The Correspondence of Governor Eden, Part 3

Annapolis 12*? Aug. 1775

I was informed in the Country, and in Town since my Return,
that a very unhappy Outrage has been lately committed by
burning a Vessel in West River, within your District, and
destroying, and plundering her Cargoe.

I wish to have the best Information on this Matter, & therefore
Apply to you as in your Department you may be able to give it.
Reports are so indistinct that I know not what to depend upon.
I have heard the Affair was taken up, & examined by one of the
Committees, and that this Act of Violence was against their
Sentiments, as well as against the general Opinion and Inclination.

The Violence may be imputed to a general Disposition unless
Suspicion be obviated by a just Representation, and I should be
sorry that a general Reproach and Censure should be the Consequence
of an Outrage committed by a few Rash and licentious
Individuals. It will be expected from me that I should give a
Circumstantial Account of this alarming, irritating, violent
Proceedure; it is expedient for the general Interest & Welfare of
the Country, that such dangerous Violations of Order, and
Property be checked; and I think it my Duty, by fixing the
Charge of Violence and Depredation on the real Perpetrators, to
prevent undeserved Imputations on the Innocent, and therefore
request that you will give me the fullest and best Information that
you have received, and are able to obtain of the Circumstances of
this Outrage, and of the Persons concerned in it. I shall thereby
be enabled to Act as my Duty and Inclination direct, and am.

With Concern at having this occasion of giving you Trouble,
Yy Obed* humble Serv^
Rob* Eden
Honble B. Calvert, Collr
Honble J. Ridout, N. Officer
W11? Eddis Esql' Surveyor
Annapolis District.