Bond Papers, 1887-1935, MS 60

Bond Papers, 1887-1935
Maryland Historical Society

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Bond Papers, 1887-1935
Maryland Historical Society

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Bond Papers, 1887-1935

MS 60

Maryland Historical Society

Baltimore MD 21201-4674

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MS 60

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Thomas Bond Company Printed Products

November 9, 1945.

Mr. James W. Foster,

Maryland Historical Society,

Baltimore, Maryland.

Dear Mr. Foster:-

The wiser plan for my brother Carroll's journal, in my judgment, would be to seal it for thirty years after his death in January 1943. By that time, virtually everybody mentioned in it will be dead. Eight or ten years from now, in the natural course of events, it will not be possible to obtain my consent to anything, so that the suggested alternative to this first plan would hardly work. Of the men in the two illustrated volumes relating the trips into the Canadian woods, all are dead now except M. Ernest Jenkins and he is plainly feeble. Those books could therefore be released in a short time.

My brother left me final instructions that no writings of his should be published after his death. He undoubtedly had in mind the making of a book of some kind out of such material as I have given you. His ban would hardly apply to authoritative citation or limited quotation in another person's writings.

As I told you over the telephone, he would turn over in his grave if he could know what disposal I made of his papers. He leaned backward in his modesty. Yet these papers present a picture of the aristocratic life of Baltimore in his active years so vivid and accurate that it should be preserved as first-source material in the history of Baltimore. There has been and there will be many a reference to the mellow charm of Baltimore in days gone forever. Here it is set down by one who lived it and as it is recorded nowhere else.

If you come upon a need of light on any phase of what you have, by all means call on me.

Sincerely yours,



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