Drunk History Filming in Baltimore

We Have Your Special Invite to 'Drunk History!'

January 7, 2014

Dear Reader,
We are very excited to announce that Comedy Central's popular new TV show, 'Drunk History,' will be filming in Baltimore - and we have your special invitation!

Drunk History logo
Courtesy Comedy Central
We have all the details about the filming below; but first, in case you haven't heard of 'Drunk History'...

A Phenomenon of Historic Proportions

It's a popular new TV show that's taken the country by storm.

'Drunk History' is a weekly, half-hour series on Comedy Central that tells the story of our nation's history - often in a humorous way.

It contains reenactments by A-list actors, and it's presented by inebriated storytellers (hence the name). We admit; it's not for everyone, but if you have an appetite for this kind of humor, it is hilarious. The Los Angeles Times says it offers an "amusingly inebriated take on the past." The Baltimore Sun calls it a "simple-yet-brilliant concept." Even The New York Times has weighed in on Drunk History.

Host Derek Waters is a Baltimore native and comedian. He travels from town to town across the country, presenting the rich history of each city through short historical sketches that are, in his words, "100% true."

Scene from episode
Bob Odenkirk as President Richard Nixon, Jack McBrayer as advisor H.R. Haldeman and Jack Black as Elvis
A cast of great actors and comedians brings each historical moment to life - one week, there's Jack Black portraying Elvis Presley as he meets Richard Nixon; another week, it's Winona Ryder as a part of the Salem Witch Trial. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll have to check out 'Drunk History' as its second season begins on Comedy Central.

Your Special Invitation

This Thursday January 9th, you are invited to participate in the taping of a special 'Drunk History' episode right here in Baltimore! The taping will take place from 8pm-1 am at Mother's Grille in Federal Hill, located at 1113 S. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21230. We'll be there too, as we've been in touch with Derek Waters even before his show got picked up by cable TV. We're proud that it's bringing our state's fascinating history to a new, young audience, and to do so in a humorous way.

Arrive early as there's sure to be a crowd, and get ready for some fun - of historic proportions!

See you then,

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