J. Reaney Kelly Collection, MS. 1970

J. Reaney Kelly Collection
Maryland Historical Society


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J. Reaney Kelly Collection
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS. 1970

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Contents

The J. Reaney Kelly Collection consists primarily of material collected by Kelly in relation to his special interest in Anne Arundel County (Maryland). The collection includes a large number of news and periodical clippings, as well as correspondance, which touch on such topics as the art, architecture, history, and religion of the Anne Arundel County region. Also included are are a number of Kelly's manuscripts (both published and unpublished) which are accompanied by notes and bibliographic information.


Container List


(Boxes 1-8)



Box 1

(Letters A ; B)



Annapolis, notes on founding and early development of, homes in, and misc. ephemera; Anne Arundel County; Avondale; St. Anne's Church; Belmont (Howard Co.); David Bendann; Richard Bennett, III; Birkhead Family; Blakiston Family; Brice House (Annapolis); Brundige Family; William Bryd, II (Va.); The Chesapeake Bugeye (vessel); Burgess Family; Bohemia Manor.





Box 1

(Letter C)



Carter's Grove (James City Co., Va.); Churches in Anne Arundel County; Christ Church, history of, plan of church's cemetery plots; Curtis Creek Furnace; Coales Family, genealogical info.; Corn Island; Centenary Methodist Church (Anne Arundel Co.,Md.); The Cage (or Parrot's Cage, Anne Arundel Co.); Cumberstone; Chew Family, outline of Chew lineage; Carroll the Barrister House; Covell Family, genealogy.




Box 2

5 folder of material related to Cedar Park (West River, Anne Arundel Co., Md.). Included are newspaper and periodical clippings, notes on the West River Hundred (with particular reference to the West River Farm later known as Cedar Park), photostatic copies of related material from the Mercer Collection (originals located at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Md.), and notes and bibliographic information collected by Kelly; churches; Calvert Creek Furnace.





Box 2

(Letters D-F)



Davis Family; Davidsonville Methodist Church; Dorsey Family; DuLaney Family; Etowahs (A.A. Co. home); Evergreen; Old Eastport Bridge; Friendship (Md.), memories of; Dr. Henry Chandlee Forman; Friends, Meetings of; Ferryland; Anne Chew Galloway, portrait of; Richard Galloway, copy of the inventory of the goods and chattel of (March 25, 1736); Sophia Galloway, notes on the portrait of; Galloway Family, notes on the Galloway, Maxcy, and Markoe collections made by Kelly; Gott Family, (17th and early 18th c.); Mrs. J. Gordon Fetterman, concerning gift of family records.





Box 3

(Letters G-H of Calvert Co.)



Hance Family; John Hanson (1715-1783), Charles Co.,Md.); Hammond-Harwood House, notes,and typescript designed to accompany slide presentation; Hall Family; Andrew Hamilton (Philadelphia); Herring Creek Meeting; Hill Family; Thomas Hooker; Hughes (or Hewes) Family; Maryland Home.


See above paragraph for letter G.





Box 4

(Letters I-L)



Catherine B. Kelly; Larkin's Hills; Larkin's Hundred; Larkin Family, typescript notes; London Town; Londontowne Publick House; Lothian; Ivy Neck, Indian Spring Meeting;Jenny Galloway, notes concerning portrait of.





Box 4

(Letters M-P)



Maryland Inn; Murray (or Morray) Family, information compiled by Delila Gardner; Capt. William H. Murray, C.S.A., letters of, (typescript copies, 1861-1863); Richard Neale, account of his escape from owner, James Cheston, (July 13, 1896); Mattaponi, (Croom Station Md.); Old Third Haven Meeting House, (Easton,Md.); Paca House, (Annapolis); New Market (Md.), antiques of; John Pierpont, xerox copy of A.B. Stickley's The American Ancestry of John Pierpont of West Virginia; Tercentenary Pageant, (Galesville, Md., August 16-17, 1952), newsclips, photos, commemorative guide, pamphlets of; Pilgrimage Tours (Maryland House and Gardens, 1955, 1965,1967, 1971), notes, guides, press releases; Peggy Stewart; Newcastle (Delaware), homes of; Caleb Pusey House (Delaware Co., Penn.); Parkhurst, typewritten descriptions of.





Box 5

(Letters P-Q)



Quakers of the West River Meeting (West River, Md., 1656-1785), typewritten and handwritten notes. Also 1 folder marked Quakers which includes correspondance with the Friends Historical Assoc., (1960-1961), correspondance exchanged between Kelly and Mary S. Patterson (Swarthmore, Pa.) in re Kelly's Quakers in the Founding of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and correspondance exchanged between Kelly and the Friends of the Caleb Pusey House. Also includes notes made by Kelly in relation to Quakers in A.A.Co.


See above paragraph for additional letter P entries.





Box 6

(Letters Q and R)



Quaker Documents, photostatic copies of material housed at the Friends Library (London, England); Orthodox Friends Meeting Center (1867-); Reviews of Kelly's Quakers in the Founding of Anne Arundel Co., Md.; Religious Landmarks in Md.; Red Cross Fund Campaign, (District I, 1950); Reynolds Tavern; Ringgold House; Recipes, apple toddy; Robert Richardson (1615-1682); Rotary Club, lecture delivered by Kelly to; Roedown (1780); Rachel Weems Richardson (1776-1858). Good bit of miscellaneous information concerning Friends in the Maryland area.





Box 6

(Letter S, Sudley Papers Sellman Papers)



Several folders of information concerning Sudley (West River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland). which include a brief history, inventories of Richard Arnold, a chain of title to the property, transcripts of letters concerning Sudley (or owners of the same), copy of Richard Arnold's will, various information concerning Bishop John Johns.




Sellman Papers include a typescript copy of Notes from John Sellman's Diary 1818-1870, a description of the scope and content of Sellman's Diary (original now housed at the Hall of Reocrds), numerous notes concerning members of the Sellman family and other related South Anne Arundel County families.





Box 7

(Letter S - T)



John K. Sands; Sands Family (Md.), genealogical information; Seal of Maryland; Adam Shipley, home of in Harmans, Md.; Upton Scott House, article by Henry Sturdy; Slicer House (Annapolis, Md.); Smallwood's Retreat (Indianhead, Md.); Peggy Stewart Pageant (June, 1957); South River Club, history of, lists of members (June, 1957 and June, 1963).





Box 7

(Letter T)



Talbot County Historical Society; Talbot Family (A.A.Co.), genealogy; Colonel Thomas Taylor, Kelly's research notes and correspondance exchanged between Kelly and Carroll T. Sinclair; Tobacco in Md.; Toleration Act; Adam Thoroughgood House (Norfolk, Va.); Tours, guide to Historic Annapolis tour (Nov. 6, 1954); Tulip Hill; West River; history of; John Jacob Faulkner Wich, letters to J. R. Kelly from Wich in re publication of Kelly's book Quakers in the Founding of Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Wardour (Annapolis, Md.); White's Hall; Mason Locke Weems; J. Sellman Woollen, correspondance in re Meadowbrook, in re disposition of the diary of John Sellman.


Box 8 (W-Z)









Boxes 8

Four photo accompanied by the text of Anne Arundel Heritage (Chap. 4).




Box 8

Mss. drafts of J. Reaney Kelly's Anne Arundel Heritage.




Box 9

Mss. drafts of J. Reaney Kelly's Highlights in Early Maryland History; Foundinf of Anne Arundel County; The Ridge and the Town of London.




Box 9

Foldered notes and rough drafts of Highlight in Early Maryland History (Chapters 1-6).




Box 9

Foldered notes and rough drafts of Highlights in Early Maryland History (Chapters 7-8).




Box 10

Miscellaneous manuscripts. Group includes notes and mss. drafts of Tulip Hill, Its History and Its People, Sir Joshua Reynold's Portraits Returned to Tulip Hill, Old Quaker Burying Ground, Portrait of Jane Galloway (1745-1801) by Benjamin West, Cedar Park; Founding of Maryland; Church Founding.




Box 11

Old Quaker Burying Ground; The Ridge; index cards; File of miscellaneous bibliographic information collected by Kelly. File is arranged alphabetically, most often, though not always according, to the author's name. (Letters A-K).




Box 12

File of miscellaneous bibliographic information continues. (Letters M-W).




Box 12

3 volume index to many of the materials collected by Kelly. (Index prepared by J. Reaney Kelly.)




Box 13

Group of 16 photostatic copies of records housed at the Hall of Records (Annapolis, Maryland). Records pertain to families of and properties in West River, Maryland. They include inventories (1703-1763), the wills of Anne Galloway and Richard Galloway (dated 1722 and 1736 respectively), debt and credit accounts, a receipt, and one page of a rent roll. (1682-1683). Names mentioned are those of John Deauvoir, Elizabeth Gibs, Anne Galloway, Richard Galloway, Daniel Longman, Arthur St. Clare, and Paul Benson. Properties mentioned are Lord's Bounty, Thornburys Addition, Locust Neck, Truswell, and Birkheads Mills.