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Not dated and 1930-1931

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The Mason and Dixon Line (or Mason-Dixon Line) runs for 233 miles along parallel 39°43’ in the eastern United States, marking the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The line was surveyed by English astronomers Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in 1763-1768 to settle property disputes between the Penns and the Calverts, proprietors of Pennsylvania and Maryland, respectively. Mason and Dixon also surveyed the boundary between Maryland and Delaware.

The line was marked with crownstones at 5 mile intervals, displaying the coat-of-arms of the Calverts on the south and of the Penns on the north side. Intermediate miles were marked with stones having an initial "M" facing Maryland and "P" facing Pennsylvania.

The present collection of photographs of milestones was made at the order of Mrs. Edward H. Boulton of Baltimore, Md.

Collection Origin

Gift of Charles M. Harwood, 1945 (50088).

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 1 box with 2 folders containing 95 photoprints and 5 negatives which are undated or made in 1930-1931. All depict stones marking the Mason-Dixon Line, including both original and replaced milestones. The location of the stones is sometimes indicated. The emphasis of the collection is on Milestones 102 and below, or on the portion of the boundary from Washington to Cecil Counties.

Note: Related materials are found in PP2, the Trussell Collection.


Of the three folders, 1 contains items which have been given PP catalog numbers, according to which they are sequentially arranged. The 2 remaining folders contain items not assigned PP catalog numbers, and have sorted according to whether the image is identified or unidentified.

Container List

1 Box

Box 1: 3 Folders

Box 1, Folder 1
PP37.1.1-3 – Mason-Dixon Line, The Arc, Milestone __?, n.d. 3 items. Marker is .65 miles NE of Mechanicsville, Del.

PP37.2.1-8 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 0 (1, also North line 87), n.d. and 1931. 8 items.

PP37.3.1-9 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 15 (16), Cecil Co., Md., n.d. and 1930. 11 items.

PP37.4 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 15 (16), Cecil Co., Md., n.d. 1 item. Engraving. Neg Z16.280.PP37.4.

PP37.5.1-4 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 30 (31), n.d. and 1931. 4 items. Includes detail of Calvert coat-of-arms.

PP37.6.1-4 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 40, n.d. and 1931. 4 items.

PP37.7.1-5 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 50 (53), n.d. This stone is now in the collection of the Maryland Historical Society. 8 items.

PP37.8.1-4 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 55 (58), Carroll Co., Md., n.d. and 1931. 4 items.

PP37.9.1-4 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 90 (93), Washington Co., Md., n.d. and 1930. 7 items.

PP37.10.1-6 – Mason-Dixon Line, Milestone 100 (103), Washington Co., Md., n.d. and 1930. 13 items.

Box 1, Folder 2
Mason-Dixon Line, various identified milestones, n.d. and 1930-1931. 23 items (5 negatives). Includes plaster casts of Calvert and Penn coats-of-arms and Milestones 1, 34, 35 (?), 50, 60, 65, 98 (?), and 102 (?).

Box 1, Folder 3
Mason-Dixon Line, various unidentified milestones, n.d. and 1930-1931. © 2001 Maryland Historical Society - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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