Howard Papers, 1662-1919, MS. 469


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Descriptive Summary

Howard Papers, 1662-1919


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Scope and Content

Though diverse, these manuscripts form four groups, three of which are singularly self-contained: the John Eager Howard papers, those of Benjamin Chew Howard, a sole letter to Charles Howard, and sundry items more or less tangential to Col. Howard and his son Benjamin. And it is perhaps its very diffusion that makes this collection an early port-of-call for the researcher.

The temper of most of the letters to Howard the Patriot is greatly judicial and mercantile, though the biographical value of some of the others is no doubt more explicit in delineating his character. A letter from President Washington, for example, reveals Howard in the less-than-revolutionary act of political patronage, but also implies his ethics of reward and sense of family when Washington sees fit to note for him the financial plight and lineage of Capt. John Kilty to whom he is offering a sinecure on Howard's advice. More obvious is Howard's very stature as recipient of the letter, a stature manifest again in Col. Paul Bentalou's questioning of him for details of the 1777 campaign in which he served with inspired valor. More than merely heroic, his stature is again highlighted as a man of ecclesiastical and civic influence when Rev. Joseph Bend appeals for exoneration of his own alleged disrespect for the Vestry at St. Paul's and when John Davidge et al. appeal to him to fix a later date of payment for the land that he sold to the Maryland College of Medicine. Howard's own letters to Professor Benjamin Silliman of Yale in regard to finding an able principal for their school and to the Commissioners of Baltimore on their inaccuracy in fixing the corner of Charles and Camden Streets illustrate a union of idealism and precision, two virtues rarely found together.

From the second group of papers, the Benjamin Chew Howard that emerges is a man wholly grounded in practical - and topical - affairs, whether political, legal, or commercial. His notes of the Congressional debate raging about the Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute reveal an exacting-to-tedious man. Papers on his conducting a suit for his uncle against Arthur Tilghman Jones again suggest a penchant for complete compilation of evidence and minute attention to detail. Land papers, surveyors' estimates and calculations, city-planning manuscripts and the like are all freighted with the writer's knowledge of Benjamin's exactitude and power of memory. Even Jacob Small, apparently a petty court official recently chastized by an out-of-temper Col. Bentalou for the courtroom's chaotic appearance, writes Howard to ask just how the room was arranged during the last session.

One manuscript only forms the corpus of the third group. This is a letter from George Elder to Charles Howard, son of the Patriot, requesting a deed in order to transfer title of some Illinois land sold by the estate of Cornelius Howard. Its inclusion is indeed conjectural.

The last group of papers are panoramic in scope and disparate in content. Not even a rank and senseless rage for order could discern any unity among them. Yet single items are provocatively salient. There is a blank Cincinnati certificate signed by Washington, a land assignation

signed by Governor Randolph of Virginia, an 1815 list of the grades of sundry Baltimore streets, notes of the 1801 U.S. Senate proceedings on the Convention with France, and fragments of a constellation of testimony that revolved about the alleged theft and sale of Continental horses by a Maryland veteran of the Revolution, Edward Hamilton.



 Biographical Note

Roger Brooke Taney was born March 17, 1777, into a well-established Federalist Tidewater Maryland family in Calvert County. He graduated from Dickinson College in 1795, studied law in Annapolis under Judge Jeremiah T. Chase of the Maryland General Court, and passed the bar in 1799. In 1801 Taney moved to Frederick to practice law. In 1806 he married Anne Phebe Charlton Key of Frederick, sister of Francis Scott Key. During his Frederick years, until 1823, when he moved to Baltimore, Taney took part in most of the important litigation in Frederick County and became recognized as the leading lawyer of Western Maryland.

In the decisive election of 1824, Taney left the dying Federalist party and supported Jackson, who was elected in 1828. Taney rose to national prominence due to his participation in Jackson's bank war of the 1830's. He was appointed Attorney General in 1831 and, when Secretary of the Treasury William T. Duane refused to remove government deposits from the Bank, Jackson replaced him with Taney.

In 1836, Taney succeeded Marshall as Chief Justice to preside over the Supreme Court for twenty-eight years, during the most trying times of the young country's history. The dignity and the warmth that he displayed in his personal relations toward family and friends extended to his professional relationships and led to a greater unity on the Court than might otherwise have been the case. Vital cases concerning slavery, states' rights, the rights of individuals during wartime came before the Court. He was a Constitutionalist in a much stricter sense than Marshall.

He is most often remembered for his opinion in the Dred Scott Case (1857), that Congress lacked the power to prohibit slavery in the territories. This opinion is often held to have helped precipitate the Civil War by foreclosing one avenue of compromise. Although his opinions frequently forced him into opposition with the government at war, he never relinquished his principles and has had a lasting influence on the development and the content of our constitutional law.


Container List

HOWARD PAPERS - MS. 469 (45 boxes)


Box 1

1679- 1810

-Land records, disputes, indentures, court cases, and correspondence involving Baltimore Town, Ridgely’s Delight, Lunn’s Lott and other property.

- Correspondence and disputes of John Eager Howard, Sarah Gorsuch, John Gorsuch, David Jones, James Todd, Charles Carroll, Edward ell, Christopher Hughes and others.

- Payment distribution by the Baltimore Water Company to John Eager Howard, Josias Pennington, James Oglbey for land along the Jones Falls

- Resurvey of Baltimore Town and Jones Town, 1747


Box 2

-  Deed dispute over Salisbury Plain; John Eager Howard & Josias Pennington vs Henry Stevenson, 1810

- Henry Stevenson’s land papers, 1797-1808

- John Eager Howard receipts and land deeds

- Josias Pennington bills, accounts, taxes, etc.

- Sale of Bill Foster;  Josias Pennington to John Eager Howard, 1808

- Ogleby Winchester accounts, 1793-1804


Box 3


- Land deeds and correspondence of Samuel Moale, John Oliver, William Howard, James Howard, Charles Howard, David Stewart, Charles Mayer, Thomas Scott, George Howard, Charles Ridgely, Cornelius Howard, Ruth Howard and others

- Jacob Cohen to Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad, 1837

- Deed from Baltimore and Susquehanna RR to James Howard, 1840


Box 4


- land records of  Richard Wilson , Edward Lunn, Cornelius Howard, Henrietta Rogers, Peter Shephard,  John Eager Howard, Edward Lloyd, William Hoffman, Campbell White, Jacob Shoemaker, Galbreath Russell, Margaret Russell and Owen Dorsey, Henrietta Chew, and others

- Wine lists

-Land plats


Box 5


- Land records, disputes, etc. of John Eager Howard, Luther Martin, Benjamin Chew, James Howard, Elias Barnaby, Alexander Woodbridge Davey, Philipe Graybill, Charles Floyd, William Wilson, Samuel Owings, Jacob Shriver, Solomon Etting, Robert Carey Long, and others

- Letters to and from Gov Pope of Arkansas; one from Elias Rector, 1833

- Agreement with John Beale Davidge,  James Cooke and Samuel Baker for the College of Medicine in Maryland, 1812

- List of John Eager Howard property land and slaves, 1783-1818


Box 6


- Ground rents, land disputes, leases, court cases, of John Eager Howard, Henry Peters, William Smith, John Mathews, Zaccheus Biggs, and others

- Hanson’s Improvement dispute ca. 1800


Box 7


- Correspondence of Cornelius Howard, John Eager Howard, and Joseph du Cayla

- Leases of John Eager Howard


Box 8

-John Eager Howard leases and sales 1782-1783


Box 9

- Charles Carroll to Jonathan Hansen, Hansen’s Improvement, 1711

- Thomas Coale’s Will, 1745

- Land records of Charles Carroll, Thomas Sligh, Mayberry Helms Sr., Mayberry Helms Jr., Cornelius Howard, Henry Hostetter, Job Garrettson, Charles Ridgely, John Eager Howard, and others; 1780- 1784


Box 10  

- Leases, sales, and land papers and related correspondence of John Eager Howard.    

 Includes Hans Morrison, Henry Baughman, Baltzer Sumwald, Peter Shepherd, George Rothrork, Benedict Swope, Jacob Small, and others, 1784- 1791.  


Box 11


Leases, sales, and land papers and related correspondence of John Eager Howard   . Includes John Storick, Henry Peters, Jacob Shriver, Zachariah Sank, Martin Eichelberger, Ferdinand Hook, Jacob Cromwell, Samuel Owings, Charles Diehl, Toussant L'Etourneau, and others; 1792-1800


Box 12


Leases, sales, and land papers and related correspondence of John Eager Howard     


Box 13


Leases, sales, and land papers and related correspondence of John Eager Howard 


Box 14

-Leases, sales, and land papers and related correspondence of John Eager Howard, 1823-1827

- W. Washington to Howard approval of marriage, 1783

- John Eager Howard to Suky Johnson, manumission from 1793

- Payments, agreements, sales, manumissions, and correspondence of John Eager Howard m, 1783-1853

- O.H.P. Ferrell correspondence

- McHenry Howard correspondence, 1878-1879


Box 15

-John Eager Howard correspondence, disputes, accounts, leases, etc. with Sam Howard, Richard Ridgely, Daniel Dulaney, Ruth Howard, Jacob Small, Henry Peters, Benjamin Rogers, Henry Witner, Philip Hall, Richard Davis, Daniel Prico, Peter Shepherd, Benedict Swope, and others; 1725-1795


Box 16

- John Eager Howard correspondence, disputes, accounts, leases, etc. with Jacob Castle, Jesse Hollingsworth, William Lorman, Caleb Hall, Jacob Small, Jacques Goutier, Samuel Johnson, Ludwig Herring, William Webster, John Mathews, Zaccheus Biggs, William Shenk, Martin Baum, and others 1763-1840


Box 17


- List of items taken by the British from a farm on Patapsco neck

- Sophia to John Eager Howard, note on leaving

- Letter to Secretary of War on respecting invalids, seeking relief for the state of Md in paying their pensions

- John Jay - Commission of John Eager Howard as Lt. Col., 1779

- Letter from Gen. Nathaniel Greene about state of troops in southern army, 1782

- Various correspondences to and from John Eager Howard, Cornelius Howard, and Benjamin Chew

- Slave sale between Joseph G. Harrison and John Eager Howard

-John Eager Howard to Sam Southard (Sec of Navy), 1825


Box 18


-accounts ledger for John Eager Howard, 1790

- John Eager Howard to Governor William Smallwood on state of affairs at Congress

- George Washington to John Eager Howard appointment of Harbor Master, 1793

- Luther Martin to John Eager Howard, 1793

- John Eager Howard to Baltimore City Commissioners, re: property at Camden and Charles, 1802

- Building Committee of the School of Medicine of the University of Maryland to John Eager Howard, 1812

- H. Lee to John Eager Howard, 1820s

- Theodore Bland to Benjamin C Howard, Regarding proposed canal from Baltimore up the Susquehanna, 1827

- Various John Eager Howard correspondence

-various Benjamin Chew Howard correspondence

- Francis Scott Key Papers which include correspondence with Philip Key to Edmund Key


Box 19

1768 - 1866

- Francis Scott Key papers which include correspondence with Alexander Williamson, Dr. Upton Scott, John Ross Key, Anne Arnold Key, Sally Goldsborough,

Anne Bardsley, Eliza Goldsmith, Elizabeth Ross Scott, Elizabeth Key Magnodier

Phoebe Key, Mrs. Brandly Isaacs, John R. Key, Henry Manadier, John R. Key, Henry Manadier, Roger Taney, Charles Howard, and others

- Francis Scott Key to John Randolph of Roanoke

- Martha Washington to Mrs. Byron Fairfax


Box 20

- John Randolph to Francis Scott Key, 1813-1826

- Roger Brooke Taney Papers which include correspondence with Anne A. Taney, Benjamin C. Howard, Andrew Jackson , Elizabeth M Taney, James Mason Campbell, James Buchanan, Martin Van Buren, and others, 1817-1848


Box 21

- Arkansas land claims Thomas Barnard, Plot of Sections North White River; Correspondence re lands pre-empted by Thomas Barnard in Arkansas; cause pushed by Key in Washington

- Arkansas Land Claims papers 1834-1845

-  Mary Key correspondence and land papers, 1859-1871


Box 22

- 1848-1872

-Roger Brooke Taney correspondence with Ann A. Taney, Benjamin Howard

A. Stevenson, James Mason Campbell

John P. Kennedy, Jefferson Davis, and others; 1848-1872

-John C. Breckinridge to Benjamin C. Howard

Jefferson Davis to Benjamin C. Howard

-Sam Tyler to F. M. Etting


Box 23


- Eager, Airey, Chew, Carroll,  family genealogies

-Chart of  Key, Lloyd and Winder graves in graveyard

-All Sts. Parish Register, 1729 

- John Eager Howard correspondence to Peggy Howard, Edward Stewart,       Annie M. Howard

- James Howard Commission 5th Co. Militia, 1819

-Benjamin Chew Howard correspondence with Robert Walsh

-Robert Walsh  biographical data on John Eager Howard revolutionary war info

- E.[P. Howard] to Charles Howard, 1750-1807

- General orders, War with Mexico

- Bills and accounts of Charles Howard


Box 24

-Cornelia Howard to John Eager Howard, 1847-1848

- John Eager Howard correspondence, 1848

- Return of clothing and camp equipment  with invoice and vouchers to Capt. John Eager Howard

- List of clothing for Volligeurs, War with Mexico

- Julia Howard correspondence, 1960s

- McHenry Howard correspondence, 1860s

-William Howard to John H.B. Latrobe, 1828

- Muster rolls of Captain John Eager Howard, 1847-1848


Box 25

- Correspondence of Charles Howard, Roger Brooke Taney, McHenry Howard, Benjamin Chew Howard, John Eager Howard, Richard Rush, John Mason; 1830s-1880s

- Benjamin Chew Howard correspondence, 1836

- Roger Brooke Taney letters on foreign relation, 1836


Box 26 (old box 12)

John Eager Howard to George Howard, Correspondence, Nov. 18, 1831

George Howard, Ledger Book, 1836-1839

George Howard and Wife, Business Papers, 1826- 1846

George Howard, Business Correspondence, 1842-1848; 3 folders

George Howard Land Papers, Sale of land in Howard County, 1848

Howard and Poor, Correspondence, 1854

Howard and Poor, Receipts for corn and wheat, 1853-1856


Box 27 (old box 12)

-George Howard, Deeds and mortgages of Howard property, 1845-1870; 3 folders

            * includes description of Waverly and its division in 1851

-Charles Howard, Civil War Correspondence, 1861-1862

*from wife Elizabeth Phoebe Key (1803-1897) and nephew James Howard McHenry (1820-1888) during his time imprisoned at Fort Warren, MA and Fort Lafayette, NY

-Charles Howard, Civil War Correspondence, 1861-1862

*letters to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton and Col. M. Burke, responding to his treatment and demanding release from Forts Warren, Hamilton, and Lafayette

-Fort Lafayette prisoner lists

- Civil War letters of Charles Howard from Fort Lafayette 1861-1862; to Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Phoebe Key

-Letters to Charles Howard from 1830-1833, including letters from Benjamin Chew Howard,  James Howard McHenry, Arthur Shaaf

-Letters to Charles Howard from 1833-1845   , from James Howard McHenry, N.G. Pendleton(?), and other family members

-Letters to Charles Howard from 1845-1846 from Henrietta Chew, Benjamin Chew Howard, and other family members

-Letters to Charles Howard from 1847-1864 from family members and others


Box 28 (old box 13)

This box contains letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from the following:

John Appleton, 1857-1858; William Barroll, 1827; Major Belger, 1861-1867; F.P. Blair, 1834-1838; Montgomery Blair, 1834-1866; A.T. Bledson, 1846; L.K. Bowen, 1851; Alex Brown and Sons, 1831-1838; Little Brown, 1844-1855; Samuel Burch, 1833; William T. Carroll, 1854; Lewis Cass, 1833; Judge Catron, 1843-1856; William B. Chase, 1859; Rufus Choate, 1843-1864; Henry Clay, 1821; Ellen M. Cockey, 1854-1858; George Cooke, 1825-1835; William Cooke, 1826-1828; P.V. Daniel, 1855-1856; General Delafield, 1866; John Dix, 1861; John L. Donnell, 1863; Archbishop Eccleston, 1837; W.H. Fitzhugh, 1809-1815; Sidney Foote, 1858; John Forsyth, 1833-1848; Henry Garrett, 1857; Samuel K. George, 1854-1857; John L. Gittings, 1841-1847; Charles Gilmore, 1833-1859


Box 29 (old box 13)

This box contains letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from the following:

J.J. Graves, 1839-1844; Major Graham, 1858; Edward Greenway, 1833; J.M. Gurley, 1855; John C. Hamilton, 1833; Col. Heath, 1814-1837; J. Herring, 1833; O. Horsey, 1842; L.O. Hoffman, 1833,1858; D.W. Hudson, 1844; Andrew Jackson, 1827-1838; Reverdy Johnson, 1835-1867; J.J. Donaldson, 1838,1863; Governor Kemble, 1838-1865; William R.King, 1835-1844; John Kittlewell, 1845-1848; Cornelius McLean, 1840; Hugh L. Lezare, 1841; Governor Ligon, 1854-1857; Louis McLane, 1833-1841; W.L. Marcy, 1855; Virgil Maxcy, 1835; Brantz Mayer, 1851-1856; Charles F. Mayer, 1843; J. Meredith, 1833-1844; R.J. Merrick, 1854-1859


Box 30 (old 14)

This box contains letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from the following:

Miscellaneous political affairs, 1838-1850; Richard Rush, 1835-1837; William D. Merrick, 1854-1856; A. Mittenberger, 1834-1855; J.C. Moale, 1827; Jonathan Morris, 1812-1815; William Thomas Morris, 1812-1813; W.H. and O.H. Morrison, 1858-1865; William Murdoch, 1855-1856; John Nelson, 1835-1844; J.S. Nicholas, 1831-1858; Thomas Phenix, 1844; J.R. Poinsett, 1838-1841; Pennington Read, 1858; W.C. Read, 1834-1856; William Reilly, 1813-1815; B.H. Richardson, 1857-1858; Samuel Sandy, 1854-1855; G.H. Slaughter, 1857-1865; I. Smith, 1835; J. Spear Smith, 1831-1839; Samuel Smith, 1836; John Spence, 1865; Dan Stewart, 1849-1856; Dr. Richard Stewart, 1851-1858; G.H. Stewart, 1828-1844; John Stucker, 1814; John Toney, 1848; L. Terry, 1854; P.E. Thomas, 1831-1856; Philip F. Thomas, 1849; John Tyson, 1842, 1855; Martin Van Buren, 1829-1840; Joshua Vansant, 1838-1839


Box 31 (old 14)

This box contains letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from the following:

Rev. Waldron, 1865; Commodore Washington, 1833; James M. Wayne, 1842-1857; Daniel Webster, 1844, 1848; Joseph West, 1833; Nathaniel Williams, 1838-1857; J.M. Wyse, 1838-1854; Misc. letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from 1806-1828, 1830-1839, 1840-1849, 1850-1859; Misc. ; letters to B.C. Howard and others 1787-1899


Box 32 (old 15)

Letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from John Eager Howard, 1793-1822; George M. Dallas, 1809-1818; John Eager Howard Jr., 1814-1820 ;and Charles Howard, 1812-1820


Letters from Benjamin Chew Howard to Miss A. Chew (aunt), 1806; to John Eager Howard, 1809-1813


Letters to John Eager Howard from Samuel Smith, 1806; Benjamin Chew Howard, 1806-1820; and John Eager Howard Jr., 1812-1820


Also contains Benjamin Chew Howard’s valedictory address at Princeton from 1809, and other assorted Howard family correspondence.


Box 33 (old 15)

Letters to Benjamin Chew Howard from Charles Howard, 1826-1858; George M. Dallas, 1820-1848; Margaretta Howard (mother), 1812-1822; William G. Howard, 1825-1858; George Howard, 1830-1856; J.M. McHenry Howard, 1848-1855; Jane Gilmor Howard, 1854

Letters from Benjamin Chew Howard to Gen. Stricker, Col. Long, and Capt. Levering from 1814-1815


Box 34 (old box 16)

-Thomas Towson vs the Vestry of St. Paul’s Parish

-Proceedings of committees, assemblies, and conventions; 1818-1858

- Benjamin Chew Howard’s Mason and Legal Speeches

-Court Reports and State Documents; 1810-1858

-Various legal documents; 1819-1873

-Schultz vs Kipp and Gist, 1825-1827

-Wills and Deeds, 1827-1892

-Benjamin Chew Howard legal correspondence, 1818-1866

- Benjamin Chew Howard to Jane Gilmor Howard

- Benjamin Chew v to Benjamin Chew Howard



Box 35 (old box 16

Miscellaneous copies of letters by Benjamin Chew Howard, 1806 – 1882

-Miscellaneous letters from Benjamin Chew Howard to John Howard, President Andrew Jackson, Heath Stewart, J.H.B. Latrobe, Gen. Gaines, George Hoffman

-Printed Documents belonging to Benjamin Chew Howard

Including “General Lee’s Proclamation to the People of Baltimore, September 8, 1862”, and Broadside relating to Baltimore Bank Riots


-Know Nothing Riots broadside entitled “Baltimore must be the Sodom of the Country”

- “The Testimony of Daniel O’Connell: The Liberator of Ireland Against the Infamous System of American Slavery, 1838”


Box 36 (old box 17)

- William Gilmor to Jane [Gilmor] Howard, 1808-1824

- Benjamin Chew Howard to Mrs. John E. Howard Sr.

-Benjamin Chew to John Eager Howard, 1816-1819

- William Gilmor to Benjamin Chew Howard, 1820-1828

- Robert Gilmor to Benjamin Chew Howard, 1820-1865

- Benjamin Chew Howard to Robert Gilmor, 1825-1833


Box 37 (old 17)

-Benjamin Chew Howard to Robert Gilmor, 1833-1841

- John Eager Howard Correspondence from Charles Howard, Joshua Cohen, Benjamin Chew Howard, B. Campbell, McHenry Howard, and others

-McHenry Howard correspondence


Box 38 (old 18)

- Business papers of Benjamin Chew Howard, 1800-1898

- Invitations sent to Benjamin Chew Howard, 1834-1857

- Benjamin Chew Howard Cash book

-Confederate papers of McHenry Howard

-McHenry Howard’s account of summer campaigns, 1862

- McHenry Howard’s account of the last fight of Lee’s army, 1865

- McHenry Howard’s letter to George H. Pendleton and other documents on French spoliations


Box 39 (old 18)

- McHenry Howard to Bernard C. Steiner concerning Roger Brooke Taney, 1919

- McHenry Howard application for commission in the Confederate army, 1863

- McHenry Howard correspondence, 1865-1867

- McHenry Howard correspondence from former Confederate comrades, 1866-1867

- Various prayers and poems, 1847-1868

- Edward Peacock to McHenry Howard, 1883-1884

- Newspaper clippings concerning Benjamin Chew Howard, 1825-1865

- Benjamin Chew Howard, ledger book


Box 40 (old 19)

-proposed division of the estate of John Eager Howard

- McHenry Howard account of opening campaign in 1864

- McHenry Howard account of the wilderness campaign and Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

- Old English letters with notes by McHenry Howard- printed in Maryland Historical Magazine, XI, 1914

- Letters from McHenry Howard to his family while he was a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware, 1864-1865

- McHenry Howard’s memoirs of Wm Duncan McKim, Wm. Steuart, and George Williamson, 1911-1912

- McHenry Howard “further about the birth of Francis Scott Key

- Design for the seal of the proposed “Society of Army and Navy of the Confederate States in Maryland

- William Howard correspondence, 1817-1819

- John Eager Howard, letters, bills and accounts, 1850-1863


Box 41 (old 19)

-McHenry Howard’s “Some abstracts of Old Baltimore County Records”

-McHenry Howard fishing notes (*removed to MS 469.4)

- Letter concerning Wm. S. Howard (1857-1871)

- Sale of house and furnishings of Mrs. Cornelia Howard, 1863

- Letters from E.L. Howard, 1863-1865

- Papers from the estate of Anne Maria Chew, 1871-1879

- Business correspondence of John Eager Howard and M.M. Howard, 1855-1860

- McHenry Howard’s diary of events as aide from camp to Gen. Trimble

- Letters to McHenry Howard while prisoner at Fort Delaware, 1864

- Papers concerning division of Nicholas Carroll’s lands, 1813-1814

- List of living members of Howard family and genealogical material, 1904

- O.H. Terrell to McHenry Howard, 1865-1866

- “To the voters of the City of Baltimore” by Daniel Raymond (broadside on the evils of slavery) Sept. 12, 1826

- Papers concerning the estate of John Eager Howard


Box 42 (old 20)

- Settlement of the estate of Violetta West, 1875-1877

- Settlement of the estate of Prudence Howard, 1845-1898

- Leases used in the trial of Christopher Hughes and indentures concerning “Hanson’s Improvement” and its mill, 1741-1793

- John Eager Howard papers on court cases, John Moale etc., 1787-1816


Box 43 (old 20)

- Papers in friendly suits in settlement of estate of Margaretta S. Ridgely, 1904

- Papers in the case of Howard vs. Moale, 1738- 1814

- Papers in the case of Christopher Hughes; Land of Samuel Chase, 1783-1817

- Papers in Cromwell case, 1670-1786


Box 44 (old 21)

- Alex Williamson to Dr. Upton Scott, 1761-1769

-   Papers in settlement of Robert Bigham’s affairs, 1822

- Letters to Dr. Upton Scott, 1753-1809

- Miscellaneous court papers, 1815-1823

- Robert Gilmor vs Owen Dorsey, 1824-1825

- Copies of Gen. Charles S. Winders reports on campaigns in Virginia, 1862


Box 45 (old 21 and 22)

- Portrait info and sketches of Howard family

- Various court cases, 1860s

- Nicholas Rogers vs John Eager Howard, 1806-1817

- Memoranda concerning Dr. Stevenson’s copper mine and Schuyler’s mine, 1767

- Copy of a sermon on the trinity by Dean Swift

- Letters from B.B. Douglas to Mr. and Mrs. Jerdone Terrell, 1876

- Dancing Instructions

- Claims of John W. Geyer and A. David L. Jewett for Brazilian prize money

- Letters from John Easter Cooke, 1866-1867

- Howard wine cellar info

- Peggy Chew’s ledger books

- Miscellany


Oversize Items

*to be added