Hannah Mary Trimble Papers 1748-1916, MS. 2517

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Hannah Mary Trimble Papers, ca. 1748-1916
Maryland Historical Society

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Hannah Mary Trimble Papers, ca. 1748-1916
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary


MS 2517

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Carol J. Harris

May 22, 1982



Scope and Content

Two major divisions: 1) Family Correspondence and Personal Papers and 2) Family Legal and Financial Papers. The first division involves correspondence, diaries and Misc. items. The correspondence mainly revolves around Hannah Mary Trimble, her immediate family, and her close friend Mary Wallace. The majority of the letters are incoming to Hannah and discuss such affairs as the death of Rachel Ann Trimble, the state of health of Grandmother (Mary Brown?), family health and activities, the life of a school teacher (Mary Wallace), and religion.

There are four journal/diaries. Two pocket journals, kept by Hannah Mary when she was attending West Chester, lists mainly the names of her schoolmates.

A diary kept by Hannah Mary Trimble contains a wealth of information on everyday life as well as a record of the various family and friends prominent in her life. She lists visitors, discusses books, speeches, and other past times, and reports on illnesses, funerals and Quaker meetings. Read entry by entry, the diary gives a broad glimpse of the life of a young, single Quaker woman in Antebellum Maryland. She mentions everything from who came to dinner and what they did for entertainment to cutting and sewing carpets. Much of the diary is a release for Hannah Mary's religious fervor as she struggles within herself to live by the Christian principles of her Quaker faith.

Uriah Brown, Sr. was the maternal grandfather of Hannah Mary. His letterbook/journal is a combination of letters, records, finances, prose, and includes a broadside. Apparently around 1816, Brown was contracted by several Baltimore businessmen, among them John Trimble, to investigate various matters in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Brown leaves a detailed account of the various businessmen for whom he was working, the places where he found records of land transactions, the people with whom he dealt, and the finances of the trip.

The second division includes the family Legal and Financial Papers such as deeds, wills, contracts, promissory notes, indentures, cargo insurance policies, and stock certificates (1748-1872). These papers involve family matters as well as dealings with outsiders.



Hannah Mary Trimble, born 23 March 1826, was the daughter of William and Mary (Brown) Trimble. Mary, the daughter of Uriah and Mary Brown died at the age of 35 while Hannah was attending West Chester Female Boarding School in Pennsylvania. William remarried in 1838 to Rachel Matthews of Baltimore County. It was from this union that Rachel Ann was born in 1839.

Rachel Anne Trimble was born in 1839 and died of scarlet fever (?) in 1849 at the age of 10 years. The fact that her short life had made a deep impression on her family and those who knew her is reflected by the numerous and lengthy writing about her in her sister's diary, in letters between Hannah Mary and Rachel Matthews, and in the essay “Reflections on the Death of Rachel Ann Trimble”written by her mother.


Container List



Letter Fragment - April 2, 1801

Ruth H. Clopper to Hannah Trimble - October 15, 1809

Aunt D[iana] to Hannah Trimble - June 27, 1836, July 6, 1837, August 10, 1837

Rachel M. Trimble to Hannah M. Trimble - 1839-1849, n.d.

Fragments of correspondence and notes involving William Trimble and William and James Smith - 1841, n.d.

Dubre Knight to William Trimble and Verso printed advertisement, Wilmington Board School - February 18, 1843

George Trimble to Hannah Trimble - August 22, 1843

David B. Trimble to William Trimble - December 7, 1843, July 16, 1844, n.d.

David B. Trimble to [Hannah M. Trimble] - 1844-1866, 1880

Mary A. G. Wallace to Hannah Trimble - 1845-1858, n.d.

Hannah Mary Trimble to Rachel M. Trimble - 1848-1849

Mahlon Kirk to __________ - March 25, 1849

David B. Trimble to Rachel M. Trimble - April 7, 1849

__________ Kirk to Han [nah M. Trimble]- June 22, 1851

William Trimble to David U. Brown - April 5, 1852

Mary [Wallace] to Dave [Trimble] - June 4, 1855

George [Trimble] to [Dave Trimble] - October 26, 1855

George Trimble to Hannah Trimble - May 4, 1858

Mary Wallace to the “Aunts”- March 5, 1858, May 5, 1858

Aunt Eliza to Hannah M. Trimble - 1859, 1862, n.d.

M.B.K. to Hannah M. Trimble - 1861, n.d.

M.P. (Wilcoxson?) to Mrs. Dundou - November 14, 1863

H. Mary Trimble to Mariana S. Miller - March 1878

Aunt Eliza to “Sis”- n.d.

Cousin Mary to Hannah [Trimble] - n.d.

David E. Kirk to Hannah [Trimble] - n.d.

Misc. letters to Hannah Mary Trimble - n.d.

Misc. letters and letter fragments - 1840, 1852, n.d.


Pocket Journals, H.M. Trimble - 1836-1838

Hannah Mary Trimble Diary - 1849-1851 (May)

Uriah Brown letterbook/journal - ca. 1760-1820


“Reflections on the Death of Rachel Ann Trimble”- 1849

“Communications Received from Spirit Friends Through the Mediumship of H. Mary Trimble”- May, 1863

Printed advertisement for West Chester Boarding School - n.d.

Itemized list of sewing notions for H.M.T. - March 3, 1837

School Bills for Hannah Mary Trimble - 1837-1838

Printed Ephemera: - 1870-1916

“Burial of Ann A. Townsende”- 1882

Genealogy of Brown Family - 1724-1890

Genealogy of Trimble Family - 1760-1924



Leases - 1782, 1801, 1832

Assignments (contracts) - 1783, 1807, 1808, 1821, 1833

Fragments of deeds - July 30, 1748, n.d.

Deeds - 1788-1794

Will of Joseph Trimble - February 9, 1785

Certification for the Will of Joseph Trimble - November 29, 1785

Performance Bond, Richard Cromwell to Adam Clackner - August 6, 1794

William Trimble Inventory - April 14,1797, August 2, 1819

Account of William Trimble Executor of Joseph Trimble Estate - June 20, 1798

Deeds - 1802-1808

Statements dealing with Trimble land in Kentucky - 1806, 1814

Stock Certificates for Baltimore Athaenian Society and Baltimore and York Turnpike Rd.- 1809, 1813

Deeds- 1812, 1814

Deeds of Conveyance - 1814, 1825

Certificate of Property for the schooner “Traverse the Ocean” - 1815

Bill of Lading for cargo on schooner “Traverse the Ocean”- 1815

Cargo Insurance Policies - 1815-1816

Deeds - 1820-1872

Agreement over payment for land tracts - December 17, 1825

Will of Jane Jacob - July 9, 1828

Agreement between D. M. Diffenderffer and William Trimble - June 1830

Bill of Lading for delivery to G. S. Farquehar - November 26, 1836

Promissory notes for William Trimble and Samuel A. Smith - March 27, 1840, July 23, 1840

Inventory, John Anthony- November 6, 1840

“Protest Promissory Note...”Wm Trimble - December 3, 1840

House Rents collected from the Estate of John Trimble - November 17, 1847

Bond of Indemnity from James Wright and John Whittington to Geo. W. Trimble - April 9, 1872

Subject Headings for MS. 2517

Baltimore and York Turnpike Road, 1809

Baltimore Athaenian Society, 1813

Bills, 1837-38

Brown, Uria (b.1803)

“Burial of A. Townsende” 1882

“Communications Received From Spirit Friends...”

Diary, 1849-1851

Ephemera, 1870-1916

Finances--Trimble Family

Genealogy--Brown Family

Genealogy--Trimble Family

Hannah Mary Trimble Papers (main card)

Insurance--Marine, 1815-1816

Inventory--Estate, 1798

Inventory--House, 1797-1840

Jacob, Jane (d. ca.1828)

Journals, ca.1760-1838

Kirk, Mahlon (fl. 1849)

Land--Deeds, 1748-1872

Leases, 1782-1832

Maryland--Travel and description, ca. 1817

Ohio--Travel and description, ca. 1817

Pennsylvania--Travel and description, ca. 1817

Quakers--Baltimore, Md. 1748-1916

Quakers--Montgomery County, Md. 1748-1916

“Reflections on the death of Rachel Ann Trimble,” 1849

Rents, 1847

Schools--West Chester Female Boarding School, 19th cent.

Schools--Wilmington Boarding School, 19th cent.

Shipping, 1815-1816

Ships--Traverse the Ocean, 1815

Travels--Maryland, ca. 1817

Travels--Ohio, ca. 1817

Travels--Pennsylvania, ca. 1817

Travels--Virginia, ca. 1817

“Traverse the Ocean”(ship), 1815

Trimble, David Brown (1831-1900)

Trimble, George W. (1823-1909)

Trimble, Hannah Mary (b.1826)

Trimble, John (1746-ca.1809)

Trimble, Joseph

Trimble, Rachel Ann (1839-1849)

Trimble, Rachel Matthews (18o2-1851)

Trimble, Wiliam

Virginia--Travel and description, ca. 1817

Wallace, Mary A. G. (d.1890)

West Chester Female Boarding School (19th cent.)

Wills--Jane Jacob, 1828

Wills--Joseph Trimble, 1785

Willington Boarding School (19th cent.)