Dunlop Papers, 1788-1908, MS. 316

Dunlop Papers, 1788-1908
Maryland Historical Society

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Dunlop Papers, 1788-1908
Maryland Historical Society

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MS. 316

4 boxes and oversize

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674



Container List



Accession #52450 – Boxes 1 – 3, Oversize; Accession #6901 – Box 4



List of debts and bills payable, 1 vol., [kept by James Dunlop?], 1809-1816.


BOXES 2, 3

Account books (day book Box 2 and journal Box 3), 2 vols., Kept by James Dunlop, 1793-1811.


Deeds regarding Dunlop family property known as “Hayes Manor” or “Clean Drinking”




Documents relating to the Estate of Robert Peter; letters and documents, Robert T. Dunlop, James Dunlop, and others. Two copies, opinion of Philip B. Key. Ca. 90 Mss Ca. 1806-1820.


Farm records, 1 vol. [Kept by James Dunlop?], 1809-1816.


Letters from James, George T., and Robert Dunlop (each in Princeton, N.J.) to their father, 1810-1815. Also letter from [Helen?] Dunlop to her brother, James, July 22, [ca. 1815].

Ca 9 Mss.


Letters and documents, James Dunlop, Jr., ca. 1811-1821.

Ca. 21 mss.


Legal opinion, A.D.S., Francis Scott Key, March 14, 1812.


Three letters from Helen Dunlop to her parents, and two related documents, 1817-1818.


Letters, George T. Dunlop to his father, James Dunlop re: his efforts to become established in business in New York City, etc., 1817-1821.

CA. 20 mss.


Two parchments, Glasgow University, 1818-1819.


Letter, Thomas Tingey to James Dunlop, Feb. 24, 1818.


Letters and documents, George T. Dunlop, James Dunlop, and others. Ca 1853-1908.

Ca. 200 mss.


Picture of Francis Thomas, Gov. of Md.


Newspaper, Columbian Gazette (Georgetown), April 9, 1833.


Dunlop Genealogy, typescript; and clippings from Burke's Perrage.




Land Indentures between Arthur Lee and Robert Yates Jr, August 24, 1756


Deed of Partition between Arthur Lee and Charles Jones, February 13, 1795


Indenture between the Bank of the United States and Elizabeth Dunlop, 1835


2 Deeds – John Mines and others to Robert P. Dunlop, November 8, 1848, December 12, 1848


Deed of Land – James Dunlop and others to William Laird, Jr., June 10, 1869


Description of Land conveyed by James Dunlop to William Laird in 1869, September 20, 1881


Indenture of Land – William Laird and Anna Key Laird to William J. Stewart, May 28, 1890


Potomac Insurance Company to George Peter Esquire, May 6, 1892


Deed of Land - G. Thomas Dunlop to the Chevy Chase Land Company of Montgomery County, Maryland, May 17, 1926


Deed of Land – transfer from Mr. G. Thomas Dunlop to Mr. Alexander McCook Dunlop, May 1, 1929


Plot of Land called “Clean Drinking” belonging to the late Reverend Alexander Williamson, nd


Survey of land belonging to Robert Dunlop, Esquire, nd






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