At The Museum

These interactive programs are broken up into six stops within our exhibits. Students gain essential social studies skills by engaging with our collections through exploration, games, and activities. Each program correlates to the Maryland State Social Studies curriculum and Common Core.


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LIFE THEN & NOW  (Grades K-2) 

What was life like in Maryland long ago?  Students will be introduced to some of the differences between our past and present by investigating how jobs have changed throughout Maryland’s history. Students will look at the lives of farmers, nurses, teachers, and more! 

Cost: $5 per student / $3 per Title I Student

 Length: 2.5 Hours


Explore the evolution of the colonial economy from Maryland's founding to independence! Students will understand colonists' economic motives for migration, the far-reaching impacts of plantation agriculture and the triangle trade, and how American commercial success contributed to the quest for independence. 

Cost: $5 per student / $3 per Title I Student 

 Length: 2.5 Hours 


Trace the strides that African Americans have made in achieving equal rights and treatment, from the colonial period to the present. Students trace the Key themes include slavery, abolition, voting rights, the civil rights movement, and civic engagement.   

Cost: $5 per student / $3 per Title I Student 

Length: 2.5 Hours 

Civil War: Causes & Effects (Grades 8-12) 

Students will examine primary source documents, objects, and images created by the Marylanders who experienced first-hand what it was like to live in a border state during the Civil War. Through learning about these personal stories, students will gain a deeper understanding of the causes of the war, what life was like on and off the battlefield, and the lasting affects the war had on our Nation.  

Cost: $5 per student / $3 per Title I Student

Length: 2.5 Hours



Field Trips at the Museum are offered Wednesdays and Fridays.

Each program includes a 30 minute break that can be used for lunch. 

These programs can accommodate groups up to 75 students. Larger groups please contact

Scholarships may be available to help cover the cost of tours and workshops. If your school needs assistance to be able to visit the Maryland Historical Society, please contact us for more information.


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