John Rodgers (1773-1838)

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John Rodgers (1773-1838)
Painting of John Rodgers (1773-1838). Oil on panel by Robert H. Sheppard (1818-1895). Full-length portrait shows John Rodgers holding silver presentation cup. Lower edge reads, "Presented by the United Fire Company / Gen. A. Miltenberger, Pres to John Rodgers of Baltimore, Sept 12th 1837." At a young age Rodgers apprenticed to a Baltimore shipowner and eventually rose to command a merchant ship while still in his teens. Before being commissioned a lieutenant in the new U.S. Navy in 1798, he spent eleven years as a ship merchant. Rodgers fought in the War of 1812. Drs. Michael and Marie Abrams Memorial Purchase Fund.
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Paintings, Museum Department
Image; 62.2 x 53.3 cm.
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