Baltimore City Buildings Photograph Collection, 1926-1927, PP236, Police Station and City Jail


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201 West Monument Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 

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Police Station and City Jail




Negative ID  Original Print Copy Print Description Box 
PP236.0733A N/A PP236.0733C Police Headquarters. Fallsway and Fayette. South side and front. Box 3
PP236.0734A N/A PP236.0734C Police Headquarters. Fallsway and Fayette.  Box 3
PP236.0735A PP236.0735B PP236.0735C Eastern Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0736A N/A PP236.0736C Eastern Police Station. Garage. Front. West side. Box 3
PP236.0737A N/A PP236.0737C Northern Police Station. Front. Architect: Henry F. Brauns. 1870. Hampden.  Box 3
PP236.0738A PP236.0738B PP236.0738C Northern Police Station. Rear. Architect: Henry F. Brauns. 1870. Hampden.  Box 3
PP236.0739A PP236.0739B PP236.0739C Northern Police Station. Garage. Architect: Henry F. Brauns. 1870. Hampden.  Box 3
PP236.0740A PP236.0740B PP236.0740C Northern Police Station. Garage and Repair shop. Beech Avenue. Hampden. Box 3
PP236.0741A PP236.0741B PP236.0741C Northern Police Station. Hampden. Paint shop. Box 3
PP236.0742A PP236.0742B PP236.0742C Northern Police Station. Hampden. Shop and garage. Squad cars. Box 3
PP236.0743A PP236.0743B PP236.0743C Northern Police Station. Hampden. Stable. Box 3
PP236.0744A PP236.0744B PP236.0744C Northern Police Station. Hampden. Store building. Box 3
PP236.0745A PP236.0745B PP236.0745C Northeastern Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0746A PP236.0746B PP236.0746C Northeastern Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0747A N/A PP236.0747C Northeastern Police Station. Front. (Hospital zone sign) Box 3
PP236.0748A N/A PP236.0748C Northwestern Police Station. Front. Box 3
PP236.0749A PP236.0749B PP236.0749C Northwestern Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0750A N/A PP236.0750C Southern Police Station. 1896. Box 3
PP236.0751A PP236.0751B PP236.0751C Southern Police Station. Garage. 1896. Box 3
PP236.0752A N/A PP236.0752C Southwestern Police Station. North side. Box 3
PP236.0753A PP236.0753B PP236.0753C Southwestern Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0754A N/A PP236.0754C Western Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0755A PP236.0755B PP236.0755C Western Police Station. South side and front. Box 3
PP236.0756A PP236.0756B PP236.0756C Western Police Station. North side. Box 3
PP236.0757A PP236.0757B PP236.0757C Belair Road Substation. Rear. Box 3
PP236.0758A N/A PP236.0758C Belair Road Substation. Front. Box 3
PP236.0759A N/A PP236.0759C Brooklyn Police Station. Box 3
PP236.0760A N/A PP236.0760C Brooklyn Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0761A PP236.0761B PP236.0761C Central Police Station. Box 3
PP236.0762A PP236.0762B PP236.0762C Central Police Station. Garage. Box 3
PP236.0763A N/A PP236.0763C Curtis Bay Police Substation. (cops in uniform) Box 3
PP236.0764A PP236.0764B PP236.0764C Curtis Bay Police Substation garage. Box 3
PP236.0765A N/A PP236.0765C Eastern Substation. Front. Box 3
PP236.0766A N/A PP236.0766C Eastern Substation. Front. Garage and morgue. Box 3
PP236.0767A N/A PP236.0767C Edmondson Avenue Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0768A N/A PP236.0768C Falls Road Police Station. End of Mount Washington viaduct. Box 3
PP236.0769A N/A PP236.0769C Frederick Road Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0770A N/A PP236.0770C Hanover Street Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0771A N/A PP236.0771C Harford Road Police Substation. Front. Box 3
PP236.0772A N/A PP236.0772C Liberty Heights Avenue Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0773A N/A PP236.0773C Liberty Heights Avenue Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0774A N/A PP236.0774C Mount Washington Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0775A N/A PP236.0775C Philadelphia Road Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0776A N/A PP236.0776C Police Boat Substation. Front. Box 3
PP236.0777A N/A PP236.0777C Police telegraph store house. Box 3
PP236.0778A N/A PP236.0778C Reisterstown Road Substation. Box 3
PP236.0779A N/A PP236.0779C Washington Boulevard Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0780A N/A PP236.0780C York Road Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0781A N/A PP236.0781C Old Annapolis Road Police Substation. Box 3
PP236.0782A PP236.0782B N/A Entrance Gate. Box 3
PP236.0783A PP236.0783B N/A Main building. Box 3
PP236.0784A PP236.0784B N/A Factory building. Box 3
PP236.0785A PP236.0785B N/A Female annex. Box 3
PP236.0786A PP236.0786B N/A Front guard house. Box 3
PP236.0787A PP236.0787B N/A Main gatehouse Box 3
PP236.0787A-2 PP236.0787B-2 N/A Inner gate wall and guard quarters. Backyard. Box 3
PP236.0788A PP236.0788B N/A Garage for jail van. Box 3
PP236.0788A-2 PP236.0788B-2 N/A Rear view of center portion. Main building. Box 3
PP236.0789A PP236.0789B N/A Main building. North addition. Box 3
PP236.0790A PP236.0790B N/A Main building. Center portion. (best photograph of jail) Box 3
PP236.0791A PP236.0791B N/A Main building. South addition. Box 3
PP236.0792A PP236.0792B N/A Main building. East elevation. Box 3
PP236.0793A PP236.0793B N/A Oil house and powerhouse (addition). Box 3
PP236.0794A PP236.0794B N/A Powerhouse. Box 3
PP236.0795A PP236.0795B N/A Rat-trap manufacturing building. Box 3
PP236.0796A PP236.0796B N/A Shop building. Box 3
PP236.0797A PP236.0797B N/A Toilet house. Box 3
PP236.0798A PP236.0798B N/A Warden's residence. Wall and gate to residence. Rear. Box 3
PP236.0799A PP236.0799B N/A Warden's residence. Box 3
PP236.0800A PP236.0800B N/A Warden's garage and toilet house. Box 3