In Class Field Trips

A museum educator visits your classroom for a 60 minute interactive, primary source- and object-based presentation.

Fees: $150 (includes mileage)

$50 each additional presentation on the same day. Limited to one class (40 students maximum) per presentation. Maximum of three presentations per day.

To register call 410- 685-3750, ext. 334.

We recommend booking in-class field trips at least six weeks in advance. Confirmation letters will be sent as soon as the performance is scheduled.

Guidelines for in-class field trips


Daily Life: Then & Now (Grades Pre-K-1)

An interactive discovery of life at the turn of the 20th- century. Designed especially for young students, children will learn about the past and compare their own life with that of children from long ago. A costumed Museum Teacher will introduce children to kitchen and other household objects, images of transportation, and games and lead the students in creating a paper craft activity modeled on an old-fashioned toy. Please note: One class per presentation; 25 student maximum unless by special permission; additional adult chaperones required.

Pre- and Post-visit activities for Daily Life: Then and Now

Post-visit Activity #2 for Daily Life


School Days (Grades 1-3) Compare a day at school in the late 1800s with your classroom today; learn mathematics, make your manners, play games, read a diary from a schoolgirl in the 1890s and see objects from a school room.

Pre-visit lesson for School Days


Native Americans in Maryland, 1634 (Grades K-5)

An exploration of early Native American life including a hands-on presentation of pictures, object, clothing, games and music.

Pre-visit Lesson #1 for Native Americans in Maryland

Pre-visit Lesson #2 for Native Americans in Maryland


Maryland Bound (Grades 4-5)

An object-based inquiry into the founding of Maryland focusing on colonists’ motivations and emphasizing economic decision-making and critical thinking.

Pre-visit lesson for Maryland Bound


NEW! The Battle of Baltimore (Grades 4-8)

Students will assume the roles of Baltimore's leaders on the eve of the British attack and analyze primary sources to decide whterh Baltimore will fight or surrender.


SeaRCH on the GO (Grades 5-12)

Teach your kids that there is more to research than Wikipedia. An MdHS educator will introduce students to locating and using primary sources for research and teach them techniques for choosing good documents, taking notes, and citing sources using copies of original documents related to the theme of your choice.


NEW! Baltimore's Merchants & the War of 1812 (grades 8-12)

Students will analyze primary sources to determine how the domestic interests of Baltimiore's merchants influences the city's views on foreign policy and participation in the War of 1812.

Call 410-685-3750 ext.334 or email for registration information.