Israel Papers, 1790-1960, MS. 488

Israel Papers, 1790-1960
Maryland Historical Society

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Israel Papers, 1790-1960
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Israel Papers

MS. 488

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Container List


Box 1

Israel Family Receipts




Fielder Israel receipts, 1815-67




Sarah Israel [Mrs. Fielder] receipts, 1848-63




John Robert Israel receipts, 1827-72




Box 2

John Robert Israel receipts, 1873-88; n.d.




Thomas B. Israel receipts, 1851-87




Mrs. Israel [Mrs. Thomas B.?] receipts, 1877-79




Beal Israel receipts, 1811-60




Ann Israel receipts, 1836-64




Arad Israel receipts, 1860-81




E.H. Israel receipts, 1877-84




P.H. Israel receipts, 1839-87




Misc. Israel receipts, 1839-87




Israel business correspondence, 1822-69




Box 3

Israel business correspondence, 1870-88, 1915-16, n.d.




F. Israel and Sons receipts, 1860-85




F. Israel and Sons papers concerning clients:



Andrew Agnew, Samuel Baker, John T. Brown, Isaac Burneston, Walter Crook, Joseph Frye (Frey), David Jones, James Kirby, Kirby and Ready, Frederick Kraft, Lewis and Lewis, Myers and Bready, Henry Peters, Eve Robinson, William M. Taylor,




Box 4

Zackariah Woollen, E.C. Wysham, and other clients.





Box 5-6

Israel clients' account books




No Box

Account book (of a client), 1812-37




Box 7

Israel account books




Box 8

Israel account books




Israel legal papers




Box 9-16

Israel legal papers




Box 17

Israel legal papers




Methodist Episcopal Church




Box 18

Methodist Episcopal Church





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