Note:  The Joseph L. Hughes collection consists of historical material related to Harford County, Maryland.  It was indexed by David C. Hodge, Ph.D., while searching for George W. Archer historical writings.  The notation “GWA” refers to Dr. Archer’s work, and references to “P,” “N” and “H” numbers relate to documents in the Archives Collection of the Historical Society of Harford County.





• GWA, The Dismemberment of Maryland, GWA’s original notes and corrections dated 1888.  Also, a MS of part of the paper in a different hand.


• Samuel Bradford to GWA, 1899, letters ref. genealogical issues.


• Letters ref. Fallston Friends Meeting.  Also, biography of William Amoss.


• Bush Tavern receipts, 1813.


• Prescriptions and cases of Dr. John Archer, copied by Robert H. Archer, 1792-3.


• GWA H-23, “Roads Laid Out,” marked “25 pages” which corresponds to the designation in the “Rough Outline.”  MS is marked “Twining’s Travels (1796) taken out.”  Cover is marked “On alternate pages of this parcel are these:

            Preston papers 1698-1766--PAGE 118

            Balt. Newspapers 1788-1827--PAGE 113

            Hays Ledgers 1790-1846--PAGE 45

            Miscellanous papers from Court House 1789-1840--BACK OF PAGE                                               FOLLOWING P. 45

            Partition of lands.”--PAGE 9, ALSO LABELED “M”.


This MS of H-23 is probably the next to last draft of the book chapter.  There are many metes and bounds, which GWA was probably not going to inflict on his readers!


• GWA letters ref. genealogy.


• GWA “Notes on the early settlement s on Gunpowder River”--GWA MS in ink on good paper, about relocation of Court House, plus 2 TS copies (original and carbon).  Also xerox copies of correspondence with Judge Ritchie and others about the county seats.


• Teachers and Students of Bel Air Academy.  Folio of newspaper clippings, receipts, some GWA HW notes, in no particular order.  There are ledger pages from Thomas Hays’ store.


• GWA extracts of deeds from A. P. Silver’s notes.  55 pp. in pencil on bad paper.  Also a xerox copy of same.


• GWA “Extracts from correspondence with Rev. Dr. Leakin and Judge Albert Ritchie concerning the Early County Seats of Baltimore County.”  Marked “No. 14” which corresponds to Chapter 14 in Rough Outline.  40 pp. MS in pencil on good paper with subheadings at tops of pages.




• GWA, letters about Quakers.


• GWA, “A Lost Chapter in the History of Abingdon Academy,” read before HSHC, Jan. 27, 1894.  15 pp. MS in ink on good paper.




• GWA paper on “Old Catholic Chapel....”  Original MS in ink on good paper, 29 pp.


• GWA “A Trip to the Fork of the Gunpowder, “ read before the HSHC , Aug 30, 1890.  Original MS in ink on good paper, 18 pp.


• GWA, extracts from Michael papers--land records and deeds.


• GWA, extracts from papers of Alfred Grossman, deeds for land in Fork of Gunpowder.


• GWA, letters from A. P. Silver


• Extracts from Proc. of Rev. Committee.  Some notes by GWA, several TSS of notes, other notes in another hand.  Plus a booklet of extracts by GWA. 




• GWA, “History of Palmer’s Island,”MS  in pencil on good paper.  Marked “No. 3” but it is actually Chapter 2 in Rough Outline.  21 pp. MS.  Also contains some rough notes from the Calvert papers.




• 2 folders of Otho Scott correspondence.



Folders on various subjects, some with notations by GWA:


  Cranberry Swamp


  Edward Day discharge 1733


• James Ford will


• Bills of lading for Bremen and Santo Domingo


• John Hall of Cranberry bond


• James Hall deed


• Col. John Hall rent rolls


• Confederate Courts Martial


• Oaths of Allegiance 1778


• Edward Hall bills of lading


• William Hall to George Presbury, Ha Ha the Cow Pasture


• John Hall sale of personal belongings


• George B. Keen will


• 3 files of Aquila Hall ledgers, 2 with GWA notations


• William Hall will


• Harford County taxables in Bush River Lower & Haford Lower Hundreds


• John Hall will


• Harford doctors’ autographs (cut from documents) with GWA notations


• Havre de Grace bank stock


• Confederate letters


• Thomas Hall bonds


• James Hall inventory


• Thomas Hall


• Robert Hanna, postmaster


• Thomas Hall sale of real estate


• Harford Co. original militia rolls, with GWA notations


• George Hall deeds


• B. E. Hall mortgage of Shandy Hall


• Commission of Augustus J. Greme, 1815


• Fountain Inn bill


• William & Joseph Ford


• James White Hall ground rents





Folders with subject matter as indicated:


• James Maxwell will


• TS of deed to Methodist Church, Bush River Neck, 1842


• Insurance policy for Garretson’s M.E. Church, Michaelsville, 1916


• SS roll book, Garretson’s M.E. Church, 1881-1895


• Josias Middlemore death, 1755


• William Morgan will, 1795


• Timothy Murphy bond, 1758


• Principio Iron Works papers, 1820’s to 1830’s


• Nathaniel Smithson will, 1716


•Trappe Church plat, 1815; metes and bounds signed by James Steel--SEE N-81; Report of land commission of 1812 ref. boundaries of church lot.


• Letter to Otho Scott


• James Phillips instructions about will


• Daniel Scott warrants


• William Stansbury bill


• Col. Thomas White plats, 1734, annotated by GWA


• Thomas White’s field book 1725-1744


• Guest book, 1917, place not identified






• Balto. Co, Taxables, Levies & Disbursements, 1662-1696 (GWA hand)


• Balto. Co., the first court house in (MS & TS by JLH)


• Hundreds, the, sections of Harford Co., then Balto. Co., 1774 (GWA notes)


• Balto. Co., second court house on Simms Pt., GPR (JLH TS & NPC 1966))


• Balto. Co., first courts 1659-1773, officials, etc., from Balto Co. Court records.






• Balto. Co., first court house on Bush River (JLH TS and NPC)


• Balto. Co., third court house Joppa (JLH MS)


• Balto. Co., second court house, Gunpowder, Simms Choice  (JLH)


• Old Baltimore, notes on, by Charles W. Michael (GWA notes and letters also)


• A Trip to Old Baltimore and Other Points in Bush River Neck, 1889.




• Balto, notes on jail and market house (JLH)


• Balto. Co., earliest patents, settlers, homes




• Bel Air, historical sketches (JLH TS & 1961 NPC)


• Blue laws


• Notes about Edwin Booth (booklet of GWA rough notes)


• Bozman, notes of (GWA)


• Chronicles of Bush and Vicinity (GWA NPC of talk at Bush, 1900, plus some unrelated GWA HW notes). THIS IS A NPC WHICH WE HAVE IN BEL AIR.


• Colonial Vestries of the Church of England (JLH MS, TS & 1961 NPC)


• Constant Friendship historical marker errors


• Deer Creek Friends Meeting (JLH MS)


• Drew’s Enlargement, Bush River Neck (JLH TS 1942)


• Bush River Neck--includes 2 photostat copies of the booklet  “History of Harford Co.” marked “LOC Duplicate”, as well as a TS numbered XIX, “Early Settlements in Bush River Neck (now a part of Aberdeen Proving Ground, pp. 208-216.”





• Forge, Cumberland (GWA notes & JLH MS)


• Forges of Harford Co. on Deer Creek (JLH notes)


• Lapidum, notes from A. P:. Silver’s article


• Lendrum, Rev. Andrew, & Primrose Hill (JLH notes)


• Olney, the story of a Maryland house, by JAS with 1926 photos


• Quakers and slavery


• Why you have a family name--TS


• The Susquehanna River--TS, plus NPC on rock pictures


• Garrettson, Rev. Freeborn--folder includes the following:

            2 cys TS on this subject

            1960 JLH NPA on history of Methodism (F. Garrettson, etc.)

            JLH notes on Garrettson

            Correspondence on Garrettson and Methodism

            JLH MS on Garrettson


• Old Brick House on Gouldsmith’s Rest at the Head of the Spesutia Narrows--MS & TS on this subject.


• Gunpowder Parish Vestry, 1693, 1783 (GWA notes)


• Gunpowder Parish--MS & TS


• Beginning of Harford County--JLH TS & 1960 NPA


• Harford Co. assessments, 1760’s


• Harford Co., erection of--JLH MS


• Harford Co. local patriots and their interpreters, 1774-1777




• Notes on the lost towns of Harford Co.--JLH TS


• Harford Co. land tracts, plats, surveys--JLH notes


• Harmer’s Swanton --TS & 1960 NPC


• Harford Co. in the revolution, by William H. Love, dated 1904


• Notes on Bay cruise sponsored by MHS, June 1961


• Havre de Grace, origin of name


• Hughes, John Hall, testimonial proceedings 1763


• Lafayette’s passage through Harford Co. in 1781


• McHenry, Dr. James, aide de camp  & private secy to GW & Lafayette  (includes GWA notes)


• Maryland, early settlers 1634-1684--TS




• Maryland, notes on weather service


• Maryland manors & reserves:




• GWA notes on Parish Institutions of Md. + notes on Md. manors


• GWA notes on correspondence of Gov. Sharpe 1753-1768  (these are rough notes that might be BG for H-21)


• Md-Pa border troubles:         


• 3 MSS by JLH


• TS that might be Shriver project on Thomas Cresap (H-27-1/2)


• MS not in GWA’s hand; GWA notes on Gibson on back!


• Someone else’s notes on Cresap, with GWA annotations


• Mason-Dixon Line, JLH


• Notes on James’ Park tract, 1681


• Presbury preaching house


• Extracts from Shandy Hall papers:

            3 MSS by JLH

            Photostat of Shandy Hall area & adjacent tracts

            Hall genealogy notes

            Birth records from 1820s

            Index of letters from Shandy Hall papers

            GWA rough notes from Shandy Hall papers

            Old MS not in GWA’s hand

            GWA booklet of extracts from Shandy Hall papers, mostly land records,                                   booklet is dated 1889

            GWA booklet, copies of Shandy Hall letters, in ink on good paper, 48 pp.




• Swedes in Delaware--But mostly it is about Danish coins of 1771 found near the head of Chesapeake


• Taylor’s Choice, grant 1661


• Thurston, Thomas, biographical sketch of, MS by JLH (with some GWA notes)








• Bound ledger of North East Forge, 1835-38


• Rent rolls of Lord Balto. for Balto. Co., 1658-1723, for Hughes Choice, 1716, in Deer Creek Forest, on south side of the creek near Elbow Branch, and Hughs Enlargement, 1719, also on south side of Deer Creek near Elbow Branch.  Folder includes  photostat  copy of a plat traced by A.P.S.


• Certificate of survey for Gallen’s Bay, March 24, 1665, part of James Maxwell’s land on or near Bush River.


• Certificate of Survey for Elk Neck, July 29, 1669.  Folder contains 2 copies of a TS on Elk Neck, 2 copies of the survey including the original, and a photo of the house, which is the Presbury Meeting House on Edgewood Arsdenal.  This document has GWA notations.


• Deed of Conveyance, Dec. 16, 1670m for a tract called Taylor’s Mounds, at the head of Gunpowder between the great falls of Back River, from Richard Winley to S. Tracey and H. Williams.


• Certificate of Survey, 1789, for Thomas Hall for 560 acress of land contiguous with Friendship and Nova Scotia and the Oid Post Road, and for another lot on the south side of James Run, and another in Harford Town.


Folder also contains descriptions of 4 tracts on Bush River surveyed in 1673.


• Warrant for Poulecatt Neck, June 13, 1676.  One corner fragment is missing.


• Certificate of survey for Eaton, June 14, 1679, for John Larkin, on west side of Susquehanna River contiguous with Henry Ward’s land “Mounservade.”  Folder also contains several abstracts from land records, a certificate from 1797, a traced plat of something, and a 1942 letter from the Maryland Land Commissioner concerning Eightrupp, Eaton and Land of Promise.


• Patent for The Forke, June 27, 1683, for James Phillips, 150 acres on the east side of Bush River, contiguous with Good Hope, which was part of a tract of 3000 acres he was supposed to receive.


• Extracted copy of a Certificate of survey for Nova Scotia, June 9, 1684. 


• Extracted copy of a Certificate of survey for Abbots Forest, June 10, 1684.


• Tattered portions of papers about Rumley Royal and Harrison’s Resolution, 1690-1725. 


Also contains 2 pages of GWA notes about Bel Air, Gunpowder Manor, etc., which appear to be his extracts from land records.


• Certificate of survey for Cranberry Hall, 1696, for John Hall, contiguous with Betty Choice (Choyce), Hollands Sott, Stepney, and Mill Creek, containing 547 acres.


Also contains a 2 page TS about Cranberry Hall, and 3 pages of TS metes and bounds for Wood Lot, Mansion Lot, and Josiah Hall’s Fish Pond.


• Certificate of survey for Webster’s Enlargement, September 5, 1696. contiguous with Aaron’s Spring.


• Indenture, Thomas Richardson to Charles Carroll, February 24, 1700. for Taylors Mount  and Dixon’s Choice, to satisfy a debt of 20, 652 pounds of tobacco!  This was the result of a court judgement.


• Conveyance certificates for Little Marlow and Locust Neck, 1702.


Also, 1 page of recent HW notes about Little Marlow, plus 2 small pages of GWA notes on same subject.


• Release of land, James Richardson to William Adams, April 22, 1708, Taylors Mount and Dixon’s Chance.


• Indenture, Charles Carroll to Thomas Emms, October 25, 1708, for Tailors Mount  and Dixon’s Choice.


• Certificate of Survey for Edward Hall, Shephers Choice, June 17, 1709, south side of Rumney Creek, contiguous with Natt’s Island.  Notations by GWA.


• Plat of Sicklemore’s Dock, about 113 acres, 1714, contiguous with Dallahydes and Watoe.


• Indenture, Thomas Preston to Peter Carroll, June 1, 1714, south side of Winter’s Run.


• Certificate of survey, Shepherd’s Adventure, Jan. 23, 1721, west of Rumley Creek near Indian Cabbin Neck.


• Certificates of survey for Eightrupp:

            •• May 25, 1721 for Edward Harris, 115 acres, with a plat.

            •• A list of surveys including Eightrupp, Miles Foy’s land.

            •• Metes and bounds of Eightrupp, 1771.

            •• Reference to a survey or conveyance for land near Reuben Perkinne’s ferry.

            •• List of surveys including Eightrupp, Elk Neck, Maxwell’s Discovery, Merriken’s

                        Inheritance.  (VERY DIFFICULT TO READ THIS     HANDWRITING!)


• Certificate of survey, Swan Harbor, April 2, 1724, on Swan Creek next toOakington, 685 acres.


• Deed, Robert Ridgely to Thomas Wainwright, Sept. 2, 1728, for Freeborn’s Progress (prograse), 228 acres, contiguous with Elk Ridge, Pennyworth and The Grove.


• Indenture, George Reide to John Gardiner, April 8, 1730, tract called Neighbors Affinity, near Winter’s Run.


• Survey and plat for Warrington, 1733.  Recent Hughes notes on Warrington Resurveyed.  Plat by Col. Thomas White.  Bounded by Cawdry Creek, the Bay, Boon’s Creek.  Several unidentified plats on back.


• Indenture, V. Brown and M. Dawson to William Penson, March 17, 1734, for Constant Friendship, 641 acres.


• Bond, Richard Harrison to John Paca, Mar. 20, 1734, part of Constant Friendship. 


Also a letter to Jeremiah Close, Atty. at Port Tobacco, from someone in Philadelphia, dated April 3, 1753, transmitting  the bond.


• Deed, Violinda Brown  & Mary Dawson to William Penson, Mar. 20, 1734, reference division of land on Bush River.


• Indenture, William Penson to Zachariah Wade, Mar. 15, 1736, for Constant Friendship, 238 acres.


• Certificate of survey for Gravelly Hills, Sep. 21, 1736, for Joshua Wood, west side of a branch of Swan Creek known as Sangler Lower Branch, 113 acres.  Also surveys for The Gravelley Bottom, The Improved Venture, The Union, and Midolemores Angles.


• Deed, Zachariah Wade to Elizabeth Harrison, Jan. 16, 1741, “for part of a tract of land called Constant Friendshim,” 238 acres.  Constant Friendshim (sic) had apparently been divided up among family members.


• Indenture, Michael Gilbert to Charles Gilbert, 1742, for 60 acres of Union and 40 acres of Clark’s Tobacco, on branches of Swan Creek, not executed.  (Notations by GWA.)  On the back there appear to be metes and bounds for the property.


• Certificates of survey for Solomon’s Song (50 acres) and Timber Range (60 acres), Dec. 6, 1745.  Property was formerly known as Gallions Addition and Gallions Hazard, but John Gallion had not complied with the requirements for settling and developing the land, so the petitioner requests of Gallion’s claim be declared null and void and t he land re-surveyed.  Petitioner’s name is obliterated by scotch tape applied to the MS.


• Indenture, Isaac Webster to Thomas White, Nov. 21, 1746, for 200 acres, part of Abbotts Forrest, sold by Grace Webster to Edward Morris, and since conveyed by Isaac Webster to Thomas White with 138 acres more.


Also includes a fragment of a conveyance of 138 acres from Isaac Webster to Benjamin Deaver, since conveyed with 100 acres more to Thomas White, Nov. 3, 1746.


Also what appears to be a deed to the same property dated Jun. 4, 1733, signed by Isaac Webster.  Back of document contains a plat of Abbots Forrest and contiguous tracts, and some meters and bounds.


• Indenture, Richard Harrison to J. H. Harrison, Jan. 11, 1747.  Relates to Constant Friendship.  Handwriting is atrocious, and there appear to be many abbreviations.


• Deed, Samuel Taylor to Thomas Harrison, Mar. 27, 1747, for 150 acres of land, part of Constant Friendship (which originally contained 1000 acres).  The original tract owner appears to have been Samuel Taylor, and the tract was divided among his three daughers at his death.


• Deed, Isaac Webster to Margaret  (daughter of I. W.) and John Talbott, Mar. 19, 1755, for part of E---’s Contrivance, Nova Scotia, Raingers  (sic) Lodge and Best Endeavor, a total of 193 acres.


• Indenture, Benjamin Barney to Nicholas Merrymanb, Oct. 18, 1756, for Absoloms Chance, 100 acres.


• Warrant Certificate for Royal Exchange Enlarged, 1000 acres, May 3, 1760.  Also relates to Gravelley Hills.  NOTE: ROYAL EXCHANGE IS LOCATED ON WEST CHAPEL ROAD, NEAR ABERDEEN, MD.  Includes a plat and description.


• Indenture, Joseph Harrison to Thomas White, Jan. 20, 1761, 530 acres of Constant Friendship.


Also and indenture from Richard Harrison to Thomas White, Nov. 11, 1760, for 530 acres of Constant Friendship.


• Certificate of remission, Paca’s Second Addition, May 13, 1762, tract in the woods above the head of Bush River, from Thomas White to Lord Baltimore, for water mills.


• Indenture, Patrick Lynch, and Avarilla, his wife, to Edward Day, Dec. 7, 1762, for Taylors Mount, Taylors Enlargement, Dixons Chance (or Choice), and Nottikngsworth.


• Certificate of Survey for James Park, Dec. 26, 1763, on the Great Falls of Gunpowder, 100 acres.  Surveyed tract contains portions of James Park, Onions Second Thought, Spanish Oak Bottom, Owners Landing, Wignals Rest and Littons Improvement.


• Articles of Agreement, Thomas White to Daniel Donavin, Nov. 14, 1767, 200 acres of land between Mill Run (a branch of Bush River) and Swan Creek, contiguous with Halls Parke, part of a tract named Paradice, also related to Monreal (sic) and Royal Exchange..  Document seems to relate to rent rates and terms of payment.


• Indenture, John Hall, Junior, to James Taylor, Junior, 1769, for part of a track called Middleborough, north of the Church Road.


• Indenture, Thomas White to Thomas Henderson, Dec. 25, 1769.  A lease agreement for a tract at the head of Bush River.  NOTE: THIS DOCUMENT  DAMAGED BY SCOTCH  TAPE.


• Deed, George Holland to Robert Lockwood, Apr. 29, 1772, for 1000 acres of land named Friendship on east side of a branch of Bush River, without mineral rights.  (ANNOTATED BY GWA.)


• Warrant for Aquila Hall for 36 acres of vacant land adjoining Sophia’s Dairy and the Dairy Enlarged, April 30, 1773


• Fragment of an unexecuted certificate of survey for Royal Exchange, 1775.  Property located on west side of Longleys Lower Branch.


• Indenture, James Lennox to Edward Day, 1779, for Richardson’s Outlet.


Also, an undated indenture  pertaining to Richardson’s Outlet, said to be in Baltimore Co.


Also a Balto. Co. commission, dated 6 April 1764, to examine “Talehill Spoodwele  Tracey’s Level Nothingworth Lettons Improvement and part of Richardson’s Outlet”  [punctuation absent].


• Indenture, John Hall to Elihu Hall, May 10, 1779, for 473 acres of land in Cecil County, including Halls Last Hope and Baldwins Dispatch


• Indenture (Deed of Conveyance), John Paca to William Wilson, Sep. 10, 1782, Lots #8 and #19 in Town of Abingdon.  ANNOTATED BY GWA WHO NOTES AUTOGRAPHS OF JNO. PACA, JAMES PHILLIPS, AND WILLIAM WILSON.


• Plat for Hollis’ Best Desire, Mar. 14, 1787, showing lands of William Hollis (Hollis Best Desire, Swampy Point, Ezing, Islington, Vacancy Added);  and lands of Clark Hollis (Swampy Point, Ezing, Islington).  These lands were on Bush River and “S. Cove.”  THIS PLAT IS IN COLORED PENCIL L.IKE MANY PLATS WE HAVE IN BEL AIR.


• Indenture, Isaac and Aquila Massey and Isaac Webster  to H. Dorsey Gough, 15 July 1788, for Masseys Addition, 250 acres in Gunpowder Neck; Massey’s Priviledge, 50 acres; Halls Ridge, 284 acres; Websters Lock & Pattent, 64 acres; and other smaller tracts.  THIS DOCUMENT IS 12 PAGES LONG!


• Indenture, Isaac Webster, Isaac & Aquila Massey to H. Dorsey, Dec. 22, 1788, for same tracts as noted above.  THIS DOCUMENT IS 15 PAGES.


• Indenture, John G. Bradford to William Wilson, Aug. 23, 1788, for part of Rangers Lodge, part of Best Endeavor, Nova Scotia, and Contrivance.


• Certificates of survey, Maiden Meadow, Dec. 30, 1789, involving John Forwood’s land. 


• Survey of Drew’s Enlargement, Sep. 6, 1791, sold by Anthony Drew to Joseph Lusky.

Includes a 1942 letter to Joseph L. Hughes from Md. Land Commissioners Office.


• Plat of Langley’s Forrest,, May 10, 1792 which overlays Hazard.


• Certificate of survey, Better Saved Than Lost, Nov. 22, 1792, for George Sprindler, in Baltimore County, formerly owned by Nicholas Merrymana, Sr.  Contiguous with James’s Forrest and Absolom’s Chance.







• Indenture, Stephen Jones to Benjamin Jones, Oct. 1, 1803, for two tracts of land, Gillingham and part of My Lord’s Gift, 225 acres.  ANNOTATED BY GWA.


• Indenture, T. Mitchell to J. Dallam & E. Jolley, Dec. 26, 1804, for parts of Marys Lot and Ten Acre Field.


Also, a fragment of a deed for the same transaction.


• Bond of Conveyance, Edward Hall to John Anderson, Aug 5, 1811, for 64-1/2 acres of Lot #2 of Montreal on Dismal or Humphreys  Run.


• Deed, William Hall & Edward Hall to George Presbury, Aug. 14, 1812, for Carlisle’s Place at Head of Bush River, part of 3 tracts of land called Friendship, Friendship’s Addition and Littleworth, ca. 326 acres.


• Indendture, Anthony Slater to William Lechteitner, June 13, 1814, relates to Lechteitner’s Dock & Onion’s Inheritance.  NOTE:  THIS IS A PARCHMENT DEED, FOLDED UP, AND I DID NOT WANT TO DAMAGE IT.


• Certificate of resurvey, Websters Warter Mill, Dec. 19, 1815, tracts contiguous with Websters Warter Mill & Contrivance, near Nova Scotia, Best Endeavor & Abbotts Forrest.


• Indenture (Conveyance), Joshua Guyton to Jim McKim, Jr., May 18, 1819, for Winter’s Run & Abingdon Widow.


• Plat of Drew’s Enlargement, Oct. 18, 1819, originally surveyed for Anthony Drew in 1719/20.  Tract is contiguous with or close to Thos. Lytle’s land & Hanson’s.


• Letter from John Love to Edward Hall, Feb. 8, 1820, transmitting plat of Drew’s Enlargement.


• Certificate of survey for Abbey Island Pointe, Sep. 1, 1826, 17+ acres.  Includes a good plat with metes and bounds.


• Bills of complaint, Drew’s Enlargement, 1826-32.


• Petition & certificate for Savoys Farm, June 1, 1830, which is comprised of Burneys Purchase, 130 acres; Polecat Ridge, 150 acres; London, 100 acres; Pitchora (resurveyed), 87 acres.  Includes an 1834 certificate indicating that the name “Savoys Farm” refers to the collection of tracts, not just one of them.


• Deed, 1832, and act to confirm. 1830, Stoakly Manor.  The act to confirm is a copy with added notes.  The deed is between the vestry of St. John’s Parish and Thomas W. Hall.


• Indenture, Harry D. Gough and Thomas A. Hays to Reuben H. Davis, Feb. 6, 1832, for tracts or parts of tracts named Paca’s Meadows, The Island, Paca’s Park and Bond’s Purchase, Scott’s Close and Major’s Choice, on the NW side of the road from Bel Air to Herbert’s Cross Roads.


• John B. Cole to Drew and Nelson, April 20, 1833.  Confirmation of a sale of a tract of land not identified as to name.


• Auditor’s report, Drew’s Enlargement, Aug. 19, 1833.  Relates to land of Aquila N. Drew and a lawsuit pertain thereto.


• Plat for Rumney Marsh,1834.  Contiguous with Drew’s Enlargement,  Nate’s Island, Nellie’s Refuse, Swampy P:oint, bounded on the NE by Rumney Creek, on the SE by the Bay, and on the SW by Bush River.


• Agreement of Sale of Perryman’s Depot, Apr. 30, 1840.  Farm of late John N. Chauncey  sold to George Cadwalader.  Document lists descendents lof John Chauncey.  THIS DOCUMENT HAS THE HSHC OVAL STAMP, WHICH HAS BEEN TAPED OVER WITH A PLAIN PIECE OF PAPER TO DISGUISE IT!


• Deed, Theodore Bruce to S. E. Smith and S. J. Pyle, Apr. 1, 1868, for part of tract of land known as Galbreath’s Delight, and part of a tract known an Whiteford’s Desire.  Deed not recorded until Jan. 15, 1872.


• Plat of Hall’s Conveyance, Apr. 27, 1892.  One corner contiguous with Watkin’s Inlett.


• Plat for Mathew’s Chance, Nov. 14, 1892.  Contiguous with Timber Swamp, Watkin’s Inlett, Hall’s Convenience.


• Plat for Sarah’s Fruitfull Increase, Jan. 3, 1893.  Surveyed 27 Nov. 1725 for James Holliday.


• John D. Worthington vs. James H. Michael, Sep. 10, 1903.  A trustee, J. Thomas C. Hopkins, asks to be excused for his duties as trustee.  THIS DOCUMENT BEARS THE STAMP OF THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR HARFORD COUNTY.


• Worthington vs. Michael, Trustees report, Nov. 28, 1903, for sale of Drew’s Enlargement.


• Auditor’s report and account, Worthington vs. Michael, Apr. 19, 1914.  Related to above.


• Certificates of survey, Hogg Neck, Robertsons Chance and Mater Addition, no date.  3 documents. 


• Plat for Expectation Divided, no date.  No indication of location or ownership.


• Certificate of survey, Hammond’s Hope, no date.  Land at the mouth of Longleys Upper Branch (of Swan Creek).  Also 2 undated documents about surveys.


• Certificate of survey, Paradise, no date.  Contiguous with Halls Parke, Gilbert’s Outlet, Gilbert’s Addition.


• Plat for Hall’s Park, no date.  Formerly called Andrews’s Conquest.   Contiguous with Mould’s Success, Palmor’s (sic) points.


• Plats that are needed for lands in Spesutia Hundred, no date.  A 2-1/2 page typed list of tract names.  Some tracts identified with owners, some have locations.


• Tracts of land in the vicintiy of Old Baltimore, with sellers and puchasers.  GWA SAYS THESE ARE FROM THE 17TH CENTURY.


• Partial plats for lands in Harford Co., no date.  A VERY LARGE FILE.


            Photostat of Friendship, Eightrap and surrounding tracts. 


            Middleborough, Halls and Bonds Discovery, Dismal Swamp.


            Page of notes, possibly about above.


            Hall and Bonds Discovery, Sheriffs Hall, Spring Gardens.  Substantial overlap. 

Surveyor was drunk?


            Metes and bounds for James Taylor’s Plot.


            Scrap about Sheriffs Hall.


            Gilbert’s Pipe, contiguous with Woods Meadows, Isaacs Lott, Culivers Entrance,

Clark’s Tobacco, Gilberts Chance, The Onion, Gilberts Outlet, Gilberts Addition,

No Name, Hazard.


            Gilberts Addition.


            Middlemore’s Angles.


            The Union.


            Common Garden Corrected both sides of Rumney Creek.  Also attached is a list

of properties in the vicinity of Old Baltimore on Bush River.  GWA SAYS THE



            Covent Garden on Rumney Creek and contiguous tracts.  GWA NOTES STATES




            Plat related to Vestry of St. John’s Parish vs. Stephen Watters, 1827.  Part       of the

Glebe on Winters Run. Mill land and dams resurveyed for Aquila Paca 1713.


            Lands around Sophias Dairy, Friendship, Broken Island.  Plat is in 4 pieces.


            Chilberry Neck (1350 acres) and contiguous tracts.


Pork Point, Batcheldor’s Hope, Walter’s Neck, The Addition, Chilberry, Landillo, Hunting Neck.  Tracts overlap.  Surveyer drunk again?


            Andrews Conquest, Palmer’s Point, Mould’s Success.  Overlap.


            Gouldsmith’s Hall, Planters Delight, Timber Proofe, Jackson’s Hazard, Halls

Convenience, Mothers Neglect.  On Bay and Bush River.


            Cooks Double Purchase and Hazard Enlarged.  2 surveys.


            ROUGH PLAT IN GWA’S HAND of Michaelsville Farm, The Gallant Land,

Mile Square Farm, Cotton West Farm, Delph Farm, etc.  All in Bush River Neck.


            Palmers Forrest and surrounding tracts, Smiths Folly, Combine Choice, etc.  In 2



            New Park and contiguous tracts.


            Description and plats in G. W. Archer’s hand of location of 1776 saltpetre works.


            Resurvey plat of Royal Exchange, part of Gravelly Hills, from 3 May 1760.  Plat

dated 3/2/92.


            Plat of Culver’s Entrance, Brown’s Entrance, Scotland, which are contiguous with

Wilson’s Venture, Gilbert’s Pipe, and Monreal.


            Plat of Fanny’s Inheritance (Edward Boothby, 1695), which is contiguous with

Gouldsmith’s Enlargement, Raley, George Holland’s land, & Palmer’s Point.  On

west side of Swan Creek.  From Shandy Hall papers.


Plat of Harmer’s Town, Sympson’s Hazard and vacant lands, said to be contiguous with Brotherly Love.


            Plat of Paradice, and including Andrews’s Congress Contest, Hammond’s                                 Hope, North Yarmouth. Includes some courses, but exact location not indicated. 

Not dated.


            Plat of No Name, 1731, resurveyed 1785.  Contiguous with Gilbert’s Pipe,

Gilbert’s Chance & Royal Exchange.


Plat of resurvey of Collett’s Point, Frisby’s Convenience, Black Island, Planter’s Delight--all in Bush River Neck (Collett and Frisby were two of the original settlers of what is now Harford Co.  Collett was clerk of the Baltimore Co. court.


            Plat of North Yarmouth, Hammond’s Hope, Contest, Andrew’s Contest or Hall’s

Park, Mould’s Success, Palmer’s Point, Gravelly, Hazard and Paradice.  There is a

lot of overlap in these tracts.


            Fragment containing plat of Raley (Glebe), Enlargement, Proctor’s Hall.  NOTES

BY GWA.  Apparently related to resurveys in which the tracts lost acreage!


            Plat of Martin’s Rest, Shrowsberry, Bowene, Slopp, Eaton and Mountserado. 



• Fragment of a Certificate of Survey, Oakington, no date.


• List of property in Havre de Grace owned by William B. Stokes on Feb. 1, 1814 (in all 25 lots assessed at $19,213).


• Certificates of resurvey for portions of Royal Exchange, not dated, but sold to Kent Mitchell, Charles Andersone  (sic), and Thomas Gilbert.


• Certificate of survey of portion of Sophia’s Dairy, no date, “The Addition” taken up by John Miles.


• Indenture, Thomas White to John Kirkpatrick & James Kirkpatrick, no date, being part of Royal Exchange.


• Survey of George J. O. Hall’s estate, Sept. 1, 1845.  Suggests there were 3 tracts, on with a dwelling.  Contiguous with J. C. C. Hall’s lot, Miss Lanisa Hall, Miss Mary Hall & Dr. Lemmon.


• 2 Plats for Langley’s Forrest, one in pencil copied 22-2-92, the other in ink with coloring copied 26-6-92.  Penciled plat shows Hazard overlaying Langley’s Forrest.  Original 1736 survey done by Col. Thomas White.


• Plat for Fanny’s Inheritance (surveyed 1696 for Edward Boothby).  Contiguous with Palmer’s Point, Gouldsmith’s Enlargement, Rayley and George Holland’s land.  Copied  9-18-92.


• Plat of Thomas Henderson’s part of Jones’ Addition & Monreal, 10 acres.  No date.


• Courses of part of Monreal conveyed to Thomas Browne, Jr.., 100 acres.   No date.


• Courses of Part of Monreal sold by Thomas White to Robert Stephenson, 135 acres, contiguous with Stoney Ridge, no date.


• Plat for Sympson’s Hazzard, copied 29-2-92.


• Plat for Royal Exchange, surveyed 1737 for 480 acres.  Contiguous with Wood’s Close, Hazard & Langley’s Forrest.  Copied 18-5-92.


• Plat for Hammond’s Hope and North Yarmouth.  Copied 31--1-92.


• Skeleton plat of Kemp Mitchell’s portion of Royal Exchange.  No date.


• Plat for Knavery Prevented, surveyed 1735 for Joshua Wood, 61 acres.  Contiguous with Swan Harbor Resurveyed, Robin Hood’s Forrest, Paradice and Wood’s Risque.  Copied  13-7-92.


• Plat for Protctor’s Hall and The Inlargement, resurveyed 1742 and 1743, originally known as Rayley.  Copied 18-9-92.


• Plat for Hazzard, surveyed 1695.  Copied 26-6-92.


• Plat for Part of Sherperd’s Good Friendship, contiguous with J. Michael, William M. Elliott and W. H. Michael.  Road to Abbey Island runs across NE portion of tract.  Copied 17-2-93.


• Plats of Charles’ Neighbor, O’Neal’s Chance, Onions Angle, Pilgrim’s Neighbor.  North side of Broad Creek.  Not clear whether any of these tracts are contiguous.


• Plat of Culver’s Entrance, surveyed 1735.  Contiguous with Wilbourn’s Venture, Gilbert’s Pipe, Scotland, Browne’s Entrance, Monreal, Hall’s Plains.  Copied 12-4-92.


• Plat for Middleborough, laid out for John Hall, 1737.  West side of Swan Creek.  From the Shandy Hall papers.  Contiguous with Rayley.


• Plat for Royal Exchange Enlarged, resurveyed May 1760.  Extensive notes and courses.  GWA NOTE SAYS THIS TRACT WAS ORIGINALLY GRANTED TLO ROBERT LONGLEY IN 1684.


• Skeleton plats for Eightrupp and contiguous lands.  Folder also includes typed extracts from Baltimore Co, land records; a typed paper on Eightrupp read at the Hughes reunion in 1952; a page from “Chapter XVI” of something about  Eightrupp.


• Plat for Culver’s Entrance, surveyed 1734-5.  Contiguous with Wilbourn’s Venture, Gilbert’s Pipe, Scotland, Monreal.  Copied 20-1-92.


• Skeleton plat of Richardson’s Reserve, and two unknown tracts.  No date.


• Plat for Coheir’s Lot Revised, 1710 acres, resurveyed 1734 for John Hall, et al.  Delph Creek, Old Woman’s Gut (creek) and Gravelly Gut cut across SW portion of property.  All contiguous tracts identified.


• Plat for Drew’s Enlargement, surveyed Feb. 1719/20 for Anthony Drew. 


• Plats for Smith’s Folley, from Shandy Hall papers.  Also a plat for Smith’s Folley Resurveyed.