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Book a In Class Fieldtrip and have a Museum Educator visit your classroom for a 60 minute interactive, primary source and object based presentation! 

Fee: $150.00

 Please Note: Schools that will require over 25 miles of driving will pay for additional mileage


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Daily Life: Then & Now (Grades Pre-K-1)

An interactive discovery of life at the turn of the 20th- century. Designed especially for young students, children will learn about the past and compare their own life with that of children from long ago. A costumed Museum Teacher will introduce children to kitchen and other household objects, images of transportation, and games and lead the students in creating a paper craft activity modeled on an old-fashioned toy. Please note: One class per presentation; 25 student maximum unless by special permission; additional adult chaperones required.

Pre- and Post-visit activities for Daily Life: Then and Now

Post-visit Activity #2 for Daily Life


Native Americans in Maryland, 1634 (Grades K-5)

An exploration of early Native American life including a hands-on presentation of pictures, object, clothing, games and music.

Pre-visit Lesson #1 for Native Americans in Maryland

Pre-visit Lesson #2 for Native Americans in Maryland


Maryland Bound (Grades 4-5)

An object-based inquiry into the founding of Maryland focusing on colonists’ motivations and emphasizing economic decision-making and critical thinking.

Pre-visit lesson for Maryland Bound

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