Hammond James Dugan Collection, 1929-1951, MS. 1859

Hammond James Dugan Collection, 1929-1951

Maryland Historical Society


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Hammond James Dugan Collection, 1929-1951
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Hammond James Dugan Collection, 1929-1951

MS. 1859

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Container List




Box 1

scrapbook -- contains letters of Hammond James Dugan (HJD) on the lighter-than-air program and family correspondence




scrapbook entitled Aftermath of the Akron, 1933-35




Box 2

three scrapbooks (1933 - n.d.) -- contain letters of condolence, information pertaining to the history of dirigibles, Hindenberg, etc.




Box 3

incoming letters to Frances Dugan -- including those from Hanson W. Baldwin and Hugh Allen, 1945-51, n.d.




material re Frances Dugan's efforts to convince the U.S. Navy to restore `double pensions'




typescript of Even the Birds, by Frances Dugan




Box 4

lighter-than-air program material




incoming letters to HJD, c. 1930




blueprints, specifications, reports, and a memo about the 2MC-2 (metal-clad airship), 1929-30




orders issued to HJD, 1924-32




HJD's class notes -- taken at M.I.T., 1932




Box 5

HJD's U.S. Naval Academy Scrapbook, Class of 1924




Box 6

data re the U.S.S. Akron -- gathered by HJD for his M.I.T. thesis




data re the ZMC-2




Navy handbook -- manual on lighter-than-aircraft




Box 7

newsclippings on the demise of the lighter-than-air program








articles (some in typescript form)




Box 8

HJD's notebooks on flights of the AKRON




aviation Flight Log Book (2 vols.), 1928-32




material relating to classes taken by HJD at M.I.T.








Box 9

photographs -- some illustrating the construction of the ZMC-2




Box 10





HJD s U.S. Naval Academy Ring




set of wings








Box 11





U.S. Navy yearbook, 1931








Box 12





material on Congressional hearings




catalog -- U.S. Naval Academy re-union




Box 13

15 issues of the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings