Editors, Spirit of the Times, 1860


Kentucky Item


Kentucky State Treasury Report, 1822



[J.T. Scharf] Notes


Allegany County Surveyors


Baltimore & Catonsville Passenger Railway


Baltimore Merchants National Bank


Baltimore National Express Company


Baltimore Omnibus Line


Baltimore Passenger Railroads


Baltimore Peabody Heights Railway


Baltimore Railroad Car Manufactory


Baltimore Railroad Encyclopedia


Baltimore Suburban Horse Car Lines


Baltimore Suburban Railroads


Baltimore Transportation Wagons


Baltimore, Winchester & Strasburgh Railroad




Catonsville Railroad






Citizens Passenger Railway


Clear Spring


Court Cases


Colonial Congress


Cumberland Valley Railroads




Frederick, Md.


Frederick County Bank Robbery


Frederick County Crimes and Executions




Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church




Hagerstown Banks


Hagerstown Businesses


Hagerstown Churches


Hagerstown Early Inns & Taverns


Hagerstown Floods and Storms


Hagerstown Marriages



[J.T. Scharf] Notes


Hagerstown Press


Hagerstown Proposed Market House


Hagerstown-Shenandoah Valley Railroad


Hagerstown Taverns


Hagerstown Turnpike


Harpers Ferry




List of Maryland Autograph Letters






Montgomery County Political Matters






Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad






Towsontown Passenger Railway


Washington County


Washington County Fire Company


Washington County, Hagerstown, Antietam Cemetery


Washington County Railroads


Western Maryland Matters


Western Maryland Railroad




22 (NO BOX)



[J.T. Scharf] Notes


[J.T. Scharf] Printed Material Re: Democratic Party, 1870


[J.T. Scharf] Printed Material Re: Electoral Commission


[J.T. Scharf] Newspaper clippings re: Baltimore Sesqui-Centennial



Assistant Paymaster (Shreveport, La.) C.S.N. Records:


Letters, 1863-1864


Provisions Received, 1863-1864


Transfer Rolls, Officers, 1864


Steward's Report CS "Missouri," 1864


Steward's Report CS "Webb," 1863-1864


Pay Receipts and Muster Rolls, 1863-1864


2nd Quarter Vouchers, 1863


3rd Quarter Vouchers, 1863


4th Quarter Vouchers, 1863



Assistant Paymaster (Shreveport, La.) CSN Records:


1st Quarter Vouchers, 1864


2nd Quarter Vouchers, 1864


3rd Quarter Vouchers, 1864



Thompson Westcott Incoming Letters, 1841-1888, n.d.


[Thompson Westcott?] Bank Book, 1840


Thompson Westcott Legal Papers, 1860s


Auction Broadside, 1878


Newspapers clippings


New Map of Philadelphia, 1882


Autographs, 18th century



Philadelphia Court Documents: Tavern Petitions, 1778, 1800-1829



Philadelphia Court Documents: Tavern Petitions, ca. 1732-1829 (unsorted)



Philadelphia Court Documents: Tavern Petitions, ca. 1732-1829 (unsorted)



Philadelphia Court Documents, 18th-19th centuries (unsorted)


Land Deeds




Returns for Overseers of the Poor


Returns for Jurors


Documents re: inquests



Louisiana Item

Felix Grima Certification, Notary Public, 1837


Mrs. J.H. Keefe Military Pass, 1864


Maryland, Annapolis


Henry Ennals to Henry Street, 1777


Thomas Richardson Acct. with U.S. Lottery, 1777


Thomas Richardson Receipts, 1778


Thomas Richardson Acct. with U.S. Lottery, 1778


U.S. Lottery Receipt, 1778


Notes on U.S. Lottery, 1791


J.H. Promissory Note, 1815


Thomas H. Hicks to William H. Gist, 1860 (copy),


title page proof & handbill for Deputy [UNK] Guide, 1774




William Blair to Mark Alexander, 1773


Samuel Vincent Reports RE: Lighting & Watching Baltimore, 1798, 1808


Reverdy Johnson to William Baer, 1826


B.S. Elder & Son Insurance Policy, 1831


Union Bank of Maryland Resolutions, 1835


Maryland Historical Society Circular, 1844


Thomas Jamison Acct. with Franklin Bank of Baltimore, 1838-39, 1847


J. Shaaf Stockett to _____, 1853


Brantz Mayer to Ro_____, 1854


Robert J. Browl to _____, 1855


J. Glenn to _____, 1857


Letters 1860, 1861, 1872, 1879


Speeches of the Hon. Henry May of Maryland, 1863


Notes on Maryland Coupons, 1863


W. Phail to William Price, 1864


Concordia Stock Certificates, 1865


Promissory Notes, 1866, 1867


James D. McCabe to American E.A. & Homestead Co., 1861


J.L. Perrigo to Henry J. Eastman, 1880


William L. Green to J.D. Maulsby, n.d.




R.B. McCabe to J.D. McCabe, 1859




Lloyd Lowndes to L.M. Everts, 1882




Jennifer S. Taylor Deposition RE: Slave, 1821




S. Lowe to Joseph Haskins, 1824


S. Todd to Joseph Haskins, 1825




L.L. Davis letters, 1854. 1864


Asylum for Deaf & Dumb Building Contract, 1870




Hagerstown Turnpike Road Co. Certificates, 1815


William Hamilton to W.H. Leonard, 1868


Port Tobacco


R. Henderson to Matthew Blair, 1789


John Gwinn to Matthew Blair, 1789


John Gwinn to William Vincent, 1801




James Bowdoin to the Major Generals of Massachusetts, 1786


Berkshire Co. School Tax Warrant, 1818


J. Harrington RE: Battle of Lexington, 1846


New Hampshire

Register of Certificates Issued for U.S. Debt, 1782-1786


New Jersey

John Lookout Voucher, 1786


"A Caution to the Public" RE: Navigation Lottery, n.d.


E. Bayly Promissory Note, 1842


New York


James Bronk Voucher, 1786



North Carolina

Margaret Hull Widow's Pension Application, 1866



Indenture, 1737


Returns of Certificates, 1786


Wm. Preston to James D. McCabe, 1846


Military Pass, 1863


"List of Field Works, Their Armaments and Garrisons," 1864


9th Army Corps List of Garrisons, 1864


"Letter from Camp Washington," 186_



Report on...Railway between Lake Superior and Fort Garry, 1874



Theodore Maurice to Thomas Barclay, 1782-1785


George III Proclamation, 1782



Location Unknown


Basil Brown to John Hide, 1792


Notes RE: Bankruptcy, 1804


William B. Martin to James Madison, 1813


Independent Republicans Meeting Notice, 1817


U.S. Land Office Blank Form, n.d.


List of Indian Words with English Equivalents, n.d.


Catalog of Books on Various Subjects, n.d.


"List of Genera in Stendels," n.d.


Henry Armitt Brown to _____, n.d.




James Oakes to Thorpe & Hays.





Fragments, 18th century




Fragments, 19th century





35 Unidentified Alphabets (Indices) to Account Books, 18th and 19th centuries





Attachments for raising and lowering ships rudders (drawings)






Westcott Letters



1848 - July 2

E. Lerning to Westcott - Enclosed $50 for your services to the Pa. Law Journal.




1854 - Dec. 11

E. Morris to Wectcott - you have written ad admirable biography of Fitch & his steamboats.




1855 - April 3

John Road to Westcott - many thanks for your report of my grandafther's death.




1855 - Nov. 13

Chas Dare to Westcott - enclosed find the Grays Ferry items loaned me. Thanks.




1856 - June 14

E. Webb to Westcott - Thanks for your editorial backing for the services renedered the Dem. party.




1856 - Nov. 14

Wm. Buck to Westcott- have gotten the address of John Longstretch soo that you may see him.




1857 - Sept. 19

E. Hatter to Westcott. Hope you will publish nothing injurious to my wife, a noble woman.




1857 - Oct. 20

Wm. Byck to Westcott - Enclosed my article - "The Naustone and the Shoreman" for you use if you wish.




1858 - Feb. 21

Wm. Corbit to Westcott congratulations on your life of Fitch. Still living in Phila. is a Mr. Bolton, who was a passenger on several Fitch boats.




1858 - May 1

Geo. Wonderlich to Wesctott - please help support Am. artists before they go off to Europe. I wouldd appreciate some honest approaisal of my work.




1858 - Dec. 2

M. Mitcham to Westcott enclosed data on the Murphy children - one of whom has run away.




1859 - Jan 21

Geo. Lehman. You have [UNK] from oblivion the work and labor on [UNK] of John Fitch.




1859 -April 10

B.H.Coates you have made me [UNK] of a Roman Catholic place of worship- I sold the property.




1859 - Dec. 15

Thanks for restoring a character which has been much injored in the past.




1861 - Feb. 21

Geo Cornwall - thanks henttly for your support as reported in your paper.




1861 - April 8

Thank you for the editorial in the Penn. Journal




1862 - July 25

Thank you for a clear article on the revolution. Such articles bolster the morals of the few who also seek accurate history.




1864 - June

Your Sunday Dispatch is one of my favorite papers.




1865 - May 28

Percy Shea to Westcott - hopeyou can pay me a visit-everyone is pushing their claim




1865 - June 7

T.Forney to Estcott - called on Mr. Stawton [UNK] Captain spear, and he will do what he can at the proper time.




1866 - Aug. 29

Edw. Hall to Westcott - don't know the date of the erection of wings to the state House. Perhaps 1839-40.




1867 - Jan. 6

Geo.McAllister to Westcott - the Bush Hill mabsion is still standing but was converted to an oil cloth and carpet factory.




1867 - Feb. 18

James Mifflin - sending you a paper re: the Mifflin family. They left England because of persecution.




1867 - Mar. 3

I did not like to enter suit v.s. Mr. Jones but may be forced to, if they do not pay up.




1867 - Mar. 4

S. App to Westcott - glad the case resulted in my faver.




1867 - Mar. 17

Spenser Bonstable to Wescott - would you plushlish a list in your Hist. of Pa. of all who came across with William Penn?




1867 - June 9

wish we were closer.




1867- Dec. 3

The. DE Va to Westcott. Glad your History progressing. Saveme a copy or two.




1867 - May 23

Ship Bristol Foster arrived at Chester, Pa. in 1681. was first to get Penn. Grant of land.




1868 - May 13

J.McAllister to Westcott - there is a veryold mansion on McGrath St. which your artist should sketch.




1868 - June 15

J. Allis to Westcott - en Episcopal historian says you neglect the earliest years of the Epis.church in Pa.




1868 - Nov.24

J. Lessor to Wastcott - have a me early church data which will interest you.




1867- Mar. 17

J. Martindale to Westcott - I have cpy of the minutes of early Govt Assembly if it interest you.




1867 - Nov. 22

C. Wester to Westcott - who has the original map of Germantown?




1867 - Nov. 28

J. Wister to Westcott - have some historical data on early Pa. for your perusal.




1867 - Feb. 18

T. Emery to Westcott - I have an early map which might interest you.




1867 - Mar. 28

In your work [UNK] Hist.of Phila did you come across the name Cockahamery?




1867 - Dec. 29

Among Wharton papers discovered this song, written c. 1775.




1868 - Mar. 20

Samuel Parrish to Westcott- the original Fair Hill Meeting House is still standing.




1870 - Feb. 4

Edw. Fry to Westcott - have produced a play- would it be successful on stage?




1872 - Sept. 20

H. Dawson to Westcott - too busy to help you.Sorry.




1874 - June 17

Wm. Egls to Westcott - can you give me the design of the 1st Pa. flag?




1875 - Dec.8

Cmdr [UNK] to Westcott - can send you a list of officers of the Navy Yard if that would help.




1876 - May 17

looking forward to receiving the sketch of early Phila - make it about 20 pp.




1877 - Aug. 20

would like to see the letter referring to the Jack family. Would return it promptly.




1877 - Nov.16

Edw. Shippen to Westcott - what are the dates of the erection and destruction of the first Shippen homes?




1876 - Feb. 22

Wm.George to Westcott - looking fowward to your sketch on early Phila.




1877 - Jan. 13

M. Arnold to Estcott -have you finished withe the original letter left by my client?




1876 - April 28

Edw. Sinclair to Westcott - glad you have chosen to read proof of the first MSS.




1876 - Feb. 24

could you give me biographical details of the first governor. M. Lloyd?




1879 - Dec. 5

Thanks for info re: bank of Phila - need data to help fix dates in regard to establishment of Bank.




1880 - Mar. 18

J. Right to Westcott - sending some info re: early house on S.E. corner of 26th and Market St.s




1883 - Feb. 5

J.Cane to Wetscott - sending you the labors of search song historical data. Some day will find the rest.




1880 - Mar.

DaAllen to Westcott - does he have any info on the death of N. Fagan, architect of the St. Augustine church?




1881 - Aug. 24

R. Baxter to Westcott - aking for info on earlest theatre group in Phila. Any old billsor programs?




1883- July 4

Data on various plots of land.




1883 - Oct. 6

R. Griffin to Westcott - thanks for notes of Catholic Cathedral - very helpful.




1884 - June 9

W. Ashman to Westcott - you find gift of the back numbers of the [UNK] very appreciated.





Scharf Letters



1866 - March 2

Wm. S. Hogue to J.T.S. - Scharf could make a fortune if he came to Tallahasee, Fla. Hogue wants a position in Baltimore, Md. and desires aid.




1867 - Jan.18

E. Tombray to J.T.S. - Could help him in his research.




1867 - Jan. 21

R. Hanley & Co. to J.T.S. - a bill for lumber.




1869 - Jan. 16

Wm. S. Hogue to J.T.S. - Enjoying a law practice in Tellahasee, Fla. Might move north.




1869 - Aug. 20

J. Busey to J.T.S. - a bill for bricks.




1870 - May 31

Mary Dougherly to J.T.S. - payment for board of James Clarke.




1870 - Aug. 10

D. S. Cook to J.T.S. - Mr. Stephen will send his carpenter to Baltimore to give right instructions.




1870 - Oct. 16

[UNK] Stone to J.T.S. - Thanks for giving a speeck on Oct. 11th.




1870 - Oct. 16

G. Swingley to J.T.S. - Enclosing a check for $100.




1872 - Nov. 26

[UNK] Walters to J.T.S. - Is pleased to have J.T.S. attend an artists' view of his act on Thanksgiving.




1873 - Jan. 12

J.T.S. to Benson [UNK] - would be happy to contribute to his Historical Review. Has lots of data.




1873 - Aug. 28

Jefferson Davis to J.T.S. - delighted he will write on Baltimore's contribution to states' rights.




1873 - Sept. 18

Stockett Matthews to J.T.S. Stop at his office to discuss important business.




1874 - Jan. 3

L.L. Cox to J.T.S. delighted to have his volume on Baltimore's history. Valuable contribution.




1874 -?Feb. 19

W.T. Greenway to J.T.S. - Won't be able to get address of Mrs Smallwood. Data on Bonapartes given.




1874 - Mar. 20

Dun Barlow & Co. to J.T.S. Have a demand for payment to execute. Please advise.




1874 - April 9

Library of Congress to J.T.S. - Can have a new copyright claim if want it for "Chronicles of Baltimore."




1874 - April 27

Library of Congress to J.T.S. - new copyright was mailed to you.




1874 - May 28

Joseph Craswell to J.T.S. - Thanks for copy of Chronicles of Baltimore. Good job.




1874 - May 30

Benson Lossing to J.T.S. - Thanks for copy of Chronicles of Baltimore. Will read it with interest.




1874 June 9

Lyman Draper to J.T.S. - Searching for death date of Co. Thos. Wolford. Can J.T.S. help?




1875 - Jan. 30

Samuel Drake - to J.T.S. appreciate your efforts to exchange a copy of your Ba timore for our Histl of Boston but we have no more copies of Boston history. Out of print




1875 - Feb. 5

Rbt Abbey to J.T.S. - Thanks for copy of Hist of Baltimor Glad t hear that J.T.S. will follow with another Hist.




1875 - Feb. 10

Bro. Bettelin - to J.T.S. - Profound thanks for Hist of Baltimore. Will read with interest.




1875 - Feb. 25

Samuel Drake tt J.T.S. Thanks for letter and copy of Hist of Baltimore. Very impressed.




1875 - May 8

Bradley Thomas - tell me how much space there'll be for my contribution to your new History.




1875 - July 5

John Kelley to J.T.S. - Would like a copy of your Chronicles of Baltimore.




1875 - July 17

John Kelly to J.T.S. Report on New York newspaper.




1875 - Aug. 15

Rbt Garrett to J.T.S. Free pass on stemmer Boston to Baltimore.




1875 - Oct. 24

John Keelly to J.T.S. - Received his MSS but can't get any New York newspaper too print it yet.




1875 - Nov. 9

John Kelly to J.T.S. Received the MSS but can't get it inserted in a NY da ly paper. Would he like to try the weeklies?




1875 - Sept. 5

D.W. Gray to J.T.S. Enclose an obituary of Thomas La Blanc to be used or not in the newspapers at his discretion.




1875 - Nov. 26

John Kelly to J.T.S. - What to do with his Mss? The NY daily papers won't publish it. Does he want to try the Catholic press?




1875 - Sept. 25

Bradley Johnson to J.T.S. Would have done a paper on "Marylanders in the U.S. Army" but in the midst of a hotley contested election. Perhaps can do it by the Spring.




1876 - Feb. 4

Geo. Childs to J.T.S. Many thanks for the superb gift of the book. Do send it to others.




1876 - Mar. 2

S.A. Drake - To J.T.S. - Am not a member of the Mass Historical Society [UNK] can't help as had hoped.




1876 - April 1

John Garrett to J.T.S. [UNK] his letter but can't do much to help.




1876 - May 6

Lewis Steener - to J.T.S. - Enclose a sermon for your [UNK] Will try to do some work for you.




1876 - June 7

Ferdinand Latrobe to J.T.S. - Many thanks for splendid book, Chronicles of Baltimore.




1876 - Sept. 7

Thos. Westcott to J.T.S. - will send a photo of room where Gen Lennox was married. O.K.,?




1877 - Jan. 29

S.W. Johnson to J.T.S. Sending a few words relative to his biography of Thomas Johnson, ancestor.




1877 - Aug. 20

Charles Mallery to J.T.S. - does he know of the volume History of a visit to Md. by a Huguenot refugee? Could have a copy sent if he is interested.




1877 - Nov. 18

Harry Gibson to J.T.S. - Letter of introduction of Mr. Thomas Garraty - a friend.




1878 - Jn. 29

John Foley to J.T.S. - Would he help the House of Good Shepard to be incorporated by the Md. legislature? A worthy cause.




1878 - May 7

Montgomery Blair to J.T.S. - The election of Tilden was a fraud. Sad state of democracy.




1878 - Jan 3

Robert Brook to J.T.S. - How is the magnum opus - Hist of Maryland - coming along?




1878 - July 15

D.S. Durine to J.T.S. Would like one more copy of Chronicles of Baltimore. Would give a Hist. of Wisconsin in return.




1878 - Aug. 24

Joseph Kinkly - am working on the story of Md. men in the U.S. Army.




1879 - Jan. 9

M.P. Handy to J.T.S. - The Phila. TIMES would consider an article on the subject named.




1880 - Jan 21

Matthew Lateby to J.T.S. Suggest him to be appointed State Librarian.




1880 - Feb. 28

J. Martin Stevens to J.T.S. - Delighted to receive his History of Maryland. Excellent work.




1880 - April 29

W m. P. Craghill to J.T.S. What to be done to Baltimore harber? Articles in print in my office he'll stop by to see them.




18800- May 2

John Holland to J.T.S. Enclosed a History of the Balto and Catonsville Passenger Railway for his interest.




1880 - May 19

R.H. Vickers to J.T.S. Gives data on early History of National Marine Bank.




1880 - June 20

M. Hutckinson to J.T.S. - Data on early history of Elm Street Synagogue.




1880 - July 22

J.T. Wise to J.T.S. -Thanks for the package. Glad he found use for the articles.




1880 - Sept. 7

John Dean to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to the 150th celebration of founding oF Baltimore.




1880 - Sept. 14

J. Merryman to J.T.S. - will call a special meeting of the Exec. Comm. of Md. State Agri. Association.




1880 - Sept. 15

Hurry Fisher to J.T.S. - If can help with the sesquicentennial celebration, lethim know.




1880 - Sept. 20

D.W. Kechto J.T.S. - the Independent Order of Red Men will take part in the sesqu-centennial.




1880 - Sept. 22

John Jefferson to J.T.S. Accepts invitation to sesqui-centennial clelebration of Baltimore.




1880 - Sept. 22

Louis McMurray to J.T.S. - How high a pyramid could be used in the Balto clelbration?




1880 - Sept. 22

M.M. Guiness to J.T.S. - The Consolidated Board of Catholic Beneficiaries accepts the invitation to be part of the 150th celebration of Baltimore.




1880 - Sept. 22

E. Perkins to J.T.S. The Catholic L.A. Society will take part in the Baltimore celebration.




1880 - Sept. 28

B.H. Scott to J.T.S. Accepts the invitat on to be part of the 150th celebration of Baltimore.




1880 - Sept. 23

L. Vogla to J.T.S. - The Masonic Temple accepts the invitation of the Baltimore celebration.




1880 - Sept. 23

L.W. Jackson t J.T.S. - Accepts invitation to be part of the 150th celebration of Baltimore




1880 - Sept. 23

Wm. Hurth to J.T.S. - Can't accept the invitation to delebrate Baltoimore's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 24

W.I. Jones to J.T.S. - will accept the invitation to help celebrate Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 24

H. White to J.T.S. The Cumberland Encampment accepts the invitation to celebrate Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 24

J. Johnson to J.T.S. - accepts the invitation to celebrate Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 24

G.H. Heddaway [UNK] J.To.S. accepts invitation to celebrate Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 25

E.G. W ind to J.T.S. The St. George 's Society will be unable to parade with Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 25

A. Schnally to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of celebration of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 27

W.G. Browen to J.T.S. accepts the invitation to be part of clelbration of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 27

J.F. Eisenhauer to J.T.S. - the Independent Hose Co. accepts the invitation to parade in Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 27

[UNK] Morgan to J.T.S. - accepts the invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Sept. 27

D.M. Poweell to J.T.S. - The Unions F. Eng. Co. no.3 accepts the invitatton to parade in the 150th of Balto.




1880 - Sept. 27

J. Harris to J.T.S. the Improved Order Heptarghs will accept invitation to parade in Balto. celebration.




1880 - Sept. 28

P.F. Healy to J.T.S. accept invitation to be part of 150th clelbration of Balto.




1880 - Sept. 28

W.H. Bensson to J.T.S. accept invitation to help celebrate Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 28

D.F. Crutchfield to J.T.S. - the Frostburg Md Fire Co. would like to participate in the 150th celebration of Balto - invite them, please.




1880 - Sept. 28

J. Soomuch to J.T.S. too busy to accept invitation to help celebrate Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 28

G. Gibson to J.T.S. - the Hall of Druid Lodge No. 3 accepts the invitation to be part of Balto's 150th




1880 - Sept. 28

W.K. Kruber to J.T.S. - unable to accept the invitatio to be part of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 29

Geo.Childs to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to participate in celebration of Balto's 150th year.




1880 Sept. 30

J.G.W.P. to J.T.S. would like to know the exact parade route of Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 30

J.T. Scharf to Benson Loring - invites him to stay wit him during celebration of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Sept. 30

W. Leigh to J.T.S. - cannot accept the invitation to celebrate Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 30

B/ Harwey to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to be part of celebration of Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 30

L. Hinkley to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of celelbration of Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Sept. 30

N. Namma to J.T.S. - put "Combined German American" on program of celebration.




1880 - Sept. 30

T.S. Heedersheim to J.T.S. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 1

H. Crane to J.T.S. unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 1

J.L. Heintz to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's celebration




1880 * Oct. 1

Friend of Public Schools to J.T.S. - think each teacher in the schools should give $1 to celebration




1880 - Oct. 1

M.C. [UNK] to J.T.S. unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 1

J. Welsh to J.T.S. unable to cee pt kind invitation to be part of Balt 's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 1

F.H. Eckstein to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 1

J.C. Zackos to J.T.S. - Mr. Peter Cooper of N.Y.C. too old to accept invitation to come to Balto to celebrate.




1880 - Oct. 2

R. Jones to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of celebration of Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Oct. 2

H. Heorsby to J.T.S. unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's clebration.




1880 - Oct. 2

J. Korus to J.T.S. - Pioneer Hook and Ladder Co. unable to accept invitation to celebrate Balto's 150th year.




1880 - Oct. 2

J.H. Gilven to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oc.t 2.

C.G. Learnwell to J.T.A. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150t celebration.




1880 - Oct. 2

H.L. Byrd to J.T.S. Could the Independent Pratcitioner be part of the celebration of Balto's 150th?




1880 - Oct. 2

G.H. Elliot to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150 celebration




1880 - Oct. 2

John E. Park to J.T.A. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

M.L. Moses to J.T.S. - Mayor of Montgomery, Ala. Will accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration




1880 - Oct. 4

Bro. Axarios to J.T.S. Rock Hill College will accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

Alexander Poe to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation be be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

J. Fleishman to J.T.S. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

W.B. Dismore to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to be part of Balto's 150 celebration




1880 - Oct. 4

Jas. Penon to J.T.S. - Wordsworth Collebe unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

N.W. Brown to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Octt. 4

B.C. Pentz to J.T.S. - let him know full particulars about the parade in Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 4

H. Goodfellow to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 5

M. Liger to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 5

G. Kerckheffel to J.T.C. Please extend an invitation to M. Cuswriter, Mayor of Mechanicssburg, Pa.




1880 - Oct. 5

E. Ballam to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's celebtation of 150th year.




1880 - Oct. 5.

L. Henninghauser to J.T.S. - the Waterly Fire Co. can be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Octt 5

L.S. Ball to J.T.S. Salisbury Md. Fire Dept unable to attend celebration of Baltto's 150th.




1880 - Oct. 5

G. Appold to J.T.S. would like to have first program if possible.




1880 - Oct. 5

B.T. Carroll to J.T.S. Albany Burgess Corp. unable to attend the celebration of Baltto's 150th




1880 - Oct, 5

J.M. Moore to J.T.S. unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 5

H.T. Brown to J.T.S.Charlestown City Guard unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Oct. 5

L.E. Lowe to J.T.S. will accept, if possible, the invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 5

J.C. Bartol to J.T.S. - unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 6

[UNK] J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 105h celebration.




1880 - Oct. 6

W. Coleman unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 6

H.M. Adams to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to be part of Baltto's 150th celebration.




1880 Oct. 6

R.Hardie to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th clelbration.




1880 - Oct. 6

Wm. Fields to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 6

C. Macalm to J.T.S. accepts the invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration




1880 - Oct. 6

H.P. Archer accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 6

S. Price to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 Oct. 7

J. Beatz to J.T.S. unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880)ct. 7

D. Cox to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

J.J. Sikahant to J.T.S. - 3 veterans of their [UNK] Fire Dept. should be invited to be part of Balto's 150th.




1880 - Oct. 7

W.W. Hopkins to J.T.S. probably can accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th clelbration.




1880 - Oct. 7

O. [UNK] to J.T.S. - accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

M.G. Kidd to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

M.G. Kidd to J.T.S. accepts kindinvitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

J.M. Miller to J.T.S. unable to accept kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 OOct. 7

E.G. [UNK] to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

J.G. Bener to J.T.S. - accepts invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

E. Pratt to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of Ba to's 150th clebration.




1880 [UNK] Oct. 7

A.N. [UNK] to J.T.S. - accepts kind invitation to be prt of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct 7

G.W. Ridgeley to J.T.S. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 [UNK] Oct. 7

J.M. Allen to J.T.S. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

R. Williams to J.T.S. [UNK] wonders whynne invitation received for Balto's 150h.Surely [UNK] accept.




1880 -Oct. 7

E.B.P. Prettyman to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 -Oct. 7

P. [UNK] to J.T.S. - Vice-Consul for Benmark is away. Will tell him of invitation when he returns.Thanks




1880 - Oct. 7.

John Almy to J.T.S. - unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

J. Whiteside to J.T.S. Custer Post accepts invitation to be part of Balto's [UNK] celebration.




1880 - Oct. 7

S.A. Graham to J.T.S. unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 8

J.R. Randall to J.T.S. unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 * Oct. 8.

Lh. [UNK] to J.T.S. would like to see you next [UNK] or Tuesday - if possible. Let me know.




1880 - Oct. 8

Mrs. Read t J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 8

Wm. N. Calvert to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 8

J.P. Redgrave to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 8

Jas. Renell to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 9

W.A. Corwin to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 * Oct. 9

J. Ingraham to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 9

H.S. Sunderson to J.T.S. - his Mother accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th clebration.




1880 - Oct. 9

Chas Reynolds to J.T.S. accepts kind invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 * oct. 9

J.W. Brady to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct, 11

H. Dietman to J.T.S. accepts his invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 - Oct. 12

W. Hepburn to J.T.S. accepts invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 * Oct. 14

J. Hyatt to J.T.S. our cadets [UNK] not up to standard so must decline invitation to parade.




1880 - Oct. 14

R. Hager to J.T.S. received invitation too late to attend. Gladit was a success.




1880 * O ct. 15

J.Shard t M. Fray - please furnish the usual number of mounted police.




1880 * oct. 20

C.B. [UNK] to J.T.S. would we be guests of the city of [UNK] iff accepted invitation?




1880 - Oct. 20

H. Hedges to J.T.S. unable to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1880 * Oct. 30

O. Childs to J.T.S. have received your splendid Hist. of Maryland and will review it for Phila Ledger.




1880 - Nov 26

G. Dorsey to J.T.S. would have space for a brief article by you on any subject. Deadline: Dec. 1.




1880 - Dec. 25

J. Walllace to J.T.S. attemps to locate the old Coffee House and "The Globe". Several ideas.




1880 -

M. Blair to J.T.S. will try to endorse your work when ready, as you request.




1881 - Jan. 5

John Latrobe to J.T.S. could we have a meeting of the [UNK] committee next week?




1881 - Jan 11

John Heyra to J.T.S. - can furnish evidence that my great grandfather was a captl in the Rev. War.




1881 - Jan 21

J. McEvoy to J.T.S. in reply, the collection amounts to $20,683.




1881 - Jan 21

J.T.S. to - - - - Need data on your first church for a history of [UNK] city and county.




1881 - Jan 21

C. Chetsh to J.T.S. appreciate your thoughtful attention. The Hist of Phila. was successful.




1881 - Jan 26

J. Cocknal to J.T.S. - The idea of a [UNK] St. Louis is a good one. Comeout and investigate.




1881 - Feb. 7

A. McAlister to J.T.S. a mutual friend, Geo Childs, wants to give a copy of your Hist. of Md. to the Hist. Society of Phila. Do you know anything about the Rev. Abel [UNK]?




1881 - Feb. 13

R. Conley to J.T.S. - in reply to your [UNK] about the House of Friendless, am ma ling you printed information that will answer your questions.




1881 - Feb. 29

Wm. Waters to J.T.S. enclose a card which will admit you to my house and gallery.




1881 - Mar. 2

J. Tyson to J.T.S. Gives data on the shelter for colored orphans started in 1866.




1881 - Mar. 26

A.F. Erich to J.T.S. - Enclosed please find the biographical notes you requested. Would like to see a proof before going to press.




1881 - Mar. 31

J. Ingle to J.T.S. gives data requested on the Hist. of the Church of the [UNK]




1881 - April 3

W. Isaac to J.T.S. have sketched bigraphical data you reuqested - enclosed.




1881 - April 13

D. Wolfe to T.J.S. we send you historical data on Union Bridge, Md as you requested.




1881 - April 14

T. Merrefield to J.T.S. I havewrtten a sketch of the Johns Hopkins Hospital for you.




1881 - April 15

J.A. Sheppard to J.T.S. - gives biographical data - three pages - as requested.




1881 - April 21

G.D. Roberts to J.T.S. Too busy to aid you as you requested. Sorry.




1881 - April 21

H. Barnard to J.T.S. Wish I could aid you as you desired. Why not try my namesake, President Barnard of Columbia College, N.Y.C.,?




1881 - April 21

C.B. Dance to J.T.S. - must decline your request as I know nothing about RRs.




1881 - April 21

T.M. Brown to J.T.S. - unable to assist you in your proejcted Enclycopedia of RR Knowledge. Too busy.




1881 - April 22

J.E. Hilgard to J.T.S. - regret that I am too busy to aid you in your proposed project.




1881 - April 23

R.S. Beauregard to J.T.S. Sorry but too busy to aid you in your proposed project.




1881 - April 27

J.T. Winsor to J.T.S. - will try to aid you when I receive the request. But know little about RRs.




1881 - April 23

G. Wilson to J.T.S. - can help your prrject in giving a sketch of Wm. Ogden




1881 - April 24

M. Halsted to J.T.S. - have neither tht info nor the time to aid you in your project.




1881 - April 25

B.J. Lossing to J.T.S. too busy as editor myself to help you in your RR project.




1881 - April 25

I.N. Street to J.T.S. Other than the fact that I was made an honorary LL D by St. Johns in 1872, I know of no more data for your inquiry.




1881 - Aril 26

R. Gittings to J.T.S. - Have treid to write a brief autobiography for you. Hope it helps. Glad to answer other questions.




1881 - April 30

Samuel Green to J.T.S. too busy to help you in your undertaking.




1881 - May 6

Wm. Witherall to J.T.S. Enclosed find a sketch of mylife for you.




1881 - May 25

S.A. German to J.T.S. Thank you for your friendship - will try to help.




1881 - June 3

H.R. Hotchkiss to J.T.S. Here are the correct data of the births of my children.




1881 * June 10

C.L. Draper to J.T.S. Sorry too busy to help you inyour undertaking.




1881 - June 18

E. Wilkes to J.T.S. Sorry, too busy to help you in your undertaking.




1881 - June 20

F. Raine to J.T.S. please call at my office for a few minutes.




1881 - July 2

J. Hodges to J.T.S. Can't help as historian but will confer with you to see if can be of other help.




1881 - July 3

J.F. Newcomer to J.T.S. - would be willing to write on RRs as directed.




1881 - Sept. 5

Wm. R. Neil to J.T.S. gives biographical data asked for




1881 - Sept. 9

F.A. Tuball to J.T.S. - will send a corrected article on Annapolis.




1881 - Sept. 22

R. Garrett to J.T.S. - will answer your more fully tomorrow.




1881 - Oct. 26

W. Windorm to J.T.S. too busy to contribute an article on RRs.




1881 - Oct. 29

A. Anderson to J.T.S. - sendind on a cut from the engraver. Please return.




1881 - Nov. 3

R. Ganett to J.T.S. please hand me the remaining sheets on the B & O RR for proofing.




1881 - Nov. 20

J.M. Strong to J.T.S. Herein the birographical data on my father you requested.




1881 - Nov. 28

D. Stonebreaker to J.T.S. Herein the biographical data you seek. My father is dead.




1881 - Nov. 28

B.O. [UNK] to J.T.S. Herein the biographical data you seek.




1881 - Dec. 14

M.A. Newall to J.T.S. Enclose a sketch of Wm. Whitman as you requested.




118 - Dec. 23

M.A. Newall to J.T.S. Enclose a sketch as you requested.




1881 - Dec. 30

W. Duvaney to J.T.S. I gave you a sketch of Upton Sheridan.




1882 * Jan 19

Mary Foureif to J.T.S. Will have the MSS of the chapter for you soon.




1882 - Jan 28

Bradley Johnson t J.T.S. can you attend the annual G.S.A. banquet on Feb. 22?




1882 - Jan. 30

C.W Keine to J.S.A. sending an article for publication by Adama Express.




1882 - Jan. 30

Geo. Porter - to J.T.S. - would like to publish the cut of the Chamber of Comme rce bldg.




1882- Jan. 31

John Shea to J.T.S. I will assist you in your Hist of Phila as requested.




1882 - Feb.

Lloyd Lowndes to J.T.S. Enclosed a description of the [UNK] [UNK] Arkansas.




1882 - Feb. 4

Boyd [UNK] [UNK] J.T.S. would like someone to help him trace his ancestry.




1882 - Feb. 30

Judge Matter to J.T.S. gives biographical sketch.




1882 - April 3

O.H. Bruch to J.T.S. his pupils gave a play based on Sharf's Hist of Maryland.




1882 - Oct. 12

Enoch Pratt to J.T.S. - Thank you for your Hist of Baltimore. Excellent work.




1882 - Oct. 17

J.M. Molder to J.T.S. Have been in bed for several days - would have written sooner.




1882 - Oct. 19

J.Keen to J.T.S. Hopes [UNK] Library, Oxford, can get a copy of his Hist.of Baltimore.




1882 - Dec. 16

J.T.S. to Francis Parkman - is writing a Hist of St. Louis. Does F.P. know any details of Indian attack of 1780?




1882 - Dec. 21

F. Parkman to J.T.S. Can't throw any light on his question - perhaps D. [UNK] of Madison, Wisc. can help




1882 - Dec. 26

L. Draper to J.T.S. did Dr. Cohen make a collection of the signers of the Decl of Independence?




1882 - Dec. 27

C. Gayone to J.T.S. can't give the information desired. Suggest you write Dr Draper.




1882 - Dec. 28

F. Billan to J.T.S. I know more about the affair of 1780 than any other historian and can write about it in due time.




1883 - Mar. 1.

L. Preston to J.T.S. - I send you the Lucas biography - approved by the family.




1883 - Mar. 11

F. Billen to J.T.S. will write of his own ancestry in due time. Is ill now.




1883 - June 30

L. Draper to J.T.S. if he will send a copy of his Hist. of St. Louis, LD will send a copy of his work on King's Mountain.




1883 - Aug. 3

P. Johnston to J.T.S. - wonder if Mr. Spencer would like me to help write the histories he is embarked upon.




1883 - Sept. 5

F.D. Stone to J.T.S. received his Hist of Baltimore. Excellent work.




1883 - Sept. 10

R.B. McMaster to J.T.S. appreceate your suggestion - will keep in touch.




1883 - Dec. 3

W. Perine to J.T.S. - think I will be able to finish writing the chapter in 10 or 12 days. Will do his best.




1883 - Dec. 6

J.W. Forney to J.T.S. Please send the data as you suggested.




1883 - Dec. 8

H.M. Johnston to J.T.S. Am sending the MSS - hope it will satisfy you. Do not see why you syy you will have to rewrite part of it.




1883 - Dec. 10

F. Forney to J.T.S. my sister is writing the article wo ld like to see the book you mention. Would help her research.




1884 - Feb. 25

Rbt Ganette to J.T.S. pleace read the enclosed letter and than return it to me.




1884 - Feb. 1

A Winnto J.T.S. in preparation of your Naval Hist of the War - I can write [UNK] my regiment did, if that would help




1884 - Feb. 3

L.R. Jones to J.T.S. The report of the Boundary Commissioners is at the printers. will forward a copy of it to you




1884 - Mar. 8

L.A. Lundeau to J.T.S. you promise to send me the sketchfor revision. Thanks.




1884 - Mar. 10

M.I. Griffin to J.T.S. can you return the MSS sketch of St. Augustine's church?




1884 - April 2

S.W.Lindlay to J.T.S. you can do me the personal favor of retaining two friends, G. Stafer and J. Haines. Please do so.




1884 - April 5

A. Gorman to J.T.S. my friend, Mr. Claude, [UNK] like his son to be a [UNK] of yours if you will appoint him.




1884 - April 8

W.V. McKean to J.T.S. Herein ffnd the Drexel sketch in proof print.




1884 - May 7

A. Gorman to J.T.S. Thank you for yourhelp. Need your support in my campaign.




1884 - May 5

W.E. Forster to J.T.S. Suggest several persons to help with Hist of Boston




1884 - June 6

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. I will write the proposed chapter inthe Hist. of Weschester County.




1884 - June 10

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. think that there should be a general guide to the writers of the Town Sketches in the proposed History.




1884 - June 26

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. Delighted to receive acceptance of his offer.




1884 - June 21

T. Westcott to J.T.S. - I have already returned the [UNK] you speak of.




1884 - Aug 13

H. Danson to J.T.S. My nephew will do a Poe article for you. I'll advise him.




1884 - Oct. 5

Bradley Thomas to J.T.S. - acept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




1884 - Nov. 17

C.Bonaparte to J.T.S. The enc [UNK] paper [UNK] have been returned long ago.




1884 - Nov. 22

W.V. McKeanto J.T.S. can't take [UNK] study - any N.O. Correspondence?




1884 - Ded. 24

J. West to J.T.S. will help him in Hist of Westchester.




1885 - Jan 1

A.S. Abell to J.T.S. Plan discontinue your special letters to the SUN after Jan 24th.




1885 - Jan 8

B.J. Johnson to J.T.S. I hope you can give w rk to Lewis Cate - a worthy man.




1885 - Jan

L. Merritt to J.T.S. the bound vo l.s of your pamphlets are even more valuable than I supposed.




1885 - Jan 28

J.G. Speed to J.T.S. Would appreciate letter backing our Resolution in House and Senate.




1885 - Feb. 6

R. Garrett to J.T.S. you have helped prepare a good state exhibit at NewOrleans. Wish I could have come down, but too busy.




1885 - Feb. 16

J. Carroll to J.T.S. an ancient paino in your exhibit is not property of Chas Carroll but of Charles C. Banwriter. Please make correction.




1885 - Mar. 27

H.King to J.T.S. I shall use some of the sketch you sent me in the official report.




1885 - April 7

A.P. Cranmer to J.T.S. I will be delighted to see you after the 1st of May.




1885 - April 25

J.F. Bayard to J.T.S. - It is too soon to discuss dedication speeches re: de Kalb [UNK].




1885 - May 8

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. would like my chapter to have a copy of the 1780 map of Westchester published by the King's geographer.




1885 - May 22

[UNK] King to J.T.S. would like to see part of your excellent article in our annual Report.




1885 - May 22

L.M. Bayard to J.T.S. would like to speak at the unveiling of the De Kalb status.




1885 - June 5

Wm. Baird to J.T.S. it isnot possible to transfer to the National Museum any part of the exhibit at the New Orleans exhibit.




1885 - June 25

W.D.Hall to G.S. Abell - thank you for the honor you have done to Co..Ingraam - andyour support of the ideals of our consitutition.




1885 - June 30

J.G. Speed to J.T.S. you are officia ly hamed Commissioner for the state re: the London Exhibit. Keep me informed.




1885 - July 2

J.G. Speed to J.T.S. re: your letter I have doubts as to the existence of early land companied in Maryland.




1885 - July 6

J.G. Speed to J.T.S. I hope to see you before Aug. 1 sorry there is so little prospect of state appropriation.




1885 - July 16

J.F. Bayard to J.T.S. * to introduce George Reed - hope you can get him a free railroad pass.




1885 - Aug. 15

Rbt. Ganett to J.T.S. thanks for your letter and congratulations on receiving the [UNK]




1885 - Aug. 25

Jefferson Davis to J.T.S. could work with you on the Sherma matter after mid-Sept. if you collect all the papers necessary.




1885 - Sept 7

V. Davis to J.T.S. - Mr. Davis had an attack of fever. Thanks for info on death of Mrs. Reed. You did all possible to help him. Hope you would visit us.




1885 - Sept. 10

J.F. Bayard to J.T.S. thank you for the interesting letter of my uncle to the late Richard Bayard.




1885 - Nov. 27

E. Beust to J.T.S. can't supply any duplicate material of National Museum for State Museum.




1886 - Jan 11

Jeff Davis to J.T.S. may I present a friend, Col. L.B. Northrup. If you can help him, grand.




1886 - Feb. 6

[UNK] Bayard to J.T.S. has any sitebeen selected to have the pedestal of the deKalb status?




1886 - Mar. 16

M. Lamb to [UNK] Have your article but can't print it for a long time. Should you wish to recall it for another magazine, do so.




1886 - April 20

J. Neal to [UNK] request your aid in our [UNK] to get congressional leigslation re: fraudulent letter.




1886 - April 20

[UNK] Gernay to J.T.S. glad to see you in Wshington whenyou can come here. Let me know.




1886 - April 29

M. Lamb to J.T.S. [UNK] try to assist you in obtaining back issues of our magazine. Difficult.




1886 - April 30

G. Paul to J.T..S. accepets invitation tobe part of Balto's [UNK] of 150th year.




1886 - May 3

M. [UNK] to J.T.S. sending back issues of magazine - and returning your Mss article - sorry can't print it at this time.




1886- May 8

J. Brown to J.T.S. your history [UNK] justice to the [UNK] Navy. Enclosed the story of the Arkansas.




1886 - May

C. Lindsley to J.T.S. I have forwarded my MS chapter on Pelham. Alsonotes on [UNK] History.




1886 - May 5

J.F. Bayard to J.T.S.- naming the Comm. of Arrangements for [UNK] the de Kalb status. Please inform each of his election and the dates invvelved.




1886 - May 21

M.L. Wright to J.T.S. would be glad to examine your collection of confederatematerial.




1886 - June 5

A. Ordway to J.T.S. Would like to borrow pix of enclosed list of names. You may use my collection.




1886 - June 28

Gen. Shea to J.T.S. have [UNK] relattng to the manumission of Jeff. Davis. Have told the story to the reporter of a N.E. Magazine. Probably will sppear this summer.




1886 - July 8

Jeff Davis to J.T.S. must go away until about July 20, at which time could see J.T.S.




1886 - July 15

J.P. Randall to J.T.S. sorry won't create a poem for de [UNK] monument unveiling.




1886 - July 16

[UNK] Gibbons to J.T.S. Regret can't be present at unveiling of Kalb monument.




1886 - Aug. 9

T.F. Bayard to J.T.S. Enclosing a letter from DeKalb Vaterans Assoc. asking for places at the unveiling.




1886 - Aug. 12

F. Lea to J.T.S. Sorry can't be present at the unveiling of the deKalb monument.




1886 - Aug. 16

L. Abbott to J.T.S. sorry won't be present at unveiling of DeKalb monument.




1886 - Sept. 14

J. Archer to J.T.S. please have members of campaign Comm. meet at Barnum Hall Thursday night.




1886 - Sept. 23

Jeff Davis to J.T.S. enclosed thearticle withmy corrections and alterations.




1886 - Sept. 30

Fitzhugh Lee to J.T.S. I [UNK] try to get to your questions before too long.




1886 - Nov. 5

M. Wright to J.T.S. I'd be happy to visit you and see your Confed. records this month.




1886 - Nov. 14

S. Mallory to J.T.S. Enclosed please find a sketch of my father's life.




1886 - Nov. 17

G. Steward to J.T.S. you are [UNK] to [UNK] on my committee on the occasion of the dedication of the Confed monument on Carlyle's Hill.




1886 - Nov. 26

F. Lea to J.T.S. [UNK] a brief sketch of my father, Sydney Smith Lea.




1886 - Dec. 24

A.Gorman to J.T.S. won't you look among your pamphlets for an agreement made by John Garrett on abbreviated rates of telephone?




1886 - Dec. 24

J.T. Sharf to Jeff Davis - After finishing my work on the Confed. Navy would like to do a biography of you.




1886 - Dec. 27

A. Alleson to J.T.S. I will try to answer your questions relating to the Confed. Navy.




1886 - Dec. 28

[UNK] Randall to J.T.S. I have sent to Cmdr Jones a request for the data you seek.




1887 - Jan. 3

James Rochelle to J.T.S. enclose a sketch of my activities in the confed. Navy.




1887 - Jan. 5

W.H. Hand to J.T.S. writes of his experiences in the U.S., then Confed Navy, at time of civil war.




1887 - Jan. 7

[UNK] Cooke to J.T.S. Enclosed a [UNK] of my husband's career in the Confed. Navy.




1887 - Jan. 8

Dawson to J.T.S. - canyou lend me vol. 3 of Scharf's Hist of Maryand for a short time?




1887 - Jan.10

Rbt Garrett to J.T.S. would you look into my house at 9:30 am. tomorrow. I'll have my program [UNK] at that time.




1887 - Jan 12

V. Davis to J.T.S. I return to you your sketch involving my brother. Also some photographs.




1887 - Jan 12

J. Rochelle to J.T.S. gives data on activities while in Confed. Navy.




1887 - Jan 22

Chas. M. Fauntleroy to J.T.S. a sketch of his activity with the Confed. Navy




1887 - Feb. 7

R. Allison to J.T.S. makes correction in letter previously sent.




1887 - Feb. 11

F. Lee to J.T.S. Do not [UNK] the mss papers of James Monroe. Given [UNK] to family.




1887 - Feb. 11

C. Barker to J.T.S. explaining that his activities were extensive in the civil war.




1887 - Feb. 21

C. Baker to J.T.S. data [UNK] he blew up the "Louisiana" and ascaped capture.




1887 - Mar. 7

A. Gorman to J.T.S. Did you receive the documents I sent? Can see you any time in Washington.




1887 - Mar. 7

J.H. Rochelle toJ.T.S. sent along some photographs. Delighted he's doing ahistory of the Confed. Navy.




1887 - Mar 22

A. Ordway to J.T.S. Would like to borrow photographs of nine men, named.




1887 - Mar. 22

J. Rochelle to J.T.S. Enclosing a photograph of himself while in the confed. Navy.




1887 - Mar. 22

P. Johnson to J.T.S. enclosing a correct caveat for filing in the matter named.




1887 - Mar. 29

A. Gorman to J.T.S. Glad to seeyou in Washington any evening you can make it.




1887 - April 2

R. Johnson to J.T.S.Enclosed a sketch of his son's activities in the Confed. Navy.




1887 - April 4

W.Hamilton to J.T.S. Enclosed a sketch of his activities in the Confed Navy.




1887 - April 12

John Brain to J.T.S. [UNK] to help you in your work on [UNK]. Navy.




1887 - April 22

T.M. Cooley to J.T.S. don't wish to write on anything except RR law.




1887 - April 26

R. Allisen to J.T.S. Hope the review in the SUN is inaccurate.




1887 - May 21

J.C. Brain to J.T.S. will try to help in the writing of the Confed. Navy's History.




1887 - June 1

Jeff Davis t J.T.S. would wa t to plan personally with you the scope of the work.




1887 - June 10

W.B. Hall to J.T.S. Glad to receive Hist of Navy. printer made anerror with mynname.




1887 - July 10

Jeff Davis to J.T.S. sorry to see your conversation written up in newspaper.




1887 - July 18

J.T.Scharf to Jeff Davis - very sorry published article caused you displeasure. Won't happen again.




1887 - July 21

D. Pratt to j.T.S. Sending you a copy of Memoirs of the Sons who saved the union. For your review.




1887 - July 22

B.P.Loyali to J.T.S. look forward to receipt of your book. Your Hist. is most interesting.




1887 - Aug.23

P. Tucker to J.T.S. gives data on his father's life and naval career.




1887 - Aug. 25

J.H. Rochelle to J.T.S. how long should be the sketch of Admiral Tucker?




1887 - Sept. 24

J.H. Rochelle to J.T.S. no such case in which Walter Brooks was an [UNK].




1887 - Oct. 1

W.J. Owens to J.T.S. Have tried to do some writing for you, if you desire it.




1887 - Oct. 7

M. Read to J.T.S. Enclose the earlu [UNK] of the Hist. of thr Read Family. More later.




1887 - Oct. 11

Wm. Lewis to J.T.S. A Sterling was one representattive who helped get Hays elected.




1887 - Oct. 17

H. Vanderford to J.T.S. would like to know your views concerning Jackson.




1887 - Oct. 28

J.R. Rochelle to J. T.S. Here is another installmeet of the article on Admiral Tucker. Hope it's O. K.




1887 - Novv. 8

W. Parker to J.T.S. Did you receive my request to change the statement re: Sgt loyd?




1887 - Nov. 21

J. Carter to J.T.S. can you give the Hist. Society at Mt. Vernon a lecture on Dec. 16?




1888 - Jan. 2

R. Rochelle to J.T.S. - on hearing nothing,assumed your publisher did not want my biography of Adm.Tucker.




1888 - Mar. 14

J.K. Wilson to J.T.S. Hope you'll continue to employ my friend J.S. Shepard.




1888 - April 23

Chas. Borum to J.T.S. Can give you 2 or 3 corrections for your Hist. of Confed Navy.




1888 - April 24

F. Aquinas to J.S.S. please stop in mmy office some morning.




1888 - May 4

C. Borum to J.T.S. I will try to help on the subject you refer to.




1888 - May 5

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. Don't like or trust auctioneers of books.




1888 - May 9

A.S. Waddell to J..T.S. Hope the papers I send you via express arrive safely.




1888 - May 11

W.F. Greger to J.T.S. would like to see these marriage returns? Next week?




1888 - May 20

A.P. Forman to J.T. S. Hope to leave Balto on May 31 for St. Louis. You coming with us?




1888 - May 20

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. Thank you for newsef all your family. Are you coming to see us?




1888 - Mau 24

J. Wiegnison to J.T.S. Thank you for the copy of the Hist. of the Confed. Navy. Exceellent.




1888 - May 28

J.K. Cowen to J.T.S. where would I find a ffle on the Daily Commercial for Aug. 1867?




1888 - June 8

C. Borum to J.T.S. account of Borum's activities during Civil War. On land and on sea.




1888 - Sept. 14

M. King to J.T.S. sending a box of peaches in memory of J.T.S.'s kindnesses.




1888 - Sept. 25

W.T.Hamilton to J.T.S. accepts your invitat on to help clelebrate Balto's 150th year.




1888 - Oct. 13

O. Surnam to J.T.S. Thank you for your letter and your offer to land me your notes.




1888 - Nov. 3

F. Gregor to J.T.S. Like your prospectus - if I can be ofhelp, let me know.




1889 - Feb. 14

ChasBorum to J.T.S. tell me when the 2nd edition of your Hist. of Confed. Navy will be published?




1889 - March

M. Voute to J.T.S. Have you received my biography of Gen. Edw. Carrington?




1889 - April 23

A.P. Gorman to T.J.S. afriend, J. Doolittle, wants a copy of speech given by him in 1848 in Baltimore. Can you help?




1889 - June 10

Jeff Davis to J.T.S. to say that it was the policy of the Confederacy to stay within its own bounds is absund.




1889 - June 14

C Borum to J.T.S. Delighted that a 2nd edition of Confed. Navy Hist. is to be published.




1889 - June 17

G.J. Clarke to J.T.S. Herewith returning the blank filled out as you requested.




1889 - June 25

John Smith to J.T.S. sending you a boxof Indian relics in return for your Hist. of Baltimore




1889 - June 13

F. Latrobe to J.T.S. won't you step in at the Mayer's office when you are down town?




1889 - June 14

Wm. Mickle to J.T.S. let me know if there is any book you want.




1889 - June 27

C. Brane to J.T.S. enclosed sketches of Bishop Lawrence, J. Randd A. Geeting.




1889 - June 28

T.S. Scott to J.T.S. Can you meet me at Long Branch to discuss the work you want me to do for you?




1889 - July 2

Robt. Tyler to J.T.S. Do you have any of the Richmond newspapers for 1861-64 with the preceedings of the state convention?




1889 - July 2

A. Hadel to J.T.S. could you give me from the official records, the regiment my grandfather, N.Kimberly, belonged




1889 - July 31

D. Kent to J.T.S. can I trouble you for the sobriquet or cognomen of Maryland?




1889 - Aug. 13

Ge. Wilkes to. J.T.S. I send you data which may be of help to you.




1889 - Aug. 19

F. Hutckinson to J.T.S. I enclose a statement of my military service.




1889 - Aug. 20

Bennite to J.T.S. your mss has been delayed. Do you want it ret rned now or left with the Herald a bit longer?




1889 - Aug. 27

J. Meigs to J.T.S. I apply for any publication by Maryland of its vital statistics.




1889 - Sept. 7

B. Sunderaldn to J.T.S. I am interested in a biographical dictionary of Maryland.




1889 - Sept. 16

Geo Green t J.T.S. could you help me locate what became ofmy grandfather's btosher or sister or any descendants?




1889 - Sept. 18

John Wilson to J.T.S. do you know if Dabney Sades is still practicing law in Memphis?




1889 - Sept. 27

C. Griffin to J.T.S. do you know if Thomas Dale emigrated himself from England - or just from Md. to Va?




1889 - Oct. 2

John Smith to J.T.S. I would like to b e a corresponding member of the Maryland Historical Society.




1889 - Oct. 28

H. Littlepage to J.T.S. Office of War Records, Navy Dept.. is collecting all records in relation to the Union & Confed. Navies during the civil war. If you have any such records, please send them in.




1889 - Nov. 9

J.B. Sumner to J.T.S. will be inBalto after Xmas. will I find you at home at the time?




1889 - Nov. 18

J. Daugherty to J.T.S. you pr mised to send me your Hist. of Delaware. Am waiting.




1889 - Dec. 14

[UNK] Young to J.T.S. do you have any info of a soldier of war in 1812, Samuel Young?




1889 - Dec. 18

J. Hill to J.T.S. I request you to write a biography of Jefferson Davis, getting assistance from Mrs? Davis. Will pay you for the work.




1890 - Jan 10

J.D.Moore to J.T.S. you have the satisfaction of knowing the ratification of thetreaty of peace between U.S. and Great Britain in 1783. What did it contain?




1890 - Mar. 31

C.W. Chancellor to J.T.S. Thank you for sending me a copy of your valuable report.




1890 - April 1

J. Navarro to J.T.S. Thank you for sending a copy of your report.




1890 - Oct. 6

J.S. Wise to J.T.S. Do you have any information on Smith Hale of Eastern Shore, md?




1890 - Nov. 13

Wm. Norris to J.T.S. - let me introduce to you Mr. T.B. Jones. He is superior.




1890 - Nov. 13

J. Williams to J.T.S. - Do you know where the files of the Hagerstown Herald are for 1810-1816 are?




1890 - Dec. 2

A. German to J.T.S. Want to confer with you. Can't you run down to Washington?




1891 - June 2

J. Thea to J.T.S. Sorry that illnesshas prevented me from giving you data for the unveiling of the status of Leonard Calvert. Sorry.





Scharf Letters Addenda



no date

Wm. Hand to J.T.S. - will give his experiences as officer in Confed Army.




no date

------- to J.T.S. I will try to furnish you with an article on my experiences




no date

Alfred Townsend to J.T.S. - I think I may get to Balto before next Wednesday.




no date

Franklin Brown to J.T.S. - The ommissioner of HarlemPark wants an appropriation of $300:00




no date

P.W. White to J.T.S. - I will try to assist with a sketch of my life.




no date

S.D. Grass to J.T.S. will assist you in reading the proofs of this Hist. of Phila.




no date

Robert McDana to J.T.S. There are two commissioners for Maryland.




no date

L.V. Benjamin to J.T.S. Would not be able to accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




no date

Irwin Mankins to J.T.S. I accept the invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




no date

W. Walters to J.T.S. the information you need is all in the Hist. of Baltimore




no date

A. Magnew to J.T.S. faculty of St. Mary's Seminary accept invitation to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




no date

J. Eisenahuer to J.T.S. [UNK] desirous of knowing where we can quarter our company.




no date

F.J. Higginson to J.T.S. accept invitatioon to be part of Balto's 150th celebration.




no date

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. thank you for sending a copy of Hist. of Phildaelphia. Excellent work.




no date

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. if my [UNK] will permit me, I will come to Phila. to read proofs of the MSS.




no date

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. I will hasten the galleys as fast as my health will permit.




no date

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. my poor health will not permit me to leave home.




no date

W.G. Archer to J.T.S. I do not find the Suprior Court records very helpful. Where else to look?




no date

Clayton Hall to J.T.S. would like to have one of the electrotypes of the old Provincial Seal. Possible?




no date

C.D. Shriver to J.T.S. -Enclosed an article. Change it and use if as you see [UNK].




no date

L. Steiner to J.T.S. has Bancroft secured the life of Dr. John Tyler? Most interested.




no date

M. Murdaugh to J.T.S. last time I saw Gen. Lee was in the Wra Dept. Wanted officers.




no date

H.B. Dawson to J.T.S. desire to get all the collections of laws of Maryland if possible.




no date

F.W. Dawson to J.T.S. - will send about the circular in hopes of stirring interest in Hist. of the Confed. Navy.




no date

Edw. Canning to J.T.S. sends biographicaal sketch




no date

J.B. Jane to J.T.S. gives biographical sketch of his ancestors.




no date

Beale Richardson to J.T.S. article on early [UNK] journalist-early 19th century history.




no date

George Small - biographical data




no date

John Latrobe to J.T.S. There is a biography of me in "The Monumental City."





Appendix IV

Completed Questionnaires for Scharf's Biographical Dictionary of Maryland

Abrahams, C. S.


Airy, William Francis


Aker, John Michael - See p.5


Allan, William


Allen, Edward Miller, Jr.


Alvey, R. H.


Amos, John Edwin


Anderson, William Thomas, Sr.


Armstrong, Charles Martin


Ashby, Thomas Almond


Avirett, John Williams


Bachman, Marcus


Baker, William Benjamin


Ball, Wayland Dalrymple


Barrett, James Henry Clay


Barroll, Hope Horsey


Barron, Alonzo Church


Becker, George Franklin


Bell, Edwin


Bell, Lavator Sydney


Belt, Edward Oliver


Benson, Benjamin Franklin


Berry, Augustus Benton


Berry, George W.


Betson, George Washington


Biggs, Augustin Asbury


Biggs, William Haines


Bittinger, Thomas Henry Missing


Bitts, Basil Henry


Blades, Charles Reese


Bombaugh, Charles Carroll


Bond, Frank Augustus


Bond, James Alexander


Bowie, Oden


Boyd, Andrew Hunter


Boykin, Thomas Jackson


Boyle, William Kent


Branch, Henry


Brane, Ira Berton


Brenan, Peter Edward


Brewer, James Rawlings


Brinsfield, [UNK] Hudson


Brittain, James Henry


Brome, John Mackall


Bruce, Oliver Herman


Brune, William Henry


Bryan, Thomas Alfred


Bunting, James


Burkart, Nicholas


Burt, A. P.


Busteed, William Warner


Calvert, Charles Baltimore


Campbell, James Robinson


Carr, Arthur


Chance, Thomas Franklin


Chancellor, Charles Williams


Chapman, Nathaniel


Chatard, Francis Silas Marean


Chesley, John Harry


Chilton, Harris Jones


Chipchase, James


Chisolm, Julian John


Clarke, John Lyle


Clarkson, Benjamin Franklin


Clever, Conrad


Coffroth, Hamilton Janney


Colburn, Edward Augustus


Colton, Richard Johnson


Contee, Philip Ashton Lee


Cook, John Glenn


Cook, Richard Briscoe


Cordell, Eugene Fauntleroy


Costen, Isaac Thomas


Covington, George W.


Crichton, Malcolm


Crisfield, John Woodland


Crisp, William Benton


Cruikshank, G. W.


Crutchfield, Eugene Lee


Culbreth, David Marvel Reynolds


Cunningham, Samuel Shields


Cushwa, William


Dehoff, John Wesley


de Krafft, Samuel Chase


De Wulf, Constant Désiré


Didier, Edmund


Diehl, George


Diffenbaugh, James Adrian


Dixon, Dennis Battie Mead


Dolfield, Alexander Yearley


Donaldson, Henry Herbert


Downey, William


Drey, Sylvan


Duckett, Thomas Soper


Duvall, Richard Mareen


Duvall, Wirt Adams


Duyckinck, Aaron Longstreet


Dyer, Levin Daniel


Early, William Hollyday


Eastman, Lewis Machen


Ely, Charles Wright


Ely, Richard Theodore


Emmott, George Henry


Eschbach, Edmund Rishel


Evans, William Steel


Ewing, E[dward] E.


Fait, William


Farquhar, Charles


Farquhar, William Henry


Farrar, Dewees Litch


Fay, John Baptist


Fell, Thomas


Findlay, John Van Lear


Finkbiner, John William


Fisher, Harry


Fisher, William Alexander


Fleming, George Alexander


Foley, John Samuel


Fowood, William Stump


Franklin, James Shaw


Franklin, Thomas John


Frazier, William


Galbreath, Alexander Finney


Gaskill, Elijah Curtis


Ghequier, Thomas Buckler


Gibson, Malachi


Gill, Nicholas Rufus


Gilliss, Joseph Albert


Gloyd, John


Goddard, Henry Perkins


Goldsborough, Edward Yerbury


Goodwin, Charles Ridgely


Gordon, Columbus


Gorter, James Polk


Gorter, Nathan Ryno


Graham, Walter Raughley


Graves, Daniel Eccleston


Gray, John Brown


Greene, William Wallace


Gregory, Charles Richmond


Gregory, Oliver Fuller


Gresham, Henry Harrison


Griffin, Hugh Francis


Griffith, Howard


Griffith, Lewis McKendree


Grimes, John Henry


Griswold, Benjamin Howell


Haddaway, George Edward


Haines, Reuben


Hall, Edward (of [UNK])


Hall, James


Hall, Sidney Carvel


Hall, Thomas Isaac


Halm, Frederick Joseph


Halm, Reinhold John


Hammond, George


Hammond, Milton


Hardcastle, Thomas Hughlett


Harlan, Herbert


Harlan, William Beatty


[Harlow, D.] Harlan, Dr. D[avid]


Haughey, William Thomas


Hays, Ira Wilson


Hein, Ernst Theodore


Herbert, William Gover


Hill, J. Harvey


Hill, John Emory


Hill, William Nevin


Hines, Jesse Knock


Hoblitzell, Harmon Stidger


Hoblitzell, Solomon Asbury


Hodgdon, Alexander Lewis


Hodges, John Sebastian Bach


Hodges, James


Hodges, William Edwin


Hodson, Thomas Sherwood


Hoerr, John


Holbrook, Edward Hamilton


Hopkins, Howard Richardson


Hopkins, Lewis Neill


Hopkinson, Benjamin Merrill Rhodes


Horn, George Louis


Humrichouse, Charles William


Hurley, Benjamin Franklin Morgan


Hutchinson, Joseph Cooper


Ingle, DeWitt Clinton


Ireland, John


Janney, Oliver Edward


Jenkins, Charles Edwin


Jenkins, T. Robert


Johannes, John Michael George


Johnson, Bradley T.


Jones, G. E.


Jones, Isaac Thomas


Jones, John Bayley


Jones, John Wynne


Jones, Spencer Cone


Junghickel, Henry Marcus


Junghickel, Ross William


Keedy, Henry Horatio


Kenly, William Lacy


Aker, John Michael


Key, Mary H.


Kirkwood, Daniel


Kirkwood, Samuel Jordon


Kloman, William Christopher


Knabe, Ernest Julius


Kurtz, Francis Albert


La Barrer, Francis Benjamin


Latchford, Edward Alphonso


Latrobe, Ferdinand Claiborne


Legg, Edward Cockey


Liebig, Gustav Adolph


Ligget, John James


Lincoln, W. P.


Loane, Jabez Whitford


Long, Sydney Chaille


Lowe, Albert


Lowe, William Edwin


Lumpkin, Edward Thomas


Lumpkin, Robert Garrett


Lybrand, George Henry


McCabe, Lawrence Bartholomew


McCauley, Daniel Jethro


McCauky, James


McCombs, Abram Prizer


McCullough, John [UNK]


MacDonald, Robert


McDowell, C. C.


McKenney, William Isaac


McLane, Robert Milligan


McLaren, James


McSherry, Edward Coale


Maddox, Thomas


Malone, Lemuel


Mann, Harry Ernest


Marbury, Fendall


Markell, Charles Frederick


Marsh, William Henry


Martenet, Simon Jonas


Martenet, Jacob Fussell


Martin, Frank


Massenburg, Richard Channing


Maupin, Chapman


Maury, John Siffrein


Mayo, Robert Atkinson


Mergenthaler, Ottomar


Michael, Jacob Edwin


Miller, Daniel (1812-1870)


Miller, Daniel (1849-)


Miller, Durbin George


Miller, Irving


Miller, Oliver


Miller, Victor


Minifie, James Woodfin


Mittendorf, William


Moore, Benjamin P.


Morgan, James Ethelbert


Morgan, Joseph Francis


Morgan, Wilbur Phelps


Morsell, William Preston


Mullin, Michael Augustine


Mullins, Edgar Young


Murray, John Jackson


Murray, Joshua Thomas


Mutchler, Marshall Sylvester


Myers, Isaac


Neal, Joseph St. Clair


Newcomer, Benjamin Franklin


Nicols, James


Norris, William


Oder, Joseph Benson


Offutt, Thomas Zadock


Page, Isham Randolph


Paret, William


Peake, Charles Wesley Pettit


Pearce, James Alfred


Pearce, Liston Houston


Percy, Sydney Lynn


Perkins, Eben Francis


Perot, William Henry


Perry, Thomas


Peter, William Boyce


Petherbridge, Gustavus Weems


Petherbridge, John Fletcher


Poe, John Prentiss


Poisal, William McKendree


Powell, Arthur Chilton


Powell, Henry Dennis


Prentiss, John Henry


Preston, John F.


Prettyman, Forrest Johnston


Prichard, John Elias


Purcell, James Bryan


Purnell, Clayton Jones


Raley, James T. M.


Rehn, Louis Henry


Reichard, Valentine Milton


Reisler, Edward


Remsen, Ira


Richardson, Francis Asbury


Richardson, Gustavus Adolphus


Rider, Thomas Jefferson Franklin


Rinn, Henry, Jr.


Robbins, Edward Hyde


Roberts, Joseph Kent


Roberts, Stephen Chester


Roe, James


Roelecke, Louis Wilhelm Felix Oscar


Rohe, George Henry


Rose, Charles H.


Rowland, Admiran Judson


Rowland, Lewis Bear


Russell, Henry Roberts


Russell, Isaac Steer


Rutledge, Charles Abraham


Sasscer, Frederick


Savage, George


Scarborough, William James


Schanfarber, Tobias


Schneeberger, Henry William


Schaumburg, Marshal Hamilton Atkinson


Scott, James Henry


Seiss, Jeremiah Franklin


Sessions, Samuel Henry


Seth, Joseph Bruff


Shanahan, Charles Edward


Sharrettes, Thaddeus Stevens


Shaw, Francis Thomas


Shertzer, A. Trego


Shriner, E. A.


Simmons, Horace Melville


Simonton, William


[UNK], Francis Marion


Smith, Marion deKalb


Smith, Joseph Tait


Smith, Victor


Smith, Willoughly Newton


Snell, Samuel H.


Southwick, Albert Plympton


Speake, Samuel Hanson


Speake, William Francis


Spicer, Hiram Louis


Spieker, Edward Henry


Spieker, George Frederick


Stabler, Frederic


Stall, Sylvanus


Stanley, Charles Harvey


Stevens, William


Steward, Theophilus Gould


Stewart, William Eccleston


Stone, James Murray


Stottlemyer, George Reuben


Streett, David


Streett, Joseph M.


Strite, Abraham Clinton


Stump, Herman


Supplee, James Franklin


Sutro, Otto


Swengel, Uriah F.


Syester, Andrew Kershner


Tait, John Robinson


Taylor, Matthew


Taylor, Winfield Johns


Thom, William Henry [UNK] Wright


Thomas, George


Thomas, Richard Henry


Toadvin, Edward Stanley


Townsend, George Alfred


Travers, Levi Dove


Travers, William McKendree


obably rinkhouse Trinkhouse, Edward Jacob


Tunis, Joseph Theodore


Turner, James


Twilley, George Curtis


Tylor, Wilson Moore


Urie, John David


Valentin, John Joseph


Van Bibber, Washington Chew


Vanderford, Henry


Vermon, George Washington Fayette


Vernon, James, Jr.


Vocke, Claas


Wagner, Basil


Walker, William Stevenson


Wanstall, Alfred


Wardwell, Ernest Hilliare


Wareham, Edward A.


Warehile, Oliver Cornelius


Warfield, Joshua Dorsey


Warfield, Ridgely Brown


Waring, William Worthington


Warner, John E.


Way, Walter Richards


Weaver, Jacob John


Weber, Henry Herrman


Webster, Joseph John Gurney


Weller, Joseph [UNK]


Wetherald, Samuel Brook


Whiteford, William Henry Harrison


Whitelock, William


Whittingham, Richard


Whyte, William Pinkney


Widerman, Luther Thomas


Wilcoxon, William


Williams, Abram Johns


Williams, George Huntington


Williams, Jay


Williams, Robert Hunter


Williams, Thomas John Chew


Williams, Walter Wheeler


Wilson, Alfred Burgess missing


Wilson, Charles Light


Wilson, Henry Parke Custis


Wilson, Maurice Emery


Winslow, Randolph


Wise, Corinna Jane


Witmer, Peter A.


Wolf, Marcus Wilton


Woods, Hiram, Jr.


Woodall, Casper George


Wroth, William Jackson


Yager, Christian Fredrick (Ginsen jaeger)


Yellott, George


Yellott, Washington


Zarvona, Richard Thomas




Baynton, Wharton, & Morgan,





Blair, Montgomery,



Celebrations, Baltimore, Md.,



Civil War -- military papers, 1863-64,



Confederate States of America -- Navy,






Courts of law, Philadelphia, Pa.,





Davis, Jefferson,



Davis, Varina [Howell],



Dear Deaf & Dumb Asylum, Frederick, Md.,



deKalb, Baron Jean,



Democratic Party, 1877-80s,



Emlen family, Philadelphia, Pa.,






Jews -- Philadelphia,



Latrobe, Ferdinand C.,



Lotteries, 1777-78,



Lighting, Baltimore, Md., 1798, 1808,



Little & Lardner, Philadelphia, Pa.,





McKean, Edward,



Massachusetts -- Revolutionary War,





Newspapers, Philadelphia, Pa.,



Philadelphia, Pa., 1732-1870,






Santa Anna, Antonio Lope de,



Scharf, John Thomas,






Shreveport, La., 1863-64,



Slaves, Confederate States Navy,



Stevens, Francis, P.,



Teverns, saloons -- Licenses, Philadelphia, Pa.,





Westcott, Thompson,






Willing, Morris, & Swanwick, Philadelphia, Pa.,








This is a list of items now in The Revolutionary War Military Records MS. 1146, but previously thought to be in the Scharf Collection MS, 1999




Jan-Oct 1783 Maryland Line, Account of Clothing Issued at Frederick





1778 Nov-Dec Muster Roll, Captain Jonathan Morris' Company 7th Maryland Regiment





ca. 1776-1780 Musters of Maryland Troops





1785 Register of the Transfers of the Maryland Line





1780 Recruits, Maryland Line with a list of Derserters taken up





1776 Officers' Account with the State of Maryland





ca. 1783 Account of Advances [UNK] the Officers of the Maryland Line





1782-1784 Accounts of Military Expenses





ca. 1780 Payroll of Maryland Troops





1780, Aug 1-1781, Jan 1 Maryland Line Payroll





1781 Receipts for Pay due





Alphabetical List of Soldiers Paid





ca, 1783, Dec Maryland Line Account of Pay due





ca. 1783 Payroll of Maryland Troops





1781-1784 Maryland Line Depreciation Pay





1781-1785 Payroll of Maryland Troops





1783-1785 Maryland Line Payroll





1785, Nov Pensions or Halfpay to Officers and Soldiers





1781 Maryland Militia, Discharge and Pay Data





1776-1780 Musters of Maryland Troops (A-N)





1776-1780 Musters of Maryland Troops (O-Y)





1793-1794 Civil List of Halfpay to Officers and Soldiers





1807 Sept-Oct Enlistments and Appointments, Captain Levy Phillip's Company of Volunteers





1778-1780 Enlistments, Maryland Line from Charles County





1779 Payroll Differential Officers of 1st Maryland Regiment





1781 Arrangement of the Maryland Line





1824, Sept 2 Return of Officers who have Returned to the Adjuntant Generals Office





1814, July De [UNK], Maryland Miltia, Detail of





1780-1813 Pensioners, List of





1803-1816 Appointments, Militia Officers





1799, Aug 1 Militia Officers, Maryland





1776, Jun-Dec Muster Roll, Captain R. Bowie's Company 3rd Battalion Flying Camp





1776, Jun-Dec Muster Roll, Captain E. Tilliard's Company 3rd Battalion Flying Camp



1777-1778 Militia Muster Roll, Captain John Kersham's Company Guarding Prisoners at Fort Frederick, Md.



ca. 1776 Rosters Washington County Militia,


(first four items only; Capt. Samuel Hughe's Co., Capt. [Conrad] Hogmire's Co., Capt. [Michael] Fracklers Co., Capt. Charles Clinton's Co.)



1777-1778 Rosters, Frederick County Militia


(first item, Capt. Burges' Muster Roll)





1777-1778 Rosters, Worcester County Militia Companies


(first ten items; Capt. John Pope Mitchell's Co., Capt. John Coe's Co., Capt. Benjamin Dennis' Co., Capt. William Handy's Co., Capt. Samuel Horsey & Co., Capt. Issac Houston's Co., Capt. Philip Quinton's Co., Capt. John Rackliffe's Co., Capt. Elihue Briddel's Co., and Capt. Charles Bennet's Co.)