Boone-O'Brien-Harnickell Papers 1878-1974, MS. 2462

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Boone-O'Brien-Harnickell Papers, 1878-1974
Maryland Historical Society

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Boone-O'Brien-Harnickell Papers, 1878-1974
Maryland Historical Society

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MS. 2462

Maryland Historical Society

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Scope and Content

The papers in the Boone-O'Brien-Harnickell collection span a period from 1878 until 1974, with the bulk of these falling between the years 1939 and 1950. The majority of the papers are letters, documents and cards, although there are a few hand-written manuscripts.

The collection centers around three people: Albert G. A. Harnickell, Raphael Sanchez Boone, Jr., and Ada [Boone] O'Brien. The papers of Sanchez Boone and Ada O'Brien are inter-related by references to the same people, places, and to each other. They were siblings and many of Sanchez Boone's letters were written to or by Ada O'Brien, as well as other family members. The Harnickell papers have no connection to the papers of Sanchez and Ada. Albert Harnickell, however, was the brother of Wilhelmine Harnickell who was the grandmother of Sanchez and Ada. Names mentioned often in the collection are George O'Donnell Boone and Wilhelmina [Boone] Hechter. These were other siblings of Sanchez and Ada. Raphael Sanchez Boone, Sr. and Ada [O'Donnell] Boone are the parents of the four children.

The collection is arranged chronologically and is subdivided into subject categories. The Harnickell section begins with two hand-written manuscripts about the Civil War and the Fourteenth Regiment of the New York State Militia. The later papers deal with Albert Harnickell's patent for a Spelter Furnace, his brokerage business and his partnership in the Old Dominion Copper Co.

Much of the Sanchez Boone section is personal correspondence with family members (especially parents) and friends during World War II. There is also a large amount of official Army correspondence such as daily bulletins and special orders. Sanchez took several correspondence Army Extension Courses in organization of various areas of the military and map reading. The manuals, papers and examinations from these are present in the collection. After his return from the war, Sanchez was a great fire buff and was active in the community. There are a few papers which cover this period and give a picture of the extent of Sanchez's community involvement.

The papers of Ada Boone O'Brien are more recent and are split between personal correspondence written during her trip to Europe and travel brochures. The travel brochures give illustrations of various parts of Europe, particularly France and Ireland.

At the end of the collection is a checking account ledger from the National Mechanics Bank of Baltimore. It was owned by Frank Brown, who is of uncertain relationship to the Boone-O'Brien-Harnickell family. The ledger provides a detailed account of his financial transactions from 1895 to 1905.



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Container List


Albert Harnickell--The History of the Fourteenth Regiment of the New York State Militia, n.d.

--The Causes of the Civil Wars in the U. S., n.d.

--Copper mining papers, 1878-1885

--Contract of Old Dominion Mining Company, 1882

--Patent for Spelter Furnace, 1881, 1886

--Papers related to lawsuit, 1887

--Miscellaneous papers

Raphael Sanchez Boone, Jr.--Papers related to service in Merchant Marines, 1925, 1932-1933

--Personal correspondence

1939, 1941, 1946, 1956, 1970, n.d.

1942 January-August 15

1942 January 16-December



1945 January-July

1945 August-December

--Certificates of completion of Army Extension Courses, 1938-1939

--Army Extension Course: Map and Aerial Photography Reading, 1938-1939

--Army Extension Course: Organization of the Quarter-master Corps, 1938

--Army Extension Course manual, n.d.


--Army papers




--British Army Fire Center, 1943

--Army papers



1946, 1949-1950

--Army papers, miscellaneous, n.d.

--Appointment to Officers Reserve Corps, 1946

--Business receipts, 1944-1946

--Community activities, fire-related newspaper articles, 1947, 1949, 1973-1974, n.d.

--Army papers, duplicates


Ada Boone O'Brien--Trip to Europe

Correspondence, 1970, n.d.

Souvenirs, itinerary, 1970

Tourist pamphlets, n.d.

Miscellaneous correspondence, n.d.

Frank Brown--Checking account ledger, 1895-1908

MS 2463 Deiches Fund Records, 1951-1971


Scope and Content

Collection consists of correspondence, receipts, applications, minutes, etc. pertaining to the six charitable funds established in 1949 by Baltimore tobacco merchant, William Deiches, Jr. (d.1949). As stipulated in his will, William Deiches provided for more than a quarter of a million dollars to be used for the following six purposes: the Free Library Fund, the Lectureship Fund, the Fund for Musical Education, the Negro Medical Fellowship Program, the Negro College Fund, and the Educational Fund.

The Free Library Fund provided for grants-in-aid to the public libraries in the state of Maryland, primarily the Enoch Pratt Free Library. As stipulated in the will, the money was used, not for the general upkeep of the libraries but, for the purchase of additional books or the funding of special projects. In addition, some money was set aside to sponsor scholarships for study in Library Science. Furthermore, the Fund provided for a grant of over $58,000 which was used to publish a series of reports prepared by the Enoch Pratt Free Library on the following subjects: public library need and use; library organization and structure; analysis of library personnel; and, analysis of technical operations.

The Deiches Lectureship fund was a special fund established to provide the community with lectures relating to the subject of sociology or human relations. Annually, from 1951-1959, the lectures were held at the Johns Hopkins University. In the tenth and final year, the money was used to sponsor a conference entitled, “Human Values In The Emerging American City”, held at Goucher College as part of the school's 75th Anniversary

The goal of the Fund for Musical Education was to provide free scholarships for the elementary and advanced study of music for individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford the opportunity. It was open to both males and females with approximately twenty to thirty students aided each year.

The Negro Medical Fellowship Program was offered to blacks who held a degree in the medical field, i.e. M.D.,R.N., or B.S. in Nursing, and who wanted to pursue further study. It was the hope that the recipient return to Maryland and specifically Provident Hospital to practice, so as to provide more qualified doctors and nurses in the black community.

The Deiches Funds Records collection contains specific information on the four funds highlighted above. Included are receipts, bills, sample applications, and correspondence. Information on the two remaining Deiches Funds, the Negro College Fund and the Educational Fund, is limited to the trustees' general correspondence (1950-1971), the Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust Co. statements (1951-1971), and misc. receipts (1951-1964).

The minutes to the meetings of the Board of Trustees are available for the years 1950-1951 and 1956-1971 but are restricted to researchers until July 12, 1981. The only completed student application forms (1951-1953) contained in the collection pertain to the Fund for Musical Education.

Also included in the collection are biographical data on the individual trustees and two reports entitled, “A History of The William Deiches Funds” and “A Report on Deiches Scholars”, written to assess and publicize the effectiveness of the funds. The first report provides detailed information on the selection process of the recipients and the purpose and scope of each fund.


Container List


“A History of The William Deiches Funds”, written and compiled by Margaret Root [Barr], 1973

“A Report on Deiches Scholars”, written and compiled by Olive Westbrook Quinn, 1965

William Deiches, Jr. Will, (copy), May 28, 1948

Biographical Notes, newspaper clippings, etc. on the Deiches Trustees

Dr. Florence Bamburger (-1965)

Dr. Jonas Friedenwald (1897-1955)

Gerald C. Heller (-1950)

Grace Deiches Heller (fl.1979)

Louis B. Kohn II (fl.1950-1971)

Emory N. Niles (1893-1976)

Sidney Lauer Nyburg (1880-1957)

Beulah B. Tatum (fl.1948-1972)

Rozel Thomsem (fl.1954-1971)

Leonard Weinberg (1890-1974)

Minutes for the meetings of the Deiches Trustees, 1950-1951; 1957-1971

General Correspondence, 1950-1957


General Correspondence, 1958-1971

Goucher College Scholarship Material, 1954-1960

Mercantile Safe Depsoit & Trust correspondence, statements, etc., 1951-1956


Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust Co. correspondence, statements, etc., 1957-1971


Deiches Funds receipts, 1951-1964

Report, “Records of Payment”, 1951-1964


Deiches Free Library Fund

correspondence, application forms, bills, etc., 1953-1967

Enoch Pratt Free Library Publications Nos.1-4, 1963-1974 (funded through Deiches money as the “Deiches Fund Studies of Library Services”)

newspaper clippings, 1954-1966

Deiches Lectureship Fund

correspondence, applications, bills, programs, etc., 1954-1963

newspaper clippings, 1954-1959


Deiches Fund for Musical Education

correspondence, bills, receipts, etc., 1951-1961


Deiches Fund for Musical Education

student application forms, 1951-1953

Deiches Negro Medical Fellowship Program

correspondence, applications, bills, etc., 1952-1961

follow-up questionnaire, 1968

National Scolarship services for Negro Students

list of recipients, 1957

MS 2467 Austin McLanahan Papers, 1903-1942


Container List


1906 March 27 - April 3

Alexander Brown - August Belmont

(3 items; TLS)

1938 May 17-19

John J. Dolan - Austin Mclanahan

(2 items; ALS, TLS)


1903 November 12

“Review of Baltimore's Finances”

1905 January 19

“The South in the Last Decade”


“The Rothschilds”



[ca. 1907]

“Spanish Galleons”

[ca. 1907?]

“Hanseatic League”

1910 March 31

“Report of the Monetary Commission: The Central Bank Suggestion”

[ca. 1910?]

[Banking Investments--Stocks, Bonds, and other Securities (read to the Bank Clerks Association)]

[ca. 1911-1912]


1912 May 9


1913 March 20

“King Cotton”

1915 April 15

“The Movies”

1916 June 15


1917 May 10

“The Food Situation”

1920 May 28

“Buyers and Sellers”

1922 June 1

“The Port of Baltimore and Others”

1923 June 14

[Young's “Blind Pool”]

1924 June


1925 June 11

“Inland Waterway Transportation”

1926 April 29

“Life of George Peabody”

[ca. 1927]

“Power Without Liability”

1928 May 17

“Andrew Jackson”

1929 April 25

“Commercial Aviation”

[ca. 1929-1930]

[Banking and Credit]

1930 May 15


1931 May 8

“The Tariff”

1932 May

“Early American Painters”

1933 June 8

“Banking Panic in 1933”

1935 June 6

“Life in a Pennsylvania Dutch Town and the Pennsylvania Dutch”

1937 June 10

“Aerial Transportation”

1938 May 12

“Luther Martin”

1939 May 18


[ca. 1940]

[Seeds of the New Deal]

1942 May 28

“`General' Homer Lea--`Military Consultant' `The Valor of Ignorance'--`Day of the Saxon”'


[The Proof of Handwriting]


[Public Utilities and the Institutional Investor]