Herring Family Scrapbooks and Recollections, 1774-1951, MS. 1917

Herring Family Scrapbooks and Recollections, 1774-1951
Maryland Historical Society


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Herring Family Scrapbooks and Recollections, 1774-1951
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Hering Family Scrapbooks and Recollections, 1774; 1833-1939; 1951

MS. 1917

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Scope and Contents


11. Description of content and scope of the collection (continued) (Hering Family Scrapbooks and Recollections)



Scrapbook, c.1874-c.1904


This scrapbook is in rough chronological order. A partial index, compiled by the author, is attached in the front of the volume. The pages are hand numbered. This scrapbook consists mostly of newspaper clippings relating directly to the life and family of Joshua Webster Hering. There are several typed notes that indicate that J. W. Hering himself kept the scrapbook. There are many clippings regarding Hering's political career. Articles are included that demonstrate Hering's interest in tax reforms, prohibition, pure elections, road improvement, women's rights, etc.

Many clippings are included regarding the Methodist Protestant movement of the time. There are printed sermons and advice columns by Hering, many of which combine Hering's medical and religious interests, such as anti-cigarette advice. History of the Methodist movement is included, as well as detailed descriptions of Methodist councils. Hering was a firm Methodist and wrote articles in favor of strengthening and unifying the Methodist movement. However, he also wrote and collected articles in favor of emphasizing the similarities between Congregationalists, Methodists, and United Brethren in Christ.

Some articles of general interest are in the scrapbook, especially those dealing with art, patriotism, and science. Samples of internal revenue stamps are included, as well as samples of Confederate and Canal money. Some personal and family momentos, such as letters, tickets, programs, etc. are included.




Scrapbook, 1774, c. 1841-1913


The second scrapbook is not indexed. It deals mainly with the latter years of Joshua W. Hering's life, though it contains articles and momentos from all periods, in the same manner as the other scrapbook. It includes a $2 bill dated 1774, as well as bills for 12½ cents, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 dated June 1841 from Johnsville Md. It also includes two notes of 1863 certifying that Joshua and his wife had taken the oath of allegiance to the gov't. of the U.S. Much of the book was kept after Joshua Webster Hering's death, and includes his death notices of 1913. Newspaper articles of public interest, concerning Gov. Ritchie, Pres. Wilson, Lindbergh, prominent Methodists, etc., make up the bulk of the scrapbook. This scrapbook, or at least the portions of it following Joshua W. Hering's death, was probably kept by Mrs. Frank Z. Miller (Grace Hering), the mother of Mrs. Catherine Hering Shriver. Many of Mrs. Miller's personal momentos, such as letters, cards, etc. are included. Mrs. Miller served on the Board of Governors of the Carroll County Historical Society. The scrapbook goes up to 1939.

There are 18 miscellaneous items in the collection. These items include photographs, a calling card of Frank Z. Miller, letters concerning family ancestry, personal letters, a marriage certificate, receipts, etc. Papers concerning the draft of Joshua W. Hering in 1864, and his procurement of a substitute, are included.