Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Collection - PP85

Collection finding aids of Photograph Collections in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Maryland Historical Society Library

ca. 1930-1940 (bulk 1936)


Prints and Photographs Division, Maryland Historical Society
201 W. Monument St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Finding aid created by Katherine Cowan with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, September 1999



The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) began in 1933, conducted by the National Park Service (U.S. Dept. of the Interior), the American Institute of Architects, and the Library of Congress. The project called for the collection of documentary measured drawings, photographs, and written historical and architectural information for over 31,000 structures and sites in the United States and its territories. The documents were deposited in the Library of Congress for preservation and access, and are now part of the Architecture, Design, and Engineering Collections, housed in the Prints and Photographs Reading Room.

In 1965, the Maryland Historical Society purchased a duplicate set of photographs of buildings in Maryland that were part of the survey; additional documentation for these structures and sites may be available at the Library of Congress.

The HABS project was carried out by architects, draftsmen, and photographers, most unemployed due to the Depression; HABS employed them through one of several federal relief programs that existed at the time. E.H. Pickering was the photographer for the set of Maryland materials held at the Maryland Historical Society.

Collection Origin

Purchase from the Library of Congress, 1965 (59581).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 10 boxes with 369 folders containing approx. 827 photoprints documenting approx. 343 structures and sites located in all Maryland counties except Allegheny and Garrett, and in Baltimore city and Annapolis. Most of the photographs in this set were made in 1936 by E.H. Pickering. Included are urban and rural houses, churches, hotels, public buildings, mills, bridges, farms and industrial structures, as well as street views. For many subjects, there are interior as well as exterior views of the buildings, and architectural details.

In selecting which buildings to document, the HABS administrators considered architectural merit and historical significance, and strove to include a broad range of building types: small and large, public and private, vernacular and elite, giving priority to earlier buildings and to those likely to be demolished. Most of the buildings documented by the survey were built before the Civil War. Some of the photographs in the set held at the Maryland Historical Society reproduce paintings or prints of the subjects.


The photographs are arranged according to PP catalog number.

Container List

Note: this is a folder level list. Each folder contains one item unless noted otherwise.

10 Boxes

Box 1: 37 Folders

PP85.1 - Christ Church, Accokeek, Prince George's Co. 2 items.

PP85.2 - Acton, Franklin St., Annapolis.

PP85.3 - Aunt Lucy Smith's House, 160 Prince George St., Annapolis.

PP85.4 - Brice House, East and Prince George St., Annapolis. 9 items (5 images).

PP85.5 - Carroll Barrister House, Annapolis. 3 items.

PP85.6 - Chase House (Chase-Lloyd House), Maryland Ave., Annapolis. 4 items (3 images).

PP85.7 - Chase House Annex, Annapolis.

PP85.8 - Double-House, St. John's College, Annapolis.

PP85.9 - Executive mansion, State and Church Circle, Annapolis.

PP85.10 - Jonas Green House, Annapolis.

PP85.11 - Hammond-Harwood House, Annapolis. 11 items (7 images).

PP85.12 - Houses at 110-112-114 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis.

PP85.13 - Historic Houses, Taylor St., Annapolis.

PP85.14 - King William's School, Francis St., Annapolis. 2 items.

PP85.15 - Major Dorsey House, 211 Prince George St., Annapolis.

PP85.16 - McDowell Hall, St. John's College, Annapolis. 2 items.

PP85.17 - Ogle Hall, 33 College Ave., Annapolis. 2 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.664.

PP85.18 - Old Treasury Building, Annapolis. 2 items.

PP85.19 - Paca House (Carvel Hall Hotel) Prince George St., Annapolis. 3 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.665.

PP85.20 - Pinckney House, 5 St. John St., Annapolis.

PP85.21 - Reynolds Tavern, 4 Church Circle, Annapolis.

PP85.22 - Ridout House, Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis. 5 items.

PP85.23 - Sands House, Prince George St., Annapolis.

PP85.24 - Shaw House, 18 Taylor St., Annapolis.

PP85.25 - Upton Scott House (Dr. Scott House), Shipwright St., Annapolis.

PP85.26 - Ridge (Cheston House), Anne Arundel Co.

PP85.27 - Whitehall, White Hall Creek, near Annapolis. 6 items.

PP85.28 - Roulette Farm, Frederick Co. 3 items.

PP85.29 - Poffenburger Farm, Washington Co. 6 items.

PP85.30 - Cabin, Aquasco, Prince George's Co.

PP85.31 - Plank House, Aquasco, Prince George's Co. 2 items.

PP85.32 - Spring Hill, Aquasco, Prince George's Co. 2 items.

PP85.33 - Thomas House, Aquasco, Prince George's Co. 4 items.

PP85.34 - Horsehead Tavern, near Aquasco, Prince George's Co.

PP85.35 - Cherry Grove (Brooke House), Ashton, Montgomery Co. 5 items.

PP85.36 - Anchovie Hills, Baden, Prince George's Co. 3 items.

PP85.37 - St. Paul's Church, Baden, Prince George's Co. 3 items.

Box 2: 33 Folders

PP85.38 - Old Commercial and Farmer's Bank, Howard and Redwood Sts., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.39 - National Union Bank (Robert Cary Long, architect), Charles and Fayette Sts., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.40 - Church, Charles and Fayette Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.41 - First Baptist or Round Top Church (Robert Mills, architect), Sharp and Lombard Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.42 - First Presbyterian Church (Noel Wyatt, architect), Guilford Ave. and Fayette St., Baltimore.

PP85.43 - Otterbein Church, W. Conway St., Baltimore. 4 items.

PP85.44 - Roman Catholic Cathedral of Baltimore (Benjamin Latrobe, architect), now Minor Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, east side of Cathedral St. between Franklin and Mulberry Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.45 - St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Calvert and Pleasant Sts., Baltimore. Dup/copy neg Z24.656.

PP85.46 - St. Mary's Seminary Chapel (Maximilliam Godefroy, architect), North Paca St., Baltimore. 26 items.

PP85.47 - Unitarian Church (Maximilliam Godefroy, architect), Charles and Franklin Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.48 - Antenaum Club (Howard House), Charles and Franklin Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.49 - Athenaeum, St. Paul and Saratoga Sts., Baltimore, 3 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.663.

PP85.50 - Davidge Hall, University of Maryland, Green and Lombard Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.51 - School of Medicine, University of Maryland (Robert Cary Long, architect), Green and Lombard Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.52 - First Court House, Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.53 - U.S. Appraisers' Stores, Gay and Lombard Sts., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.54 - Rembrandt Peale's Museum (Robert Cary Long, architect, restored by John H. Scarff), now Municipal Museum, Baltimore. 7 items.

PP85.55 - Building at 100 Albemarle St., Baltimore.


PP85.57 - 1010-1012 East Baltimore St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.58 - Belmont, D'Annemours House, North and Harford Aves., Baltimore. 5 items (4 images).

PP85.59 - House in unit block W. Biddle St., Baltimore.

PP85.60 - House at Broadway and Lombard St., Baltimore.

PP85.61 - House at 113 S. Broadway, Baltimore.

PP85.62 - House at Calvert and Lexington Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.63 - Waterloo Row, 606-628 N. Calvert St., Baltimore. 15 items.

PP85.64 - Cathedral, Cardinal's Residence, 400 block N. Charles St., Baltimore.

PP85.65 - House, 600 block N. Charles St., Baltimore.

PP85.66 - Chestnut, William home, Baltimore St. west of Aisquith, Baltimore.

PP85.67 - Damon or Stewart House, 811 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.68 - "The Dance", Carriage House, Cathedral St., Baltimore.

PP85.69 - Mantel from residence at 104 S. Exeter St., Baltimore.

PP85.70 - 248-250 Exeter St., Baltimore.

Box 3: 30 Folders

PP85.71 - House, Fleet St., Baltimore.

PP85.72 - Flag House, 844 East Pratt St., Baltimore.

PP85.73 - 341 W. Franklin St., Baltimore.

PP85.74 - Gilman House, 614 Park Ave., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.75 - Harper House (Benjamin Latrobe, architect), Cathedral St. between Franklin and Mulberry, Baltimore.

PP85.76 - Homewood, North Charles St., Baltimore. 16 items.

PP85.77 - Reverdy Johnson residence (Maximillian Godefroy, architect), Monument Sq., Baltimore.

PP85.78 - John H.B. Latrobe residence, Lexington and Courtland Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.79 - House at 742 W. Lexington St., Baltimore.

PP85.80 - Houses at 837-843 W. Lexington St., Baltimore.

PP85.81 - House at 802-804 E. Lombard St., Baltimore.

PP85.82 - House at Lombard and Front St., Baltimore.

PP85.83 - Lorman House, corner of Charles and Lexington St., Baltimore.

PP85.84 - House at northwest corner Madison Ave. and Preston St., Baltimore.

PP85.85 - McKim house, southwest corner Park Ave. and Centre St., Baltimore.

PP85.86 - House at 107 W. Monument St., Baltimore. 6 items.

PP85.87 - House at 36 Montgomery St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.88 - House at 1 W. Mount Vernon Pl., Baltimore. 3 items.

PP85.89 - House at 8 W. Mount Vernon Pl., Baltimore.

PP85.90 - Oaklands (Springhouse), Robert Goodloe Harper estate, Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.91 - Houses at 1734-1736 Orleans St., Baltimore.

PP85.92 - Houses at 104-106 S. Paca St., Baltimore.

PP85.93 - Houses at 833-837 Park Ave., Baltimore.

PP85.94 - St. Paul's Rectory, 24 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore.

PP85.95 - Houses in 400 block Pine St. (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.96 - House at 12 E. Pleasant St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.97 - Mother Seton's House, St. Mary's Seminary, N. Paca St., Baltimore. 6 items.

PP85.98 - House in 1600 block Shakespeare St., Baltimore.

PP85.99 - Swann-Frick House (Benjamin Latrobe, architect), W. Franklin St., Baltimore.

PP85.100 - Taggert Steele house, Cathedral and Madison Sts., Baltimore.

Box 4: 39 Folders

PP85.101 - House at 1621 Thames St., Baltimore. 15 items.

PP85.102 - House at 417 N. Charles St., Baltimore.

PP85.103 - Houses at 922-924-926 Watson St., Baltimore.

PP85.104 - Barnum's City Hotel, Fayette and Calvert Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.105 - Fountain Inn, Light and Redwood Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.106 - Sugar Refinery, Aliceanna St., Baltimore. 5 items.

PP85.107 - Washington Monument, Mt. Vernon Pl., Baltimore. 3 items.

PP85.108 - Old Baltimore Exchange (Merchant Exchange) (Benjamin Latrobe, architect), Water St., Baltimore.

PP85.109 - Aliceanna Street at Dallas, Baltimore.

PP85.110 - Houses in 1000 block Ashland Ave. (south side), Baltimore.

PP85.111 - 700 block E. Baltimore St., Baltimore.

PP85.112 - Baltimore and Calvert Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.113 - 100 block W. Biddle St., Baltimore.

PP85.114 - Houses at 118-128 S. Broadway, Baltimore.

PP85.115 - House at 814 S. Broadway, corner of Shakespeare, Baltimore.

PP85.116 - Houses, 1000 block N. Calvert St. (east side), Baltimore.

PP85.117 - Houses, 1000 block N. Calvert St. (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.118 - Houses, 1100 block N. Calvert St. (J. Appleton Wilson, architect), Baltimore.

PP85.119 - Houses, 500 block Cathedral St. (east side), Baltimore.

PP85.120 - Houses, 500 block Cathedral St. (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.121 - Houses, 600 block Cathedral St. (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.122 - Houses, 607-609 Cathedral St., Baltimore.

PP85.123 - Houses, 800 block Cathedral St. (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.124 - Lee and South Charles Sts. with Lorillard Co., Baltimore.

PP85.125 - Exeter and Watson Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.126 - Barricade along Fayette St., Baltimore.

PP85.127 - Forrest and E. Monument Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.128 - Unit block W. Hamilton St. (north side), Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.129 - Caton House, Lombard St. at Jones Falls, Baltimore. 10 items.

PP85.130 - 700 W. Lombard St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.131 - Pascault Row, 600 block W. Lexington St., Baltimore.

PP85.132 - 1000 block McCulloh St. (east side), Baltimore.

PP85.133 - 500 block N. Paca St., Baltimore.

PP85.134 - 608-614 N. Paca St., Baltimore.

PP85.135 - Houses, 400 block Park Ave. (east side), Baltimore.

PP85.136 - Park Ave., 500 block (west side), Baltimore.

PP85.137 - Park Ave., 400 block (east side), Baltimore.

PP85.138 - Buildings at Pratt and Paca Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.139 - 100 block W. Preston St. (J. Appleton Wilson, architect), Baltimore.

Box 5: 47 Folders


PP85.141 - 400 block Somerset St., Baltimore.

PP85.142 - Street scene, Baltimore.

PP85.143 - 1626-1628 Thames St., Baltimore.

PP85.144 - 800 block Wilmot St., Baltimore.

PP85.145 - Franklin Square, Baltimore. 4 items.

PP85.146 - Gas House (Robert Carey Long, architect) at foot of Leadenhall St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.147 - Racing stables at Montebello, estate of John W. Garrett, Baltimore. 4 items.

PP85.148 - Calvert Station, Pennsylvania Railroad, Calvert and Franklin Sts., Baltimore. 4 items.

PP85.149 - Mount Clare Station, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 800 block W. Pratt St., Baltimore.

PP85.150 - President St. Station, Baltimore.

PP85.151 - McKim Free School (Dr. Howard, architect), Baltimore and Aisquith Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.152 - Shot Tower, Front and Fayette Sts., Baltimore. 4 items.

PP85.153 - Store fronts, 635-647 W. Pratt St., Baltimore. 2 items.

PP85.154 - 832 S. Hanover St., Baltimore.

PP85.155 - Tobacco Store, Calvert and Lexington Sts., Baltimore.

PP85.156 - View of Baltimore looking northwest, Baltimore.

PP85.157 - Linden, house at Belair and Joppa Rds., Baltimore Co. 4 items.

PP85.158 - Perry Hall, Harry Dorsey Gough house, Belair Rd., Baltimore Co. 3 items.

PP85.159 - Stone barns, Gorsuch Farm, York and Ensor Mill Rds., Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.160 - Dallam residence, near Belair, Harford Co.

PP85.161 - Medical Hall, Dr. John Archer home, between Belair and Churchville, Harford Co. 3 items.

PP85.162 - Olney, J. Alexis Shriver home, near Belair, Harford Co.

PP85.163 - House at Thomas Run, between Belair and Churchville, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.164 - Tudor Hall, Junius Brutus Booth home, between Belair and Churchville, Harford Co.

PP85.165 - Sophia's Dairy (Belcamp), Harford Co. 7 items.

PP85.166 - White Marsh Farm, Bethlehem, Caroline Co. 3 items.

PP85.167 - Blue Ball Tavern, Cecil Co.


PP85.169 - Haunted house near Cambridge, Dorchester Co.

PP85.170 - House near Cambridge, Dorchester Co. 2 items.

PP85.171 - House near New Market, Dorchester Co.

PP85.172 - Dover Ferry, Talbot Co.

PP85.173 - Catoctin Furnace, Frederick Co.

PP85.174 - Catoctin Manor House, Catoctin Village, Frederick Co.

PP85.175 - Catoctin Village, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.176 - House, Cecilton, Cecil Co.

PP85.177 - Greenfield Castle, near Cecilton, Cecil Co.

PP85.178 - Farm House, near Cecilton, Cecil Co.


PP85.180 - House near "Indian Queen", Charleston, Cecil Co.

PP85.181 - House with gambrel roof, Charlestown, Cecil Co. 3 items.

PP85.182 - "Indian Queen", Charlestown, Cecil Co.

PP85.183 - Charlotte Hall, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.184 - House at Charlotte Hall, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.185 - "White House", Charlotte Hall, St. Mary's Co.


Box 6: 28 Folders

PP85.187 - Abbey, Pearce House, or Catlan House, Chestertown, Kent Co. 11 items.

PP85.188 - House on Church St., Chestertown, Kent Co.

PP85.189 - Old Custom House, Chestertown, Kent Co.

PP85.190 - House on Front St., Chestertown, Kent Co.

PP85.191 - House on Queen St., Chestertown, Kent Co.

PP85.192 - Widehall, Front St., Chestertown, Kent Co. 10 items.

PP85.193 - Old Wicke's Place, near Chestertown, Kent Co. 7 items (6 images).

PP85.194 - Snake fence and log house, near Churchville, Harford Co.

PP85.195 - Dowden's Ordinary, Clarksburg, Montgomery Co.

PP85.196 - Hayfields, near Cockeysville, Baltimore Co. 23 items. Dup/copy neg Z24.1032.

PP85.197 - Success, near Conowingo, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.198 - The Mount, near Cresswell, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.199 - Kirk House, Darlington, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.200 - Schoolhouse near Darlington, Harford Co.

PP85.201 - Holloway House, Harford Co.

PP85.202 - Rigbie House (formerly Philip's Purchase), Darlington, Harford Co. 3 items.

PP85.203 - All Hallow's Protestant Episcopal Church, Solomon's Island Rd., near Davidsonville, Anne Arundel Co.

PP85.204 - Bohemia (Milligan Hall), Earleville, Cecil Co. 8 items.

PP85.205 - Bellevue, near Earleville, Cecil Co.

PP85.206 - Friendship Hall, East New Market, Dorchester Co. 5 items.

PP85.207 - Manning House (Old House of the Hinges), East New Market, Dorchester Co. 4 items.

PP85.208 - Houses on Washington St. (north side) between Federal and Bay Sts., Easton, Talbot Co. 3 items.

PP85.209 - Washington St. and Glenwood Ave., Easton, Talbot Co.

PP85.210 - House, Higgins and Locust Sts. South of August St., Easton, Talbot Co.

PP85.211 - Stores (formerly houses), south side of Washington St., Easton, Talbot Co.


PP85.213 - Ratcliffe Manor, near Easton, Talbot Co. 6 items.

PP85.214 - "Troth's Fortune", Choptank River near Easton, Talbot Co.

Box 7: 52 Folders

PP85.215 - Wye House on Lloyd Creek, near Easton, Talbot Co. 12 items.

PP85.216 - Elk Mills, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.217 - Row Houses at Elk Mills, Cecil Co.

PP85.218 - House near Elk Mill, Cecil Co.

PP85.219 - Thomas Viaduct, Relay. 4 items.

PP85.220 - Fountain Inn, Elkton, Cecil Co. 3 items.

PP85.221 - Hollingsworth Tavern, Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.222 - House at Elkton Landing, Landing Lane, Elkton, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.223a - House on Main St. east of North St., Elkton, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.223b - House on Main St. (south side) east of North St., Elkton, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.223c - House on Main St. (north side) east of Bow St., Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.223d - House on Main St. (north side) near South St., Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.223e - House on Main St. (south side) west of North St., Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.223f - House at intersection W. Main St. and railroad, Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.224 - Pearce Store, S. Main St., Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.225 - House at Frenchtown Landing, near Elkton, Cecil Co. 2 items.

PP85.226 - Holly Hill, near Elkton, Cecil Co. 5 items.

PP85.227 - Farm House on road to Cecilton, near Elkton, Cecil Co.

PP85.228a - Howard Co. Courthouse, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228b - Main St., Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228c - Houses, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228d - Houses, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228e - Houses, Columbia Pike, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228f - Patapsco Female Institute, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228g - Mill houses, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228h - Mill houses, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228i - Mill houses, Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.228j - Shop front, Main St., Ellicott City, Howard Co.

PP85.229 - Burleigh House, west of Ellicott City, Howard Co. 5 items.

PP85.230 - Doughoregan Manor, Frederick Rd., Howard Co. Includes slave quarters. 13 items.

PP85.231 - Quaker Meeting, Falston, Harford Co. (PHOTOPRINT NOT FOUND)

PP85.232 - Bon Air, near Falston, Harford Co. 6 items.

PP85.233 - Pork Forest, near Fork, Baltimore Co. 5 items.

PP85.234 - St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Frederick, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.235a - W. All Saints' St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235b - Bentz St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235c - House on Patrick St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235d - House on 5th Street, Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235e - Bentz St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235f - Houses on East St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235g - Houses on 4th St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235h - Houses on Patrick St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.235i - Houses on N. Morris St., Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.236 - Loat's Female Orphan Home, Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.237 - All Saints' Parish House, Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.238 - Revolutionary War Barracks, Frederick, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.239 - Taney House, Bentz St., Frederick, Frederick Co. Dup/copy neg Z24.662.

PP85.240 - Trail and Ross Houses, Frederick, Frederick Co.


PP85.242 - Rose Hill, Frederick, Frederick Co. 5 items. Z24.657, Z24.658, Z24.659, Z24.660, and Z24.661.

PP85.243 - Springfield, near Frederick, Frederick Co.

PP85.244 - Stephen's House, Galena, Kent Co.

Box 8: 35 Folders

PP85.245 - House, Galena, Kent Co.

PP85.246 - Kitty Knight House, Georgetown, Kent Co. 2 items.

PP85.247 - Wallis residence, Georgetown, Kent Co. 5 items.

PP85.248 - Gilman Paul House, Deer Creek, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.249 - Rich Neck Farm (Grove Neck), Cecil Co.

PP85.250 - House at waterfront, Havre de Grace, Harford Co.

PP85.251 - Old Ordinary, Havre de Grace, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.252 - Angel Hill, near Havre de Grace, Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.253 - Sion Hill, near Havre de Grace, Harford Co. 4 items.

PP85.254 - Spring Hill Church, Hebron, Wicomico Co.

PP85.255 - St. Ignatius Roman Catholic Church, Hickory, Harford Co.


PP85.257 - Industry, or Cuthbert's Fortune, near Hollywood, Md., St. Mary's Co. 2 items.

PP85.258 - B&O Railroad Viaduct over Patapsco River near Ilchester, Baltimore Co.

PP85.259 - Mill houses, Ilchester, Baltimore Co.

PP85.260 - Mill, Ilchester, Baltimore Co.

PP85.261 - Jerusalem Mills on Little Gunpowder River, Harford Co.

PP85.262 - Jerusalem Covered Bridge over Little Gunpowder River, Baltimore Co. and Harford Co. 2 items.

PP85.263 - Rumsey House, Joppa, Harford Co. 3 items.


PP85.265 - Kent Fort Manor, Kent Island, Queen Anne's Co.


PP85.267 - Shippen Creek Farm, Kent Island, Queen Anne's Co. 2 items.

PP85.268 - Keymar Bridge over Little Pipe Creek, Frederick Co. and Carroll Co. 2 items.

PP85.269 - Kingsville Inn, Kingsville, Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.270 - House on Irish Lane, near Kingsville, Baltimore Co.

PP85.271 - Farm house near Langford, Cecil Co.

PP85.272 - St. Paul's Church, Sandy Bottom, Kent Co. 2 items.

PP85.273 - Vestry House, St. Paul's Church, Sandy Bottom, Kent Co.

PP85.274a - Rock Run Mill Property, at Lapadum on the Susquehanna River, Harford Co. 3 items.

PP85.274b - Rock Run Mill Property, at Lapadum on the Susquehanna River, Harford Co. 5 items.

PP85.275 - Land of Promise, near Lapadum, Harford Co.

PP85.276 - Montpelier, near Laurel, Prince George's Co. 5 items.

PP85.277 - Tudor Hall (Key House), Leonardtown, St. Mary's Co. 2 items.

PP85.278 - Mulberry Fields, St. Mary's Co. 5 items.

Box 9: 29 Folders

PP85.279 - Wagner House, Libertytown, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.280a - Sappington residence, Libertytown, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.280b - Sappington residence, Libertytown, Frederick Co.

PP85.281 - Libertytown Academy, Frederick Co.

PP85.282 - Shrewsbury Church, Locust Grove, Kent Co.


PP85.284 - Middleham P. E. Chapel, Solomon's Island Rd., Lusby, Calvert Co.

PP85.285 - Frame house, Calvert Cliffs, near Lusby, Calvert Co. 3 items.

PP85.286 - "Charles Gift", former Preston on Patuxent, near Lusby, Calvert Co. 5 items.


PP85.288 - House on Solomon's Island Rd., Calvert Co.

PP85.288a - House, near Lusby, Calvert Co.

PP85.289 - House on Marble Hall Rd. off York Rd., Baltimore Co.

PP85.290 - Woodstock, near Marlboro, Prince George's Co.

PP85.291 - Mattapany, St. Mary's Co. 4 items.

PP85.292 - Susquehanna, near Millstone Landing, St. Mary's Co. 3 items.

PP85.293 - St. James' Church, My Lady's Manor, near Monkton, Baltimore Co.

PP85.294 - Frame house, Northeast, Cecil Co.

PP85.295 - Green Hill, Northeast, Cecil Co.

PP85.296 - St. Mary's P.E. Church, Northeast, Cecil Co. 3 items.

PP85.297 - Inn, Northeast, Cecil Co. 5 items.

PP85.298 - Mill house, Oella, Baltimore Co.

PP85.299 - Mill, Oella, Baltimore Co.

PP85.300 - Cooperage shop, Owings Mills, Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore Co. Dup/copy neg Z24.1007.

PP85.301 - Owings Mills, Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.302 - Weisburg Inn, York Rd., near Parkton, Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.303 - Vestry, Spentia P.E. Church, near Aberdeen, Harford Co.

PP85.304 - Phillpot House, Phoenix, Baltimore Co. 4 items.

PP85.305 - United States Arsenal, Pikesville, Baltimore Co. 20 items.

Box 10: 39 Folders

PP85.306 - Habre de Venture, near Port Tobacco, Charles Co. 5 items.

PP85.307 - Houses on Main St., Port Deposit, Cecil Co. 3 items.

PP85.308 - Jacob Tome residence, Port Deposit, Cecil Co.

PP85.309 - House, Port Tobacco, Charles Co.

PP85.310 - Taney Place on Patuxent River, near Prince Frederick, Calvert Co. 3 items.

PP85.311 - Principio Furnace, Cecil Co. 3 items.

PP85.312 - Branton, Wyatt residence near Randallstown, Baltimore Co.

PP85.313 - Ten Mile House, Reisterstown Rd., Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.314 - Great House Plantation, St. Augustine, Cecil Co. 9 items.

PP85.315 - Trinity P.E. Church, St. Mary's City, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.316 - Clocker's Fancy, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.317 - Cross Manor, St. Mary's Co. 3 items.

PP85.318 - House near St. Mary's City, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.319 - Poplar Hill, Salisbury, Wicomico Co.

PP85.320 - Tobacco barn, near Prince Frederick, Calvert Co.

PP85.321 - Cremona, St. Mary's Co. 4 items.

PP85.322 - De la Brooke, near Sotterley on the Patuxent River, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.323 - House on Mountain Rd., near Stockton, Harford Co.

PP85.324 - King's Inn, Sunnybrook, Baltimore Co.

PP85.325 - Sweetair, Baltimore Co. 5 items.

PP85.326 - Court House, Towson, Baltimore Co.

PP85.327 - Hampton House, Baltimore Co. 16 items.

PP85.328 - Brick cottage near Tuckahoe Bridge, Talbot Co.

PP85.329 - Orwell, between Franklinville and Upper Falls, Baltimore Co. 2 items.

PP85.330 - John Frederick Amelung House, Urbana, Frederick Co. 2 items.

PP85.331 - St. George's Church, Valley Lee, St. Mary's Co. 2 items.

PP85.332 - House near Valley Lee, St. Mary's Co.

PP85.333 - Street in Vienna, Dorchester Co.

PP85.334 - Joesting Farm, Watervale, Harford Co. 3 items.

PP85.335 - Brick house near Watervale, Harford Co.

PP85.336 - House at Williston on the Choptank River, Caroline Co. 2 items.

PP85.337 - Store, Williston, Caroline Co.

PP85.338 - Prospect, near Wilna, Harford Co.

PP85.339 - St. Luke's Church, Wye Mills, Talbot Co. 2 items.

PP85.340 - Store building, Wye Mills, Talbot Co.

PP85.341 - Wye Oak and house, Wye Mills, Talbot Co.

PP85.342 - House near Level, Harford Co.

PP85.343a - Partridge Hall (exterior views), Cecil Co. 3 items (folder includes newspaper clippings).

PP85.343b - Partridge Hall (interior views), Cecil Co. 4 items.