Hutzler Brothers Company 1784-1977, MS. 2691


Descriptive Summary

Hutzler Brothers Company, 1784-1977

MS. 2691

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Donna Ellis

July 1987




Hutzler Brothers Company, one of Baltimore's major retail stores, was founded in 1858 by Abram G. Hutzler, son of German-Jewish immigrants when he took over a small shop operated by his brother-in-law, Elkan Bamberger. Because he was too young to secure credit in his own name, Abram Hutzler opened the store under his father's name, M[oses] Hutzler & Son, however Moses was never connected with the business. The original store dealt mainly in laces, fine fabrics and fancy goods, the majority of which were imported from Europe.


In 1867, Abram Hutzler took his two brothers, Charles G. and David into the business with him. Until 1888 Abram and Charles ran a wholesale business, leaving David to manage the retail store. After closing the wholesale business, all three brothers concentrated on developing the retail store.


Beginning in 1901 with Louis S. Hutzler, the second generation of Hutzlers began coming into the business. Louis was followed by Albert David, Sr. in 1910 and Charles G. II in 1926. The firm was incorporated in 1908 under the name Hutzler Brothers Co. of Baltimore City, later shortened to Hutzler Brothers Co. This period was marked by strained relations and low morale among the officers and executives primarily due to overlapping job responsibilities and lack of organization. During the 1920's a major reorganization of management, equipment and policies took place which transformed the store into a modern retail business.


Abram Hutzler's original store was located on the corner of Howard and Clay Streets. The building expanded as success increased the store's business. The famous;palace building was completed in 1888 and property along Howard Street between Saratoga and Mulberry Streets continued to be acquired and developed. In 1952 Hutzler's first branch store was opened in Towson, Md. The 1950's and 1960's saw the development of suburban shopping malls. Hutzler's first mall store

opened in 1956 at the Eastpoint Shopping Center and was followed by many other mall-located branches.


Hutzler Brothers Co. is known for a number of innovations in the retail business. As early as 1868 Hutzler's established the now standard one-price system of pricing merchandise. Most retailers practiced a bargaining method where the more aggressive and persistent customer got the better price. Customers slowly came to realize that one price for everyone was a fairer way of doing business.


Hutzler's was a leader in pursuing new advertising methods and in refunding money to customers dissatisfied with the merchandise. They established the first bargain counter during the Civil War when Baltimore was under martial law and business was sluggish. They also had the first fleet of delivery trucks in Maryland. An electric truck purchased in the early twentieth century was quickly replaced by the more reliable gasoline engine trucks. Further details on the history and development of the store can be found in the section ;Officers and Executives--Store History


Scope and Content Notes

For a number of years, Hutzler Brothers Company maintained its own archives and developed a filing code, a copy of which is included in this register. Primarily for the safekeeping of memorabilia and items of general historical interest, the archives lacked provisions for legal and financial records. The original system has been maintained, as far as possible, with the addition of a few new subgroups.


The Hutzler Brothers Company Papers is divided into eleven series: Family, Officers and Executives, Employees, Legal Records, Property, Openings/Anniversaries/Expansions, Advertising, Baltimore-A Picture History, World War II, Financial Records, and Scrapbooks.


The Family series contains biographical data on the men who have been involved in the business from Abram G. Hutzler to Charles G. Hutzler, Jr. Although there is some material pertaining to connections with the business,most of the material in the Family series is personal in nature. The first few folders contain genealogical information tracing the family back to the parents of Moses and Caroline Hutzler in Hagenbach, Germany. Of particular interest is Abram G. Hutzler's account book for Pomona his estate in Pikesville, Md. The book records expenses for farm stock and implements, construction and landscaping, furniture, taxes, utilities, and labor between 1915 and 1927.

The Officers and Executives series contains three folders of general correspondence on such subjects as customer relations, merchandise, donations to the Hutzler archives, and contributions of the company to various charities. Of particular note: a letter from Gov. Wm. Preston Lane, Sr. regarding Hutzler's gift of a model of the Ark and the Dove to the State of Maryland, 29 Sept. 1950; a letter from Ogden Nash, 27 Feb. 1957; and letters to and from Edward S. Delaplaine (Nov. 1960) and L.D. Engelbrecht (Jan. 1968) regarding Moses Hutzler's business ventures in Baltimore and Frederick, Md.

The Officers and Executives series also includes the President's Reports for the years 1911-1917 which reflect some of the conflict among the officers during that period. The series contains various reports, from both internal and external sources, regarding sales statistics, space planning, installation of a computer system and customer relations services. This series also documents Hutzler's involvement in various retail and management associations.


The Employees series contains information on a scattering of individuals such as J. Frank Haynie, Superintendent, employed between 1875 and 1930; Michael P. Shiel, divisional merchandise manager, employed between 1919 and 1933; and John F. Wilhelm, merchandise manager, whose Customer Record Book takes note of the size and physical features of his customers. Trends and changes in staff policies can be traced through the general rule books (1926-1955) and inter-office memos (1931-1973). Also in this series are training manuals for drivers, display personnel, copywriters, sales clerks, cashiers, and A.D. Hutzler, Jr.'s secretary. The display vouchers (1976-1977) list all items from various departments that were used in promotional displays. The merchandise transfer books (1970-1975) record items that were transferred from one branch to another. Oversize folders contain management organizational charts from 1921-1958.

The Legal Records series contains the company's legal documents such as a partnership agreement (1868) with Daniel Lowenthal, licenses (1890-1907) to operate one- and two-horse carts, and contracts with various utilities, cash carrier companies, credit bureaus and a rat exterminator (1902). A hold harmless agreement documents a shoplifting incident in 1896.


The Property series contains papers relating to expenses and contracts involving Hutzler's physical structures. An original lease agreement (1784) (located in an oversize folder) describes the lot on Saratoga and Howard Streets where the Hutzler downtown complex would later be located. Another lot on Eutaw and Saratoga Streets is described in a 1786 deed transcribed from an original in the Maryland State Archives. A series of notes from ca. 1885 show cost estimates for opening a new building including merchandise, staff salaries and taxes. Correspondence and reports (1959-1967) from several organizations such as Committee for Downtown Inc., Lexington Street Association and the Retail Merchants Association show the planning and development of the Lexington Street Mall.

The Opening/Anniversaries/Expansions series is one of the original subgroups of the Hutzler archives. The only opening documented is that of the store at Southdale Shopping Center. The expansions category is represented by a notice introducing the electric welding technique in construction activity in 1931. Most of the material in this series relates to promotions of the store's anniversaries.


The Advertising series contains samples of calendars and souvenirs used to promote Hutzler's merchandise. More examples of this type may be found in the Prints and Photographs Division. Advertising circulars (1918-1973) are annotated with the quantity and cost of mailing, sometimes indicating the targeted customer group such as active charge accounts and mens cash customers. Newspaper advertisements (1929-1930) have been preserved in a small scrapbook.


The Baltimore-A Picture History series relates to the production and publicity for the souvenir book Hutzler's published in 1958 to commemorate their centennial year of business. It was revised and reprinted in 1968.

The World War II series is another section from the original Hutzler archives. Included are scripts from the radio show Tribute to the Unconquerableswhich reported the war situation in Greece and Norway. These shows, sponsored by department stores nationwide, promoted the sale of war bonds. Also of note is material relating to a 1944 exhibit in the store called This is the Army Mrs. Jones. The exhibit was designed to illustrate typical army life to civilians at home. Additional material can be found in oversize folders.


The Financial Records series includes daybooks (1904-1950), general ledgers (1904-1964), cash receipts (1941-1964), journals (1950-1962), transfer binder (1917-1953), balance sheets (1862-1904), insurance records (1923-1930), audited statements (1950-1965), disbursements (1961-1964), and payroll and merchandise charts (1973-1976). Three volumes of family accounts span 1867-1904. Tax records for family and business cover 1899 to 1924. A series of reports on the employees' retirement plan (1943-1963) is included. Of special interest are receipted bills (1855-1919) showing early Hutzler Brothers Co. letterheads and a 1932 appraisal of Hutzler's buildings, equipment including store and office furniture, display fixtures, fire protection system, mechanical and service equipment, etc. Some financial records are located in oversize folders.


There are two scrapbooks in the last series. Scrapbook I contains a miscellany of correspondence, photographs, newspaper articles and printed ephemera relating to the store's history. Scrapbook II, Testimonial to Hutzler's 100 Years of Leadership, 1858-1958,contains congratulatory letters on Hutzler's centennial from heads of retail stores throughout the United States (and one from Harrod's in London) who belonged to the Associated Merchandising Corporation.


Awards and certificates relating to both the store and the family are located in an oversize folder. Family members represented are Moses Gutman, Ella Joline Gutman (Hutzler), Abram G. Hutzler, Edwin B. Hutzler, Joel G.D. Hutzler, Albert D. Hutzler, Albert D. Hutzler, Jr., and Henry Oppenheimer. Items include diplomas, membership certificates, confirmations,military papers, awards of merit, and memorials. Other certificates highlight the participation of the Hutzler Brothers Company in community affairs.

May 20, 1966


Filing Code for the Hutzler Archives


Moses Hutzler SOUVENIRS and MEMENTOS 1.10 CLIPPINGS 1.20 PHOTOS 1.30

Abram G. Hutzler 1.11 1.21 1.31

Charles G. Hutzler 1.12 1.22 1.32

David Hutzler 1.13 1.23 1.33

Edwin B. Hutzler 1.14 1.24 1.34

Louis S. Hutzler 1.15 1.25 1.35

Albert D. Hutzler 1.16 1.26 1.36

Joel G. D. Hutzler 1.17 1.27 1.37

Charles G. Hutzler, ll 1.18 1.28 1.38

Albert D. Hutzler, Jr. 1.19 1.29 1.39

Henry Oppenheimer 1.195 1.295 1.395

Charles G. Hutzler, lll 1.200 1.300 1.400

2. Executives and Groups

(Names on back) 2.1 2.2 2.3

Store 2.15 2.225 2.35

3. FAMILY 3.1 3.2 3.3


Newspaper 4.1

Circulars and Programs 4.2

Souvenirs 4.3

Menus 4.4

Miscellaneous 4.5

Calendars 4.6

5. AWARDS 5.


BUILDINGS 6.1 6.124 6.128

Exterior 6.1 6.124 6.128

Interior 6.2 6.132 6.116


Exterior 6.3

Interior 6.4

Television 6.5




1932 Opening 9.132

50th Anniversary 9.50

60th Anniversary 9.60

75th Anniversary 9.75

80th Anniversary 9.80

90th Anniversary 9.90

100th Anniversary 9.100

A.M.C Anniversary 9.110

110 [UNK] Anniversary 9.110


Towson 10.1

Eastpoint 10.2

Westview 10.3

Southdale 10.4


Hutzler Bills 11.


13. WORLD WAR 11 13.2





Container List



General History and Charts

Notes from City Directories

Genealogical Correspondence, 1915-1971

Saratoga Street Property, 1897-1899

Pew Rents, 1895

Elias Baer Newburger, 1852

Moses Hutzler

Biographical Data

Papers, 1846-1877

Caroline Newburger Hutzler Correspondence, ca. 1874

Theresa Bamberger Loan, 1885

Abram G. Hutzler

Biographical Data

Correspondence, 1898-1907

Cash Book, Expenses for Pomona, 1915-1927

Hebrew Young Men's Literary Assn., 1857


Charles G. Hutzler

Biographical Data

Property Documents, 1903

Charles G. Hutzler II Biographical Data

David Hutzler

Biographical Data

Fabric Memo Book, 1893

Certificate, 1913

Property Documents, 1897-1900

Ella Joline Gutman Hutzler Biographical Data

Edwin Booth Hutzler Memorial, 1936

Louis S. Hutzler

Biographical Data

Property Documents, 1902

Albert David Hutzler, Sr.

Biographical Data

Article, 1940; 1954

Party, 1954

Albert David Hutzler, Jr.

Biographical Data

Radio Script, 1955

Joel G.D. Hutzler, Sr.

School Papers, 1911; 1965

Correspondence, 1914; 1959

Military Papers, 1916-1919

Membership and ID Cards, 1917-1960


Carolyn Fuld Hutzler


Store History

Correspondence, 1867-1945


Correspondence, 1945-1970

Correspondence, 1971-1975, n.d.

President's Reports, 1911-1917

Treasurer, 1913

Henry Oppenheimer, 1909-1919

Appointment Calendars, 1972-1973

Appointment Calendars, 1974-1975

Travel Vouchers, 1967-1973

Travel Vouchers, 1974-1976

Cash Vouchers, 1969-1975


CPA Recommendations, 1910-1911

Report on Space Planning Survey I, 1930

Report on Space Planning Survey II, 1930

Data Processing Project Report, 1966-1967

Report on Customer Service Insurance, 1967

Report on Future of Retailing, 1973

Report on Maintenance Study, 1974

Sales Reports, 1948

Sales Reports, 1973

Sales Reports, 1975

Retail Merchants Association, 1917-1958

Security Bond Drive, 1948

Young President's Organization Roster, 1959-1960

Speeches, 1944-1950


Management Dinner Speeches, 1970-1974


Biographical Sketches

Emergency Telephone Lists, ca. 1904-1905; 1947

John F. Wilhelm, Customer Record Book, ca. 1900

Lace Sample Book

J. Frank Haynie

Julius Bamberger, 1906

Retirement Certificates, 1956-1958

Policies and Procedures, 1919

Policies and Procedures

General Rule Books, 1926-1938

General Rule Books, 1940-1943

General Rule Books, 1944-1948

General Rule Books, 1950-1955

General Rule Books, n.d.


Procedures Manual A-D, 1976

Procedures Manual E-J, 1976

Employee Discount Manual, 1949

Manual for Albert D. Hutzler, Jr.'s Secretary, 1974

Copywriters Manual, 1961

Cash Register Manual

Manual for Drivers, 1934-1939

Display Manual, 1976

Display Vouchers, 1976-1977

Displays for Christmas, 1972

Display Training

Sales Interview Training

Christmas Supervision, 1972

Merchandise Transfer Books, 1970-1975

Inter-office Memos, 1931-1935

Inter-office Memos, 1936-1939


Inter-office Memos, 1940-1973

Testimonial, 1919

Testimonial, 1933


Partnership Agreements, 1864

Trader's License, 1 May 1900

Vehicle Licenses, 1890-1899

Vehicle Licenses, 1900-1907

Workshop License, 1943

Contracts, 1888-1905

Utility Contracts, 1894-1908

Employee Guarantee Bonds, 1901-1907

Hold Harmless Agreement from Shoplifters, 19 Dec. 1896


Deed for Lot (J.E. Howard to C. Baughman), 1786

Insurance, 1846

Estimate of Expenses for New Building, ca. 1885

Costs and Contracts, 1887-1904

Lexington Street Mall, 1959-1967


Silver Anniversary Loving Cup, 1958

75-Year Club, Jan. 1933

75-Year Club, Feb.-Oct., 1933

75th Anniversary Exposition, 1933

90th Anniversary, 1948

98th Anniversary, 1956

Centennial, 1958


Electric Welding in New Building, 1931

Southdale, 1965


Memos and Reports, 1972-1974

Calendars, 1940-1951

Circulars and Programs, 1918-1932

Circulars and Programs, 1933-1934

Circulars and Programs, 1935-1939

Circulars and Programs, 1940-1947, n.d.

Circulars and Programs, 1959-1973

Circulars and Programs-Mailing Record, 1929-1943

Circulars and Programs-Proofs, n.d.

Newspaper, 1929-1930

Souvenirs, 1880-1881

Souvenirs, 1881-1886



Baltimore, A Picture History, 1968

Correspondence, 1957-1968

Luncheon, 1968

Production, 1968

Publicity, 1968


WAAC Information Booths, n.d.

Radio Scripts, n.d.

Teletype Messages, Window #24

This is the Army Mrs. JonesExhibit, 1944


Financial Records

Receipted Bills, 1855-1919, n.d.

Loan Receipts, 1867-1885

Liquidation Account, 1887

Customer Credit Guarantees, 1900-1903

Federal Trade Commission Reports, 1914-1916

Taxes (Family), 1899; 1902

Taxes (Family), 1913-1915

Taxes (Local), 1901-1902

Taxes, 1909-1917

Taxes, 1918-1919

Taxes, 1920-1924


20-Year Book, 1930-1961

(2 folders)

Employees Retirement Plan, 1943-1951

Employees Retirement Plan, 1954-1958

Employees Retirement Plan, 1959-1963

Audited Statements, 1950-1958

Audited Statements, 1959-1965

BOX 10

Appraisal Report, 1932

Balance Sheets, 1862-1869

Balance Sheets, 1870-1879

Balance Sheets, 1880-1889

Balance Sheets, 1890-1904

Trial Balances, 1947-1949

BOX 11

Transfer Binder 1, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 2, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 3, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 4, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 5, 1917-1953

BOX 12

Transfer Binder 6, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 7, 1917-1953

Transfer Binder 8, 1917-1953

BOX 13

Daybook, 1904-1912

Daybook, 1912-1913

BOX 14

Daybook, 1917-1928

Daybook, 1928-1950

BOX 15

Journal, 1950-1953

Journal, 1953-1956

Journal, 1956-1962

BOX 16

Insurance Record and Expiration Book, 1923-1930

Insurance Record and Expiration Book (loose items), 1925-1929

Family Account Book, 1867-1891

Family Account Book, 1898-1904

Family Account Book, 1899-1904


General Ledger, 1904-1908

General Ledger, 1908-1911

General Ledger, 1911-1927

General Ledger, 1927-1945

General Ledger, 1932-1949

General Ledger, 1949-1964

Cash Receipts, 1941-1956

Cash Receipts, 1957-1958

Cash Receipts, 1960-1961

Cash Receipts, 1963-1964

Disbursement Book, 1961

Disbursement Book, 1962

Disbursement Book, 1963-1964

Disbursement Book, 1964

Payroll and Merchandise Charts, 1973-1976


Scrapbook I

Scrapbook II


Employees-Organization Charts, 1921-1949

Employees-Organization Charts, 1950-1958, n.d.

Employees-Organization Charts, Mr. McFee's Division, 1931-1949

Property-Lease, J.E. Howard to John Storick, 1784

World War II

Financial Records-Taxes, 1909-1921

Financial Records-Reconciliation Sheets, Trial Balances, Journal Entries, 1924-1965

Certificates and Awards, 1839-1973

Subject Headings

Account Books, 1904-1965

Advertising, 1880-1974

Appraisals (Valuations), 1932

Baltimore, Md.-Businesses, 1855-1977

Baltimore, Md.-Merchants, 1855-1977

Baltimore, A Picture History,1968

Bamberger, Elkan (fl. 1867-1882)

Bamberger, Estelle (fl. 1899)

Bamberger, Julius (fl. 1898-1906)

Bamberger, Lavinia (fl. 1899-1903)

Bamberger, Pauline (fl. 1899-1903)

Bamberger, Theresa (fl. 1885)

Baughman, Christian (fl. 1786)

Bennett, Delma May (fl. 1920-1958)

Bonan, Frederick P. (fl. 1919-1944)

Businesses-Baltimore, Md., 1855-1977)

Clothing Industry & Trade, 1858-1977

Committee for Downtown, Inc., 1959-1967

Consumer Credit, 1900-1903

Credit, 1900-1903

Delahay, E. Norris (fl. 1922-1947)

Department Stores, 1855-1977

Employees, 1901-1976

Employment, 1919-1976

Fashions, 1927-1973

Frank, Mrs. L.H. (Carrie Bamberger) (fl. 1899-1902)

Germans in the United States, 1846-1977

Gold, Babet (Babette) Hutzler (fl. 1824-1899)

Greece-World War II

Haynie, J. Frank 1862-1930

Horse and Carriage Driving, 1890-1907

Howard, John Eager (fl. 1784-1786)

Hutzler, Abraham (Abram) G. 1836-1927

Hutzler, Albert David, Sr. (fl. 1888-1964)

Hutzler, Albert David, Jr. 1916-

Hutzler, Caroline Newburger 1803-1877

Hutzler, Carolyn Fuld (fl. 1962)

Hutzler, Charles G. 1840-1907

Hutzler, Charles G., Jr. (fl. 1904)

Hutzler, Charles G., II 1904-1955

Hutzler, David 1843-1915

Hutzler, Edwin Booth (fl. 1899-1936)

Hutzler, Ella Joline (Gutman) 1855-1942

Hutzler, George H. (fl. 1899-1904)

Hutzler, Henrietta Sonneborn (fl. 1901-1902)

Hutzler, Joel Gutman David, Sr. (fl. 1899-1965)

Hutzler, Louis S. 1880-1958

Hutzler, Mabel (fl. 1899-1904)

Hutzler, Martin D. (fl. 1899-1904)

Hutzler, Moses 1800-1889

Hutzler, Theresa (fl. 1899-1904)

Hutzler Family 1800-1965

Insurance, 1846-1967

Jews, 1846-1977

Lane, Gov. William Preston (fl. 1950)

Lexington Street Mall, 1959-1967

Lowenthal, David (fl. 1868)

Mencken, H.L. (fl. 1940)

Merchandising, 1858-1977

Merchants--Baltimore, Md., 1855-1977

Nash, Ogden 1902-1971

New York World's Fair, 1939

Newburger, Elias Baer (d. 1852)

Norway--World War II

Oppenheimer, Cora Hutzler (fl. 1899-1904)

Oppenheimer, Henry (fl. 1909-1919)

Owens, Gertrude G. (fl. 1937-1956)

Pomona; 1915-1927

Publishers and Publishing, 1968

Radio Broadcasting--Programs & Scripts, 1940's-1955

Retail Merchants Association, 1917-1958

Retail Trade, 1855-1977

Retirement, 1943-1963

Salesmen and Salesmanship, 1858-1977

Seltzer, Edgar Ritchie (fl. 1899-1954)

Shiel, Michael P. (1884-1934)

Shoplifting, 1896

Spandauer, Rosa Hutzler (fl. 1834-1904)

Taxation, 1899-1915

Taxation-Corporations, 1909-1924

Textile Industry & Trade, 1858-1977

Urban Renewal, 1959-1967

Wilhelm, John F. (fl. ca. 1900)

World War II--Civilian Affairs

World War II--Civilian War Effort

World War II-Radio Broadcasting

Young Presidents' Organization, 1959-1960