Civil War Scrapbook 1856-1862, MS. 2602

Maryland Historical Society
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Civil War Scrapbook, ca.1856-1862
Maryland Historical Society

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Civil War Scrapbook, ca.1856-1862
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Civil War Scrapbook, ca.1856-1862

MS 2602

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


Newspaper Clippings

1) Poem Sunnyside

Curious Story of Waterloo

Letter of Daniel Webster

John H. Paine

2) Thomas Jefferson described by Daniel Webster

Various anecdotes

3) A Pslam of Life

[UNK] Kane

Dutch customs

Dr. Franklin's Only Son

4) Author of the Star Stapngled Banner

5) Origin of Names of States

Joker's Budget

Various anecdotes

6) [UNK] of Irving

7) Every Donkey Wants an Office

Ben P. Moore

A Runaway Steamboat

8) John Phoenix upon George Washington

The Merry Sleigh

The ships of the Union

9) Adventure of Dr. Caldwell

The Cloud in the Way

10) The workers in the U.S.

Jackson at Twenty

11) A [UNK] Sermon

The Western Politician

12) Pleasures of Skating

An Old Maid's Confession

A Colored [UNK]

13) The Squire and his wife

Song of the Springs

Wonderful Meteoric Phenomena

A Good Preacher

14) The Golden [UNK]

Celibacy of Washington Irving

Christe ing of a Princess

The [UNK] to Ft. McHenry

Hail Columbia

15) Early Rising

A Musical Match

John Ball to Washington Hunt

Novel Celebration of the 4th of July

The Monumental City

16) The True Lady

The New Mountain

A Tennant Church

A Family Party

A China Gentleman's Horse

17) The Old Cathedral Bell

The House

Baron Munchausen

18) Effect of Slavery Agitation on the Condition of the Slaves

A Reminiscence of the Nullification Enactment in Charlston Washington's Farewell Address

19) Old Ironsides

Dogology - a new Science

20) The Clay Monument

A Romantic Region

Nothing to Wear

21) Mrs. Lofty and I

An Incident of the Last War

Interesting Relic

22) Speech of the Hon M.H.Stephens

23) Speech of the Hon M.H.Stephens

24) A Family of Heroes

Humming Birds

25) Maryland

The House of Pines of South Carolina

Who Was Lord Terling, Hendor

A Ready Repartes

26) Edward Everett on Agriculture

A Visit of the Clark Mills Studio

Splendid Class Work

The Richmond Washington Status

27) Union

A Visit from St. Nicholas

The South of Charles Carroll

Bartholomew, The Scuiptor

A Candid Deacon

28) Spring

The Warren Momument Celebration at Boston

29) Speech of Hon John Kennedy

Compliment to Maryland

Maryland Legislators at Harpars Ferry

30) Maryland

Gen. Josiah Johnson

Presidnt Davis in Richmond

31) The Two Presidents

Army Clothing

The Flag

From Harpers Ferry

Patriotic Warren

32) Letter to Gen. Winfield Scott from the citizens of Maryland

A word of the People of the North by the 1814 War

The Attack of Seward's Point

33) Vice-President Stephen at Roc mond

The Bombardment of Fort Sumter

Letter from Charleston

34) Kentucky Drill

Uniform of the Confederate Army

From Pensacola

35) The Southern Confederacy

President DAvis's Reply to the Md. Commissioners

Serenade to President Davis at Richmond

36) Mesages of President Davis

37) Mesages of President Davis

38) Mesages of President Davis

39) Speech of Vice-President Stephens

From Pensacola

From the South

The Battle of Buena Vista

40) Speech of Gen. Horatio Defending His Position

Recent Speech of President Davis

41) Maryland's Own

An Example

Presentation to the Md. Gazette

42) Rebel Poetry

From The South

43) The Bombardment of Fort Sumter

44) Southern Correspondence

Meeting of the Southern Congress

45) Norfolk Letter

Address of Gen. Pickney to the S.C. Volunteers

46) Letter from M. Vallendigham

A visit to Pensacola

47) Imported From Norfolk

48) The Letters of Gen. WAshington

Two More Letters of Gen. Washington

49-50) Washington's Farewell Address

51) Count Cavour

Graphic Account of the Battle of Freat [UNK]

52) Song

The Protest of Maryland

53) Maryland

54) The Sentiments of a Southern Wife and Mother

Rebel Poetry

The Women of the South

55) Speech of President Davis

W. Russell's Last Letter

56) The Defence of Norfolk

Rebel Poetry

57) Mr. Russell's Last Letters

Robel Poetry

58) Mayor's Message

59) Prayer

Curious Revolutionary Verses

60) A Marriage in the [UNK]'s Family

Opening of Parliament

Bottomof the Ocean

61) A Visit to Ashland

A newspaper Relic

[Negro Marriages]

62) Lecture of Lietu. Maury

The Husband-Trap

63) An Artic Adventure

Negro Marriages

64) Maryland Colonial History


Yankee Land - Lecture of John Kane

65) Message of President Lincoln

Rebel Poetry

Speech of the Hon. J. Breckenridge of Ky.

66) Speech of the Hon. J. Breckenridge of Ky.

67) Speech of Mr. Kennedy of Md.

68) Speech of the Vice-President, Alex Stephens

69) Some Research into the Antiquity of Baltimore

70(The Paths and the Depths of the Sea

71) Tribute of Respect to Elizabeth K. Kane

72) The Kane Obsequies

73) Burning of the College of St. James

74) Reminiscence of 1814 - in Defense of Baltimore

75-76-77) Reception of the Japanese

78) The Ferguson Monument

79) The Eastern View of the Niagra Cataract

80) Things Around Lexington

81) American Artistsin Rome

A sketch of the life of Dr. Kane

The Death of Mr. Hugo Miller

82) Impressive Ceremony

A Thanksgiving Turkey

83) Organization of the Peace Party

A Free Fights Among Abolitionists

84) Who Are To Blame?

The Great Battle

85) The Fratroidel War

Letter from The South

86) Third Letter from Prince Napoleon on American Affairs

87) Our Southern Estafette

The Battle of Bull Run

88) Our Federal Relations

89) The Confederate Congress

Lincoln's Visitors

90) A Sabbath at Sea

Letter from The South

91) Thoughts on Entering Church

The Home of the Soul

The Battle of Bull Run

92) A Woman's Politics


Sketches of Annapolis

93) Sketchesof Annapolis

94) Bishop Moore

95) Lines to the Stormy Petrel

The Floating Chapel

The Power of Song

96) Diplomatic Correspondence

97) Maryland's Legislature

98) The South

The Situation

99) Notes on Baltimore

The News

100) The Speech of Senator Breckenridge

101) Military Law and the Denial of Habeas Corpus in Md.

Destruction of the Bridges

102) Letter from Baltimore

Address of John C. Breckenridge

103) The City of Washington

A Western Woman's View of the Crisis

104) The Prisoners

Speech of the Hon. John. C. Breckenridge

105) The Daily Exchange

106) Memorial of the Police Commissioners

107) Spirit of the Southern Press

The American War

108) Speech of Patick Henry, 1775

109) Taking of Mason's Hill

Seizure of Mssrs Mason & Slidell

110) [UNK] of the Neutral Flag

Death of a Marylaader

111) Under which King Benjamin, Landing of the Pilgrims

112) Political Opinions

113) Speech of the Hon, Jefferson Davis

114) Latest from the South

115) Mr. Russell's Second Letter on the Bull Run Rout

116) The Savannah Privateersman

The Exchange of Prisoners

117) The Mason and Slidell Affair

The Boarding of the Trent

118) From Missouri

Important Intelligence from Havana From the South

119) Latest News from The South

The South

120) Letter from Rurope

The New Confederate Congress

What General Jackson Said

121) Historic Parallels

City Intelligence

122) Leonard Harrison's Opinion of Abolitionism

123) The Inauguration

124) Jeff Davis's Message

125) The Succession Prisoners from Baltimore


126) Baltimore

From the South

127) Frrom The South


From Washington

128) From the South

Mrs. Polk at Nashville

129) The Great Farce - the Enemy at Centreville

The Confederate Retreat and the New Line oF Defence

130) From Charleston, Va.

From the South

131) Baltimore and the Death of Bishop Moore

132) Victory at Fort Donaldwon

England Expected to Break the Blodkade

133) From the South

From the South

134) Military Orders

The Best pOlicy

135) Condition of the South

136) Message of President Davis

137) From the South

Maryland Volunteers

138) Baltimore

139) From the South

Letter from Lieut Wo. Mooney

140) Gen. Butlers Course in New Orleans

141) The Guerillas

Reply of Col. Kane to the N.Y. Tribune

142) [UNK] [UNK] [UNK]