Forman Papers, 1732-1908, MS 403

Forman Papers, 1732-1908
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Forman Papers, 1732-1908
Robert Goodloe Harper Family Papers

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Forman Papers, 1732-1908

MS 403

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Microfilm List

Microfilm: Antebellum Southern Plantations,

Reel 12


Martha Forman Diaries, 1814-1860 Cecil County, Maryland,

MS. 403


Mrs. Martha Forman (1788-1864) was the wife of Major-General Thomas Marsh Forman (1758-1845). Their residence of Rose Hill in Cecil County is the scene of many entries in her diary, though others date from Delaware. Slave lists among the 1824 and 1833 entries indicate the Forman's owned about forty slaves. Other entries record the distribution of clothing and provisions to slaves. Some of the work undertaken at the plantation is mentioned including wheat culture, haymaking, buttermaking, and candlemaking. Social events, teas, and illnesses in the family are all recorded along with church attendances, road conditions, and weather notes.



0737 Introductory Materials.





0739 Martha Forman, Diary, 1814-1821.



(cont. on Reel 13)




Reel 13

0001 Martha Forman, Diary, 1814-1821, cont. (1820-1824).





0247 Martha Forman, Diary, 1824-1832.





0643 Martha Forman, Diary, 1832-1844.



(cont. on Reel 14)




Reel 14

0001 Martha Forman, Diary, 1832-1844, cont. (1839-1844).





0186 Martha Forman, Diary, 1844-1853.





0415 Martha Forman, Diary, 1814-1824; 1855-1859.








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