Henry G.S. Key Papers, 1639-1913, MS 649

Henry G.S. Key Papers, 1639-1913

Maryland Historical Society


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Henry G.S. Key Papers, 1639-1913
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Henry G.S. Key Papers, 1639-1913

MS 649

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

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The papers of Henry G.S. key include correspondence, land papers, legal documents, and bills and [UNK] The papers deal largely with key's [UNK] of [UNK] in St. [UNK] Co., Md and the administration of the Estates of H.G.S key and his father Philip key correspondents [UNK] his brother-in-law [UNK]




O. [UNK] (1822-1828); his brother Thomas [UNK] key in Texas (1835-46 his son Henry's. Key, a cotton farmer in Alabama (1843-48 John M. Todd, John N. [UNK] members of the [UNK] Del, Pa. boundary commission of which key was a member 1849-1850, The letters from Henry S. key include names and ages of slaves owned by H.G.S. key 1843, 1845,


Container List

Box 1

Key family land papers (St. Mary's Co.) 1639-1913




Box 2

Henry G.S. key correspondence 1815-1867




Henry G.S. key financial papers 1821-1856, n.d.




Henry G.S. key boundary commission papers




Henry G.S. key will




Henry G.S. key Estate papers




John [UNK] will




F.S. key poem safe at sea again





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