Cornelius Howard Papers 1659-1853, MS. 469.5

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Cornelius Howard Papers, 1659-1853
Maryland Historical Society

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Cornelius Howard Papers, 1659-1853
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Cornelius Howard Papers, 1659-1853

MS 469.5

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

Reported May 25, 1984 by Lisa A. Mix


Series Descriptions

I. Land

A. Deeds, patents and certificates for lands in Baltimore City and County, 1670 - 1853.

B. Lists of lands belonging to Charles Carroll, Daniel Dulaney, and Cornelius Howard.

C. Surveys:

1. Surveyors' notebooks

a. Philip Jones (2 vols.), 1727-30.

b. Cornelius Howard I (2 vols.), 1718-47.

c. Cornelius Howard II (5vols.), 1798 - 1810.

2. Papers dealing with Maccubbins Survey of Whetstone Point, 1659 - 1770.

Includes plats of Meadows, Kinsey, Cromwell's Inheritance, Darbyshire, Taylor's Point, and Companys Marsh; certificates of Athill, Cromwell's Inheritance, Kinsey, Long Acre, Pierce's Encouragement, Taylor's Forest. Also included are a patent for Kinsey, courses of the meanderings of the Patapsco, land correspondence and land agreements.

3. Surveys of various lands in Baltimore, including a survey of Old Court Road done in 1831, and a resurvey of the lands of Cornelius Howard and others done in 1790.

4. Accounts of surveys done by Cornelius Howard II (1 vol.) 1805-07, also contains a copy of the Act Ascertaining the Bounds of Lands.

D. Papers dealing with Cornelius Howard II's land in Illinois, 1818-53

These papers include a map of the Illinois Territory (n.d.), receipts for Illinois land tax, 1820-49; also includes correspondence between Cornelius Howard and Moore, Morton and Co. (the land agency in Illinois which handled Howard's land transactions), as well as correspondence between Moore, Morton and Co. and George Elder (the executor of Cornelius Howard's estate).

E. Papers dealing with land litigations

INcludes copies of court records and legal opinions for a number of land cases, including Cromwell vs. Howard and Johnson vs, Johns.

II. Financial

A. Farm daybooks of Cornelius Howard II (3 vols.), 1803-44, showing daily accounts for livestock, slaves and food.

B. Accounts 1759 - 1844, of Cornelius Howard and others, including an account book of Cornelius Howard II, dated 1816.

C. Financial papers of the Croxall family

Includes James Croxall's bills, accounts and receipts, 1803-08; Mary Croxall's vouchers, 1810-15; and an inventory of Charles Croxall's estate, 1796.

D. Bonds 1761 - 1843.

III. Personal Papers

A. Cornelius Howard [UNK] correspondence;

1. Letterbook, 1798 - 1811, content mainly political.

2. Personal correspondence of Cornelius Howard, 1814-34, including letters between Howard and his cousin Ann Crawford Jones.

B. Correspondence of others, including David R. Gist, Robert Moale, Alexander Wells, H.L. Davis and George Elder.

C. Papers dealing with settling the estates of Cornelius Howard I and II.


Container List

Box 1

Deed book of Baltimore, (1.vol.), 1699-1755, [could concern site of Baltimore City], with copies of land deeds and a list of lands owned by Charles Carroll, Esq. and the Iron Works.

Cornelius Howard [II] (1 vol.), 1805-07,--accounts for surveys for Baltimore Company 1806, and invoices of dry goods and sundries 1805-07; also copy of Act Ascertaining the Bounds of Lands, 1699-1718.

Cornelius Howard[II] Survey note book

(1 vol.)

Cornelius Howard[II] Books of Courses of land (4 vols.) 1798 (with farm day book 1787-96), 1797-98, 1798-1801, 1802-10.

Cornelius Howard[II] Letterbook, (1vol,), 1798-1811 [content mainly political].

Cornelius Howard, Estate Inventory, 1899

Surveyors notebooks, (2 vols.), 1727-28, 1729-30, signed Philip Jones, Jr., Deputy Surveyor for Baltimore County.

Box 2

Cornelius Howard [II] Farm day books (3 vols.), 1803-31, box 11834-38, box 21840-44, showing daily accounts for livestock, slaves and foodstuffs.

Certificates laid out for the Baltimore Company at Pemblicoe, (1 vol.), 1794-1802

Cornelius Howard [II] Form Account book (1vol.), 1803-1837

Cornelius Howard [I] Surveyors day books (2 vols.), 1718-27, 1745-47.

Field Notes of a Survey of a Part of Baltimore Town (1 vol.), 1785-86.

Box 3

Land deeds and patents 1699-1853

Box 4

Land Certificates 1670-1853.

Papers dealing with Maccubbin's Survey of Whetstone Point 1659-1770.

Papers dealing with land litigations 1735-1826.

List of lands belonging to Daniel Dulaney and Co. 1751.

Thomas Sligh - deeds for Todd's Range and Mountenay's Neck, 1759-62.

Charles Carroll of Annapolis - land litigations 1760-61.

Cornelius Howard [I], land leases 1768-71.

Extracts from land leases 1778- 1815.

Land leases 1782-1848.

Surveys 1780 - 91.

Commision to resurvey the boundaries of the lands of Philip Rogers, Cornelius Howard, and Thomas Craddock, 1790, Nov. 5.

Land Agreements 1791 - 1853.

Account of survey work done by Cornelius Howard [II], Oct. 1796 - Aug 1798.

Record of John Cromwell vs. Cornelius Howard 1801, May 2.

Luther Martin opinions on land cases, 1803-19.

Papers dealing with Johnson vs. Johns, c. 1809.

Survey of Old Court Road, 1831, Aug. 14.

Cornelius Howard list of ground rents in Baltimore City and County, n.d.

List of lands belonging to Charles Carroll and Co., n.d.

Title to Richard Jones' lot (#523), n.d.

Plats, n.d.

Survey notes, n.d.

Box 5

Illinois land papers:

miscellaneous papers 1818-42.

Map of Illinois Territory, nd.

Cornelius Howard [II] receipts for land tax 1820 - 1849.


Cornelius Howard to Moore, Morton and Co. 1833-43.

George Elder to Moore, Morton and Co. 1844-51.

Moore, Morton and Co. to Cornelius Howard 1833-44.

Moore, Morton and Co. to George Elder 1845-53.

Accounts 1759 - 1838.

Bonds 1761 - 1843.

Cornelius Howard [II?] - manumission of three slaves, 1781, Dec. 5.

Papers dealing with the estate of Cornelius Howard [I], 1785-87.

Inventory of Charles Croxall's estate, 1786, Nov. 22.

Cornelius Howard [II] Accounts 1796 - 1844.

Thomas Bailey - oath of office - assessor for ninth District, 1799, April 27.

James Croxall bills and accounts, 1803-08.

James Croxall receipts, 1803-08.

Mary Croxall vouchers, 1810-15.

Personal Correspondence:

_____ Moale to Robert Moale, 1805, Jan. 27.

Alexander Wells to Caleb Merryman, 1806, Nov. 25.

Ann Crawford Jones to Cornelius Howard [II], 1814 - 16.

Cornelius Howard [II] to Ann Crawford Jones, 1815 - 19.

Cornelius Howard [II] outgoing correspondence, 1815-41.

Cornelius Howard [II] incoming correspondence, 1818-34.

H. L. Davis to Caroline Thompson, 1818, April 4.

George Elder incoming correspondence, 1844 and n.d.

Papers dealing with the estate of Cornelius Howard [II], 1844-45.

Wills, n.d.



Oversized material

Various land plats and surveys, including a survey done in connection with Cromwell vs. Howard.