Charles Sidney Winder Collection, 1852-1862, MS 1773

Charles Sidney Winder Collection, 1852-1862

Maryland Historical Society


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Charles Sidney Winder Collection, 1852-1862
Maryland Historical Society

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Descriptive Summary

Charles Sidney Winder Collection, 1852-1862

MS 1773

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674


September 1969


Scope and Content

Original documents - diaries and letters - of CHARLES SIDNEY WINDER.



Envelope Number 1

LETTER to his Uncle, Colonel Lloyd, of Wye House, dated April 22, 1852, requesting his consent to the marriage of his daughter, Alice Lloyd.





LETTER from Charles Sidney Winder, Captain of Artillery, U.S.A., to his Brother-in-Law, Charles H. Key, dated June 2, 1858, describing the battle with Indians known as the Battle of Steptoe's Butte.





DIARY - 1854 of Charles Sidney Winder, Lieutenant of Artillery, U.S.A., from the wreck of the Steamer San Francisco, and his trip to Benicia, California, and duty at that post as Adjutant of the 3rd. Regiment of Artillery, U.S.Army.





DIARY-- 1855 of Charles Sidney Winder, Captain, 3rd Regiment of Artillery, U.S. Army, telling of his promotion, duty at Benicia California, receipt of orders and trip home to Maryland.





DIARY - 1859 and 1861 of Charles Sidney Winder, Captain, Artillery, U.S. Army, and Colonel of Infantry, C.S.A., telling of his return to Maryland from the Washington Territory, and - after an interval of two years - his duty as an Officer of the Confederate Army.





DIARY - 1861 and 1862 of Charles Sidney Winder, Brigadier General, C.S.A., telling of his duties in his Confederate Army Command, until the day of his death, August 9, 1862.





LETTER from McHenry Howard, dated July 29, 1865, to the widow of General Charles S. Winder, C.S.A. describing the General's death on August 9, 1862.





CORRESPONDENCE dated 1861 and 1862, between C.S. Winder, F. L. Child, J. F. O'Brien, and letter of L. A. Ashe, of 1928, reference same.





CLIPPINGS from Southern Newspapers of 1862. Eleven clippings describing the Battle of Cedar Mountain, and death of General Charles Sidney Winder, while in command of the Stonewall Division, C.S.A.






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