The Ark and Dove


In the Public Record Office, London, and especially in the
records of the Court of Admiralty, there are some entries referring
to the voyage of the Ark and Dove, which are not without
interest. They were discovered and copied by H. F. Thompson,
Esq., and are subjoined.

Oath Administered
Eight honb}e
According to yr Lo1"8 order of the 25th dale of this instant
moneth of October I have been at Tilbury hope, where I found
a shipp and a pinnace belonging to the right honble Cecill Lord
Baltimore, where I offered the oath of Allegeance to all and every
the persons aboard, to the number of about 128, who tooke the
same, and enquiring of the Mf of the shipp whether any more
persons were to goe the said voyage, he answered that some fewe
others were shipped, who had forsaken the shipp and given over
their voyage by reason of the stay of the said shipp.

London 29th of Yof Ldp.s humbly devoted Servant
October, 1633 Ed. Watkins
To the right honol>Ie the Lords of his Matys most honoble privie
Agreement with Master of the Dove.
Agreement made the BO®1 of September 1633 by the Eight
Honoble the Lord Baltimore, Mr. Leonard Calvert, Mr. Jeremie
Hawlye, Mr. Thomas Cornwallis, & Mr. John Sanders, to and
with Eichard Orchard, Master of the pinnace Dove—
Imprimis, that the said Master shall have for
himselfe by the month
Item, his mate, Samuel Lawson, pr. month
Item, the Boatswain, Eichard Kenton, pr.
Item, the Gunner, John Games, pr. month
Item, John Curke, pr. month
Item, Nicholas Perrie pr. month
Item, A Boye, the Master's servant, according
as it shall be thought he deserves 0. 10. 00
Memorandum : that the Master is to have the
transportation of a Boye free.

In witness whereof we have thereunto sett Of hands the daye
and date above written
Cecilius Baltimore
Arms, Provisions, etc.
Note of things delivered to my Lord Baltimore's account, August
23a 1633 abord the Ark—
£ s d
4. 00 00
2. 10. 00
1. 2. 00
1. 2. 00
1. 00. 00
1. 00. 00
ct qr lb
4 Sacars ordinance waying 99 1 00 att £ sh d
14sh the cwt. 69. 9. 6
£ sh
12 pipes of Canary wine att 14.10 the pipe 174. 00. 00
ffower Demiculleverins, waying
29. 0. 00 >.
do 30. 0. 00
do 30. 0. 00 >•
do 29. 0. 00 ., at 14sh p. cwt. 82. 12. 00
Deales & other provisions 28. 5. 00
Certified this 28th of September 1633
per mee John Bowlter, Purser

Received from Leonard Leonards, Brewer, one hundred five
tonne of Beare for the use of the right hono1*16 the Lord Baltimore
& other gentlemen as by the particular accompts doth appeare:
9 for the p according as by the noate of directions
appeareth, and also for ffive Toun of harbr Beare received for the
Ship Ark & the pinnace Dove.
£ sh d
I say reed by mee at 6. 19. 00
John Bowlter
Beer Del4 to the Ship Arke, Richard Low, Mf for the use
of the Right honorable Lord Baltimore
28 in harbour beere
more tenn ton at 3lb p ton
mor thirtie five ton at 488h per ton
mor sixtie ton at 408h per ton
£ sh d
6. 00. 00
30. 00. 00
84. 00. 00
120. 00. 00
240. 00. 00
Leonards contra Lord Baltimore—Libellus per Williamson
quarto Novembris 1633.