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BCLM Works on Paper, Legal, Boxes 16-18 | Maryland Historical Society

BCLM Works on Paper, Legal, Boxes 16-18

BCLM Works on Paper, Legal, Boxes 16-18

Box 16



Physical Description

Call Number


Washington Medical College




Black and white illustration of Washington Medical College located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The description details the architecture of the building and what the building will be used for.  The faculty is listed along with the officers of the college. The date is located in brackets at the end of the text [1838].  Illustration and text may be from a book.

Mechants' Shot Company

no date



Merchants' Shot Company ad with illustration of the Phoenix Shot Tower on left.  President, Secretary, Directors listed on ad.  Also includes a table with the sizes of shots manufactured by the company.  The company opened in Baltimore City in 1828 and closed in 1892.  "Drop shot" for pistols and rifles and "moulded shot" for larger weapons like cannons were manufactured here.  This was the tallest building in the United States before the construction of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.  Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1972.

Entrance Gateway Greenmount Cemetary




Illustration of the entrance to Greenmount Cementary.  Located under the illustration on the bottom left is "Lithog of E. Weber and Co. Balt."  The A. Hoen and Company was founded by Edward Weber and August Hoen and located in Baltimore, Md.  This company was very famous for their lithographed maps, illustrations, smoking and chewing tobacco labels, posters, cigar boxes and sheet music covers.  Located under the illustration on the bottom right is "Robt. Cary. Long Archt" who is Robert Carey Long, Jr. (1810-1849), he is responsible for the Gothic revival work portrayed on this illustration which was his second design for the cemetary.  Construction did not begin until about 1840 and may have continued until 1846.

American Gas Centenary Celebration




Several documents are included in this folder to commemorate the American Gas Centenary, first gas company in America and to celebrate 100 years of gas lighting.  A Ticket, Celebration invitation, speech, parade schedule and letter from Arthur B. Bibbons to have a tablet on Peale's museum to commemorate the introduction of gas to the country.

Charles H. Webb, Choice Teas and Fine Family Groceries

no date



Written on the printed card in pencil "found in grandmothers bedroom? Drawer". Charles H. Webb, Choice Teas and Fine Family Groceries located on corner of Eutaw and Lexington Streets in Baltimore, Md.  On the back "Fire Alarm" is printed and underneath are 152 street addresses

Otterbein Church

no date



Seems to be a cut out from a printed document.  Ilustration is Otterbein Church located on the corner of Sharp and Conway Streets as stated on cut out.

Barlett, Howard and Co.

no date



Illustration of Stove Works "Bartlett, Robbins and Co."  Attached to illustration is this description" The largest manufacturer of architectural iron detail (stoves, porches, fences, cornices, etc.) was the Baltimore Firm founded in 1836, which was variously named Hayward, Bartlett, then Bartlett and Robbins, finally Bartlett, Hayward & Co. widely used in Baltimore, this material was shipped all over the country."  Office is located on 24 Light Street (stated on bottom right of illustration).  "Philip G. Straus Coll." under illustration on seperate piece of paper.

"Art Lovers Keenly Interested in Lucas Picture Collection"

July 24, 1910

Newspaper Article with Photograph


This article discussed the Lucas Picture Collection being housed at the Maryland Institute and will be exhibited no later than October 1, stated President Carter.  Photograph is of the late George A. Lucas loaned by Charcoal Club.  This collection was left to Henry Walters at the time of Lucas' death in Paris.

Mansion House Hotel

no date



The ad is about the Mansion House Hotel located on the corner of Fayette and St. Paul Streets.  The proprietor is listed as I. Albertson.  This hotel has a capacity of 200 guests and gives directions to the hotel for those persons taking the City Passenger Cars

Guy's Hotel, on the European Plan

no date



Illustration of hotel located in Baltimore, Md. "On the European Plan" indicates a hotel with the meal plan included in the reservation, usually daily continental breakfast. 

George Proctor Kane

no date



This engraving is of former Mayor of Baltimore George Proctor Kane (1820-1878).  He was mayor from November 5, 1877 until his death June 23, 1878. He also was the Marshall of Police in Baltimore and was known to be a conspirator in the plot to assassinate President Lincoln as he passed through Baltimore.  Kane could not be trusted because of his pro-Southern sympathies and was also jailed for his involvement in the Baltimore Riot of 1861.

"Charles Wilson Peale's Painting, "The Exhuming of the First American Mastodon""




This pamplet includes an article written by Arthur Barneveld Bibbons on Charles Wilson Peale's painting.  Printed in the Bull. Geol. Soc. Am Vol. 18 in 1906,

Public Parks of Baltimore No. 3, Druid Hill Before the Revolution

June 10, 1928



This booklet discusses the history Druid Hill Park before the Revolution compiled for the Board of Park Commissioners, William I. Norris President by J. V. Kelly (Secretary Park Board)  Illustration of the park on the front. 

William H. Welch

no date



This engraving is of William H. Welch "Dean of American Medicine", illustrated by Max Brodel (1870-1941) a young German artist who came to Baltimore and worked for Howard A. Kelly, Chief of Gynecology, as his illustrator for a two-volume textbook, Operative Gynecology.  Then he trained students at Johns Hopkins to become medical illustrators.  William H. Welch is known as one of the "Big Four" founding professors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he was the first dean at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and founder of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, the first public health school in the country.

The Great Flood In Maryland

August 8, 1868



This illustration is the "scene at the Patapsco Mills at the height of the flood".  Sketched by T. R. Davis.  This is an excerpt from Harper's Weekly on August 8, 1868. 

The City Well

ca 1880s



This engraving includes a description at the top right corner.  It is of the City Well, also known as the "City Spring".  It also states it shows Armistead's Momunment which was erected in 1882.  Both were located in Baltimore, Md but destroyed.  The Armistead Monument was created in 2006 and is now in Patterson Park

Washington's Monument in Baltimore




This illustration is of the Washington monument that was published in London for the Proprietors GeoMetae 26, Ivy Lane

Edgar Allan Poe Gravestone

no date



This illustration is of Edgar Allan Poe's grave site.  The initials of the artist are "E.B.T" after further research this may be the illustration of Edwin Tunis.

Public Parks of Baltimore No. 1, Federal Hill Park

September 10, 1927



This booklet discusses the history of Federal Hill Park complied by Board of Park Commissioners, William I. Norris, President. Photograph of park on front of booklet.

Public Parks of Baltimore No. 2, Patterson Park

December 10, 1927



This folder includes two of the same booklet.  This booklet discusses the history of Patterson Park complied by Board of Park Commissioners, William I. Norris President.  Photograph of park on the front. 

Public Parks of Baltimore No. 4, Druid Hill When Purchased by the City

September 10, 1929



This booklet discusses the history of Druid Hill Park when it was purchased by the city of Baltimore.  Complied for Board of Park Commissioners, George W. Cameron President. By J. V. Kelly

W. J. Natters?

no date



This engraving is of a older white male, W J Natters whom I can't find any information on.  But the engraver H.B. Hall and Sons of Barclay St. NY came to be in 1850.  Henry Bryan Hall was an English stipple engraver and portrait painter.  He produced several images of celebrities of the American Colonial period to the revolution for a private club in New York and for Philadelphia collectors.

Journal of the Societe de Gentlemen Chefs de Cuisine

May 1, 1945



This print is published by the Societe De Gentlemen Chefs de Cuisine located at 3600 O'Donnell Street Baltimore 24, Maryland.  It includes an ad for Pompeian Olive Oil Company of Baltimore, Md, recipes and an ad for National Premium Beer brewed and bottled by the National Brewing Company of Baltimore in Maryland.

Box 17



Physical Description

Call Number


Druid Hill Hatching House

ca. 1875



Illustration of the fishery, "Druid Hill Hatching House" built in 1875 in Druid Hill Park, Baltimore. Printed by A. Hoen and Co. Baltimore.

Lutherville Female Seminary




Cover: "Circular of Lutherville Female Seminary, Near Baltimore City, Maryland." Contains lists of classes, textbooks, students from 1854-1860, expenses, faculty, etc.

The Sabbath

December 15, 1888



Sermon booklet, in German, given by Rabbi Benjamin Szold in Baltimore.

Lutherville Female Seminary




Cover: "Circular of Lutherville Female Seminary, Near Baltimore City, Maryland." Contains lists of classes, textbooks, students from 1857-1858, expenses, faculty, etc.

Classified Municipal Employees Association of Baltimore City




Contains messages from presidents Henry F. Schelle (retiring) and James C. Hunt (new), photographs of annual banquets, roll of honor for various deparments, ads, etc.

Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World

October 28, 1886



Invitation to the "inauguration by the President of the United States, of the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, on Bedloe's Island, New York Harbor, on Thursday, October 28th, 1886" from John M. Schofield, Major General United States Army Commanding Division of the Atlantic.

Monument to Washington

July 12, 1815



Small article describing the laying of the Corner Stone for the Washington Monument including an address given by James A. Buchanan and the depositing of a plate, glass bottle "with suitable inscriptions, coins, [and] newspapers…"

The Redemptioners and the German Society of Maryland

January 9, 1888



First page: " The Redemptioners and the German Society of Maryland, an Historical Sketch Read by Louis P. Hennighausen at a Meeting of the Society for the History of the Germans in Maryland." 

The Washington Monument

ca. 1920s



Copy of etching done by Gabrielle De V. Clements.

Rock Hill College

ca. 1820s



Title: "Rock Hill College, Ellicott City MD." The school was founded in 1824 and was a boarding school for boys.

Lizette Woodworth Reese Tribute

May 2, 1943



Cover: "Lizette Woodworth Reese 1856-1935 A Tribute Commemorating the Unveiling of the Reese Memorial Tablet at the Enoch Pratt Free Library May Second, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Three."

William Wilkens and Company

ca. 1800s



Title: "William Wilkens & Co., Hair and Bristle Works, Baltimore, MD." Founded 1845. See also MB1693.

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union




Cover: "The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union Annual Report 1944." Dedicated to Mrs. Fairfax Harrison. Includes accession information such as furnishings and manuscripts.

Box 18



Physical Description

Call Number


The Margaret J. Bennett Home




Title page: "The Margaret J. Bennett Home of the City of Baltimore, Maryland A Non-Secretarian Home for Self-Supporting Women." Lists board of trustees and managers, location, library, educational classes, medical attention, eligibility of applicants, income, etc.

A Year's Report

June 1944



Cover: "City of Baltimore, Maryland A Year's Report June 1st, 1943 -- May 31st, 1944." A list of contents entitled "Municipal Activities," begins on the cover and proceeds inside the booklet. The contents include information from the Appeal Tax Court, Museum of Art, Bureau of Audits, Duplicating Bureau, Health Department and many more.

Summer Civic Concerts




A small booklet containing short reviews/summaries of the Summer Civic Concerts that took place in Baltimore, Maryland in the years 1942, 1943 and 1944.

Richard B. Tippett Collection Auction

ca. 1900s



Cover: "Catalogue of Sale of the Collection of the Late Richard B. Tippett to be held at the Cadoa Hall 118 W. Franklin Street Baltimore, MD…" Contains some photographs and descriptions of various items to be auctioned including dishes, furniture and oil paintings.

J. Douglas Freeman Library

September 1944



Cover: "Americana the Extensive Library of J. Douglas Freeman, Esq. Roland Park, Baltimore, MD. Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc. Sixty-Six Ffith Avenue." Contents of books offered range from the Colonial Period, the Revolution, Travel and Exploration, Indians, and Nature and Sports.

Metropolitan Opera Company

April 2-3, 1945



Booklet celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York. Includes a small historical sketch of the opera company, programs to celebrate the anniversary ("Aida" and "Tristan Und Isolde"), and a list of operas presented by The Baltimore Opera Club from 1921-1945.

Baltimore Anniversaries




Calendar including various places in Baltimore with small historical notes and photographs. These places include the Enoch Pratt Library, the Walters Art Gallery, Homewood, Baltimore Museum of Art, Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Baltimore Courthouse, the Washington Monument, Baltimore Town, Fort McHenry, the Peabody Institute, the War Memorial, and the Baltimore Municipal Flag.

Men of the Tile Club

March 11-April 23, 1945



Title page: "A Catalogue of Work in Many Media by Men of the Tile Club Thirteenth Anniversary Exhibition Lyman Allyn Museum New London, Connecticut."

Improvement of Jones' Falls




Booklet belonging to R.J. Gittings. Title page: "An Ordinance to Provide for the Improvement of Jones' Falls Within the Limits of the City of Baltimore."

The Story of the House of Kirk




Title page: "The Story of The House of Kirk the Oldest Silversmiths in the United States Founded 1815."

By-Laws of the Margaret J. Bennet Home




Title page: "By-Laws of The Margaret J. Bennett home of Baltimore City for Homeless, Needy and Deserving Female Persons." Lists officers and their duties.